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  1. Hello everyone.
    Well I've made a Naruto / Naruto Shippuden Rp. I started an Occ about it before but before I could post it my computer shut itself off. And after that a lot of things kept me very busy to where i couldn't redo it yet before today.

    I have many different plots that I want to do in this RP that I'll post here, updating this post as we go, as I will post the description for the first plot here now, and as we get near to the 2nd plot and so on I will post those plots descriptions at those times. But if any of you have plots that you want to do as well let me know here in a post. I also have many OCs for the Naruto / Naruto Shippuden anime that I'm going to include in the RP. All OCs are welcome in the RP.

    My OCs list and their background stories

    Name: Russel Hyuuga
    Age: 12
    Russel Hyuuga is a young ninja to be who was born in the Leaf village to the Hyuuga Clan. However due to his mom passing away shortly after giving birth to Russel, his father having died several months ago shortly after conceiving Russel with Russel's mom, and the fact of the nurses due to being new not knowing who's family within the Hyuuga Clan Russel belonged with, the fourth Kazekage who was helping out in the Leaf hospital delivery room due to request, decided to take Russel into his own family to join him and his three biological children Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara.
    Russel grew up in the sand village sense that day with his foster dad the fourth kazekage, and his foster siblings Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara. In his early childhood ages, Russel knew very little about his biological family back in the leaf village and also very little about the Hyuuga Clan. The only things he knew about his biological family were the fact that his mom died shortly after delivering him, his father died shortly after conceiving him, he had a brother 5 years older than him that was raised by his uncle alongside his cousins, and that he was born in a side branch of his family's clan. He didn't know who his family members were though within the Hyuuga Clan. He only knew well of his foster family. From the day he could walk steadily on his own, Russel started training at least some every day with his foster siblings, learning puppet mastery battle offence and defence techniques from Kankuro, sand battle offence and defence techniques from Gaara, and wind style offence and defence techniques from Temari. He also learned how to use all of the Sand village's weapons in battle from the village's ninja, and the history of the sand village from the fourth Kazekage.
    When he got old enough to enter the Sand Village's ninja academy, Russel learned more about the battle techniques of the sand village that his foster siblings taught him and other battle techniques also native to the sand villlage. He also learned more about the weapons of the sand village, more about the history of the village, and the structure of the village. He also learned a lot more basic things about the Sand village.
    When Russel turned 8, Russel tagged along with his foster siblings who were genin at the time, to the leaf village sense his foster siblings sensei and his teachers gave permission for him to go. Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara were going there to take the chunin exams and after they started taking the physical parts of the chunin exams Russel began to watch them. He also started watching a couple of other genin, Hinata Hyuuga and Neji Hyuuga, after hearing their last names from their senseis Kurenai and Guy. Russel also heard Kurenai and Guy talking about Neji and Hinata being cousins, Hinata comming from the main branch, and Neji comming from a side branch in the clan like Russel was from himself. After listening to Guy and Kurenai and hearing the history of both Neji and Hinata's families, Russel learns that Neji is his biological older brother. He doesn't say anything to Neji while watching the chunin exams fearing it would distract him, but Russel watches Neji's battles and training throughout the duration of the exams and studies his brother's technique.
    After the chunin exams were over and all the chaotic events that happened within the tests were done with, Russel having not said anything to his biological family members about who he was, goes back to the Sand Village along with his foster siblings and their sensei. But after getting back, adding on to his classes and training in the sand academy, Russel also takes the classes from the Leaf village academy over the computer and learns the battle offence and defence techniques of the Leaf, and everything else, just as he studies about the sand village's on academy campus at the Sand academy. He learns how to fight with some fire style jutsus and some lightning style jutsus, as well as with a few jutsus in water style along with some other battle techniques of the leaf's. He also learns to battle with the Leaf villages weapons just like he did with the sand's. And he learns the history and structure of the leaf village online as well.
    As well as studying all of that, Russel also does his best at studying and learning his biological family's and their clan's battle style. He practices as much as he can every single day to get to know the Hyuuga battle style feeling obligated to learning it and wanting to respect his biological family and clan's culture. After gaining his Byakugan at the age of 10, Russel works to develop it training to use it in different levels of weather. He works training his Byakugan until he can use it to see chakra waves through sandstorms. He also works to learn the gental fist, and the eight trigrams sixty four palms techniques that his brother Neji uses to the best of his abilities.

