New Recruits: New Frontier

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  1. Plot and OOC:

    Setting to Start: Outside the Constantine, Captain Wilson giving speech to crew members of ship before settling in

    Captain Wilson:

    "Alright then. You've all been briefed. Crew, both new and old, today we make history. My ship has seen many things, been on countless missions, yet, this one stands out. Never before has the Constantine been given the opportunity to scout uncharted territory. You all have been given a wonderful opportunity. I expect top performance and with that, this can run smoothly. Recruits, I have assigned you a guide to your rooms where you will find your roles for the journey. This is unlike anything you've learned about. Don't think your inexperience will make me expect any less from you than my first officer. Now, let's get settled in and prepare to make history, shall we?"

    *clapping and cheering commence*

    "Recruits!" An officer shouts, "This way, I will show you to your quarters..."

    The officer walks off.

    (We can begin now, post whenever you like.)
  2. Areiz followed the officer closely, watching the other new recruits. As they were walking she pulled her hair out of her face into a loose bun on the back of her head so she could watch everything. This is, I'm going to finish my long as I don't mess up.. Her grey eyes scanned the ship closely, following their path with precise attention to where they were going.
  3. Aaron grabbed his bags at the officer's orders and followed into the ship. He thought the ship itself was massive, but once inside, massive didn't even describe it. There were already countless crew members shuffling around and conversations flew left and right. Once they arrived at the quarters, Aaron threw his belongings on his bed and walked back out into the hallway, assuming the officer would have final words before he departed. Aaron wasn't able to really see the other recruits as they entered their own rooms, and simply waited out the time.
  4. Areiz set her bag on her bed, taking a long look around her room before she walked out. She noticed one of the other recruits she waved. "Hi." She figured if they were all on the same level, everything might run smooth.
  5. Alex would never admit it, not to another living thing, but he was terrified. He was picked to join a crew that was going to an uncharted system! He'd never even been in space before! All of the simulations, all the tests, all the preparation couldn't compare to actually flying through space. Yeah, he was really scared, but he was really excited too. Of course, he'd never admit to either. Taking a deep breath, he set his things on the bed and walked back out in the hallway and waited for orders.
  6. Aaron smiled and returned a wave. He was glad that another recruit was offering a welcome first, simply because it was Aaron usually starting any sort of friendship in the academy. His arms soon returned clasped behind his back once the officer walked by him. He wasn't sure how hard the superiors would be on them, and sure as hell wasn't going to test them with any relaxed form around them. Once he noticed another male, his gut dropped. The academy was full of competition, and he only imagined it would increase since only five were selected. He knew that they would be working opposite ends of the ship, but still hoped that the two men could be friends, not competitors for a fancy medal.
  7. He maintained strict form, not even bothering a look at the other recruits. Introductions could come later, Alex knew, and right now, there were officers watching. He didn't want to get on somebody's bad side on his first day.
  8. Areiz smiled, turning back to face the officers. She moved to clasp her hands behind her and stood a little straighter. She didn't want to get in trouble before they even left Earth. She glanced over as another recruit left their room, another guy.
  9. Nejiss stood with her bags at the entrance to the ship, running her gaze over the contour of it against the sky. For a moment, she was overwhelmed with the task ahead. An entire galaxy was hers for the exploring... She snapped herself out of it and stepped inside, following the captain.
