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  1. 495 AS (After sisters)
    Firefly 4th (Summer)
    Clock: 8:00 (Morning)

    [BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]""Dark of night and a new day awaits the sleeping to greet with promising dreams of good fortune and a better outcome for the future. The past has a way of repeating without those to prevent it with great experience . . . the Revenant believe. The past has a way of repeating without those of the present to prevent it . . . the Advent believe. The Advent believe that the past is responsible for the horrors of the past, one should not disturb the dead and bring back what had caused so much pain and sorrow; yet the Revenant believe that without the experience and wisdom of the past, progress will be doomed and cease to exist. Only allowing the future to repeat the past . . ." That was how the story went. Of course, nobody really knows how exactly the world will play out; what is certain is that history always does seem to repeat even with all of this senseless bickering and quarrels. What I do know is that the pay is sweet and more than enough to get me by in a life of luxury." The old man smirked as he told the story to those willing to listen, his attention quickly taken away from the hollering voice that might as well have been scolding him.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Tom! Get your ass out here before I shove me'foot up your ass and walk on your damn tongue like a red carpet!" The feminine voice yelled into the large green tent that was spiked into the ground. The two groups have been traveling side by side only for protection, no matter how much they disliked one another- it was only for the better of the mass. The man walked out of the green tent and out of view, leaving with a chuckle and listening to the chatter behind him. It was night, rather warm for night. black cloudy skies and a mass of thousands of tents set up, the crew had only an hour before packing up but that was more than enough time to pack things up after a little conversation.

    ((Now open to additional players! Contact Kui for information on joining, if this RP interests you!))
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  2. [BCOLOR=transparent] Zaun would tower above all other people in the room, standing very easily at seven feet. His people were known as mongrels, but his kind was better known for the mythos that followed, often being thought of has “Minators” His face would the face of a bull, and all of the anger of a bull plastered over his eyes and mouth. His more shaggy and “hairy” fur would be on top of his shoulders, the top of his head and the back of his forearms. His closer shaved, less growed fur, similar to that of a horses, would be a dark shade of grey. He would have golden iris and a small scar across one of his eyes. His physical appearance would be completely muscular and “ripped” the exposed fury rippling with veins. His body would be covered in strong steel plates, a large helmet worn atop his head. The most impressive thing undoubtedly about his entire appearance would be the giant, massive, humongous shield that he carried on his left arm. It would clearly be at least six feet tall, four feet wide. The front would be ornately carved with depictions of the sun, moon, and earth, giving the shield a more nature vibe. It would be nearly a half a foot of solid steel, Three extremely thick leather straps would wrap around the forearm of his right arm, the shield would simply be a large rectangle. At his side strapped around his waist would be a toolbelt, containing many random tools and essential seals. On his left side would be a rather thick sword, extremely plain in appearance but rather wide, almost a foot so and three feet long. On his back would be a brown leather backpack nearly as large as he was with dozens of small pouches on the outside of it. He would have just left the tent, bending down much lower then normal to fit through the doorway, He would stand at full height just outside, much to the wary looks of nearby people, some staring at his sheer size. A quick look at them would quickly avert their gaze, he would go back to looking up at the sky.[/BCOLOR]
  3. Achelias Kujau would be in the crowd of many people looking around with a smug smile across his face. He would be six feet tall and have a muscular looking build but thin at the same time. His skin would be tan and absolutely perfect with no visible flaws on him. He would have piercing green eyes but they would almost look fake. His clothing would consist of a Black Buttoned down long sleeve shirt with a dark purple thick hoodie on him with white fur as a trim on the wrist and hood. He would be wearing Black cargo jeans and would have two chains connecting the front pockets to the back ones.
    He would be wearing white latex gloves as well as Black Combat boots with red laces. There would be a large object bandaged completely on his back. He would also be wearing a green backpack over his right shoulder with only one strap. On his belt on the left side would be three scrolls and on the right side would be a black scythe folded into three sections so he can easily carry it around.

    As he would look around he would see a large man looking like a bull, He found the ... "Monstrous Creature" in his opinion interesting to tag along with. Though he would hope that his temper wouldn't be bad as the smell he would emit as when he sweats. Thinking about this would make him chuckle. When approaching the monster he would of said "hey big guy hows it going, your one that stands out of the crowd easily" in a friendly tone of voice. He would poke his arm and would have a smile on his face looking up at him.
  4. Zaun would feel a very small touch on his arm, almost as if a very, very tiny fly had landed on it. He would move his "Monsterous" form slowly to the side, looking down on the tiny man. "Vy Heeloo there Smool man!" He would say, his voice sounding friendly enough, he would place a very large, heavy gauntlet hand on the mans shoulder. "Me coman speek is not as gud as most people! But I will return you a big Heeloo!" He would say, laughing boomingly and pleasantly.