    The first plot that I came up with for this RP takes place near the ninja academies graduation exams time. Due to having taken all the required classes for both the Sand ninja academy at the academy campus, and the Leaf ninja academy online, Russel Hyuuga now 12, has become eligiable for the choice to take either the graduation exam for the Sand or the graduation exam for the Leaf when the time comes for the graduation exams to choose the canidates testing to become genin to be given, the time for the exams being a month and a half later.
    In the meantime Russel is pondering over the decision he has to make on whether to become a ninja for the Leaf village or to become a ninja for the Sand village. At the same time, Gaara who is the current Kazekage, is also thinking about the graduation exams comming up in a months time and thinking that Russel should probably take the graduation exam for the Leaf village, as it's important in Gaara's opinion, considering he has a choice of what village to become a ninja for, that Russel should be with his biological family and their clan in the Leaf village. So due to that opinion of Gaara's he's taking every chance he can to talk with Tsunade about Russel and it being best for Russel to take the Leaf academy graduation exam in order to become a Genin for the Leaf village. Sometimes Gaara talks on the phone with Tsunade, sometimes he travels to the Leaf village to talk to Tsunade in person, leaving his sensei, his brother Kankuro, and his sister Temari in charge of the village's care while he's gone, and sometimes Tsunade travels to the Sand village to talk to Gaara in person to talk about Russel leaving Shizune, Kakashi, and Iruka in charge of the Leaf village's care during her absense.
    Also during this particular month, Guy and Rock Lee are taking missions to the sand village to help out sometimes, sometimes just to visit and train there, and gather supplies and info that Tsunade asked them to get for her other times. Rock Lee and Russel make friends with eachother and then Rock Lee and Guy find out about Russel being in the Hyuuga clan and the fact that he is Neji's brother. Rock Lee and Guy instruct and train with Russel whenever they see him in the Sand village on their visits and errand runs, and also the times when Gaara brings Russel to the Leaf village to visit when he comes to talk with Tsunade.

    So there's one of my OCs for the anime and the outline for the first plot I've come up with for the RP. I'll add the info of my other OC charcters too but considering the first plot only focused on My OC Russel Hyuuga, as opposed to my other OCs as well, I decided to only put his background story and character info for the time being. I'll add my other OCs and their information and background stories when we get closer to RPing the plots and scenes they are in.
  2. Name: Hanae "Rin" Kaguya
    Age: 14
    Rank: Genin
    Appearance: Yoshidemmemmem.jpg
    Personality: quiet and shy when around other kids her age. When around older people, she's respectful but still not outspoken. When around people she knows, she becomes out going and bubbly.
    Bio: The Kaguya clan has long been thought to be extinct. But this was found false when a baby found in a basket was seen floating downstream. A farmers wife found her and soon named her Hanae, as she was as beautiful and magical as a flower. Especially since she herself was unable to have children. Hanae did not know of her heritage until she was 8, when the traits of her kekkei genkai kicked in. Though, she was not barbaric like her clan. Instead, she used her ability to help around the farm. But she knew she needed to perfect her abilities, so she asked at the age of 9 to go to ninja school. Reluctantly, her mother gave in to her demands. Now that she's graduated, she hopes to further her ability, which she has practiced in secret before school.
    Ninjitsu : kekkei genkai, mythical rose dance (able to move at high speeds, matching or even exceeding roc Lee without his weights, and cutting the foe using her bone extended from her fingers)
    Weapons: Her bones, standard kunai, shuriken, food pills, and smoke bombs.
    Relationship: (open to a relationship)
    Siblings: none
    Parents: biological none, adoptive a farmer and farmers wife that aren't very important to the village other than providing rice.
    Anything Else: does have great speed. She used her ability to increase her bones density in the same sense as roc Lee. Though, she rarely makes her leg bones less dense, so she's normally as fast as lee with his weights.
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    Name: Kaori "Ri" Tamachi
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Relationships: None as of yet.
    Personality: She is very flirtatious and sometimes likes to pick fights with people. In general she either gets along in the flirty way (Not mean sexual) or not at all with people. Sarcastic and very over protective of those she will ever get along with. She is also the type who will defend team mates even if she doesn't fancy them.
    Bio: Not much to say. She was born in Kirigakure. Growing up in the hidden mist village, she was happy and didn't live the life of a child. Her father pushed and pushed her to go at her training starting at age 5. By the coming age, she went to the academy to train more. Ri just got better and better. She was capable of using many different kinds of weapons and even went pretty far in her ninjutsu. With much more need of training, she swore to adopt other abilities and learn how to mix techniques with her own to become able to protect anyone. Her train of thought on this started when an enemy snuck into the village and slaughtered her mother right in front of her. As a small child she was useless and vowed to never let that happen again. Passing her test, she took some time off and began to become social. Kaori developed the keen taste of sarcasm and flirting. Ever since she has a golden tongue that manages to get her way. Although finished with school, she still trains and sometimes even manages to get herself in trouble.
  12. Name: Kaoru
    Age: 18

    Bio: He is very strange and is a loner, he will work in a group if have to be but prefers to do things alone. He is a Sensei and is pretty good with weapons but Ninjustu is a little harder for him. He can do Fire Ninjustu very well though. His parents died from an assassin and the assasin had tried to kill him to until Tosen, his Uncle actually but he never told him that took him in. He'd been so badly injured to the point that his spine was the only thing holding him together. He's also really good with herbs like healing. He's been pushed to do his best and has trained hard to become the best like Tosen asked of him. He likes to travel a lot and has meant a girl named Yoruichi along the way who lives up in a tree house with a ten year old girl named Momo. Kaoru trained Momo in some of the Arts but had to leave after Yoruichi just disappeared. He put Momo in the Leaf Village hoping she would be safe their.

    (Can he have the Sharingan eye? If not thats fine)
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