Never Summon the wrong Demon.

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Damien Smith hated the down-pouring rain in Seattle. Every day it seemed to just rain ceaselessly. The young 24 year old man with pitch black hair kept neatly around his ears, an oval shaped face, with strange sunburst gold eyes, tanned skin, and 6'2 in height stared dismally out the bus window. At his next stop he got off the bus, and headed for a large shopping mall. He didn't want to go in really, he hated crowded places! But since he was capable of tracking and destroying Demons of all types, his senses definitely screamed there was one here. A nasty one at that. So, without any further hesitation, Damien walked fairly confident through the crowds: dressed inconspicuously in his casual clothes, he looked no more noticeable than any other guy in the crowds. So long as he kept his unusual eyes down, that is. He was broad shouldered, and wiry for his age, but had hidden strength, and muscles to spare. His entire aura seemed to crackle with electricity just then, and he spotted a girl, near his own age.... she was pretty of course, but he was damned certain there was a demon near her! And he didn't know how to warn her without sounding completely insane. So, from a distance, he stalked the demon himself, waiting for the right moment to strike. Then, just as he was casually about to turn a corner -SMACK!- he ran right into the poor girl without any warning! "Oh I'm so sorry..... terribly clumsy..." He said, attempting to help her up and dust himself off at the same time. What a rotten night! Things just kept going from bad to worse! All Damien wanted to do was go kill the demon, and go home to dry off. Was that so much to ask?~
Re: Never Summon the wrong Demon. (private!)


There went the daylights knocked out of her. But she was helped back to her feet and being apologized at in record time. Not that she was noticing. The girl, nearly a foot shorter than him with dark hair and light eyes, was glancing this way and that as if she were expecting something to jump out at any moment. More strangely, she had a large fishing net in her hands. Recently purchased, as the receipt was hanging haphazardly out of her jeans pocket and the tag was still on the net.

Then she seemed to noticed there was someone talking to her.

"Oh! Pardon me. I am... um... looking for something. I'm really sorry about that. I'll watch where I'm going!" Without even explaining what she was talking about, she stepped around him. Tip-toeing even, with her net raised, ready to start swinging. It was possibly the most bizarre thing to see right in the middle of a shopping mall.
Damien blinked at the odd girl. She was pretty, he saw. But awfully paranoid about something. "I'm sorry... do you need help finding whatever you're looking for?" He asked, puzzled. The demon certainly -was- close by! The air shimmer was happening again, right next to the girl! He had to catch and kill this demon before someone got hurt.~ After all, that was his job. Demon-slaying. He hid his fists in a pocket, since they were glowing bright gold just then!
She paused, turning to look over her shoulder with a wide-eyed confused look. "Oh no, I have it under control. But thank you!"

What 'it' was, wasn't exactly explained. Her grip on her net shifted as she started tip toeing again. "Um... but it might be a good idea if you left a little early. I think a wild animal is loose."

THAT wasn't explained by her either. But, low and behold, as if summoned up just by the idea, there came a loud ROOOOAAAAAAAR. She froze in place, looking around quickly for the source. Huffing in frustration when she couldn't see anything yet.
At that exact same time, Damien saw a demon, and instantly reacted. Lurching in front of the girl, he shot off a wave of gold-energy from his palms, blasting the demon to mere ash, before he turned to the girl, making sure she wasn't hurt, but also keeping a watchful, wary eye on whatever the heck she was hunting! He sincerely hoped she wasn't attempting to catch a demonic... pet of some sort. It was his nature to destroy all demons. But if she had a reasonable excuse for him not to... well, he'd listen.~
Now she was staring at him. Completely surprised! The net going limp in her hands as she stood there watching him like he just grew a second head and turned in to a monster himself. Right out of his hands, just zap! Blasted a beastie to smithereens.

Melanie glanced around to see if anyone else saw. The entire shopping mall was empty of people. Either the placed had closed when she wasn't paying attention, or all of the people had fled from the demons that were prowling the stores. Demons for Melanie were an everday thing. Not that she liked them or knew where they were coming from... but she had grown used to them popping up at inconvenient times and ruining her day.

"How did you.... do that?" she asked slowly. Still a bit wary of him. Another ROOOOAAAAAARRR echoed through out the shopping mall. Clearly there was more than one of the beasts.
Damien smiled just a little, at the girl's reaction. He was used to being considered monstrous for his powers. "I was just born with this... gift." he said, though he sounded more like he considered the powers as a curse. He would have preferred, honestly, to live a simple, quiet life, somewhere away from crowded cities. But his talents were clearly meant to be used as a way of keeping the balance of good and evil. And to turn his back on such a thing was blasphemous. He did the best he could, but before he could dwell on his thoughts, there was another loud ROAAAR in the deserted shopping mall. "Well, it was nice to meet you miss. But, I'd better deal with these monsters." He told her with a slight nod, and hurrying off into the fray of demons! He had no idea how powerful they were, but he really was reckless at times!
Melanie had never heard of anything like it. Was he magical? Like a wizard? Another roar echoed and distracted her. Before she could ask him more questions, he was dashing off!