    "Me name is Zaun, the great Shield, me day ez going Wunderful! Vhat is yerrs!?" He would say, expecting a response rather quickly. This small man was rather pleasant to him, not many people had come up to him since he had arrived, he was rather excited to meet a new friend so quickly here.
  5. Achelias would be glad Zaun would be friendly with him instead of angry like a wild animal he seems like. He would reply "ah my day is going very well friend! My name is Achelias Kujau" he would bow with one arm swinging to his own waist. He would then stand straight and said " You're a really big and easy to spot out. That's good in case I get lost" He would scratch the top of his head before continuing his talk "I don't know anyone here so making friends quickly would be my best interest Zaun!" in a friendly manner. Achelias would of said "So tell me friend, why you here on this day?" trying to learn more about the creature and possibly more information on what he will be doing here. While talking he would make various friendly hand gestures and then cross his arms at the end looking him in the eyes with a smile.
  6. Zaun would smile and remove his hand, putting both hands on his hips, standing up to full height with a smile. "Ah! I am beeg because of my powerful mama! You shuud see Her! She's almost tweece as beeg as me!" He would say with a large laugh once more. This small man didn't seem so bad, unlike most of the small men he had met over his life. "I do not know many here as well! but let us work to change that friend! And I am heer like you are! To make money and give grace to the glorious faction of Revenant!" He would say behind his mask, happy to find one of his people so friendly, though he did think his many movements odd he would have looked in into the eyes respectully as well.
  7. Achelias would continue his smile but his mood would change a bit knowing his apart of the Revenant. Though because they are in different groups doesn't mean they have to hate each other. He would of simply said "Yeah, I've been a bit low on money as of late. One can't have too many friends, lets just hope this mission isn't too serious and hard to deal with" in a friendly tone of voice. He would of said "Not to be mean but how old are you friend? You seem really healthy with those guns you got but I cant tell your age" in a friendly tone of voice.

    Achelias would of think about what he said, hoping he doesn't ask the same question since he does hate lying. He likes to keep his non human existence a secret for the most part. He would look around a bit said "Also there is quite the crowd here, I'm sure our missions will be successful in no time" but he didn't really believe that. He would think on how many people might actually survive this mission instead.
  8. Zaun would have looked around the campsite, nodding before looking back to his new friend. "I am twenty seven of your years! But I steel consider meself quite young!" He would have said with a large smile but would have taken a serious tone. "I hope theese mission will success, but I am worried. Me sheeld will defend all before me, but theese land is dangerous, for guud reeson. If we do not take care, the land shall take us." He spoke softly, the last part in perfect common. "But not to worry! You seem strong and I am the strongest man around! If there are any problems we shall handle! Oh! How old are you small friend?" He would say, tilting his head a bit.
  9. Knowing that Zaun was younger than him was unneeded knowledge but thought it would be nice to bring up for the sake of conversation. "Confidence is good when it comes battleground! I'm sure everyone will be glad to have you around to make sure they are safe" in a very friendly tone of voice. He would then lie and say "Oh I am only twenty four years old! so you're a bit older than me" in a happy tone of voice pretending to be happy about him being young. He would then say "you're right we do have to be careful, but I have plenty of experience to keep myself safe and others if I need!" in a confident tone of voice.

    He would think over some questions to ask Zaun knowing that he has different beliefs than himself. While he thought to himself he would look around for any other people that might stand out of the crowd but also paying attention to the monster right next to him so Zaun doesn't think he is being ignored.
  10. It was then that loud shouting voices of recalling nature called for those of the Advents to come to the front of the camp. "Recalia! Recalia!" The young mans voice shouted as he ran all about the camp, the word was used specifically for this trip for the Advent. All of those knowledgable of this would have known to pack up and group with the white banner that was outside. All of those of the same group had began packing, and those in the tent with these two fellows all left to begin packing or grouping up.

    And just as soon as the Advent was called in, the Revenant too was called in. "Retalia! Retalia!" A females voice, rather scratchy yet too high pitched to sound as if it was an adult. Perhaps a child? Even so, the voice called for all of those of the revenant to group outside and begin packing under the black banner . . . this was when things began t oget tense and silence took over the camp with the exception of commanding and recalling officers.

