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Full Name:
(First) Katsumi (Last) Himura




Hero Name:

Quirk: Teleportation
Katsumi's quirk allows him to instantaneously transport himself and or objects from point A to point B without occupying the space between. In order to teleport anything other than himself Katsumi must be touching it upon activation of his quirk. When Katsumi's quirk activates, the form of whatever is being acted upon appears to vibrate for a quick second before disappearing in an instant and being transported in the next second. Currently Katsumi is limited to teleportation at a maximum distance of 100ft or so. Katsumi must have line of sight to the teleportation destination. He can currently only transport himself and one other person at a time and his overall weight limit currently is nothing heavier than a standard fridge.

Quirk Drawbacks:
- Too many consecutive teleports will cause nausea and motion sickness
- Over use of the quirk over an extended period will cause severe fatigue
- If not careful Katsumi could teleport parts of him inside objects, causing severe and fatal damage
- The user may develop a pattern than can be predicated and exploited

- A set of handcuffs he keeps hidden on him while in his hero costume (Usually under his hat or in his back pocket)

Katsumi is the kind of person who can almost always be seen smiling as he does his best to look towards the brighter side of things. He can become quite timid at times around more aggressive individuals preferring to avoid conflict rather than prolong it. He is known to be a "softy" at heart and is known to become nervous when in large crowds. However in smaller groups he becomes decently social and his hyper active side begins to show. Needlessly to say he'd certainly appear very high-strung to most people. Katsumi does his best to uphold an acceptable moral compass. At the end of the day Katsumi tries to be someone that people in need can rely on. A true hero succeeds no matter what.

Katsumi Himura is the only son to a well respected doctor and nurse who reside in Japan by the names of Yamamoto Himura and Yuki Himura. The father had made a name for himself using his cell healing quirk to assist in his procedures while the mother was known for using her teleportation quirk to swiftly assist patients. Ever since Katsumi could speak he'd said he wanted to help people; he wanted to save people just like his parents had been doing for years even before his quirk was manifesting.

During his initial education it was common place for Katsumi to be blamed whenever things turned up missing because of his quirk. Due to this most kids usually called him petty names like "thief" and such; also implying at times how his power could be used for villainy. Katsumi would do his best to not let these things get to him but it gave him an additional goal. He wanted to show people that no matter what their quirk was they could be a hero.

After seeing one news report of a villain attack that left many people severely injured as it took too long for many to be sent to hospitals to be properly treated. Katsumi wanted to stop lives from being cut short like those unfortunate people; and he knew just how to do it. When he came of age Katsumi promptly applied to U.A whom were pleased to see the son of a respected doctor wanting to attend.

- Empathetic
- Innovative
- Self-Discipline

- Public Speaking
- He is naive and selfless to a fault.
- Easily pushed around

Opinions of Other Students:
Fuchizaki, Suzu: "Suzu-san looks like he radiates confidence; almost like All Might without the big smile. His quirk is kinda scary though; I never wanna see him get angry."

Azuha, Shouya: "Shouya-san seems really nice once you talk to him. Though he always seems to be sizing everybody up in some kinda way."

Matsuda Yuzuki: "Yuzuki-san...she looks like someone who carries something heavy around with her that can't be seen. Its...its kinda hard to approach her at times. Maybe she just has a lot to live up to. If that's the case I can relate."

Carlos Canabela: "He's certainly the class prankster but I worry one day Carlos is gonna really hurt someone unintentionally and or he's gonna get himself in big trouble one day."

Ayesha Nishinoya: " Ayesha is a real bundle of energy, literally. She seems really fun to be around though considering how eccentric she is. Though her forwardness tied together with her energy can be a little daunting at times."

Matsuoka Momoko: "Not gonna lie, Momo-san is kinda cute. I-I mean Momo-san seems very kind and not destructive at all. Well she-her quirk-is um...She's a very nice person."