"Well! How strange!" she commented to herself. He was long gone now, and she was standing alone in the big shopping court. It was probably for the better, though. Melanie was on a mission to save the mall. The poor guy would probably get eaten and she'd feel so guilty.

Turning on a heel, she had her net up again and was on the hunt. Tip-toeing as quietly as she could down the corridors, peering in to the shops and eying the wracks of clothes or shelves of items. Minutes dragged on without a single sight of a beast. Not even a sound! Melanie was almost certain they were all gone.

...but she was so wrong! Turning around a corner to browse a new hall, she ran face first in to a meaty... slimy... leg! As she glanced up, and up... and up...! Her eyes got wider. The demon was HUGE! Towering several feet over her head and with it's mouth opened so wide she could nearly count all of it's teeth. As it swooped it's head down to snap at her, she swung her net.

And hooked one of it's massive teeth.

"There! I've got you now! I demand that you get back in to your hole and leave this mall alone!"

He snapped her net.

"...or I could leave you alone..."
After blasting another demon, Damien ran back to where he heard the net being snapped. Why the hell were all these demons gathering at the mall today?

He didn't know, but he sure wasn't going to let this girl become lunch! "Oi, demon! You leave the girl alone and deal with me if you've got any sense in that giant head of yours." Damien demanded, still glowing bright gold, tinged with blue! Unfortunately, he -did- feel a bit tired, from already using so much energy...

"Hay! Girl! I'd run now if I were you, or duck!" Damien was going to try to blow the monster up, but he didn't want Melanie getting caught in the crosfire! And that demon could make the next move any moment!
"What?" Melanie turned around, blinking in surprise at the guy being back. This time all glowy and rather annoyed looking. Of course while her back was turned, the demon took a big swipe with it's giant clawed hand. It slammed down next to her with a BOOM, just barely missing her body but with enough forced that it knocked her off her feet.

"Aiie..! Okay, I'm not going to bother you! Just don't squash me!" Melanie scrambled across the floor on her knees towards the guy, while the demon snarled and stomped to follow!
Too bad poor Damien was already getting thrashed by another monster-demon! It had its claws wrapped around the guy's neck, and Damien could only struggle, his air supply completely cut off. Without any warning at all, he was thrown some 10 feet into a Hallmark store window! Glass shattered everywhere, spraying like a powerful blast. He slammed into a shelf holding get well cards, and groaned in the disgust of irony. Get well. Not likely! Damien stubbornly shook off blades of glass, ripping out the biggest pieces he could find, then returned to tackling the demon who'd thrown him!

"Why won't you just die quietly so I can go home and sleep!"

Damien snarled, charging his energy again and blasting the beasty to nothing. It exploded with an angry roar, and then Damien turned his attention to that girl again...

Yes, there was a demon next to her too! He frowned, knowing the gold sparks wouldn't hurt her, unless she too was demonic, so he sent another wave of energy right towards it! Damien was hoping those were the last of the demons.... because frankly, he was running low on both power -and- energy!
He was shooting sparklie gold things at her, and with a squeal she covered her head. Fully expecting to be fried to a crisp along with the beastie chasing her down. Much to her surprise, she didn't feel a thing. However, there was a loud roaring howl above her. The magic burning the flesh and bone of the demon, shriveling it up and turning it to ash in a matter of moments.

Little bits of ash slowly floating down over her, making Melanie peek up out from under her arms. The entire mall fell silent now. No roars, no howls, no screams. Everything was eerily quiet and empty.

"Is it... are they all gone now?" She asked curiously, only now sitting up to peer around and see for herself.
Damien, though a little injured and bruised, seemed alright, and dusted himself off. "Yes. For now. Let's not push our luck though, alright? We should both go home."

He hoped she'd agree, but if not... well, he was certainly in much need of rest! his body felt like it could sleep for at least a full week, without any trouble. But for now, he managed to usher Melanie out of the mall, without further incident and smiled in relief, seeing no more of the demons for today. Just another job done.

"Do you live far from the mall, miss? I could escort you home if you need it. I'll go my own way if you don't." He assured her in a perfect, if slightly old fashioned manner of politeness!
"I live all the way across town, so it is a bit out of the way." Melanie was still dusting herself off, even as they stepped out of the mall. She was wearing a polkadot blouse and a simple pair of khaki slacks. Now that they were outside, she was still looking around nervously. It was pretty suspicious how she took the entire demon thing so well, without freaking out like most people do. Demons were definitely an everyday thing for her.

