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  1. Tom Daley mouse hoovered over the video he had just recorded of himself, this was a hard thing for him because he had just admitted and opened up that he did like guys as well as girls, as a famous sportsman, this would be going around all the media sites and he had a tough year, losing his dad to cancer, goinf to the Olympics and winning a bronze medal. He let out a breath and posted the video on his twitter, Facebook and website. "it's done, it's out" he said to himself and no going back now he had posted it and was scared of the hate he would get, he was a really sensitive guy and this was really a private matter but he had done it because he had been missed done in an interview and wanted to clear things up.

    He got off his bed and ran his hand through his hair and went back to packing his clothes into a suitcase as he was going to a training camp before Christmas and wanted to get his feelings and things out to fans and knew people who supported him where the ones that were true fans and not care about his sexuality. His mum and brothers had been really supportive when he told them and other family members weren't to happy that he liked guys but knew they would get over it. For a 19 year old sportsman in the limelight to come out like that was tough but he felt like it should of been done.
  2. Brandon Nightingale headed up the stairs to Tom's apartment, and knocked on the door lightly. He knew that his boyfriend had been planning to come out today, so he wanted to make sure that Tom was alright, since he knew how hard it was to admit something like that, especially when you're a person in the limelight like Tom was.

    The red-headed twenty- year old was a runner for his college cross-country team, and he had met Tom by chance in the street just outside the Olympic swimming centre. They had just instantly clicked, and now they had been an item for several months.
  3. Tom let out breath and could already see his phone going crazy and looked when he heard his door go and he went over to it and opened it up to see Brandon standing there and he gave him a smile. "hey bran" he said and gave his cheek a kiss. "that was the hardest thing ever" he said and did wipe a tear away that fell down his cheek and the emotions getting to him that had built up in that video because he had talked about his dad, his family and how he was upset that he had to come out because of an interview that misled what he said.

    "I'm sorry if my apartment is a mess, I'm packing for my training camp, how have you been anyway?" he asked him and had only it told his other family relatives that he was going out with Brandon.
  4. Brandon pulled him into a hug when he answered the door. He kissed Tom's cheek. "I'm so proud of you - I know how hard it must be, but I'm ultra proud of you, babe." He smiled, and pulled back. "Need some help packing? I'm going to miss you so much when you go to Houston - we'll have to Skype every day, or I'll go crazy without you."
  5. Tom hugged him back and closer the door behind Brandon. "it was hard for me, I'm a world known diver, it was so hard to come out like that and I know I'm going to get some hate about it, because of the way it is these days but I just hope that it actually helps some people to come out themselves" he said before nodding. "yeah you can help me pack" he said with a smile and nodded. "I'll miss you two Brandon, how could I not miss you, we have been together for 7 months, I'll Skype you when I can but I'll be on a strict routin there, so I'll talk when I can and see if I can get you down to meet me"
  6. "You know that I'll happily fly out to America to see you any time." Brandom smiled, and kissed his boyfriend's head as they headed back into the bedroom.

    He picked up a t-shirt and folded it up, putting it in the suitcase. "Three more years and you'll be in Rio for the next Olympics. You're amazing."
  7. Tom smiled at Brandon and rubbed his boyfriends side. "I'll make sure that you can visit me while there, I'll play for your flight and thing because I will want to see you, I know I'm not there long at all because I'll be home before Christmas" he said to him.

    He rubbed the tattoo on his bicep and nodded. "we will be going to Rio in three years time, I'll be working hard to try and win that Gold medal for great Briton" he said and got more of his clothes out and passed Brandon his laptop. "you can watch the video if you want"
  8. Brandon took the laptop, and clicked play on the video. As he watched it, and listened to what Tom had said about how Brandon made him feel, without actually naming him, the brunette's eyes filled with tears of emotion.

    "You're the sweetest person ever, babe." He set the laptop aside, and leaned up, pulling his boyfriend into a sweet kiss.
  9. Tom let him take the laptop and watch his video and he hadn't said Brandon's name because he knew he would get hate and didn't want people finding out Brandon's name to just give him hate and things. He had nearly cried while filming that and it took a lot. He packed a few more things into the suitcase before smiling and laughed when he was pulled into a sweet kiss and he cupped Brandon's cheeks and kissed him back in the sweet kiss, something that just felt so right to him. "I just let everything out, a part from say your name"
  10. "Like I said, you're the sweetest person ever." He smiled, and pulled Tom down playfully onto the bed with him. "Christmas is in a few weeks, and I want you to meet my mum and dad." Brandon had been adopted as a young child, but he loved his adoptive parents like they were his biological parents.
  11. Tom smiled a wide grin at what he said, Brandon just honestly made him so happy and sometimes thought that he shouldn't care what people think, his mum and brother's support him and that's the main thing and so does his coach Andy. He fell onto the bed with him and laced his finger's with Brandon's. "It is in a few weeks and I will thankfully be home for Christmas, you want me to met your parents?" he asked him and was a bit surprised. "Would they even like me Bran?"
  12. "They would love you, babe. I told them about you a while back, and they're so eager to meet you after all I told them about my fabulous, gorgeous, talented, brave boyfriend." Brandon beamed hopefully. "Will you come with me to meet them?"
  13. Tom looked at him and chewed on his lower lip as he looked at his boyfriend and blushed a little. "I hope they will love me, I mean you do still have to meet my family but seeing as I just told some of them, I will let the news sink in a bit" he said before nodding and cupped Brandon's cheek. "With how hopeful you are beaming, I can't say no, so I will come meet them with you"
  14. "Yay!" Brandon squealed, and lay back on the bed beside his boyfriend. "They'll love you, I promise." He kissed up the side of Tom's neck. "When are you leaving for Houston?"
  15. Tom laughed at how happy he was that he agreed to go see his parents. "I hope they will love me but even if they don't, then I will still love you" he said and closed his eyes as his neck was kissed. "Mmmm I still have a day before I go"
  16. "Then, can't you pack later? We can watch Nightmare Before Christmas?" Brandon pulled the DVD out of his coat pocket as he continued kissing up the younger lad's neck, and down around his collarbone.

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  17. Tom sighed. "Bradon if I don't do it until tomorrow, then I will be in a rush and I don't like rushing" he said to him as his neck and collarbone was kissed and sighed as he gave up. "alright we can watch the DVD"

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    "I'll help you pack later tonight." Brandon smiled and got up to put the movie into the player. "Promise me you'll call once you get off the plane?" He came back afterwards, and lay down, pulling Tom close to his chest.
  19. (yeah - maybe it didn't show up on your alerts because my phone went funny at the time, but it did post)

    "I'll help you pack later tonight." Brandon smiled and got up to put the movie into the player. "Promise me you'll call once you get off the plane?" He came back afterwards, and lay down, pulling Tom close to his chest.
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    Tom nodded his head. "Alright you have to help me pack later tonight then, so make sure you haven't fallen asleep at all Bran" he said to him and gave his cheek a kiss with a smile before nodding. "Yeah I will call you once I'm off the plane, of course I will and then you will know that I've landed fine" he said to him and kissed his cheek and pulled the duvet over them.
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