No way out

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    Julia sat on a simple small chair gazing at the boy that laid in the cellar with her. Her eyes watched him intently waiting for him to awaken. He was covered in dirt and his arms were tied behind his back with chains. His ankles chained as well. She gave a sigh and softly hummed to herself as she glanced at the large medal door. Sitting next to the door was a galore of needles. Some filled with blue liquid others filled with red. There also laid some pliers and a few knives. Julia shook slightly and hugged herself when she thought about the things she was suppose to do to this person only a few feet away from her. "How am I going to do this?" She thought to herself. It was then that she pulled the picture out of her pocket. She smiled slightly when she glanced at her family picture. Her little sister, mom and dad smiling back. "I'm doing this for my family." She thought to herself. She continued to hum and closed her eyes trying to think of happy thoughts. It was dark in the room. Only a small light seeped through from the crack at the bottom of the door.
  2. tumblr_lvgkqkiYM51r0fjn0o1_500.jpg Mason groaned as he started to come to his senses, his head pounding like crazy. He heard someone humming in the room with him, but where was he? Slowly he opened his eyes and took a look around, needing to squint from how dark it was and because his glasses weren't on his face anymore. He saw them on the floor next to him. When Mason tried to move his arms to get them he noticed he was bound. That was when he started to get a little freaked out, but soon calmed himself down. 'Relax, it's fine.. There was humming earlier so someone else here. Maybe they have the answers I need.' He thought to himself, looking off into the darkness to try to make out a person's figure. It was hard without his glasses, but that probably didn't matter much since he couldn't see in the dark that well with them on anyway.

    "Hello?" He called, his voice raspy so he tried to clearing his throat.
  3. Julia stopped humming when he heard his voice. "Oh good your up... Well ita actually not that good that your up, but. Well nevermind." She sighed and stood up walking over to the wall. "I'm going to cut the light on so brace yourself. Also do try not to panic when you look around." She wasn't sure how he was going to react when he saw the needles and weapons and really wasn't ready to hear him panic. When the lights came on she glanced at him biting her lip. He was actually very attractive. Which would make this twice as hard. Slowly she walked over to him picking his glasses up on the way. She gave him a frown. "I'm sorry, but I can't give you your glasses back. There made out of glass and my boss wouldn't like it if you had glass. You might hurt me so he said. I can get you contacts to make your stay better." She looked down at the ground with a tint of sadness in her eyes. "If you even make it through the night." She thought to herself. "So Mason do you remember anything before you woke up?"
  4. It wasn't like Mason to panic, but her tone of voice and the little warning made him uneasy. When the lights flipped on he closed his eyes from how bright it was to his eyes, then slowly opened them while he let his eyes adjust. He needed to squint again just to see that the stuff on the walls were knives and there were some stuff that looked like needles near the door. Mason's heart started to beat faster and his eyes widened. This was why she said not to panic. He needed to take in deep breaths to calm down his fast beating heart. If he was in this place it made a little sense that she knew his name. It was kind of like in the movies..a horror movie though. "I've never really liked contacts, but I guess I can wear them now." He said, looking up at her. "And I can't remember anything of how I got here, but I still remember everything else."
  5. She gave him a slight smile and headed over to the small stand were she laud the glasses. There was a loud knock on the door and she pulled back a small window. "Yes boss?" She said in a quiet tone.

    "Why have I not heard any screams yet?" He asked in a loud dark tone. " sorry." She said quietly. When he walked away she closed the window behind her grabbing one of the needles. Slowly she walked over to him trying to show no emotion on her face. This was the first time she had did anything like this she watched people torture others all the time, but never once thought she would ever have to do this to someone else. She held the needle with the red liquid in her hand. The liquid was made to cause a horrid burning pain in the body. The only thing that could stop it was the needle with blue liquid which she left on the table. "I'm going to ask you a few questions. If you corporate nothing will happen. If you dont..well let's just say it won't be pretty. She bit her lip and stood over him."

