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    My story starts out like every other Mary Sue under the sun. Just a normal boring girl, that is shy and clumsy. The girl no one ever notices, because she doesn't really do anything interesting. I probably have secret talents I'll discover I'm a genius at the first time I do them. If I'm lucky, tons of guys are in love with me, I just don't realize it because I'm so unobservant. Whose parents died in a car crash, leaving me sad and depressed for life.

    And then I was adopted by vampires.

    Being a Mary Sue is over rated! Can I go home now?

    HELLO THERE! This roleplay was inspired by someone's very amusing roleplay title. 8D It then spun off in to insanity and this very silly setting.

    This roleplay is being done by Ozzie and Myself. It is a supernatural setting where you somehow get yourself involved with this VERY WEIRD family. You can be a human. You can be a vampire. A werewolf. A ghost. Anything! The scenes and setting are 100% character driven, so whatever your character is, make sure they are interesting and bring something to the table. The supernatural ARE a secret in this world, so don't let anyone find out.

    We don't have any high expectations for posting styles or frequency! A paragraph will do us well. Posting every couple days will be fine. All we care about is making sure no one gets ditched in a wild posting sprees. <3 As for tone and atmosphere, this is not a roleplay that will take itself very seriously. We don't want to be lolsorandom though.

    FOR BIOS the MINI TEMPLATE will be just fine!

    Casey and Miranda Jones have recently adopted Jenna Martin after her parents died in a crash. :( BUT GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY, they've invited everyone in town to their big giant home to meet their new daughter! (Even though plenty of people prolly already know Jenna since she goes to the local school)!

    And if you have any questions... ask!
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  2. [​IMG][​IMG]


    Jenna's new adoptive parents. Casey deals in antiques while Miranda sells her own "re-dazzled" purses and accessories. They also happen to be vampires.
  3. Character Name: Jenna Martin Jones. LAME.

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: High School Junior.

    Age: 16

    General Appearance: Jenna looks like every other teenage girl. With the hair and the clothes and the cellphone and the weird hat.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Try not to let anyone find out her new parents are vampires, while simultaneously trying not to FREAK OUT because her new parents are vampires.

    General Personality: Jenna fits the typical 16 year old girl mold. She thinks school is boring. She likes boys. Music is awesome. Her favorite band is The Wanted. She's always texting people on her cellphone and seriously believes people are either A) looking at her and judging her all the time, or B) don't know she even exists. Jenna will flop back and forth on these two extremes with no rhyme or reason. She is currently VERY VERY VERY sad because her parents are dead. She even has a BIG SECRET she can't tell anyone about - and it's not even her new vampire parents.

    General History: Jenna was born to normal parents, and lived a normal kid life with nothing shocking, weird or extraordinary.


    Her parents died a year ago. :( She was in the system for a few months until her new parents adopted her. And boy... did they have a weird secret. Jenna has now been living with them for a couple months getting used to this strange new living arrangement.
  4. Character Name: Harry Rose

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Secret Bodyguard

    Age: 57 (appears 16)

    General Appearance: Spiky, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Kind of scrawny and gawky-looking. Horrible and outdated fashion sense.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Protecting Jenna without letting her know that he's doing it.

    General Personality: He's an optimist who somehow never fails to put a positive spin on things and is often the one to break tension or lighten the mood. Harry doesn't mind being the comic relief (except when the situation calls for intimidation, at which point it can get a little disheartening when it's impossible to take him seriously). Other vampires tend to wonder how the hell he manages to be such a huge dork. He likes to read, write, draw, dance, build things, and sing along with the radio. He's actually pretty sharp and has very good insight into people, picking up quickly on their moods and habits.

    General History: Harry was born in 1957 and died in 1973. Maybe his days in the era of Peace, Love, and Understanding are responsible for his approach to undead life. He doesn't really talk about his past much, preferring to "dwell in the now", but he's recently moved to town in the house next to the Joneses and is watching over Jenna on her new father's request. It seems that Harry Rose and Casey Jones have some kind of history together...

  5. Character Name: Johnathan Williams (actual name: Eurykratides)

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Jenna's close friend

    Species: Minotaur

    Age: 16 (actually 2475 years old)

    General Appearance: John has blue eyes, full lips, and an athletic build

    Current Goal/Purpose: Helping Jenna cope with the fact that her parents are vampires and helping her keep it a secret

    General Personality: John, although he seems like an energetic person, is in fact laid back, a little arrogant, and quite lazy, yet he somehow manages to keep up with his classes and nobody knows how. If he's not doing anything, he's probably sleeping; if he's meant to be doing something, he's probably sleeping; if he's in the middle of doing something, you get the idea. He generally always has a smile on his face and his patience is unlike anything else - mostly because if he becomes angry he turns into a giant, raging bull-man.