    Outside of their tent would have been a large brown grass like clearing filled with tents that were being stuffed away into backpacks and storage containers. The Advent grouped on the east side while the revenant grouped on the west side . . . In the distance was a large depolatated forest of mold and mushrooms of many kinds, the trees themselves of questionable nature. It was almost like a place out of a fairy tail, in an apoclyptic scene- the atmosphere, if it wasn't so very dark outside with the exception of people holding lanterns and torches- the sky would have been visibly red and dirty brown. Soon, a large group formed in front of VIP people who would begin educating those offering their services . . .
  11. Zaun would have smiled and would have spoke before hearing the "Regalia". His face would take on a somber glow but would turn to greet his friend a fond goodbye. "You are young, please, be careful, there is much trechery to be coming. I will see you in the glory of combat!" He would say, patting his friend on the back with enough force to make him take a step before turning around, hefting his shield and would take strong, confident strides towards his destination, and his destiny. He would smile under his helmet though, to have good strong allies on the field will certainly help towards his goal and would assist with keeping everyone safe.
  12. (W) As soon as the Advent were cleared Achelias would of said to Zaun "Good luck friend" in a friendly tone of voice with a small wave before quickly disappearing into the crowd to line up with the advent. When out of site he would put his hood on his head and line up with the rest of the Advent. He would of said to himself "Now lets see who survives this" in a very quiet whisper. He would go to the white flags and wait for further instructions and will be ready to move with the rest of the crowd.
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  13. Each group had three VIP lined up and ready to educate those eagerly, or maybe, not so eagerly ready to get into what was an apocalyptic world.

    (W) The Advent had Three leaders . . . one was a masked man in an all black shinobi like uniform, the mask resembled that of a white porcelain mask while the other two did not wear a mask. One female in this group, she wore a heavy set of armor and a long broadsword on her back along with a shield that clung the sword to her back. Her armor was brown and green, she looked about in her higher twenties. The last man looked to be about in his early twenties, small and somewhat scrawny yet sort of toned too- he wore armor as well, however this armor was a mix of leather, unknown fiber materials and armor plating where it counted- in the most vital areas and the chest. Like all of these people, they brought gauntlets or plated gloves that protected their hands. Matter of fact, most people in the crowd also brought some sort of protection for the hands- and also wore very protective and hooded clothing. "The Advent thanks you for your attendance and interest to further the dreams and wishes of our founders; whether that be economic loyalty or personal loyalty. Those of you questioning why we have allowed our rivals to trip along with us, the answer is quite simple; without mutual annihilation and constant bickering, we will be able to achieve more as a group. However, this mutual agreement ends here and the Revenant should no longer be trusted. Although local camping will be in place during nightfall, all possessions should be watched with caution; and those hiding loot and gems of any kind will be handled immediately as I and my comrades see fit. We will begin a days hike into the dilapidated city-state of Kyopelinvuori; a major city-state. We will be entering on the western hemisphere and entering through the western gates. Groups will be split up into ten to cover more ground, each group will be accompanying a one medical agent and one specialist agent; these two figures in the group ought to be kept in safety at all times and at any cost." She spoke, confidently and with the voice of a true leader. Brash yet very . . . leader like. She would continue talking on and on, more and more informative knowledge spewing out of her mouth.

    (E) And the Revenant had a near identical speech, with a very similar cast of VIP peoples. One armored fellow, a young man in heavy set of armor- a shield and a sword. The sword in particular looked to be some kind of executioners . . . long, wide and absolutely out of proportion compared to his smaller body. He had white hair and his armor was green and white. Another shinobi like style of uniform resembled that of a shinobi, however without the mask. However he wore a facemask up to his nose, and the entirety of his uniform was also black. At his side were two swords, one that resembled a katana and another resembled a tanto. And lastly, the female of the group. She wore light cloth armor with absolutely no plating, her outfit had black, white and yellow throughout it. Odd, how she dressed so casually- a black modern like jacket and about two belts at her waist, loose cotton pants and even more belts strapped to her bicep. She had many tatoos on her elbows, palms, neck and other places hidden below her clothes . . . short black hair, too. She didn't look too prepared, oddly enough.

