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Naruto: A Second Chance: Sidelines

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jessica2477, Aug 31, 2016.

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  1. This is for the people of the Naruto: A Second Chance to play as their characters while they wait for their turn.

  2. Daichi Nara
    "Ugh! Is it morning already?" Waking up to a quite bright light in his face Daichi decided to get the ball rolling. Standing up with a yawn he noticed the various litter of bottles leading to his room, but only ignored them while heading towards his bathroom. Washing his face he took the odd moment to look at his reflection that only returned the usual blank, neutral expression he carried these days. "Humph. Guess more color is returning to my face than I though...that or i'm still slightly drunk." Giving his face another good splash he went about his usual routine of getting ready for the day. Many people still grew shocked at the fact that he changed so much since his older days, and he couldn't blame them as his youthful appearance certainly carried a much more friendly aura with them. Shoving down the memories of brighter times he grabbed a unopened bottle before pushing back the cloth acting as the door to his home.

    Even after being offered the opportunity to move into a better neighborhood than the forgotten remains of his clans quarter, Daichi hung on as it was about the only real connection he still felt as a Nara. Uncorking the bottle got him a few side looks from the villagers he passed by, as not many took to his idea of day drinking, but could care less as at this point in his life as this basically did the same as water to his system. He figured he had grown to passive just sitting in the village, drinking, training every odd hour, and sleeping for the rest of the remainder of the day. Today he actually felt like going out on a mission to get out there and explore the elemental nations like he used to love doing. His other main reasoning was to get away from an ever growing vexation that has begun to follow him every since their genin year began. He did admit his teaching skills did suite the boy....but gods alive was he a piece of work to deal with. And just as he feared the moment he turned his usual corner to get to the hokage tower he was met with the vision, of what he was damn near assured of, the recompense of the sins from a past life or something.
    "Ah ha! Seems as though fate has seen reason to bend to my will as expected, and allowed our stars to align once more."

    ...This was gonna be a long day.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.