NASA just announced that there is in fact water on Mars

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  1. NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars

    Are any other science nerds around Iwaku super hyped about this like I am? :D
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  3. Where there is brine there is tuna.
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  4. Now all we need to do is discover that cache of Prothean Tech hidden on Mars and we'll be well on our way to joining the Galactic community!
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  5. We've discovered your water, aliens. Can't hide from us now.
  6. I'm not surprised at the discovery, but am surprised at the official announcement. Great news, regardless!
  7. I also heard Mars has more water than California now oops.
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  8. The news doesn't surprise me in the slightest since they already discovered bacterial life on Mars several years ago.

    However it is thrilling to hear it officially announced! :D
  9. Space tuna.
  10. Wait, they discovered bactrtial life?
  11. Yea, I remember reading about it on NASA's site years ago.
  12. What will really happen is that we will start to colonize Mars, have a bunch of mining facilities dig for shit and then discover an ancient martian ruin that will break open and unleash a ghost gas of dead martians that slowly start to take over the miners and their families and turn them into a pack of crazed possessed marauders that are almost like zombies, only more tribal and less braindead.

    Anybody that gets that reference, I love long tiem.
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  13. And one step closer to banging Asari space babes.
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  14. I'm super excited. I hope the evidence proves true :D

    On the folks mentioning bacteria, we did not find bacteria on Mars but possible fossilized bacteria from a few martian meteorites here on Earth. More recently, Curiosity observed possible evidence of bacteria on Mars.
    Just possibilities and nothing concrete, but I'm staying hopeful. Especially if there is liquid water :D
  15. Exactly. Gonna get me some tasteful alien sideboob.

    I get it, but I cheated with google.
  16. Only for the unlikeliest of heroes to save the day. Hmmm...Are we there yet?
  17. The only hand-to-hand combat that Jason Statham ever lost.
  18. Just keep upgrading the Plasma Cutter and you're neigh immortal. There's literally no reason to use anything else.
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