Never Summon the wrong Demon.

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"Borble Street? I know where that's at." And in no time at all, he was leading her to her current street, past alley ways, and long narrow streets, with tall buildings and pretty houses. He smiled a bit at her concern. "Don't worry.. I've taken worse beatings than this. It's what demon hunters do." He smiled slightly, and when they arrived on Borble street, he let her lead the way to her own house.~
"There it is!" The house looked very nice. Far too large to house only one single person. But there were no cars in the driveway and none of the lights were on. Melanie bounced up the front steps and to the door. Fussing with looking through her pockets until she pulled out a single key with a little kitten keychain. She undid the bolts and opened up the door.

Then promptly closed it shut really fast and turned around leaning on it.

"Um. Thank you for helping me find my house. I really appreciate your help! So long and have a good night, okay?" Something inside the house crashed, and she winced at the sound.
He blinked, "Is it safe in there...?" He asked, looking concerned as soon as he heard that shattering crash sound echoing through the house! He almost wanted to step inside and investigate, but held himself in check. He wouldn't be rude and impose, but the look on Melanie's face told him it might be something he should -take care of- soon.

He'd leave only if she told him it was absolutely safe!
"Safe...?" Melanie thought about. Was actually standing there, a thoughtful expression on her face. She could have been deciphering an algebra problem with as serious as she was looking.

Finally she shook her head. "No, probably not. But thank you for walking me home! I'd invite you inside for some hot chocolate, but it's probably already gone along with the furniture."
Now Damien was definitely worried, and he wrote down his cell phone number on a piece of paper. "If anything happens. Call me, I'll take care of it." He told her, handing her the paper and turning to head home himself. He didn't mind the walk, he would catch a bus part of the way and just keep going from there. He planned on going straight to bed once he got home though!
With the crumpled number in her hand, Melanie entered her house. Now it was silent. Not a sound, growl, rumble or crack. So dark, that she could barely even see her own feet as she closed the door behind her and reached for the light switch. Click! None of the lights came on.

"Darn it. Why can't you ever leave the lights alone!" she complained to the darkness. Timid and a little wary, she stepped farther in to the house. Trying to watch where she stepped, even though it didn't help much. Melanie stubbed her toe on a broken table. Pieces of furniture were lying all over the place. Torn up sofa cushions and stuffing strewn about the floor and hanging from the ceiling fan. Melanie huffed about the rudeness.

"I just got this furniture. This is why I don't have nice things!" she leaned to pick up one of the cushions. It used to have cute little penguins on it, and now it was filled with claw marks. She sighed.

There was a skitter of claws on wood. Melanie froze, clutching the cushion in her arms. "...please don't, I'm really tired today...!" came her plea with a squeak! Whatever it was didn't seem to care. A loud SNAARRLLL echoed in the living room as something furry lept out from the corner. Melanie hit the floor with a thud and a piercing scream as she held the pillow up to deflect from the beasts chomping teeth! More fluff went flying everywhere!
Damien was -half way- down the block when that bad feeling hit him like a punch in the stomach. He frowned, gave a huge sigh, and then ran all the way back to Melanie's house. He knew somehow the door was unlocked, and reluctantly let himself in. "Melanie! Are you here?!" He called, then heard the loud scream, and ran into the kitchen, and there he found her, on her back, obviously being attacked by a demon! Damnit!

"I see you're a demon magnet. Well, least we have something in common," He half-teased, before carefully shooting out the gold 'sparkly' light towards the monster pinning the poor girl! It shrieked in rage, but exploded into nothing, leaving Melanie still sprawled on the floor! He offered a hand to help her up! "You okay?" He asked, totally serious now. Something told him it wouldn't be right. Leaving her here..
"I'm okay.." Melanie didn't sound as convinced. She was even sniffling softly and glancing around to see if anything else was still lurking in the house, ready to jump out and pounce. She finally looked up at the hand he was offering her and burst out in to tears right there on the kitchen floor.

She shook her head, dark hair tossing from side to side. "...I'm not...! They're always here and always around and no matter where I go, they're right there and always trying to eat me and sometimes they eat other people cause I run too fast and I feel bad and try to move but they're still here...!" The entire confession came out in a choke rambled stream. Melanie rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, but there was no stopping her crying. The demons probably ate her bed too and now she had nowhere to sleep!
Damien was definitely convinced he needed to get her out of there now. He hugged her gently, and helped her to her feet, handing her a box of tissue. "Hey...I know how persistent demons can be, believe me." He looked at her tear streaked face, and his heart felt heavy. "Listen. You don't have to stay here, for a while at least, you can stay in my apartment. Demon's hate being around me, and even if they went after you there I'd blast them without a second thought." He assured her.