Takagi Sunemizuki: "Takagi-san has gotta be the scariest person in the class. Trying to talk to her is like trying to handle an extra thorny rose. If she's scarier than most villains they won't have a chance."

Maria Amanar: "She seems to herself and appears to tolerate others more so than anything else really. Probably has to due with the professionalism she portrays like a few of the others in class."

Mezame Nemuke: "Nemuke-san is real wildcard. She can be doing nothing one second and then her mood changes completely. She always seems reserved to herself though, engaging herself in her personal activities."

Kamimasu Ryoku: "Kinda hard to judge really. Ryoku-san seems laid back and spouts a good humorous line here and there but something and I don't know what or why."

Renji Mizukomaru: "Renji-san seems like a pretty upstanding person. It honestly looks like he wishes everyone the best of luck and means what he says."

Katsumi's hero costume consists of a black vest with light gray sleeves (rolled up to just before the elbows) and a dark grey tie with matching black slacks and dress shoes. A black fedora hat tops off the outfit giving the appearance of either a hands on magician, lax business man or a young mobster.​


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"You better believe that I'm gonna be a hero! I'll be the biggest hero ever! Just you watch!"

Full Name:
Sara Marie Tachibana







Hero Name:

Tiger Soul

Tiger Body

Tiger Body is a body enhancement ability that is always active. The user often has the arms, legs, and claws of a tiger when no pushing themselves to transform. This is the normal appearance of the user, but the second form, which is closer to tiger than human, can be used and transformed into. The first, normal form, carries little risk in day to life. The more transformed the user, the closer to basic instincts the user gets, as while in a basic state most users tend to have decent speed and power, transforming more of their body gives them an increased edge at a cost. The user gains fangs, claws, and more agility at the higher transformation. Sara can currently only transform her hands enough to gain claws and legs enough to leap high without losing control. Further practice is required to maintain control the more transformed you are. While transformed, Sara boasts higher agility, climbing, swimming, speed, and strength. These are all doubled in her current transformation form. She also has extremely sharp and tough claws.

Quirk Weakness:
"The more you lean on the tiger, the more it becomes you." It takes a long time to master Tiger Body to its full potential. The masters are calm, collected, and for good reason. If someone becomes emotionally distraught while transformed further, basic instincts take over. Instincts usually entails fulfilling whatever the user wanted to do at any cost. For heroes with this power, this often comes down to "survival". It can mean fleeing from a fight, abandoning allies, tearing the opponent apart to nullify the threat, or destroying anything in between them and the instinct. Parents of children with this quirk often report injuries from their children throwing a tantrum and hurting them. Users of this quirk also tend to behave like tigers themselves, preferring to work alone and eating more meat than average.

Novices aren't used to the higher demands that more full transformations require of them, and thus tire out quicker. Sara currently can maintain her form for roughly an hour before needing to rest. The further she transforms, the more risk of tearing muscle fibers as they aren't used to the higher strain on them by the transformation and newfound strength. Sara is also personally too afraid to push herself to transform more than she is currently comfortable due to her fear of hurting someone while acting on instinct.




Sara Tachibana is a loner, a person who would sooner prefer to do whatever she liked however she liked than take orders day in and day out. While she does end up a loner, she tries her best to be outgoing, but often forces herself more than she does try to be social. She just wants to be acknowledged as the best at what she does. Just like everyone else. People frequently ask her why bother becoming a hero. With her nature and power, it'd be easier to be a villain. She wouldn't have to worry about others, she'd do what she'd want, and transform without fear of losing control. Her answer became a smile and a joke that deflected the topic at hand. At some point, she said she'd become number one without hesitation. She'd earn the top spot and show that anyone can be a hero.

