Mystical Beast Bazaar

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  1. Looking for a mystical creature to become a pet?
    What of a new servant?
    Come to the Mystical Beast Bazaar and take your pick.
    We may have just the thing to fit your needs.

    This bazaar was made to find mystical beasts to become pets. Knights, as well as others from across the land, would bring them here after ripping them from their homes, wanting to make extra money. Some people even brought prisoners of enemies to become slaves. By all means, this type of market place was illegal to have, but still existed.

    There are those who are opposed of the idea, so they would do anything in their power to shut down these markets, but the markets would always come back. These group of people were called Mystical Beast Defenders. They would do anything in their power to stop anyone from selling creatures.


    1. No god moding, power playing, and all the likes of that.
    2. You may be more than one character, but a max of three.
    3. Trying to keep this PG-13.
    4. Please, no one liners.
    5. Wait until you are accepted until you start role playing on the thread.
    6. No killing off characters unless granted permission.
    7. Please give everyone a chance to reply to the role play before you start posting replies.
    8. Have fun!


    You have a choice between being a seller, a buyer, a mystical beast, or part of the Mystical Beast Defenders. There are a lot of options to choose from.

    Character Skeleton:

    Name: [what to call them]
    Age: [how old are they?]
    Race: [human, elf, demon, dragon, unicorn, etc.]
    Role: [seller, buyer, mystical beast, Mystical Beast Defender]
    Appearance: [picture or description]
    History: [1 or 2 paragraphs at minimum]
    Personality: [1 or 2 paragraphs at minimum]

    Mystical Beasts
    Nakina the white fox [played by princessyuna]
    Orin the human/bird hybrid [played by tonberry]
    Fiara Drakos the dragon hybrid [played by Obsidian L Scarletta]



    Mystical Beast Defenders
    Anya Silverstorm [played by princessyuna]
    Harbinger [played by Cheesecake]
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  2. [​IMG]
    Anya Silverstorm || 26 || Human || Mystical Beast Defender

    She grew up as a fighter, and was raised to fight for those she loved. Once she fought for the king of Lith, but soon resigned after the war. As much as she loved her kingdom, she didn't want to be placed in the front lines anymore. She did what she was supposed to do, and now she was traveling the land. Soon, she came across a market in the middle of a forest that no one really went to. Being curious, she wandered towards the market that bustled with people and the sounds of animals came from it.

    To her surprise, she found that there were cages. Different mystical animals that she has seen in her travels were in these cages. It made her feel sorry for the beasts that were locked away, seeing as most of them were scared to be in the cages. Taking an initiative, she freed one creature from it's cage since it looked miserable. Before anyone noticed, she left. That was when she made a group called the Mystical Beast Defenders. They would do anything in their power to help out the defenseless creatures.

    Very driven in what she does. She could be the sweetest person to talk to, but when she was angry, no one wanted to be around her. When she was in the military, she was a ruthless fighter, which her looks deceived her. The woman was also very stubborn, she would do things until it was done right. When someone says that they can't do something, she would yell at them to tell them they aren't trying hard enough. Anya is an interesting person to be around, and a respectable ally.

    Nakina || 147 || White Fox || Mystical Beast

    The white fox was found in the snow white mountains of Carat, and only found during the night in the moonlight. Bandits found her as she was hunting, wanting to skin her for her pelt, but decided that she would make an even better pet for being such a rare creature to find. Then they realized how much they could get if they sold her in the market, and they wanted to sell her for the money, especially with the price for being able to speak. So now she was in a cage, wasting her life away. She wasn't scared, but she was angry.

    Very cunning, and very deceiving. She doesn't speak to those who want to cause her harm, but she does talk to those who have a sense of nice quality. If she had the chance to, she would sink her fangs in the neck of her captors, though she knew that she would be dead. All she lived for was her family, and she was determined to find them after she got out of there.
  3. I'd like to join. This'd be my first roleplay on this website though so please forgive me if the way I roleplay is different. So, I just put a character sheet, right?
  4. So... can a seller be a fighter or just a regular bloke? If I want to be a bodyguard-for-a-seller sort of guy, what type do I put?
  5. Yes!


    You add the details in the history of the character. :3
  6. Name: Orin
    Age: 198 (19 by human standards)
    Race: Human/Bird Hybrid
    Role: Mystical Beast
    Appearance: Ignore the sword in his hand and the clogs
    History: Orin lived with his family ever since he was a hatchling in the Great Forest, the same forest where Anya had first seen the market. He was happy high up in the trees of the forest. He lived in a small little hut with his mother and younger sister, his father having passed away when he was at a young age. It fell upon him to take care of his family. He was the one who went out and searched for the food, gathered all the items and took care of pretty much everyone else in their little village. He was like the little 'town's' big brother. He was always there to help everyone that needed it.

