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  1. We all have dreams.
    Our dreams are often sweet and fun.
    These are the dreams that we like.
    But, there are times that we have nightmares as well.
    They often come when we least expect it.
    Good dreams can turn bad and even turn into chaos.
    The way that I usually overcome my nightmares is by playing soft relaxation music and think of something that I like. I also read a romance novels and fall asleep reading.

    This normally gives me the peaceful image of what I have read in my book.

    What do you normally do to ensure that you don't have nightmares?
    What tactics do you use to ensure that your dreams stay sweet and fun?

  2. I very rarely have nightmares actually but I remember every single one of them, my severe phobia of snakes causes me to only have nightmares about them, sometimes I get them if I think or talk about snakes that same day. If any tactics could help me avoiding my nightmares I would pay for them:) But I always have an audiobook or instrumental music on when I'm going to bed, sometimes I also read until I fall asleep, as I have a hard time falling asleep it helps if I read to send me off quicker, maybe this all helps as I mostly dream nice things that I barely can remember for longer than a few minutes after waking up^^ Also falling asleep on an empty stomach is not good so having eaten dinner or an evening snack may help as well.
  3. Yes, that is usually how it happns. We often can remember the bad more than the good. But, I believe that if you focus more on the good, then you can start having better dreams. I'm no expert. But, maybe something relaxing can help. I would continue to try you idea of music.

    Perhaps this song can help you.


    That song usually takes away all my troubles. Perhaps, it will help you sleep well at night.

    I also hope that it will take your mind off of your phobia at night.
  4. i actually dont get bad dreams because what people would consider bad is my idea of a good joke some people have dreams of being chased by jason with a knife and consider that a bad dream but i consider that hot as hell -_- yes i have many dreams with freddy jason and all of them.
    i do have weird ass dreams but they are usually when i drink to much they are usually just me rolling on the floor for the whole dream no joke i am the real patrick star.
    i dont try to change my deams any way i know you all talk about how to stop them but i think that i am dreaming about them for a certain reason if it be me driving a car in my dream ((nightmare)) or what be it their is usually some reason for it
  5. Thanks for that video Tetsu, I'm in love with the song already<3 It's a definite add to my night time playlist for sure:)
  6. Usually, before I fall asleep..I just look up at the ceiling and recall all the good events that happened that day.
    Or I'll listen to some music before bed.

    I almost never have any nightmares..But when I do, it's usually the ones where it feels like you're awake, but you're not...
  7. I do battle with all the evil in my dreams. It is fairly new to me, but recently I have been able to fight off whatever it is. Also, I can wake myself up when I realize I'm dreaming.
  8. I'm a victim of them. Usually its not anything too too bad. Mostly someone I don't like or am frightened of is chasing me, witnessing the death of one of my family members or friends, but the most reoccurring one, is me being alone. Completely and utterly alone. Its hard sometimes to wake up and feel comforted, because when I finally do wake up, I'm still alone.

    So, how I conquer the dreams, is calling someone who is close to me or who I can count on and ask to either speak them away or stay with me for a while until I fall back asleep. Just to know that someone is there, it knocks me right back out and kicks the nightmares in the gonads.
  9. -_- lucky i wish i was alone when i wake up i mean really you have no idea how hard it is to wake up and have three dogs and your little cousin ((who is to scared to sleep alone when she is at our house for the night)) in the same bed i mean hell i usually just sleep in the corner of the bed and think "its my bed why the hell do they all get more than i do."

    whats worse is that my brothers room is next door and he is always alone ((mostly because his room smells like something died in their)) ITS NOT RIGHT
  10. I very rarely remember what happened in my dreams, and I very rarely have what you would call nightmares. I used to have a lot of them when I was younger, but that period seemingly passed, and nowadays, I just have really strange dreams. But at least, I know my triggers, so I can usually avoid nightmares. Getting to know one's triggers is a good way of fighting off a nightmare, especially if it is one that you can avoid. That is the only piece of advice I can share.
  11. I never remembers my dreams when they are good so I don't even know if I can have sweet dreams, the closest I have been to a good dream where when I got locked in to prison and met my true love in there and we tried to escape together but didn't succeed but it didn't matter because we were in the same cell anyways. It didn't feel like a good dream but not a bad dream either.

