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  1. Kyo walks outside of the school after being abused from the humans at highschool again. His eyes turned grey as he walks and cries to his next class. "Damn it all............Damn it........."
  2. Mai had learned to stay low and as far away from humans as possible. She had learned to fight back scratch, kick, bite, punch anything to avoid being hurt or the worst raped like some of her friends.
    She crept around the school to ket to her next class but something caught her eyes, a neko like her but only he was bloodied and looked like he has been hit.
  3. Kyo got to his locker but something made him feel off. He just had a feeling that he was being watched. He looked to his right to see another neko staring at him. His eyes were grey. Not his usual blue.
  4. Mai looked down as soon as the other neko's eyes met with hers, she wasn't planning on. Being seen but her concern for her kind got the best of her. She slowly walked up to him, her fluffy tail hanging low and ears pressed to her head. "I'm sorry, f-for s-staring" she didn't exactly know how to approach him, she kept away from people so much that she had lost her way of communicating with them, even other nekos.
    She peeked at him from under her lashes and looked at his bruises, they looked pretty bad.
  5. "N-no.....I-it's totally fine." Kyo said then smile awkward......"Ow..........So.....What's your name.......?" Kyo said as pain is going through his veins.
  6. "Mai, my name is Mai" she smiled her tail now lifted again when she saw the neko was actually friendly. Most nekos had developed this protective bubble around them being cruel and distant toward not only humans but their own kind as well "I saw you were hurt" she looked all around her just to make sure no human kid was listening "I wanted to help" helping another neko was seen as "breaking a school rule" and get them both in a lot of trouble and most probably more pain to.
  7. "Kyo......And thanks for telling me you care." Kyo looked around as well beacuse he knows about the rules. "Do you want to eat lunch together today......?" Kyo asked awkwardly.
  8. She brightened at his words, it was so nice to see a friendly person no one will ever understand how it felt "umm..sure, why not" she said even tho she knew how hard it would be to even be seen in the cafeteria. The bell rang and that was the sound Mai dreaded.
  9. "Courtyard!" Kyo ran to class as fast as he can. He got so happy when he asked her to meet with him at lunch today. His eyes then turned from grey to green of happiness. He sighs of happiness and gets to class.
  10. Mai smiled and felt her spirit lift a bit, she had a friend, she turned and waked to class math of all things, her worst class cause the teacher always hit her and pulled at her ears and tail. Suddenly she just couldn't wait for lunch to come.
  11. Lunch finally came and Kyo finally got to his spot in the courtyard where he can be alone. But this time, he had a friend to share it with. He wondered if she would find him before lunch ends.
  12. Finally the time for lunch, Mai sped out of the class not even waiting for the teacher to say his "good day". She ducked out of the of kids and jumped over their feet that tried to trip her. Once outside she looked around her to find her new friend, it took her a bit but soon she spotted him and she ran over "Hey!" She chirped.
  13. Kyo's ears pop upwards when he sees her. "Hey Mai! Come sit with me!" Kyo said with a warm smile and he was very happy to see her.
  14. Mai sat down, crossed her legs and brought her tail over her lap. She smiled at Kyo "So" she asked "are you having any luck in getting good grades in yoir classes?" She looked at her hands "or are the teachers also cheating you out of spite?" She looked at him wanting to feel like she was not the only one doomed to fail school.
  15. "I'm a neko. So that mean i'm being cheated out of spite. I believe you are too....?" Kyo said as he eats his lunch and his ears twitches cutely.
  16. "Right" she softly laughed at her dumb questions, she found it really easy to talk to Kyo, unlike other nekos. Then she realized that she had never seen him around school before "but hey" she poked his cheek "I've never seen you around school before, are ya new?" She asked laying backwards on the grass.
  17. He shakes his head. "No i'm not. But i've never seen you around here before.....Weird right?" He awkwardly and suddenly his tail made a mind of its own and it pulled Mia up and pulled her closer to him. "O-oh! Sorry! Sometimes my tail has a mind of it's own! Ehehehe!" Kyo became really nervous then his eyes turned pink of blush.
  18. "Yeah weird, it must be cause.." She was cut of when a tail pulled her up and close to Kyo, she giggled and smiled at him, she didn't mind at all like all other nekos kyo too must be deprived of affection "awww I don't mind" her playful side came through full force as she nuzzled his cheek a big smile on her face.
  19. His tail made up it's mind to let them cuddle. So it pushed Mai closer to Kyo close enough so they can cuddle. Kyo keeps eatting his lunch after he nuzzles Mai back.
  20. Mai felt how tired she really was now that was leaning on Kyo, not being able to really sleep in the place she was living a house full of teenage spoiled brats "Hey...let's skip the rest of the school day" she said looking at Kyo.
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