Mysterious Royal Love



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Unavailable Chracters:
Princess Olivia (Me)
Princess Olivia's Childhood friend ( Taken by Kid)
Prince's Maid ( Taken by Vay)
Princess Olivia's mother (Taken by LadyAnya)
Runaway Prince And his Female bodyguard/valet(
BOTH taken by Demented-tiger)
Prince's Childhood friend (Taken by Rouge Sandwich)

Princess Olivia's Maid (Taken by Church)

Available Characters Female:
Older sister

Available Characters Male:
Older brother

Princess Olivia was just turning 17 and the King and Queen wanted to give her a brithday she could never forget. They woke Princess Olivia up at 10:00 a.m. making her get out of bed. Olivia stumbled out of bed and onto the the floor. She got up off the floor and pushed her parents out of her room and got dressed. She slipped on her panties, and her brother's shirt she had barrowed three days ago. Princess Olivia opened the door to her room, as all her family was there singing her a happy birthday. Olivia smiled happily as she was officially 17. They all made their way down stairs after her older siblings rushed down the stairs before them. Then her mom told her to wait and go in slowly. She walked into the dining room slowly, Olivia looked in the room to see her childhood friend and a joyful face. She ran to her friend and hugged her tightly. After all the warm greetings of a childhood friend, they heard a beating on the door of the castle. Olivia was the first one to the door. She opened the door just a little and looked through the little crack, she was looking at a boy who appeared to look no younger than her, he was dressed in clothes of another royal family from a different village. Olivia looked the strange boy in the eyes as she studdered "H-hi sir, a-are you lost?" [Please make a character sheet if you plan on being one of the available characters, thank you ^^]
Character sheet:
Character you would like to play:
Notes/ Questions you may have:

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Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that your actual posts for your RP are not supposed to go in the OOC (Out of Character) forum! This forum is for character sheets and discussing your RP. You should start a second thread in the appropriate forum (in this case, Fantasy) for your In Character roleplay posts! :3

I could play one of the princes. Did you have any ideas for them?
Re: Mystorious Royal Love

I could to the Prince's maid. Should we post character sheets?
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I could be the princess's childhood friend.
Re: Mystorious Royal Love

If I had an idea about what this role play was about, I might join.
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Thank you Ozzie. I'll put one in the appropriate forum, I guess I should stop doing things when I'm tired. Would you like to play the childhood friend of the prince? Or if you want you can be the runaway prince. Your choice.
I don't really have any ideas for them, I didn't really think of any. >.>
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Okay, Thank you Kid! ^^ By the way, you have control over what she will look like, how she will act, her likes and dislikes, stuff like that. ^^
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Okay thank you Vay. That would be nice, but I'm not saying that you have to post one.
If you'd like, I could play the Princess' mother if it's still available.
I am curious to see what this is about. I might join.
I posted another one in the right forum. It's more descriptive. If you want to look at it.
Two quick questions: what is the approximate time period, and can we create NPCs/secondary characters not included in the cast list?
Approximately around the ancient greece times. And yes you can create, "NPCs/secondary characters not included in the cast list". ^^
Ancient Greek times? That was considered ancient even in medieval times. I wouldn't have known from the post you gave. Let me think about this, because the characters I was thinking of come from a later period.
I thought it would have been more 1800s/1920s at the earliest, maybe even modern day, but at the even of the day it is up to you. can be modern times to make it eaiser. Plus I really don't know anything about The Greeks, besides the Greek Mythology.
1800s/1920s or Modern day, is good as well. I'll think about it some more.
If it is 1800s/1920s or modern day, I would probably play one of the princes and his female bodyguard - almost like the twin sister type rather than anything romantic. I'm leaning towards the runaway prince for now.