Sara doesn't give up easily. She's stubborn to a fault, which is how she ended up in UA. She's still not certain of the hero she wants to be, but she's certain that she'll figure that out. Maybe. She also knows that if she crumbles, if she gives in to the tiger for a moment, she would no longer be the bright shining star. She'd be the disgraced hero and villain everyone thought her to be. As such, she is too afraid to test her limits. She rarely pushes her boundaries in terms of quirks and tries to be the class clown. Unfortunately, she seems to have very little control over her emotions as of now, and can fly off the handle at times.


Sara only had her mother. She never knew if her father walked out, died, or something else. She and her mother were close, but obvious scars lining her mother's arms concerned a few of her friends. They had been the result of Sara's outbursts. Sara's mother did her best, but was quirkless, and as such there's only so much that a single mother who didn't know how to handle a tiger cub could do. Sara remembers the first time she was in control of a transformation, and that her mother flinched away. It was the first time Sara knew that her quirk caused more harm than good.

She was ten when she found out that her limits included going on instinct and becoming unable to do anything except tear apart her room in a fit of rage. It took her a week to un-transform, and another month before her mother spoke to her again. Sara would have lived out her life without transforming, except she saw a broadcast of a hero saving people from a wrecked building.

They had horns and a tail and pointed teeth like she did. He looked just as scary as she could get, but he was a hero. She said she was going to be a hero, and when the children laughed at her, they all went home with bloody noses and enough bruises to make an MMA fighter wince in sympathy. She told her mother that she was going to be a hero, that she was going to become big and strong and smart and someone who nobody would flinch from.

She spent the rest of her time training, using the time she had to get smart and stong enough to pass the entrance exam, both written and practical. There was no way she'd allow her dream to pass her by, and UA was lauded as the school where the best heroes went. Sara was going to be the best hero ever.


  • Calligraphy
  • Fast, agile
  • Painting
  • Carving things
  • Photography
  • Cooking


  • Solo player
  • Stubborn
  • Overexertion can lead to unpredictable behavior
  • Reckless
  • Afraid of her own quirk going out of control

Opinions of Other Students: (Completely Optional)
Suzu Fuchizaki- "Devil boy. He an I are so alike. I gotta work harder to stand out. Hah, at least I'm ready to go at a moment's notice! He takes forever to get ready!"
Azuha Shouya- "Quiet kid. He's smart enough to know how to stay out of my way! Plus, he asks me a bunch of questions about my quirk that I can't really answer. I mean... my second transformation is still pretty scary and stuff. It's easier to lie and say I'm as tiger as I'm going to get."
Yuzuki Matsuda- "Fast girl. Ha, she might be faster than me! Well, she's got a high cost to her abilities, even higher than mine. I'm surprised that she wants to do hero work. She seems like the snotty rich kid type."
Nishinoya Ayeesha- "Bouncy girl. I wanna have a race with her to see who is faster at some point. Gotta show her than all flash and no substance gets her nowhere in the hero gig. Plus she's a brat who needs to lose."
Matsuoka Momoko- "Shy but loud girl. She screams to fight, but I've never seen her talk up much. Like, ever. Maybe it's fitting that she has to yell in order to do her job."
Takagi Sunemizaki- "Villain girl. And people call me evil. In a way I can understand her desire to be a hero. However, I just don't see why yet. She seems to enjoy being just plain creepy."
Maria Amanar- "Puppet girl. I don't like those dolls of hers. They're super creepy. She's also creepy because she looks like those dolls of hers. I don't really want to be on her bad side."
Mezame Nemuke- "Nap kid. Her power seems pretty useless to me. But then again, a lot of heroes have powers that seem like that on the surface. The point is to figure out the best way to use it. However, she seems to think it's all a game."
Renji Mizukomaru- "A guy. Fairly average. Fairly boring. His hair is way more exciting than the rest of him. I see him with his headphones in more often than not. I can't blame him. I would rather not work with others if I didn't have to."
Katsumi Himura- "Teleport guy. He's going to end up on the wrong side of my claws if he teleports behind me. He's too soft and nice for this work. You gotta be tough, curse it! Pretending that you like emotional conflict is a coward's move!"


