NekoLand needs YOU! =D

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  1. "They go nice with pizza." Lyra took a slice and dip a little of it in the ketchup.

    Harmony chuckle, "I can't quite have her cover everything in gravy now can I. Wasn't easy convincing her to try new things though."
  2. Sure, I have no problem with you advertising...but can I at least leave here to go to the bathroom when nature calls?
  3. "Well, it's not the worst thing she could be eating."
  4. "He's manipulative."
  5. "That is something he would know."
  6. God damn cat-people :E

    *raises fist*
  7. "That sounds like something you got out of a movie."
  8. haha! I'm no bot...That picture I made is way too pretty for some robot!! Its rough looking for like-minded people out here on the net and I know how I come off advertising. Thats why I spent some time to make it a little more entertaining than just some 12-year-old grammar post ;P

    Hope that I at least gave you a kick, and if you're interested hit me up. In no way shape or form would this project of mine interfere with anyones continued posting on this neat board!

    um.... I gotta take a leak!! *looks around frantically* umm.... >>w<< Who is in charge of walking me to the toilet!!?!!?
  9. The cat-person isn't house trained! :E

    *raises other fist*
  10. *Charges into the thread, paddles Spiderwolf around the face with a plank of wood, then rushes out*

  11. *eats the paddle*

    down hill is nice, easy on the legs! ;D

    SO am I the only one who openly likes Nekos?
  12. Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help

    Ike's mind again: Well it's a neko oh well it's a start to something close to a furry...


    By the way I am a drawer but remember this one thing you don't come to me I come to you... Just a heads up

    *walks off into the shadows*

    Ike's mind one last time *I hope*: man hope I wasn't too harsh on the new person


    *cntinues off into the shadows*
  13. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind if I have any questions ;D

    and um...yes...nekos are close to being furry... BUT ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT
    *feels guilty*
  14. [​IMG]

    GHYAAeuhrfuhfsyfhahahahhah! The Crazy Admin greets you whilst throwing a barrage of cats in your direction.

    It's okay, I had Subway for Lunch. I share your pain.

  16. "I guess he would do that."
  17. Lyra giggles, "Anything distructive is fun."
  19. *pushes Asmo down a hill*

    i-it's just not the same...