    (U) After these long informative speeches began, it wouldn't be long for when each group began marching with assigned groups of anonymous peoples. Both Achelias and Zaun sort of left out from conversations, especially Achelias. Some people even began whispering in his group about him, however he wasn't close enough quite to truly understand. Zaun in particular though was approached by a small little Ackidna. She chirped up right beside and greeted him, her small little hand poking at his side. "Hey!" She spoke up, the Ackidna essentially a smaller version of the SkinKin people, that and they had cute little animal like ears. She had brown hair and dressed in modern uniform. A heavy duty hoodie, a small little backpack and heavy pants. Under her clothes she had on paddings for her elbows, knees and even her shoulders too, which was visible. She looked young, but then again- the Ackidna people always looked young.
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  14. (E) Zaun would have listened to the speech with great interest, noting the people in positions of power and nodding in agreement to how he cannot trust the Advent. He would have shoulder up his shield once more to get ready to move when he noticed the child, he didn't even feel her poke his side but her noise cause him to look down, much to his shock and happy surprise. "Why heeloo wise one! What can I do for you on this fine day!" He would have said with a large smile, crouching down lower in a sign of respect to meet her eye to eye. He has had a lot of experience with their kind surprisingly, he had become wise to know what they are capable of, or how old they may or may not be. But the fact that one had come up to him immediately made him feel honored, considering how much his mother had honored the people.
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  15. (W) Achelias would listen carefully to the speech with a smile on his face that would be never changing. Looking at the people talking and observing their clothing and how prepared they are along with their attitude. When the speech was over he would look around and notice some people were looking at him. He felt kind of nervous that they possibly already know about his identity, but he tried to shake that nervous feeling off and was now curious to what they were talking about. He would simply smile and walk over to the group that were glancing at him. When walking to them and noticing them looking at him he would wave and said "hello" in a very friendly tone of voice. He would look at every single person that had glanced at him and observe their clothing, body movements, and posture.
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  16. (E) The little Ackidna smiled at him and spoke her native language, her accent was thick and heavy. "Здравствуй! Вы из красной мощи? I've come as a Freelang foreign exchange student! Home is where the red might strives, Moscow!" She smiled brightly as she saluted him, walking up beside him and having to put in additional effort to keep up with him and the group. Considering . . . well, her feet span was not quite up to par as with other people. Her blue eyes stared up at him, she seemed to be quite the friendly little lady. Her accent was so heavy that in fact, it was hard to believe that she had been living in Freelang for very long, perhaps she was involved with politicians?
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  17. (E) Joy would have jumped to Zauns eyes, a smile stretching across his face. "О да! Земля великого могущества народа ! И я из Москвы тоже, как мне повезло ! Как сладко говорить мой родной язык еще раз ! Я очень рад за этот шанс , и поговорить с одним из таких , как самого себя ! Для меня большая честь!" He would have spoke with great vigor, much happier to speak his native tongue rather then that of the land. he would have slowed considerably to allow her to walk at a comfortable pace that would keep up with the group.
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  18. (W) Achelias gained only glances of his group, most of which seemed to have grudge like behavior- however one looked nervous as one of the young ladies slowed down to walk beside Achelias. "Hey there, friendo! I am the medical assailant of this group, pretty talented if I don't say so myself. I was just looking around and getting a feel for who I should watch out for in the group, some people need more attention than others. I just happened to sense that you weren't exactly . . . normal." She gave in and laughed out of nervousness, scratching the back of her head. She dressed in heavy armor plating, however only carried a small dagger and what looked to be a pistol holster of some kind at her waist. The armor plating was covered in a black leather and cloth like material. Her hair was brown and black too.
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  19. (E)"Благодаря! Меня зовут сердце, я тоже очень благодарен, что встретил кого-то одного и того же происхождения ! У меня есть желание стать более активное участие в политическом мире , как я только недавно стали от насильственных рабовладельческого строя в соответствии с законодательством Freelang и Clymeranian законов ведомых бесплатно . Скажите, сколько времени вы потратили на родине Oomf- Sertse Moye imya" She smiled brightly and cheerfully, tugging him along to walk beside her and after the group. Her history of what she just said, if true, must have been rather surprising due to her happy and cheerful nature. Perhaps time does heal all wounds.
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  20. (W) Achelias would of looked at the woman with a comforting smile noticing her nervousness and would of said "Hello ma'am" In a very friendly voice. He would of said "My name is Achelias, its a pleasure to be talking with you and under your care in case of injury" with the same tone of voice reaching out for a handshake since he can't stop moving to do his proper bow like he usually would. He would of looked into her eyes and said "what do you mean by normal? Everyone is different in their own way so you never know what someone can mean when they say 'normal'". He would continue to say "Also I can tell that others realized something about me considering the looks I'm getting, but don't fret. I won't jeopardize this mission and I'll make sure to put in my fair share of work and keep people safe if needed" in a comforting tone of voice.
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