PARTNER REQUEST My Roanoke Nightmare ~AHS~ 1x1 search

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  1. I thought I'd give this search a shot as I'm really craving to do something involving the new season of American Horror Story! It may be an odd request but I'm really wanting to do an Ambrose x oc pairing. (I'm aware he's only been in one episode so I'm totally okay with the fact he wouldn't be played perfect from what little we've seen =3) I did have a small idea, or we could even brainstorm together!

    I'm willing to somehow incorporate another season (I've only seen the first three) and play a canon for you. Maybe just have the two pairings set in different places? I dunno but I'm willing to double! The only thing I ask is that equal attention is given to each character, and I'm looking for a detailed partner that can post at least two paragraphs per character.
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  2. Searching!