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    • I remember the old days.. Before the government fell, overpopulation got out of control, and food/water wasn't a scarcity. Back before war was happening 24/7 and going to school was about mathematics and science, but now all of that's changed...

      It all started when the United States government lost control of its power, and China's economy fell. The white house was taken down about a year ago, when the United State's formed a rebellion and shot it down. There were many people that died in the civil war, most of them weren't even involved they were just trying to survive among the rebel of the war. Though when other countries found out about the United State's problems they started new wars, terrorist attacks, and evading the Untied States trying to claim the fallen country as theirs.

      China on the other hand, once a powerful country, had fallen into the low level country it used to be because of the United States no longer buying their products. Making getting buy even harder, so pulling the one card they never thought they would have to pull. Chinese government demanded U.S land in as a payment to the debt the U.S had created over the years. When they U.S people found out China's declaration, they grew even more mad and even with all the shit they had pilled on them, the U.S people tried fighting off the Chinese, in return starting another war the world didn't need.

      Now 15 years later the world is in chaos. There's hardly any food, the animals had died off from the effects of the warfare happening still constantly today, water is being poisoned as well, and everyone has started to learn from the early years of a child... getting close to someone, is death. How this happened to be is because children's parents were killed off or died of sickness, being we no longer have doctors, and anyone else you got close to had a high chance of using you, hurting you, or dying on you. So keep that in mind.

      In this world, there is no goals, no hopes, no dreams, just survival and fighting. You choose to be a Rebel, normy, solder, or you can choose to be a no name. Either way you're stuck with a high chance of dying either from being murdered or sickness, so good luck, but keep in mind some people's biggest skills is lying, thieving, and manipulating others.

      choose wisely my people.

      Rebels (open)

      Rebel people are normally have the "street fighter" look, using bandanna's to mark which group they belong to and always have any weapon they can fit on them. They believe that they can change the world into a better place then what is was, and is now.
      Their biggest enemy is the solders, the people who still work for and stand for the government both U.S and Chinese. The three types are always in a constant battle with each other trying to gain a foothold over the other.
      Of course the last part is the rebel bases, they are scattered everywhere on the U.S, all have different leaders and rules so be careful to learn the rules or else you can be kicked out of the base.

      Blue rebellion (open)

      the blue rebellions are based in the western part of the U.S, they're more down to earth and tend to have better cooking and water supplies, but they can be feisty type of people. The love to have a good time, but still fight with a purpose. You can find them in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and bits of Colorado and New Mexico.

      Yellow Rebellion (open)

      The yellow rebellions are base in the more central part of the U.S, they're the bigger part of the rebellion and they're more of a mix between down to earth, feisty with strict and to the point. They have a bit of low resources when it comes to food and drinking water, but they have better weapons then their friends to the west. The Yellows love to keep the peace in their base as much as they want this fucking war over with. You can find them in North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, bits of Wisconsin, Illinois, Mississippi, and Alabama.

      Red rebellion (open)

      They're the smaller part of the rebellion but boy are they pack with weapons. They're stricter on their rules because their bases are constantly under attacked by solders, thanks to their part of the rebellion being so close to what used to be the white house. Sadly they have a harder time collecting food and water so they constantly need to ship in supplies from the west as a trading payment they ship out weapons to the west as well as the central part. You can find them in Wisconsin, Illinois, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Indianan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

      Though no one has an idea of whats happen to any Alaskan or Hawaiian states all of the actually connected states can get a hold of each other through CB, Whatever cellular device you can get a hold of, or letter.

      on a side note if you choose whatever type of rebellion, just because you're in that group doesn't mean you HAVE to type in that color, your character just have to wear a bandanna of the color at all times.

      Solder (open)

      Here you are a solder for either the Chinese or the U.S your uniform will tell everyone around you who you belong to. Solders typically have the best food, water, medic supplies, and weapons. Your goal is to kill off the rebellion and they other army all well fighting for your country. We communicate by head gear, communicators, and radios for the U.S solders congratulations you get to have toys to play with aka helicopters, tanks, and army trucks. Try to keep the Normies out of this and beware of the no names they can be dangerous or a good alley.