Melanie was finally turning her gaze to him and eying him suspiciously. "And what were you doing in that mall, blasting away with your sparklie glow glitters and chasing things? That's a bit off, don't you think?"
Damien actually had to smother a laugh at Melanie's 'Glow Glitters and chasing things' comment. He knew how absurd it all seemed. He really did. Smiling a little, he tilted his hat upright, out of his eyes before answering her questions.

"When there's demons, there's got to be demon-slayers. I'm .. something of that kind. I never learned I even had these 'glitter-glow' powers until I first encountered a demon killing my mother. I had to stop her. I kept getting angrier at the sight... and next thing I know the gold light just burst out of my palms and hit the demon square in the stomach. It was dust... but my mother had already been killed."

He tried not to dwell on the subject, considering he usually didn't like to talk about his life. Or the fact his own father had left him abandoned at age 8 just after seeing his wife brutally murdered. He knew his son had nothing to do with it. But, the fact was, he'd considered his son a total failure for not being able to save Eileen.

After the father-figure left, Damien grew up quickly, living in orphanages, and foster care until he was 18, then struck a living for himself with two jobs delivering pizza -and- bagging groceries. So the odds evened out, and while a bit of a work-a-holic, he was still just a semi-normal civilian, with a hobby for reading, video games, and the occasional basket-ball game at the YMCA.

"As for living out of the way, its really not a problem. I don't work today, and it would make me feel a little better if I at least knew you were safe." He waited in silence for her decision after that, not pestering her at all. He was just that way. The strong, silent but not anti-social type.
Melanie, at this point, looked very surprised! Curious even as she looked him over. Finally, she nodded. Pointing in the direction she needed to go and slowly falling in to step next to him as they walked. She never took her eyes off him. As it seemed, she also intended to ask him the millions of questions she had floating around in her head. All of her time dealing with those monsters, she never once met someone whose business was to slay them.

"Are you really a demon slayer. Full time? How do you find them? Most people don't even believe they're real, but for some reason I seem to walk in to them all the time!" All the time was probably an understatement. Even now, she was worried that something would jump out of the bushes or from a tree. Then this new fascinating person would be eaten up and she'd have to run away again.
He smiled a little. His face, though naturally handsome, was much more attractive when he smiled. "Yes. I'm a full-fledged demon slayer. Got my shiny gold badge from the council in the mail just three years ago, with the official seal. As for how I find them... all things give off energy, or auras. I track black auras. Sometimes it's just a human with really bad, shady pasts, or terrible things they've done, coloring their soul. But when the black aura's are crackling, almost like... lightning if you will, that's how I know it's demonic. I track it by the aura, and usually can stay on its trail pretty easy."

The fact Melanie walked into these creatures all the time, slightly bugged him. Sure, she was a pretty girl, anyone could see that. But demons didn't go for looks. Usually the person had to have something they wanted. He casually searched her aura. Bright... very bright! Almost silvery-white with a tint of blue.. Pretty really, though it hurt his eyes.

"You do have a brighter aura than most... magic doesn't run in your family does it?" He asked, casually.
"I have no idea what you're talking about!" And it was clear as day by the look on her face that she really didn't. She thought he was a little stranger, but it was comforting to know that he was a professional at handling demon problems. At least that meant if something else bad happened, she wouldn't have to be as worried about him dying.

She kept on walking on the sidewalk, finding herself watching him way more than she was at watching where she was going. Being clumsy wasn't a big issue for her, but apparently getting distracted was. They had gotten quite a far distance before her walking slowed and she was glancing around the street looking confused again. Tapping her chin as she tried to figure out where they were.

"Bother... this city has really weird streets. I think I got turned around somewhere."
"Huh. Well if you don't know then it's okay." He said, clearly not wanting to upset the girl. "Anyway, I'm going to guess you passed the wrong street. Should we turn around?" He asked, walking next to her side, and trying to hide his fatigue as well as his multiple injuries.~

He hated when things were so busy like today. But at the same time, getting rid of lots of those demons always made him feel a little accomplished at least.

"What's your street name exactly...? I'll help look for it." He offered.
"Barble, uh... Barbie... Bobble? I think it started with a B..." Oh dear. She forgot her street name too. This is what she gets for not writing these things down when she moves in to a new town. Always getting lost the first few days, and by then she's all turned around and upside down and having to move out of town again!

Melanie shrugged her shoulders and gave a sheepish smile. "I'll find it. I always do. You look reeeally tired though. Are you all right?" Now she was watching him curiously again. He didn't looked injured or anything like that. Just ready to sit down and take a break. Who wouldn't after fighting a demon and doing sparklie magic stuff!

She tapped her chin in thought. "Would you like to go home? I really don't need an escort. Or we could sit somewhere for awhile!"