Nerdy Pickup Lines

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    Be it math, chemistry, Star Wars, computer, video game or even biology related.

    What kind of nerdy pickup lines can you come up with or have used?
    If none, feel free to search some on the web to share with us.


    One I use often with my boyfriend is this: Honey, our love is like dividing by zero. It cannot be defined. *giggle* I swear, if math was a woman, he'd marry her.
  2. A friend of mine used an idiotic one once:

    "Is your dad retarded? Because you're special."
  3. Are you from Engineering? Because there's a quantum neutrino flux in my warp core that's causing it to heat up and expand.
  5. I said this once when a girl used self-deprecating irony correctly.

    "Well, send a robot back in time, because you, my dear, are self-aware."

    As for my 100% successful chat-up line that always gets me a kiss....

    .... that's my secret.
  6. "Is your name Chun-Li? Because your body is kicking!"

    That one is just hilariously bad.
  7. You and I would add up like a Riemann Sum. ;)

    I think my proteins just denatured, 'cause you're so hot.
  9. There was a pack of Nickelodeon valentines for little kids to hand out at school or whatever, and the Avatar: the Last Airbender card had a picture of Aang being all happy and said something like, "Valentine, you're one of a kind!" Not only nerdy, but depressing :C
  10. Nice tits, lets fuck.

    Alternatively, if she's smaller in the chest: Nice shoes, let's fuck.
  11. "I've got a level 100 Charizard."

    And who else here has been in a long-term relationship? I rest my case...
  12. That's how you pulled Diana?
  13. That and a club.

    I once told a girl "My love for you is like a skeleton koopa".

    It's undying, get it? I know, I know. -__-
  14. You've read Lonely Planet's USA phrase book haven't you?
  15. I'll get you off in less than 12 parsecs. ;D
  16. I once met a girl who lived in Hayle.

    So I sung to her: "INHALE! INHALE! YOU'RE THE VICTIM!"




  17. I wish I was your derivative, that way I could lie tangent to your curves.
  18. If I was an enzyme, I’d be helicase so I could unzip your genes...
  19. Shout out to Futurama:

    "Are you from heaven? Cause you've got nice cans!"