    During one of his gathering missions, he came across a very odd contraption in one of the trees. As he got closer, he tripped it and was quickly captured by some of the people who sell the creatures. He woke up inside of some form of birdcage. He had no idea where he was, but he did know that he was still in his forest. He recognized the smell of it. He had no idea where exactly, though, and he had no idea how he would be able to get out, no matter how hard he tried.
    Personality: Orin was normally a very kind and caring young man/bird. He loved to help everyone that he could and he would never do anything to hurt the ones he loves. He was always the first that anyone came to for anything and he always did whatever he could. Now, he is very hostile and cold towards any human that he sees because he was captured by them. He is always up on the highest perch of the birdcage he stays in and makes no movement to acknowledge any of the humans that come to look at him. He is the only bird/human hybrid that has been captured, so he goes for a lot of money.
  7. Name:
    2000 (20 human years)
    Mystical Beast Defender
    Demons have always been known as big, strong and merciless. They steal souls, set villages aflame, and kidnap mortals. That's mostly true. They can't also be killed in a conventional sense. That's also true. But the one sure way to stop them is to speak their true name. That is definately true, and Harbinger's a living example.

    A few years ago, Harbinger was a fledgling demon. He'd been accidentally summoned by a group of cultists, who'd been trying to summon another demon. Since they hadn't prepared for this, they hadn't researched on his true name yet and couldn't control him. He promptly went on to steal their souls and escape to the town.

    He went on a rampage, partly due to the confusion of being in the mortal plane for the first time. He didn't know why the guards were shooting at him. He thought he did them a favor by killing those cultists. But they nevertheless kept on firing their arrows. After running for a while, he happened upon a group of cages that kept some beasts inside. Some were strange beasts. Others mundane. Then he saw a few other demons inside, and one of them was sold to some mortal.

    He charged forward, preparing his claws to tear the human apart, but before he arrived, another mortal had shot both of them. He stopped in his tracks. The mortal looked at Harbinger. He'd noticed his rage when he saw the beasts being sold. So he made an offer to Harbinger. He would give him his True Name, and Harbinger would serve the Mythical Beast Defenders until they'd stop it completely and since demons cannot return to hell without the permission of their master, the mortal promised to bring him back to his plane.

    Harbinger would be described by mortals as hotheaded, violent, and short tempered. If he weren't kept in check, he would most probably go on a rampage again. He has a disdain for mortals, noting the way they commit evil even though it isn't neccessary for their well-being, most of the time, unlike demons who do it because they require souls to stay alive.

    He holds respect for the Mythical Beast Defenders, and he has no qualms against them and their ways. He personally wants to drag all the sellers and buyers to hell himself. Over the years on the mortal plane, Harbinger wasn't allowed to travel around in fear that he would get caught. He'd be forced to travel with another member or stay indoors. He's also acquired a taste for chocolate. While indoors, he enjoys reading the ancient scrolls and tomes detailing the history of this mortal plane.

    (Is this okay? And do you want me to PM you his True Name since you're likethe leader?)
  8. Both accepted.

    You may PM me his True Name if you wish to. ^^
  9. Name: Fiara Drakos
    Age: 20 (Appears 8)
    Race: Dragon/human Hybrid
    Role: Mystical Beast
    Appearance: In human form - Sad-anime-girl-recommended-animes-and-mangas-27979688-400-400.jpg Fiara has strawberry blonde hair and dark blue eyes. shes about 4'2 and skinny with pale skin. Her seller only lets her wear a ragged plain white dress.
    In dragon form - Avalon_the_blue_dragon_by_mafagafa.jpg
    She's small only about 5 ft in height.

    History: Fiara was left in an abandoned train station where her guardian (a human woman) left her in hopes of keeping her safe and hidden while she led the hunters away. But soon after the hunters caught up with the woman and murdered her. After starving for days and crying Fiara left the station in hopes of finding someone to help her, after walking only a mile though the hunters found her and enslaved her. Now she has been at the Mystical Beast Bazaar for 2 years caged, only not being sold because her seller wants a hefty price for a human/dragon hybrid little girl. Fiara doesnt remember her real parents she was left with the guardian at too young of an age to remember.

    Personality: Fiara is a very shy and quiet girl, shes sweet to all the other Mystical beasts at least the ones she can interact with. She's very protective of those she loves but is too small and young to really help them. She hates the Sellers and Buyers that come to the Bazaar and is very rebellious against them often causing her to get into trouble. Shes tough on the outside trying her best to never shed tears even if shes sobbing and screaming on the inside.

    (Let me know if I need to change or edit anything)
  10. Accepted. :)

    I am awaiting on sellers and buyers.
    I might go ahead and double as a seller as well.
  11. If you like I can double as a seller or buyer
  12. If you wish to~!
  13. I just wanna get the rp going as soon as possible im excited! Lol

  14. I am pretty excited too!

    Haha, once we get one buyer and one other seller, we can start it up.
  15. Ok, Hmmm ill wait another day to see if anyone else will be it if not ill make a buyer
  16. Sounds good!

    I will probably make a seller by the end of the day.
  17. Cool sounds good! =)
  18. Okay well it seems nobody has joined as a buyer/seller yet so I think ill make one. Ill put up a CS soon
  19. Question, does a buyer have to be inherently evil/bad or can he/she be good?
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