      Chinese uniform (open)


      U.S solder uniform (open)


      So my knowledge with Military ranks aren't as well as they should be but everyone is in their own squad, each squad has a Squad Leader, Fire Team Leader, Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier, and a Squad Designated Marksman. Though in this case because of the worlds conditions you also get a medic.

      squad leader info (open)

      [​IMG]The Squad Leader is in command of the squad and issues orders to the Fire Team Leaders. The Squad Leader is armed with either the M4 MWS or the M16A4, as well as an assortment of grenades. During the Battle Planning Phase before each round the Squad Leader has access to the Battle Planner and can lay down simple orders for his Fire Teams to execute. Although the Squad Leader is in command, he is a rifleman first and leads by example. The Squad Leader is designated with a Star Icon in the Role Selection Screen and is playable immediately upon creating a account.

      Fire team Leader Info (open)

      [​IMG]A Fire Team Leader commands one of the 4-man Fire Teams in the squad (Fire Team Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta). He executes and disseminates the orders of the Squad Leader. A Fire Team Leader is armed with an M16A4 or an M4 MWS, as well as an assortment of grenades and is responsible for performing all the duties that are expected of the men in his fire team. The Fire Team Leader role is available immediately upon creating an account and is marked in the role selection screen with the Letter Designation of his Fire Team (A, B, C, D).

      Rifleman info (open)

      Rifleman info (open)
      The Rifleman is the backbone of the US Army Infantry. Riflemen are disciplined, courageous, have extremely high morale, and they absolutely do-not-quit. The most versatile element of a Fire Team, the rifleman is equipped with either an M16A4 or M4 MWS and variety of hand grenades. The duties of a Rifleman include, executing the orders of his Fire Team and Squad Leaders, maneuvering and providing cover fire with his element, and completing his mission at whatever cost. The Rifleman role is available immediately upon creating an account and is designated in the Role Selection screen with the Single Round Icon.

      Automatic Rifleman info (open)

      Automatic Rifleman info (open)
      Armed with the M249 SAWS (Squad Automatic Weapon System), the Automatic Rifleman combines devastating firepower with quick maneuverability. The Automatic Rifleman is essential in providing overwhelming volumes of suppressive fire from medium to long range. No Fire Team is complete without the Automatic Rifleman.

      Automatic Rifleman info (open)

      The Automatic Rifleman provides a Fire Team with a belt-fed light machine gun. The M249's high rate of fire, and large ammunition capacity gives a Squad/Fire Team a weapon that maintains a consistent rate of fire to provide cover for an advancing unit. However, this weapon has its drawbacks, particularly weight. Due to this, the Automatic Rifleman is the slowest among the classes available. To unlock the Automatic Rifleman class you must achieve a "Basic" score on the M249 portion of Weapons Familiarization. Automatic Riflemen are designated with the 3-Round Icon on the Class Selection menu.

      Grenadier info (open)

      Grenadier info (open)
      The Grenadier is a key member of the U.S. Army Fire Team. Armed with an M16A4 and M320 grenade launcher, the Grenadier can deliver 40mm smoke and explosive rounds at point and area targets from medium to long distances. Although capable of providing support fire for the Squad/Fire Team, the Grenadier is a rifleman first and is expected to perform all the duties of a rifleman. In most missions each Fire Team is assigned one Grenadier. To play as the Grenadier you must pass the M320 portion of Weapons Familiarization with a "Basic" Score. The Grenadier class is marked with a grenade icon on the Role Selection screen.

      Squad Designated Marksman info (open)

      Squad Designated Marksman info (open)
      The SDM or Squad Designated Marksman supports the squad by laying down accurate rapid fire at distances beyond the normal engagement range of the Squad's Rifleman. The average Rifleman is trained to engage targets up to 300 meters away. A sniper engages targets beyond 600m while the SDM is trained to engage targets in "No Man's Land," the area between the capabilities of the two. Although the SDM receives much of the same training, he is not a sniper. The SDM is a rifleman and deploys as a member of a Squad. He maneuvers and engages with his Squad and never operates alone. To qualify to become a Squad Designated Marksman, you must score at least 36 or higher during Basic Rifle Marksmanship training. You can identify the SDM in the Role Selection Screen by the crosshair icon.

