No Limit - Take The Person Above You Out

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    WHAT IF.

    You could go on a date with the person above you,
    with NO budget limit,
    NO limit to where you could go,
    NO limit to what you could do,
    and NO limit for your imagination to wander.~
    EXCEPT: It can only last at the most for 24 hours.

    Let your creativity SOAR like a bird or a turtle with pegasus wings and a silly hat with a tiny propeller on it.

    For example :D Osso-sans said I can take her on a date to show you what I mean:

    I would rent the MOST BEAUTIFUL AND KICKASS dragon monster with kitten ears,
    We would fly around on it until we reached the mountains of Mt. Moon,
    and then after singing with the cult of Clefairy,
    we would go off to the constellation of Cassiopeia to marvel at the sight that is Polaris up close.
    The night would finish with a high-five that would shake the Earth enough to force ice-cream cones from the ground for all to enjoy.

    Now, one rule,
    I mean it. Nothing sexual or anything.
    And it can be a hangout date,

    Kay go.

  2. I shall take Staci to a 50s diner and buy her a chocolate malt, delivered to us by a rollerskating waitress in a poodle skirt. Suddenly, because I bribed them, all the waitresses will sing some silly song just for Staci.

  3. If I could take Kitti out on a date, I would not give her catnip, tuna, scratch her under the chin or do anything that pertains to kitty's because she is not one. >:[

    Instead, I'd take her to a poetry bar. Let her listen to songs and slapstick bass and drink all cool like. I'd shove her onstage, make her read one of her entries, and snap along with everyone else when she's done because she's beautiful with her words.
  4. If I could take Iliana on a date, I would take her to a music club and have the DJ play a special song for us for us while we danced the night away.
    Afterwards, I would take her to dinner at a 5 star restaurant.
    To end the night, I would pick a beautiful bouquet of white roses and take her for a walk in the park and gaze up at the moon with her. Just to show her how much I enjoyed the time we spent together.
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  5. well since you're a dude

    Airship, international pub crawl,, grabbing the drunkfuks of iwaku too
  6. Uhm. Probably the same thing, actually.
    We'll go drink some potent alcohol, maybe get into some badass barfight, go hang out with other awesome drunks...
    Maybe we'll grab some steaks and fries too.
  7. If I could take Kitti on a date, we would go to Baku and watch the finals of Eurovision (Zypher could come too). Afterwards, we'd go dancing, but not at a club or anything, and sing karaoke in foreign languages. The night would culminate in drawing silly pictures of Iwakuans and drunk-dialing them to tell them all about it.
  8. If i could take Ozzie on a date, we would start the night with some light heretic burning, followed by tea, a quick jaunt in my airship over to hong kong for some chinese, and we'll end the night bar hopping.
  9. Well, GMK-sans.

    We gonna ride this thing: [​IMG]

    We gonna eat this stuff: [​IMG]

    We gonna do this a lot: [​IMG]

    And then we gonna end it with this:
  10. If i could take Staci on a date we would first go to a dance place and learn the bo peep dance, then we would go buy her a cake shop so we could make cakes for hours and eat them and sells them for lots of moneys which we would then use to buy awesome outfits to do the bo peep dance in front of the store so more cakes and cupcakes would sell.
    Then we would proceed to go home watch 10 movies of all genres while eating yummi popcorn, soda, candy and since our sweet tooth has been massacred i would then make her a nice lobster dinner with shrimp pasta and garlic bread and we would cuddle till the sun came up falling off to sleep with uber full tummies. And then we would do one more bo peep dance, just for teh hell of it before saying goodbye. Yes this is more of a playdate then a date date, hope you don't mind Staci ^^
  11. If I could take Miss Woman of Bullets out, we would first go shopping for clothes. AWESOME CLOTHES.

    Then weapons. AWESOME WEAPONS.

    Then we will find a random guy in the mall, tell him that he has th ability to rp, and rp in her backyard as superheros. Then after, I'd make her some lunch! Maybe even bake a cake together! :D

    Then, I'd dance with her to Bo peep and we will gigglesnort the rest of the night away!
  12. Hm. If I could take Iliana on a date, I would start by taking her to my magic closet that can make any outfit we wanted to wear while simulataneously serving us refreshments. Then we would go near the beach and ride in one of those awesome bike things or roller blade to a really yummy food place looking over the water while making new friends and watching a live acrobatic show performed by people dressed like our favorite characters. We would then take a very small car and drive back to my magic closet with the windows down; we would have to change clothes, because we would go meet all our friends and the Iwakuans for a party full of BAMFs in an awesome club with freaking sparkly color lights and great music. That club would be right next to the beach, so we and all of our friends and Iwakuans would go swim. Then we would all go take over a five-star hotel's best rooms and continue to be crazy until we fall asleep in a giant pile of adorable warmth.

