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  1. Hello everyone, I've got signups for this Here: OPEN SIGNUPS - Neo-Saepia

    I'm looking for people to both sign up, and help me plot out some of this stuff. I've got the bigger picture worked out, but I'm looking for help with the more detailed small events.


    Almost a hundred years ago, The planet Uritic had contacts to earth cut off, and the humans stationed there fell into anarchy. Amongst the Chaos the Wearist-Family corporation, a scientific investigations unit stationed on the planet to research the planets primary resorce, Element-5611, rose and took control of the land and its people to lead it towards salvation. Without drastic changes, it was decided that the population of the planet would not survive without Earths help, and thus, Sanctuary Schools were established.

    Sanctuary Schools were a creation of the Wearist Family and surved to ensure the progression of the human race on Uritic. Every year 312 children are selected, children that our tests
    have proven to be the best and brightest, to be taken to Sanctuary schools so that they can safely grow and prosper.

    Or that's what we were told.

    We are the A-ranked class of the senior year in Sanctuary, the highest ranked in the entire school. However, the world isn't all we were raised to believe it was.

    The school has been taken over by a group of rebels fighting against The Wearist Family leader. They Intend to train us to fight for their cause. But why us? Because we aren't what we always thought we were.

    Element-5611 used to be the planets primary resource, and was the human races reason for sending people to its surface. It is a substance that can be used to alter genetics. We thought its only use was to cure disease and birth defects, but it turns out it is being used in a very different way. All our lives we have been exposed to this element to prepare us to become something more than human. The rebel invaders just gave us the final push into awakening them.

    Or powers are various and start out weak, but they are growing.

    The rebels have no regard for our lives, and our whole life has been a lie. It's our purpose to survive and find the truth.

    Class structure.

    The Sanctuary school, excluding the nursery levels, is split into 26 classes (A-Z) and 12 grades (1-12). The classes are ranked in each grade, with A being the highest and Z being the lowest.

    In every class, there is twelve students. 6 male, 6 female.

    Every student has one of six specialty subjects, and each class has 1 male and 1 female in every subject.
    The subjects are in alphabetic order as follows;

    Before the rebel take over, students in higher classes were given more luxuries than the lower classes, including bigger living spaces and more allowance.

    Locations In SanctuarySchool.

    Main school building:
    thirteen story building with the ground floor cafeteria and all above for classes. Each floor above indicates another grade, and every floor has 26 class rooms, a staff room, and bathrooms.

    A medical centre run mostly by drones, located behind the school.

    Entertainment district:
    Two high rise buildings located to either side of the school, connected by aerial pathways on top of the school and also accessible by ground level.

    Athletics field:
    A large field at the front of the school building, equipped with a communal shower.

    There are 14 dorm buildings, as follows
    Girls Art Students ------- Boys Art Students
    Girls Athletics students ------- boys Athletics students
    Girls Humanities students ------- Boys Humanities students
    Girls Language students ------- Boys language students
    Girls Math students ------- Boys math students
    Girls Science students ------- Boys Science students
    Girls Staff ------- boys staff

    Each building has specialised communal facilities (Gym for athletics, labs for science ect.)

    The dome:
    The dome that encases the whole school, equipped with artificial sky.

    Note: There will be times in the future when leaving the school in necessary, at that time the outside Locations will be established.

    Conditions now that rebels have invaded:

    Most places are off limits unless your sneaky about it. for the most part your confined to the main school building and wherever the training conductor takes you for training exercises. However, it would be very boring to stick to their rules. in order to win, you have to break them.

    When a student is caught going against the rebellion, they are locked away for 'punishment.'

    We want a male and female for every subject to be in the A-12 Class
    (Bolded roles are taken)
    Girl Art student -------
    Boy Art Student
    Girl Athletics student ------- boy Athletics student
    Girl Humanities student ------- Boy Humanities student
    Girl Language student ------- Boy language student
    Girl Math student ------- Boy math student
    Girl Science student ------- Boy Science student

    You can have up to three characters, and some can be people from the outside (that will be introduced later) or rebels, but at least one must be a student.

    Note: We don't need all roles filled to begin.
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