    General History: John was born in 461BC in Athens to a slave mother who was later set free due to the kindness of one politician who actually wanted to test a sort of sorcery on her son hypothesized by a prominent philosopher of their time. The test, which consisted of injecting the boy with the blood of the Minotaur along with an incantation and a blood sacrifice -- his mother, had gone successful. Being warned to never get angry by his adopted father, John lived a normal life within the Athenian empire until he grew up to the age of sixteen when his anger took hold of him after learning the true fate of his mother and turned him into a monstrous beast. After living for two millennia he now acts as a friend to Jenna to try and help her with her situation.
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  6. Well, don't mind if I do~!
  7. So @Torack how long have they been close friends? >:3 Before OMGMYPARENTSAREDEADANDMYNEWONESAREVAMPIES or aaaaafterwards when Jenna meets supernaturals through her parents?
  8. I'm guessing it would make more sense if they were close friends before the whole... Thing, so I'll go with that! :D
  9. So, does she know he's a minotaur or is that secret that he's still keeping? >:] And how long have they known each other, since he is an ageless minotaur and she's only discovered stuff is real within the past few months when the vampires adopted her. O_O I'm guessing a year max?
  10. Sorta yeah, he's told her he's a mythical creature, just not what exactly. And they've known each other for a couple of months short of a year.
  11. Eeeeeexcellente. >:3

  12. [​IMG]

    Character Name: Paige Morelli
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: New High School Guidance Counselor
    Age: 25
    General Appearance: Paige stands at a normal height and weight. Her stature and beauty would never win her any modeling awards. She has long auburn locks that complement her pale skin. She usually wears minimal/neutral make up with a berry stain lip gloss.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Paige has just graduated with her Masters Degree in School Counseling and has become the newest edition to the Counseling Center at the local high school. She often underestimates her abilities since she has very little experience, other than her practicum hours. However, she doesn't realize that she has an innate advantage in this field due to an undiscovered ability.

    General Personality: Paige has a quite demeanor. She is methodical in the words she chooses to say and the actions she chooses to present. Paige isn't the wallflower type, but she would rather observe than participate in social interactions. She is extremely intuitive to what people are feeling, whether or not they are presenting that emotion with their demeanor.

    General History: Paige was raised by her father. She knows very little about her mother, and has no memories of her. She walked out of Paige's life when Paige was only three (or so her father tells her.) She has no idea that her mother was an empath, which makes her half-empath. This manifests itself in varying ways, mostly Paige's ability to intimately understand what a person desires, yearns for, and is currently feeling, suffering or thinking, as well as the ability to feel other people’s bodily illnesses.

    Paige's father has always given her everything she needs to succeed. Including paying for her schooling and buying her a nice house in an affluent neighborhood in the school district boundaries where she works. Paige is excited and a little anxious because her neighbors just invited her to a party to meet the new daughter they just adopted. Paige hopes to make a great impression on her new neighbors as well as their daughter, a student at her school.
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  13. Thank you! I was trying to think of something that could bring a different perspective; I'm glad you approve!
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  14. Wilo.jpg
    Character Name: Wilo

    Job/Role: Poltergeist
    Age: Human age/4 - Ectoplasmic age/94
    General Appearance: Platinum Blonde, ghostly hair, poker straight hair, Large and Blue eye just beneath her bangs, somewhere around 3 or 4 feet yet hovers at times, and forever transparent never taking a solid form. More often then not Wilo won't be seen, However objects will move seemingly of their own accord, Lights will flicker, faucets will turn on or off. Rarely she will take on a ball of light form when feeling threatened.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Wilo can not remember her death, everything about that day seems shrouded in darkness. Being bound to the house of Casey and Miranda Jones, stepping one foot beyond the lawns of the house render her back within the walls of the house. Wilo is not aware of being dead and can cause some mischief in her ignorance, No goal has been presented to her as of yet. Perhaps the Jones household new resident will lead Wilo to find these goals, Maybe not.

    General Personality: Being 4 in her 'Mind', Wilo, is observant and wise beyond her years having haunted a few families over the years. Some she chased out, others she kept around, now in her experience she has grown awfully comfortable in the presence of her new vampire Family. She speaks only when spoken to or summoned. Known to throw fits if angered, or told something she does not wish to hear. These fits resulting in turned over furniture and bursting light bulbs. Partial to Miranda, the ghostly child, tends to open up and engage her in conversation out loud and sometimes telepathic. Wilo is a shy girl and when she does speak her words are few and simple. Being on the inside looking out on the world has kept her from finding out the truth behind her death. Sometimes she can be a bit Onry, troublesome, or even impatient, but she has good manners for her age and the cuteness of her face softens even a demon's stone heart.

    General History: Wilo once lived and breathed, running in the front yard, swinging from the trees. Doing all the things children do at such a young age. Her mother and father both worked long days and often Wilo was left with a young and careless babysitter. Well, One day, Wilo went missing. None reported her leaving the house as she was last seen by a neighbor entering the home. Suddenly, people started to see Wilo in windows, running through the yard, swinging from the trees, just to double take and see nothing here. The strange happenings continued until the Jones arrived 90 years later.
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  15. Character Name: Argona Fleischer

    Gender: Female.