    He really trusts us.. She thought, adjusting her shoulder bag which was overflowing with rolled up parchment. The sound of her luggage rolling across the metal floor was barely audible over the sounds of what must be hundreds of crewmen and women talking, walking, doing maintenance and preparing for takeoff. It was very easily the most impressive place she'd ever been, even compared to her previous space voyages. Then, it was only about 50 people on board max, and most of the, were students or tourists, as those tiny ships needed barely any crew to operate.
    She stopped in front of her dorm and pushed open the door. It was small, with a bed that didn't appear to be particularly comfortable, along with a desk and a lamp that she had requested. There was also a bookshelf, monitor, and dresser-also all at her request. She immediately began unpacking, slinging her bag full of clothes and toiletries on the bed. The first thing she took care of were her charts and maps of the area they'd be heading to. She lined them up on the wall accordingly, creating a giant map. Above the desk she aligned the star charts that would map out the ship's path, which was a red line among a starry background.
    The bookshelf was loaded up with books along with even more rolls of smaller parchment with notes and figures sketched out on them, for her own personal reference. Everything else-Including blank parchment, mapmaking supplies, and clothes-she stashed in the dresser.
    Nejiss stretched her back into an arch, glad to finally be done packing things away into their space. This voyage was going to be the big break she needed to get her own cartography business off the ground, as well as invaluable experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Feeling compelled by social standards, she poked her head out into the hallway to see what the other people on board were up to. She knew that there was a couple other people about her age who would be staying on this floor as well from what the captain had said. She spotted two others, and stepped out into the hallway, fixing her hair so it wouldn't fall into her eyes.
    "Hello.. So, this is it, then.. The Constantine. It's really quite impressive."
  10. Surprisingly enough, the officer said little to nothing. He scanned the area, making sure all recruits were there. You all have a holo-tape with instruction on where you will be working and when to be there. Do not be late. With that he walked off leaving the recruits to themselves. Aaron lost his form and looked over at the new woman, surprised she wasn't called out for talking. He guessed that they weren't as strict as he previously imagined. "This is a nice ship. I've never actually been this deep into one, but for my first time..." He looked down the corridor which was bustling with activity. After, he looked back into his room. Aaron had not packed as much as he probably should have. He had clothes, mostly the uniforms he was given, reading material, and other personal items. "My name is Aaron." He said to his fellow hall mates, now focusing on the recruits.
  11. "I'm Areiz." She looked around at the recruits, counting. Five..that's a good number, like a little group.'d you all get recruited? I'm here for medical expertise."
  12. "Engineering," Alex answered, stepping over to the small group that was building up. Introducing himself would probably be wise, especially since he was going to be living with these people. He bit back a flirty comment directed at Areiz, figuring that he'd have plenty of time for that later on. "I'm Alex." He offered a slight wave to the woman who had just walked out, nodding. Damn, meeting a lot of people already. Knowing that, he was a bit more nervous for meeting the rest of the crew. There were probably hundreds, with a ship this size. Suppressing a shudder at the thought, he plastered on a smile. "Nice to meet you guys.
  13. She realized that everyone was starting to gather in a crowd and she took a small step back from everyone to keep from getting hurt by anything. "It's nice to meet everyone too." She said glancing at the older people in the hallways that were rushing around. There's so many
  14. It was weird for Ailee to be in the actual main crew areas, she had spent a lot of time on ships before with her father and grandfather, but usually in the "higher-class" areas where they welcomed the veterans like celebrities. She knew it would have to end eventually but it was odd nonetheless.