    "So question number one. What's your biggest fear?"
  6. His heart started to beat quickly again as he heard the dark and loud voice. Screams? This girl was calling the guy "boss," and since he was the one tied up on the floor, Mason had an idea of what was going to happen. It honestly wasn't hard to piece together. However it was getting harder to stay calm. Something like this happening to him never once occurred to Mason. He wanted to make this easy for both of them though since it seemed like this girl didn't want to do this. But that first question was a tough one to answer.

    "T-The ocean." Mason finally managed to say, having no idea what she or anyone else would need this information for.
  7. When he told her what her fear was she looked at him with sorry eyes. Her eyes began to water and she looked down at the ground. "I'm sorry." She said quietly. With that she walked over to the table grabbing a remote. When she pushed one of the buttons a cylinder like rude was placed over Mason. She pushed another button and watched as water quickly filled the tube. She knew he was going to panic and his screams would soon fill the room. Watching him was like watching a fish in a tank. Only this fish didn't like the water. He was so helpless being tied up and all. She was going to wait until the water fully covered his body. Would he be able to hold his breath? She thought. How was she even able to watch this.
  8. Mason's eyes got huge after she said that and the tube was now around him. There was no way to calm his rapidly beating heart. With the water filling the tube up quickly and the confined space, Mason was in panic mode. As soon as his brain registered the danger he was violently pulling at the binds, getting more and more desperate as the water level rose. It became difficult for him to keep his head above the water, and everytime he managed to get a breath, Mason was coughing and choking up water, screaming with the remaining breath he had before he was sucked under the water again. All the while he was struggling tio get out of the binds. Mason wasn't able to stay calm enough to use the last time he was able to get air, and only got a little before the tube was full of water. He was thrashing around in the tube so much that he was hitting the walls with thuds that ranged from light to heavy and loud.
  9. When Julia thought he had enough she pushed a different button. It caused the tube to break apart and the water went flying all around the room. She used this opportunity to grab his arm. Inject the red liquid through his body. She knew what this pain felt like. Her boss did it to her once when she refused to do as he asked. It felt as though your body was being set on fire from the inside out. She simply sat there waiting for his screams to soon come. Walking to the door and sliding the needle under it. Knowing someone would come and fill it back up and give it back to her. Hopefully her boss would be satisfied with her work.
  10. Immediately Mason was inhaling sharply once given the chance, having little coughing fits between trying to breathe. It didn't take him long to feel the burning sensation spread through his body like a wildfire. Screams of agonizing pain escaped his throat, his body flailing about on the floor as if trying to shake the pain away.
  11. Julia glanced at her watch. Ten minutes passed and he was still screaming. When she heard a knock on the door she pulled back the window. "Yes boss?" He looked through the window. "You can't give him a break now." She nodded and quickly closed the small window grabbing the blue colored needle and quickly injecting the liquid in his system. "Everything's going to be ok. Your fine." She said trying to sooth him. She ran her hand through his hair over and over, trying to sooth him. "Please forgive me. I'm so sorry for this really I am."
  12. Time seemed to drag on. Those ten minutes felt like hours, and Mason felt like he was going to pass out from the pain. Relief flooded over him when the pain seemed to be washed away. Mason was on the ground panting heavily, completely shaken by the whole experience. Surprisingly the girl's efforts to sooth him worked, despite the fact she had just tortured him. When he was calmer he looked up at her.