      I would do one for medic but everyone knows its just the dude that runs around trying to bandage the broken people so theres no need for an info thingy. (also I have no idea what any of that is i just copies it from this> http://manual.americasarmy.com/index.php/U.S._Army_Infantry_Squad_Organization <

      No names (open)

      No names are kind of like the Divergents in the Divergent series. They don't really fit in to the rebellion because of whatever reasoning, and they sure as hell don't fight for any government. They are more of your lone wolves, and can look like your average normy or a rebellion fighter without the bandanna. No names have their own way of surviving, some are friend with rebel base, others steal, others are friend with squads. Often times they'll help out in normy villages, or play spy for squads and bases depending on the reward. There's no certain title, look, or anything to define you except for yourself.

      Normies (open)

      Normy people are the ones who are just trying to live in the hell the wars bought them. They have their own little villages (when its not being destroyed by war) and whatever else they need to survive. Often times these villages are protected by soldiers or bases, and in return the normies give out food and shelter. Their typcial look is just normal average people in jeans and a tee shirt working out in the village garden or making a living for themselves.
      normies got their name from a long time ago because some soldier for either a country or a rebellion got tired of saying civilian and the name was catchy so it stuck.

      Character Sheets:

      *For the rebels*
      appearance (by picture):
      Rebellion Skill (fighter, thieve, medic, ect.):
      Rebellion Color:
      Weapons of choice:
      extra details:

      *for the soldiers*
      Apperance (by picture):
      squad position:
      Country you stand for:
      extra details:

      *for no names*
      Appearance (by picture)
      weapon of choice:
      extra details:

      *for Normies*
      Appearance (by picture):
      village job:
      extra details:

      heres the actual rp "new world"

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  1. hey on the solider part it fucked up and wont let me fix it so sorry about the multiple spoilers for the same position :p
  2. *For the rebels*
    Arkiona smith
    *Rebellion Skill (fighter, thieve, medic, ect.):
    *Rebellion Color:
    Blue (wears the bandanna around her right thigh)
    *Weapons of choice:
    butterfly knifes in her vest, two 9mm semi-auto pistols on her hips, on sub-machine gun on her back, a bullet strap as a belt, and a hunting knife that hands from her bandanna on her thigh.
    Arkiona was trained to fight since she was young, its all she knows. She is super friendly to all rebels, normies, and no names. It's the soldiers she wont take a second thought to kill. Other then killing shes super bubbly around her friends, but she also hold a job in the base to organize and strategy the attacks on the solders. Thanks to her planning she has built up a rep among the rebellion as well as the solders. What fuels her internal flame to fight the soldiers is that fact they killed all of her family and friends in an invasion, she was the only one left alive in her village. Though after that she vowed to kill every soldier in the U.S to get pay them back for what they've done.
    *extra details:
    Air is one of Arkiona's nicknames, normally used by her friends and people around her main base. She can cook really good food, knows her way around the forest, and is a bit of a medic due to her experience on the battle field. One of her pass times is playing the guitar, drinking a cold one, and maybe smoking a cig if there's any around the base.
  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Justin Kerioku
    age: 17
    Rebellion Skill (fighter, thief, medic, ect.): Thief and fighter
    Rebellion Color: blue, wears the bandanna around his neck
    Weapons of choice: Sniper a crossed his back, Ajarfena sword on his hip, bullet strap as a shoulder strap, light sub-machine gun on his other hip, and a few knifes attached to his belt.
    personality: He hates the war and wants nothing to do with it, the only reason why he joined the rebellion is to protect his best friend, Arkiona. When he is in the battle field he climbs up to the highest of places to snipe off the enemies, and turns off all his emotions so he doesn't freeze up in battle. Other then that hes makes everything end on a lighter tone and it the peace maker of the bunch...until you mess with Arkiona then you're fucked. You can normally find him being as Arkiona's shadow, pretty much wherever she goes, hes a few steps behind her.
    extra details: he's secretly in love with Arkiona but doesn't quite realize it just yet, hes a huge cuddle bug, and a bigger softy then he puts out to be. Once you're his friend your under his "wing" for life, or until you die.
  4. Appearance (by picture): [​IMG]
    Name: Lynette "Little Lynne" Harrison
    Age: 27
    Weapon of choice: A handgun and a curved knife
    Personality: Lynette despises all of the soldiers and the rebels involved in the war. She is the leader of a group of survivors, all of whom were saved by her at some point in their lives and swore to follow her. She and her band of survivors have built a camp in a desolate area and survive by raiding smaller towns and villages or by hunting and killing the soldiers and rebels who she comes across before stealing all of their property. So far, there are twenty or so other members in her band of survivors.
    Extra details: Lynette learned how to fire a gun when she was young, but both of her parents were civilian losses during a US bombing of one of their own cities (since the Chinese army had infiltrated it). Since she was born and raised in Texas, she has a heavy Texan accent. She is also known by those who follow her as Little Lynne Harrison, since one of the survivors is an elderly woman named Linda Morgan who is known as Big Lin Morgan. She has a pet pitbull named Buster.