    All of this while being sexy and epic.
  13. If I could take Zeph out on the date I would choose and make your favorite meals handmade of course. I'll of course use fancy silverware with a white table cloth and your favorite flowers for the table where candles will be lit as we eat together with your favorite drink. After we will watch your favorites movies that I have planned and if you wish just snuggle and cuddle up on the love seat and just chat and be lovey dovey and just enjoy each other presence. After the movies might just watch TV or just chat with we each and just be together and just have a fun simple date. I know it's nothing grand but I think you might like this type of date and so would I and I hope you will enjoy it. c:
  14. I don't know you too well, THUS WE SHALL DATE.<3

    I shall bring you to a magical forest that rains down marshmallow fluff from the chocolate bark of the many trees. We shall nibble along the Nutella bushes, and swipe up some raspberry jam with our toast rocks from the river that runs with the gooey sugary goodness.
    after frolicking along the Forest of Imagination, we shall join along the fairies of harmony to sing their melodies and dance their enchanting dance. This shall calm the soul deep within each of us, so that we are mentally and emotionally prepared for warping through the time space continuum to land upon the hot springs of old world China. Enjoying the loveliness that are the Springs, the monkeys that come to visit on a regular day shall play the flute for us, and we shall admire their talents.
    I shall bake a cake for you to take home and eat and or share with whomever you would wish to share it with. I also shall gift you some nail polish, since I have over 80 different colors, and enjoy giving things to others. The stars shall be ever so bright, and shall guide you home while I teleport back into my Master Ball, which oddly enough has no owner, other than myself.
  15. If I could take Staci on a date, IT WOULD BE MAGICAL.

    First, I would surprise glomp her and drag her off on the back of a dragon to fly around the world. We would play Pokemon, of course, and go visit PokePark in Japan. Then we would go to a T-ARA concert and dance along with the silly Korean girl band moves. After that, I'd take her home for a night of horror movies and baking.

    Then we'd go visit Vay so she can see the adorableness in person. :D
  16. Let's see, if I could take Ozzie on a date...
    First, we would go and get some incredibly awesome food that may or may not have been cooked by me (hint, the amazing macaroni and cheese with garlic chicken is totally me).
    Then, we would go and watch a marathon of Eurovision and critique outfits while commenting on sexy men. We will eat chocolate chip cookies while doing so and occasionally make fun of the announcers.
    Finally, we will sip fine wine and watch a tragic but amazing and sweet show/anime that will make us b'aww.
  17. Okay...I want to do something more different...

    I would take kitty to Rio de Janeiro first , so we can go to the beach and wear small bikinis :D (lots of people use speedos :3 )
    Then we would after that we would go to CARNAVAL and dressed up!
    After that we would eat at some delicious restaurant that does not need to be 5 star >:U (the yummy food is where it is cooked by locals)
    Theeeeeeenn we would go to the sky ride and watch the sunset there ...
  18. First we go to: [​IMG]

    Then we ride a:

    After, we play some:

    And eat some:

    Finally, we watch the:

  19. If I could take Staci out on a date, I would take her to the world of Drakur and to the city of Numinor. I would show her the beautiful city. I, being king of Numinor (Alexhandr), would treat her like a queen and lavish her with exquisite gifts. I would introduce her to my many comrades. We would have a feast at the evening, with dancing, singing, a play, and a comedy. Then, at the end of the night, I would take her to the highest tower in Numinor and have her gaze upon the stars with me. And then we would cuddle. Because I absolutely love cuddling.
  20. If I took Alexhandr out on a date, I would take him to the bottom of the ocean with Myka and show him all the super amazing creatures down there - including mermaids! After that, I'd take him to dinner at Layne's inn, where everything is homemade and completely delicious and the environment is nice and cozy. Once that was over, it'd be dessert on a mountaintop, where the view of the stars is the best!