    Job/Role: Professional Martial Artist. Terrifying Girl. Dullahan.

    Age: 50(appears to be in her mid twenties)

    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    She is usually seen wearing practical, deep purple clothes which always include a huge, extremely well-made choker on her neck that hides the fact that her head is not attached to her body.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To make some friends and become less of a loner and finally establish her own school of martial arts.

    General Personality: A lonely woman at heart, Argona never had a good grasp on how social dynamics function and even though she tries her best to be friendly with people, she often manages to come across utterly terrifying. She is always seen with a wide smile on her face that is fake, but it is okay, she practiced it a lot. The real problem occurs when she opens her mouth as sometimes, when she is not paying attention, her voice distorts and sounds like the gurgling of someone who just had their throat slit. She honestly wishes that it was less of a nuisance and just wants someone to not be afraid of her anymore.

    Sadly, that proves to be impossible. Given that her solution to nearly everything, and this means literally nearly everything is violence. Some jerk grabbed your shoulder? Dislocate his shoulder. Your boyfriend is unfaithful? Slap that jerk and threaten him with a mixture of violence and blackmail. Got home too late? Kick the bus driver in the crotch. She does not seem to realise that sometimes people can solve their problems or swallow their anger or that humming a cheerful tone while chopping meat up for dinner with two knives is not really what people are used to seeing. She does not know much about the world and it shows.

    General History: Argona was born in the middle of nowhere, in a small village far away from civilization. As one of the last children of that place, she lived a lonely, sheltered life, isolated from the dangers of the world because of her parents' wishes. However, despite their care, Argona caught an incurable, deadly illness that would eventually spread through the rest of the already dying village. Unfortunately, as she passed away, Death took a liking to her and decided to bless her with a second life as a Dullahan.

    Returning to the human world, Argona started to explore it, but she discovered that people were just terrified of her, routinely chasing her away. It took her a few years to find out why, but then she started covering her neck up. Even so, she did not quite fit into human society as the first people who took her in were a group of super-serious martial artists. Now, she is trying to live a peaceful life as a good friend of the Jones family.
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  16. @Fijoli: Wilo is adorable! I think she'll be a fun addition.

    @Lstorm: If Argona died when she was twenty-ish (sometime in the 1950's or thereabouts), how has she not learned something about humans in the last 50 years? XD Where the heck was she born, anyway?
  17. In the middle of nowhere. I do not know. Some place far away from civilization. I did not think of the latter point, though, so I think I will have her age to be somewhere around her fifties, with the idea being that her only exposure to humans were super-serious martial artists who pretty much solved everything with their martial arts and she did not get any real human interaction.

  18. Character Name:
    Rayne Walker
    That girl who sits in the back corner of every class/Jenna's Best Friend
    General Appearance:

    Rayne is a tall girl, probably standing at least five foot eight.
    Her body is well muscled, toned and athletic.
    Her hair is raven black and her eyes hazel with hints of green.
    Rayne's features are strong but attractive.
    Her daily clothes consist of your typical rocker/heavy metal chick fashion. Torn skinnies and band tees that sometimes are a little short.
    You can't forget the chains, studs, docs and aviators. Oh, and that biker jacket.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To tell Jenna what she is and to attempt to tell her friend that she has feelings for her, beyond a simple 'friendship.' She is also trying her hardest to be more in control of herself.

    General Personality:

    Rayne, is typically very chill. She's just that girl.
    When people talk about her she doesn't really care.
    The only people that matter to her are the ones close to her, she's also very loyal (thanks canine half).
    She's a musician, artist and athlete; a smoker and on occasion she'll light up some of the green.

    General History:
    Born to human parents Rayne had a pretty normal life. She had always been into the arts and when she was old enough to play sports she did; soccer and volleyball were and continue to be her thing.
    Her life took quite the turn when she was attacked by...something. She wasn't sure how she survived but she was grateful. Things soon started to get weird; crazy cravings, weird emotions...her body physically was different, she could feel it as she started to change, before she knew it her first full moon came.

    Rayne had no clue what to expect, who does?
    How do you mentally prepare for that?
    She couldn't recall much. The next day a dead body showed up...she remembered.
    She couldn't grasp what had happened, Rayne tried her hardest to have it make sense in a human way...It didn't.

    She hasn't told anyone about it, so no ones knows, as far as she's concerned.

    The full moon is what she fears most and is also one of her weaknesses. She wished it was like some of the movies where it was only once a month but nah her pain has to last three nights.

    She has had very strong feelings for Jenna but the upcoming party might prove differently.
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  19. I AM VERY AMUSED. These characters are awesome. O___O Everyone gets cookies!
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