    Appearance (by picture): [​IMG]
    Name: Haiti Liu (pronounced 'High-shee Lew')
    Age: 23
    Rebellion Skill: Fighter
    Rebellion Colour: Blue, ties the bandanna around his upper arm
    Weapons of choice: Sniping rifle, although he is trained with a katana
    Personality: Haiti is rather laidback and carefree, and simply wants to see a world where there is no war. He is also a non-hostile person and tries to befriend everyone, but if someone pushes him to the limit, he is very willing to go no-holds-barred. He doesn't have a sense of honour in any form, and is rather immoral, so he tends to see the world in a different way from others. Despite him being easy to befriend, he is a selfish person deep down and all of his motivations are self-interested, although he is also generous to others. He prefers to follow leaders rather than to lead, as he has no patience for strategy, and is able to kill without hesitation if he is commanded to do so. If he thinks it is necessary to do so, he will also betray anyone he knows, and is not loyal to a single individual.
    Extra details: Although Haiti was born and raised in Orlando in the US, his father evacuated the US to join the Chinese army when he was just 8, leaving him with his American mother. He later followed suit when he was 16, and joined the Chinese army. However, after five years of service and working his ranks to become the rifleman in Fire Team Charlie, he realised the true extent of the damage that the war was having on the world, and also felt estranged from the Chinese people since he considered himself more American, and decided to abandon his position and smuggle his way back to the US to join the Blue Rebellion. His father is a squad leader in the Chinese army.
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    I'm going to have a lot To read! Sooooo, I will prob get back to you later? Maybe? I dunno? Meh.........................................(I might be making a CS)
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    Well since we're all doing rebels...


    Name: Randy James "RJ" Wilkins

    age: 25 (Looks slightly older, due to radiation and such right after the fall out)

    Rebellion Skill: Thief

    Rebellion Color: Blue

    Weapons of choice: A three and half foot pipe wrench he hangs off his left belt loop, an M107 Destroyer Sniper Rifle with a detachable grenade launcher, with a strap he hangs off of his shoulder, a Spec Ops SMG - 11 that is holstered right above his right knee cap.

    personality: Is very nice, has a huge sense of humor, a slightly bigger ego than most, is a specialist at BAD-ASSnes, and hates being sober.
    extra details: His goggles are used for multiple reasons, such as, scans, x-ray, night vision, hacking, etc.

    Other: Was a pro mechanic with 10 years of experience before the apocalypse, and is a huge pyromaniac and arsonist. "I like blowing up stuff with C4 and grenades n shit"

    ((I'll probably make a character for every class eventually as more people join, and we progress...hope this is good.))
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  14. Yea its good just save the big weapons as an I.C.E concidering blues dont have much ammo and weapons compared to the red ^-^
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    Name: Levi Merrick
    Rebellion Skill: Fighter
    Rebellion Color: Red
    Weapons of Choice: Two daggers in each boot, three daggers in his belt, dual block nine mm (one on each hip, M4 carbine w/ grenadier attachment on his back
    Personality: A viscious fighter, he is a force to be reckoned with. He is loyal to the cause beyond any other, but that has brought him many near death experiences.
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