He never let anyone stay a victim of demons. That just wasn't tolerated on his watch. Ever. And Melanie was a nice girl, she didn't deserve to be hounded like this!
Melanie nodded, hugging the box of tissues to her chest like it was a shield as she sniffled. She shuffled on her feet looking around at the damages to the house. "Okay... I might need clothes though. Unless they ate them again." Mean demons were always eating her clothes too!
"Sounds like this place is entirely infested." He frowned, wondering if there was a portal or something letting the demons inside from another place! Or Melanie was just -really- tasty to them and they were determined to make her dinner. Either way, she'd be a lot safer at his place and they could figure out something eventually. He went upstairs with her so she could get her stuff without worrying. And no he wouldn't stand outside the bedroom door! That would be like asking to step in and discover her missing!
Her in bedroom, it didn't take her long to gather her things. Apparently they were still neatly packed away in a blue suitcase covered with little singing penguins. After making sure it was zipped up tight and any stray items she had was stuffed in to it, Melanie was dragging it behind her. "I'm ready, I think..." She was still glancing around sadly at the ruins of her latest home, but at least now she didn't seem quite as jumpy as she did a few minutes before.
"Alright. We'll catch another bus, just so the walk isn't as long." He assured her, concentrating a moment on the house. Hopefully he could find a source of where all these demons were coming from and destroy it. Then this city might have a chance at being more peaceful. But since he didn't have any clues to really go by, he was stuck with just blasting demons groups at a time.

Once outside of the house, he made sure she could keep up with his longer legged-stride, and soon they reached the bus stop. He sat down on the bench and glanced at his watch. "Bus'll get here in 10 minutes." True to his word, ten minutes later saw a rumbling white and blue bus, stopping at the sign and letting the two of them board. He told the driver what street he needed to get to, paid for both their fares, and found a seat in the back.
Melanie sat down next to him, tucking her suitcase under the bench seat. She kicked her feet back and forth, while her hands were folded neatly in her lap. For awhile she was silent, but that didn't seem to work well for her. Melanie immediately launched in to what she did best - talking about nothing!

"I'm lucky to have clothes still! Once I had to leave with only what I was wearing, and then buy a bunch of new clothes. But lots of times it's really hard to buy new clothes when you visit a store and a monster eats all of the sales people. I was trying to buy more clothes today, and it happened all over again. Now I feel really bad about the mall..."
Damien didn't like how intensely the girl was attacked by demons, at all. He was glad when the bus arrived at his block, and he helped her with her suitcase, leading the way off the bus, making sure she was able to climb down alright. After they were both off the bus, he lead her down the block to his place. It wasn't fancy, but it was clean, and well-furnished. And highly warded against demons. "Well, not to worry. If anything comes up missing here, feel free to let me know. I'll take care of it. Make yourself at home, I'm going to go up and shower. I definitely need it." He smiled, and when he smiled, his whole face seemed lit up from the inside, along with his bright eyes.

It was a pity he didn't smile that often. Soon he was in the bathroom, showering, leaving Melanie downstairs free to watch t.v. or even raid his well-stocked fridge if she wanted. There were plenty of sodas and water bottles. In the cabinets were cereal, oat meals, and plenty of tea supplies. In the living room was also a huge library full of all sorts of occult books, books on slaying techniques, demonology, spell-casting, and then good old classics, and normal series. So it wasn't like his profession was his entire life at least!
While he was away, Melanie got herself acquainted with his home. She found his collection of things very curious! It was probably silly for her to assume that he would only be a slayer all the time, but she really hadn't suspected the assortment of books. A few of them looked like very interesting reads. If she didn't get eaten alive, she might borrow one from him.

Melanie wandered her way in to his kitchen to snoop through his cabinets. There was all kinds of food too! This time she laughed at herself. What did she expect? That he ate the demons he defeated? That was ridiculous! She helped herself to a granola bar and continued her examination.

Somewhere along the way she found a bedroom. With hearing the shower in nearby, it must have been the master bedroom. His room! It looked wonderfully comfortable! Melanie was fully ready to spend an evening on the couch, but she couldn't stop herself from jumping on to his bed and giving it a quick test. So fluffy! Demon hunters must need a really good night's rest.

Before she knew it, she was yawning. Melanie was out like a light and snoozing in the bed. Her feet dangling off the edge corner while the rest of her was curled up with a pillow.
Damien finished his shower in twenty minutes, dried off, and changed into a casual black shirt, with black pants, and combed his hair. After cleaning the bathroom, he felt utterly exhausted, even cleaning his injuries had seemed like so much effort! Sighing, he went to his bedroom, and was surprised to see Melanie there, already in his bed and sleeping. Hiding a small smile, he really hoped she wouldn't mind sharing the bed. He curled up on top of the blankets, and rolled over on his back, instantly asleep before he could even think of anything else to worry about!