    "Why do you have to do this?" He asked, his voice soft from physical exhaustion.
  13. For the first time she looked deep into his eyes biting her lip. "Its the only way to keep my family safe." Was the only thing she said before standing up. She paused when she reached the door. "I'll be back to see you in a few days. Until I return the boss will come in. He will give you nothing, but water and if you wish to shower than you'll have to ask him for permission." With that she walked out the door and headed to her room. There was no telling what the boss would do to him. She could only think of the horrid things the boss was going to do to him. His screams of pain would definitely fill the took tonight. Hopefully not much of his blood would spray across the floor. She shuddered as she tried to get the thoughts out of her head.
  14. When she said the boss would come in he got shivers all up and down his spine. It was when she left that Mason realized he forgot to ask for her name. Now it seemed he would have to wait a few days, most likely trying to withstand more torture.
  15. After about a day Victor the boss decided to give Mason a little visit. He entered the room instantly giving him a look of disgust. He was huge towering over the boy. His face was hard and covered with scars. "Humans disgust me." He said in a deep dark menacing voice. Quickly he threw his fist into the boys face watching the blood hit the floor. He grabbed the boy by the collar of his shirt and yanked him up breaking the chains that once held him. "Do you know why your here?" He asked looking at him with fiery eyes.
  16. Mason was starving and thirsty. There wasn't much for him to do in the room for the day he was alone. Mostly he slept, and the rest of the time he actually tried getting out of the chains. He was resting again when Julia's boss walked in. Mason had worked into a sitting position, leaning against the wall. The punch not only knocked him to the ground, but it also shocked him awake. Next thing he knew besides the pain on his face was being lifted up and the chains snapped so easily as if they had been twigs to this guy.

    "No, I don't know." Mason said honestly, clearly afraid of this man.
  17. The man smirked at Mason. "I would tell you to to ask your parents, but your a little to late for that." The man gave a menacing laugh before he slammed the boy to the ground. He gave a slight frown. "Pity. I didn't hear any of your bones crack. Maybe next time." With that he chained the boy back up. With that he walked back out the door. He would give him another day and then Julia could give him something to eat and drink. This boy wouldn't last much longer. So he thought.
  18. Mason's eyes widened at his words before he was slammed to the ground. It successfully knocked him out. All he could remember that night was seeing his parents in a dream, and then fading away. As his imagination of what happened to them started to go wild, Mason saw horrible ways for them to die. He tossed and turned in his sleep, being utterly powerless as he watched his parents die over and over. He realized he was screaming in his sleep when he woke up that way. Mason was out of breath and extremely thirsty by now. He wondered if Julia would be back soon, but didn't bother to look around the room to see if she was there with him. He didn't have his glasses and he didn't have the contacts that she promised him yet.
  19. Another day passed as Julia slowly entered the room. Her eyes showing no emotion. She had a bowl full of warm water. Along with a plate full of fruit and a cup of water. She walked over to the boy resting on her knees. "My boss wasn't going to feed you. He was going to let you die from thirst and hunger, but now he syas he needs you strong. He has some kind of plan for you. I'm not sure what it is, but I know it can win your freedom and save my sisters life. She handed him the water and bowl of fruit. She began to gently wipe his face and arms with the warm towel. "He said he will be back here tomorrow to take you."

    The whole time she spoke she looked at the ground. She knew exactly what it was her boss had planned for him. She also knew that he wouldn't survive through it. When she looked up at his face she tried to give him a warming smile. She knew herself that it didn't look anything like that.
  20. His throat was so dry that at the sight of water his body was begging for it. Mason said nothing until he saw the weak smile on the girl's face, making him sigh. He highly doubted he would survive, and even if he did there was no way he'd be let go. Besides to him there was nothing left to go back to if his parents were really gone. Mason was an only child, and he had been waiting until college to start dating, so he didn't have a girlfriend to go back to either. He really was alone and he'd die in whatever way that boss of hers had in mind.

    Before saying anything he took big gulps of water from the glass until it was all gone. Might as well go all out on whatever he was given since he was going to die tomorrow. Even with the water gone he stayed quiet as Julia washed his face and arms. Finally he spoke, just loud enough that she could hear him since his throat was hurting. He needed more water to help that.

    "You should really work on your smile. Even I can tell it won't help the others that would be taking my place when their time comes as well."