    She was a tad bit late to the party, seeing as when she arrived the recruits were mingling among themselves, something that she wasn't good at doing, ironic considering she was a negotiator and her job was to talk to people. Her father told her to be more social, at least for her first mission as teamwork would be the key to sucess, so she guessed she would try it out. But first she slipped into her room, dropping her large shoulder carried bag and guitar case. Normally extra stuff like instruments would be prohibited but being a child of a hero got its perks. She placed the guitar neatly on her bed, strumming it slightly with her fingers before going out into the crowd. This was going to be hard.

    She walked in the waves of people for a bit, not knowing exactly how she would start. It was then when she bumped into a taller man, with dark brown hair.

    "Oh. Um, sorry. I-" Ailee began, slightly embarrassed. Not knowing what else to say she continued. "I'm kinda lost here, I got her kinda late and I managed to miss the commanding officer's instruction.."
  15. Alex turned quickly when he felt the other recruit bump his back. He was surprised to see a young Korean-looking woman standing there, apologizing and telling him how she'd missed the commander's speech. He chuckled softly. "Relax, it was just a bunch of 'inspiring' mumbo jumbo. As long as you know where you're going, you're good." He stepped to the side, allowing her entry to the group. Better her than him. He just wanted to sneak off and get a peek at the engines.
  16. Aaron watched the little collision before speaking. "Well, I'm here to manage the weapons and teach on how to use some of the more complex weaponry. Apparently we were issued never before used guns and such." Aaron stopped before he got ahead of himself. It was slightly unnerving to know that new weapons were being used. Did they really not trust what was in this new territory? He quickly shook off the idea and looked around the group. So this was the four people he would room by. The four elite of their academy. All of them, including himself, a different field. The fact there were three females to the two men made him laugh under his breath. His mother always used to say that women were all around better for space travel, even though she hated the idea of it.
  17. "I'm Nejiss." She said, nodding to Aaron, then the rest of the crew. They all seemed very young, which curried her. I suppose the fresher out of the academy, the better, she thought. That way, there was less time for them to forget what they had learned.
    "Nice to know we have a medic on board." She said, meaning for it to sound joking, but it ended up sounding a little morbid. Nejiss lightly bit the inside of her cheek, and tried to move on to a different conversation before the odd stares she anticipated started up. "I'm a cartographer and navigator. Ever heard of Wing Interstellar Maps?" I asked casually. It was the name of the small company I was planning on starting, but for now it was just what I called myself when I sold maps to small businesses or places like online.
    "Weapons? That sounds exciting." I said, perking up a little. As I'd been taking martial arts for over ten years now, things like combat generally intruiged me, even if it was just pointing and shooting a gun. "Good to know we have that base covered." Once again, I'm pretty sure I sounded morbid, like I was suggesting we were all going to be killed by alien weaponry and needed defenses, which isn't what I was trying to imply at all. I'm just really bad at this whole casual conversation thing.
  18. "Oh yeah, Thanks." She spoke quietly to the man she had bumped into, still unsure of herself. She glanced around the little circle she had just been more or less welcomed into. There were two men in the bunch, both very tall and built. Then there was a blonde-almost white haired girl across from Ailee that seemed to be going through the same predicament as herself. And then a more vibrant blonde girl who had the most bluest eyes Ailee had ever seen. She listened in quietly to their introductions until it came to her turn.

    "I'm Ailee. I specialize in Negotiations and Foreign Relations. I basically talk to aliens for everyone." She spoke aloud, slipping her hands into her pockets and shifting weight to her right leg so she was slumping a little. "Pleasure to meet you all.."
  19. Areiz slipped over beside Ailee. "Nice to meet you too. I'm Areiz, expert in the medical field. So, you can speak different languages?" She smiled a little at knowing everyone. This is going to be great..
  20. Aaron managed a laugh out of Nejiss's comment. He couldn't help but feel more and more nerved about the weapons. There was no way to tell whether any new life forms would be hostile or not. It was all chance. After some time of talking, a loud noise echoed throughout the ship. Following this was an intercom turning on. This is Captain Wilson, the ship is now active. Please report to your stations and prepare for launch in t minus fifteen minutes.

    Aaron looked at the other recruits. "It was nice to meet you all. I'm going to go check the holo tape on my bed. I'll see you all soon." He gave a final smile and walked into his room, letting it slide shit behind him. Walking over to his bed, he found the tape as told laying on the pillow case. Lifting it up, he discovered the arsenal was in the southern division of the ship, sixth floor. Aaron figured now was the best time to go and see everything. He took a few belongings with him and set off.

    Upon arrival he notice a rather large man with a scruffy beard standing over a crate. Once he heard Aaron's footsteps, he turned and gave a indifferent look. You're the recruit? Good. I'm Salem. Take this list and make sure all weaponry and ammunition is here and accounted for. It will be boring and you might contemplate killing yourself. Have fun! Salem let out a giant, bellowing laugh and walked off. Aaron sighed and grabbed the list, starting to go through the list. It was pretty standard stuff.