Neko Romance?

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  1. A young neko, who looked about 14, has just came out of school after being bullied many many times today. His eyes changed colors to gray for no feelings again. As he sits in a tree, he sees another neko about his age. He dropped a tear as she walked by without knowing. "......" I tried not to be noticed also but she saw him.

    (Needs Info)
    Name: Lighting Windstar
    Age: 14
    Species: Neko
    Gender: Male
    Likes: Unknown
    Dislikes: Bullies
    Personality: Shy, playful, quiet
    Looks like: (Picture. Also needs Picture if that not to hard to ask :3 )
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  2. Name: Ayaka Star
    Age: 14
    Race: Neko
    Gender: female
    Likes: reading, cooking, cleaning singing, drawing sitting in a field, water
    Dislikes: people bullying others, and violence
    Personality: outspoken, nice, kind, always helpful
    The picture is in my signature the first picture that says Neko girl
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  3. Cute

    He was still crying as he looks at the girl as she walks by the tree he was sitting. He then thought to himself 'I just hate life right now...' He cries even more as he thinks about it more and more.
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  4. The girl walked and walked. She smiled happily as she didn't realize the Neko at first before she looked at the tree as she heard crying. She felt bad for the male Neko and walked over to him. "Hey. Are you okay. Did someone hurt you?" She asked him kneeling in front of him.
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  5. He looked down at her and shakes his head as he wipes his tears away. He was afraid she was going to bully him. Making his assumption, he made a run for it bursting in tears. But he had a feeling she was chasing after him.
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  6. The girl Ayaka ran after him. She could tell by the way he acted that he was being bullied. "Wait! I'm not going to hurt you." She said running after him. She felt like he was hurt and it hurt her. Her ears twitched slightly as that thought was horrible. Being bullied wasn't nice.
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  7. The boy Lighting went into a cold dark alley and he didn't hear her. He was sobbing in a corner, was injured, tired, and was about to faint. "No.....Please no......No more.......Please........" He said crying himself to sleep exposing the bruises and bleed marks on his legs he got today.
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  8. Ayaka ran after him into the alley when she heard his cries. She was going to punch whoever did this to is poor creature. She walked up to him slowly. "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you. Who ever hurt you will be punished and I will punish me for you." She said stepping up wanting him to trust her badly.
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  9. He was asleep still with his bleed marks and bruises exposed. He was fainted with tears come out still. He wants the believe her but can't for some reason. He ran so much he can barely walk. When he woke up he looked up at her. ".......You......You won't?" He asked sacredly thinking she's lying.
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  10. Ayaka reached out her hand to him and smiled slightly so he could tell she was telling the truth. "I'll beat up those bullies for you even. It's not nice to hurt someone as cute as you." She said she was so mad at the bullies and knew she would now spend most of her time to protect him.
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  11. "N-no......I-I can't let you do that.......F-for me........." Lighting didn't want her getting hurt because of him. He was also blushing from her saying he was cute. "I....I'll be fine......" He was lying as he looks at the ground.
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  12. " No I'm determined. And I didn't say physically. I mean emotionally and if they come near you they are getting a punch or a slap depending on how I feel." She said. She walked over to him and took his hand. "My name is Ayaka. It's nice to meet you." She said smiling slightly.
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  13. He was quiet as they shook hands. "I....I'm Lighting.............." He was still blushing a little bit. "B-but......I don't want you getting hurt from them because of me.........I'll never forgive myself if that happens......." He thought why was he worried about her as he said that.
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  14. They will not get away with it. I won't allow them too. I might not hurt them physically but emotionally I can. I just need to know who they are. I don't tolerate bullying." She said pulling him into a hug being careful so she doesn't hurt him anymore. She was going to protect him with her life.
  15. He started crying as she hugged him. And when he looked up, he saw the two who bullied him trying to find him again. So he got out of her arms and hides in a dark corner and cried more but silently "....."
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  16. The girl Ayaka turned around and saw the bullies before watching the Neko cringe. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "You stay here I'll be right back." She was the most popular girl in school and the nicest but also she was the best Kung fu and karate person but not that anyone actually knew that. Her father wanted her to be able to protect herself. Everyone came up to her to get things done and everything. She walked behind the bullies. "Hey jocks I thought you guys were better then this. I saw you beat up someone at school. I'm very disappointed in you. I'm ashamed you even want to hurt anyone. Do it on the field." She said and looked disappointed of them.
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  17. They then walked past her, pick Lighting up, and went to the field and started to tease and beat him worst than before. He then cried his eyes out and ran as far as he could away from everything. He went to his secret spot in the forest, but he heard slow foot steps coming towards him. "No......Please no!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!!!! I want no-one please!!!!!!"
  18. She ran after them before tackling the bullies. She was small but she was good in a fight. She dodged fists and kicked them and then she beat them up. If they want to beat someone smaller and weaker then them then she will do that to them see how they feel. "I don't want to see you ever again near lightning and if I do I'll make sure you wished you were never born." She said her voice dark with a threat she would accomplish no matter what if she sees them beating up lightning.
  19. He was still crying and was scared as ever. "No......No more........Please............." He was crying again and when her saw her his ears popped up and he crawled to her though he can barely walk at all. "A-a-Ayaka?.........."
  20. Ayaka sighed as she watched the other males run from the field. She was now going to keep a watch on the Neko that was crawling to her. She kneels down and touched his cheek. "It's okay lightning I'll keep you safe. Don't worry your safe." She said hugging him softly not to harm him.