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  1. Recently I have been watching a youtuber do this on their channel and it always looks entertaining. So an example on how this will work.

    Person A: Never have I ever eaten a taco.

    Person B: I have/I have never eaten a taco.
    Never have I ever _____.

    So to start off.

    Never have I ever been to another country.

    (Cannot say Never have I ever not.)
  2. I have been to another country. Canada. :3

    Never have I ever licked the floor. :o
  3. I would say at one point in my life I have licked the floor. XD So I have licked the floor.

    Never have I ever been on a cruise.
  4. I have never been on a cruise. :(

    Never have I had a slushie in the middle of winter.
  5. I have never had a slushie during winter. I actually don't like slushie at all but I have had other frozen or cold drinks during winter.

    Never have I ever been to a high school dance.
  6. I have never been to a High School Dance. They seemed pretty dull any-ways. :P

    Never have I ate an entire pizza by myself.
  7. Exactly. That and I was antisocial.

    I have eaten an entire pizza by myself, multiple times. I am a fat ass XD

    Never have I ever been drunk.
  8. I have never been drunk. I've been at the legal age to drink for 2 years now, but I prefer being sober.

    Never have I gotten my tongue stuck anywhere.
  9. I have gotten my tongue stuck before. I had braces and one time one of them just assaulted my tongue, it hurt so bad. ; - ;

    Never have I ever slept without a fan on.
  10. Innocent. I have a fan on now, but it's not for the bed but to make sure the vents actually flow properly.

    Never have I tasted my own blood.
  11. I have. Taste like shit.

    Never have I ever gone bungee jumping.
  12. I have never bungee jumped, I don't see the fun in attempted suicide. :P

    Never have I cooked WAY more food than I could finish.
  13. I have cooked more food than I could finish but in my defense my stomach exaggerates sometimes.

    Never have I ever been in a plane.
  14. I took a plane to New Brunswick before.
    Yet oddly when it was Florida (much farther) we drove.
    So does everyone's. :P
  15. I have been in a plane several times including trips across the US for work and pleasure and a couple trips to Europe. I love to travel and can't wait for my next trip!

    Never have I ever ran a Spartan Race!
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  16. I have never ran a Spartan Race.

    Never have I forgotten to leave one of these questions.
  17. I have never left one of these questions.

    Never have I even successfully stood on my head.

    My elementary coach made us do that so many times and I always failed.
  18. I have never stood on my head.

    Never have I gone completely Nocturnal at some period of my life.
  19. *wakes up in the middle of the dark* I have gone nocturnal plenty of times in my life. My sleeping schedule is always messed up and changing.

    Never have I ever been in a hospital for more than a week.
  20. I have when I was pregnant with my daughter. Had to be induced which took a few days then recover from the c-section. Ugh. I hate hospitals.

    Never have I ever failed a class.
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