Night Owl or Day Lark?

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Which most accurately describes your natural rhythm?

  1. I sleep during daylight and am awake all night

  2. I sleep relatively late and am up into the middle of the night

  3. I wake up in the mid-morning and go to bed a few hours after dark

  4. I am an early riser and go to bed with the sun

  5. I am an alien whose rhythm doesn't fit any of these and I am mad at Mini for not including me >8(

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  1. woah cool infographic (open)

    Science Says that whether you're a "Night Owl" (a person who feels more wakeful and productive during the night) or a "Day Lark" (a person who feels that way during the day) isn't a thing you can completely manipulate with coffee and alarm clocks; it's in your DNA!

    TLDR for people who dun wanna read the article:
    Humans have a "circadian rhythm" which tells their bodies when to shut down and rest, and when to be alert and active. For most humans, they are alert and active during the day, which is why businesses etc. are open during the day and closed at night. This rhythm is coded into humans genetic structures, and even though you can manipulate it to a certain degree, each person is going to have a natural sleep-wake cycle that their body will revert to if you stop actively trying to be awake or sleepy at certain times.

    Neither being a night owl or a day person is inherently better for you, by the way. So long as you get enough sleep, eat and drink properly, and generally take care of yourself, there's nothing wrong with being a creature of the night (of course, you may have to take some vitamin supplements to make up your lack of sun).

    In terms of productivity, both team Owl and team Lark (does anybody actually say that? I like it but I've never heard it before researching this) have advantages

    • Get peace and quiet since most of the world is sleeping
    • Tend to be more creative and outside-the-box thinkers
    • Have less distractions around them
    • Have lots of waking people available for help and collaboration
    • Can use business services
    • Natural light is better for the eyes
    So which team are you on? Or maybe you're halfway between?
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  3. I am most definitely a Night Owl (as are both my parents) and have been since I was small (my mom has told me that they could rarely get me to sleep at night and even then I wouldn't stick to it for more then a few months). It made school difficult, but it's not really so much of a bother now and I really like the night time, it's much calmer and peaceful. I've tried the "Day Lark" thing - it didn't last and I've found I actually sleep better if it's during the day anyway. My eyes are also super light sensitive so night is a much better time for me.
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  4. I work shifts, so it flips every three weeks. A less-than-pleasant circadian roller coaster ride.
  5. I am personally a night owl, but I have to be a morning person in order to function right with society. So I generally go to be around midnight and get up around 9-10 when I can.
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  6. I go to bed at 12-1am and am usually up around 8:30am.

    I'm not exactly sure where I fit in.
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  7. I am 100% a night owl. I hate being up early in the morning and I prefer to be up into the late hours of the night. I normally get up at 9am and go to sleep about 2-3am, though on the weekends I happily sleep in til 11am.
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  8. You are a special snowflake who gets his own spot <3
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  9. My record of defying your poll options remains undefinable!

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  10. Oh shoot, I forgot a nonsense option!
  12. Narcoleptic, so it's all relative. But innately, I'm Batman.
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  13. Mm, Night Owl. I used to sleep much, much later than 12 or 1 am, sometimes I can still actually forgo any sleep during then night. But then it would have horrible effects on me during school days and now the latest I sleep is just past midnight. I wake up around 6 am, so on average I should get around 6 hours of sleep if my insomnia doesn't bother me (it's not every night, but it happens a few times a week that I can't sleep easily).
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  14. I'm honestly not sure. I guess I'm more of a night owl, because I frequently find myself stay up really late. Except... I absolutely hate sleeping in late, it feels like an complete waste of daylight to me. It's just that I'm literally incapable of falling asleep at a decent time, hell, I'm lucky to even fall asleep at all. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that I'm a morning person who just so happens to suffer from chronic insomnia, thus appearing to be a night owl without actually being one.
  15. What is a sleep schedule?

    Seriously sometimes I pass out pretty early and wake up early, but sometimes I just stay up till like 3-4 in the morning and not give a single fuck that it is a school day.

    My pattern is just not consistent orz
  16. I am usually up at around 1 pm or sooner then stay up till 5 am. Unless I get caught up in reading... then sometimes I end up crashing at around 9 am, lol.

    Unless I am at my buddy's place. Then my preferred sleeping hours get mauled and left twitching in a dark alley because he has kids and is a morning person.
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  17. When I was in uni and school, I used to stay up all night until morning usually. I enjoyed it most of the time and did work well I guess, but it made it difficult to actually go to school at all at times. Now I go to bed at a more normal time and wake up pretty early in the morning. My sleeping schedule always seem to be slipping towards night owl if I'm not careful though. I do enjoy the night, because I can be left alone, but I think the advantages are few compared to getting up in the morning. I can use the whole day for what I want, and I'm no longer annoyed by how society operates on different hours than me.
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  18. This is why it fascinates me that people tend to choose partners who run on clocks opposite to them
  19. I think that's usually a question that pops up sometime after "Would you like to meet my parents?" and before, "Do you need help getting rid of that body?"
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  20. I'm mostly a night owl. I tend to nap sometimes during the day which leads to me staying up until the wee hours of the morning. Then I end up waking up fairly early O.o I can adjust my sleeping schedule pretty easily and my internal clock has LONG since been fucked up.
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