    Anyways, I mostly just have nightmares and I don't do anything to try and stop them because I think nightmares are better than not remembering the dreams, for the most I am horrified by my nightmares while I'm dreaming but I can laugh at them some days later. It's just like a movie so it doesn't really matter what I dream.
  12. i would like to say
    i hate you all XD
    we talk about nightmares and what do i have...a nightmare and one of you was in it (diana) ok well she wasnt actually in it but it was who i thought she would look like ((for some odd reason she looked like Rita Repulsa))
    ok so me and diana where the judges for a todlers and tiaras pagent....and if that wasnt bad enough my dad won the pagent...
  13. I dont have dreams... therefore I dont have nightmares, why you ask, because my nervous system is too lazy to think one up.
  14. I used to have dreams. Very vivid dreams of fantastical places and people. Things that could never happen in my life. And then I started to get a reoccurring nightmare. I've had this nightmare since I was very young, and it is the only thing that I would see at night when I slept. I could only get rid of it if I was listening to music. And then, I just wouldn't dream. I no longer have dreams, and Im terrified of sleeping, because I know that if the music wasn't there, I'd have to see that dream every night.
  15. I almost never have good dreams. But when I do I tend to remember them very vividly. Unfortunately for me there is no pattern that goes along with me having good dreams. At least not recently. When I was little I was able to control them because I would think about relaxing things before bed like the ocean waves or something of that nature. I also used to be a lucid dreamer where I would be able to make whatever I want happen in my dream. I can't do that now unfortunately. But I remember that in the last few minutes to the last few seconds before you would drift away, if you held the image of peace or happiness you would dream of happy things. It's just very difficult for me to do that now because it requires a bit of mental concentration that I'm lacking. Also stress inhibits my ability to hold onto a single thought.
  16. yeah dont try lucid dreaming anymore..i used to do it as a child also but now that im older i have to admit my mind will run wild and i can riding a unicorn one second and the next im on fire -_- its no longer fun
  17. I very rarely get nightmares. Instead, I get these weird dreams where everything is completely normal. Like, I'll be going to school, or be with friends, or even roleplaying or reading. And sometimes, what I read actually happened. That kind of scares me...

    Like, srsly.
    Every night, or every other night.

    I'm use to them.
    Though, sometimes I can't wake up. And I drown in nightmares. And it scares me when I wake up, all hot and frightened.
    Thus, explains why I have so many plushies.
  19. Recurring Dream (open)

    The dream starts with me and a group of other people, all dressed in black "spy-ish" clothing, carrying guns. I know which one of these people I am, but I'm not looking at it through any of their eyes and rather as a sort of observer. We're in a cave with a river running through it and we are all swimming downstream with the current of the river until we reach a small waterfall. We all dive from the waterfall into a pool at the base of the waterfall and swim to the solid ground of the cave. There's an exit from the cave, a small hole the is just tall enough for us to walk through if we crouch.

    From the cave, we emerge into a dusty slumlike area with wooden houses that are falling apart. The ground is entirely comprised of dirt and there's no paved road in sight. We make our way around the houses to a gap in them where a group of children are playing with a ball. We're walking through them and around them, when we hear a shout from behind us and we all spin around. There are soldiers wearing black suits and helmets (something like this). Before we can react, they begin shooting at us and my group scatters, though several of the are shot trying to protect the children, who are also caught in the gunfire.

    Somehow, though, I know where I'm going. I pull one of the children with me and run down the dirt alleys until we reach an area where things start to resemble a more developed city. The roads now are cobbled and the houses have become nicer, made of stone. We're still fleeing from the soldiers behind us and the boy darts into the yard of one of the houses. I lead them further away and hide in one of the alleyways near a shop. Listening closely, I hear them run past me.

    Running out from the alleyway, I make my way to a dead end with metal railing around it that overlooks an incredible sight - trees as far as the eye can see making a beautiful green forest beneath where I'm standing. And then, there's pain and everything seems to become dark and blurry. There's blood everywhere and I grasp the railing - I've just been shot. One of the soldiers in black lays me down on the cobbled streets and sits down next to me while I bleed out on the stones.

    This, all the time. I have no idea why. It comes and goes, sometimes happening every night for days and then not occurring for a month or two at a time. The rest of the time, I tend to have decent dreams, though. Sometimes they're sweet, sometimes they're naughty, but I rarely have nightmares, aside from the recurring dream. So that's at least an upside.

    Before I go to sleep, I find that making up stories for myself is a pleasant way to drift off and tends to influence what my dreams are like.
  20. That is quite a surprise, Kitti. I've known people to have occurring nightmares, but yours is something else.

    But, I also suggest reading novels as well, until you fall asleep.

    Perhaps that will help you out too.

    That, or soft and peaceful music playing in your ear.


    Perhaps, that song may help you.

    Sometimes a melodious beat can take away your troubles.

    It can also take away your stress and worries.