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Ozaki Hoshi

black Name: Ozaki Hoshi
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Japanese

[fieldbox="Quirk, black, solid"]

Type: Composite Transformation

Justice allows Hoshi to summon a divine guardian from within his body by invoking the need for "righteousness". Seeming to appear from the glow in Hoshi's eyes, Justice is able to physically materialize within a range of thirty square feet. (Three square meters.) Possessing an independent will and the capacity to speak and reason, Justice is only able to utilize its maximum power against foes it deems "wicked", "evil", and who appose "righteousness".

The extent of its physical manifestation allows Justice strength on par with an average adult male. Agility, Stamina, Reflexes, and all other physical abilities are also on the level of an average human male. The only exceptions to this are its speed and durability. With speed akin to teleportation, Justice appears to jump between points in space almost instantaneously. Likewise, its durability seems ridiculously resistant to all manner of attack.

Additional to the ability of physical manifestation, Justice possess emitter traits. Able to make use of solar manipulation in the form of energy beams and lunar manipulation in the form of reflective mirrors. It is a composite hybrid of the Celestial Quirks belonging to Hoshi's parents.
[/fieldbox][fieldbox="Quirk Weakness, black, solid"]
Given Justice's immense capability as a quirk there are several pitfalls that inhibit the use of its power. The chief one being that it requires Hoshi to be fighting a Villain or one deemed "wicked" in order to utilize the full capability of Justice's power. Attacks directed against innocent or virtuous opponents become double-edged in nature and inflict substantial damage to Justice. Additionally, Justice may deem the continued act of attacking innocents as wicked, and act with hostility toward Hoshi.

Furthermore Justice depends greatly on Hoshi's consciousness and line of sight. If Hoshi is unable to rouse his mind and invoke the need of "righteousness" Justice will disappear. Also, areas of space outside Hoshi's field of vision are pockets where Justice is unable to manifest. (Behind Hoshi)[/fieldbox][fieldbox="Equipment, black, solid"]

With an abundance of pocket space from his preference for coat fashion. Hoshi carries a variety of everyday items in what he deems the "Everyday Rookie Detective Set". Pen, paper, binoculars, plastic bags, tweezers, a camera, and flashlight are just the basics. In addition to all this he carries two essential items to his Hero Costume.

A pair of white velvet gloves so as not to ruin possible evidence. And a custom mask crafted to protects his face and identity. Coming equipped with a small filter within the bridge of the nose, the mask can act as a temporary gas mask for several minutes. In addition the lenses can be swapped to allow black light vision.[/fieldbox][fieldbox="Personality, black, solid"]Hoshi put simply is an outgoing and very curious young man. Tending to initiate conversation without due regard for greetings and formalities, he subscribes to a laid back friendliness. Posing more questions than answers, listening more than talking, yet not making every conversation out to be an interrogation. He shares many similarities with middle aged detectives depicted across modern television shows and crime fiction. Carrying a matured sense of the world, alongside a great bias toward the police force. Both are a result of his past and immense affection for his grandfather and co-workers. Displayed as more than simply arrogant, there are times Hoshi seems to downright look down on Heroes and their actions. Citing how they often cause horrendous property damage all for the sake of the chase.

Opinions and habits aside Hoshi is rather observant and methodical. Taking into consideration things many neglect or thinking through a battle strategy down to the seconds. He in some cases suffers from overthinking things and fails to see the simple solutions. Instead relying on complex and sometimes convoluted answers to problems. Additionally, when assuming the role of MASKED JUSTICE his personality and manner of speech transform. Speaking in third person as MASKED JUSTICE and using archaic forms of words such as "Thee". He animates a persona of what he believes to be a lawful Hero.[/fieldbox][fieldbox="Backstory, black, solid"]

Hoshi's past is one marred by the murky tragedy surrounding his parents. Taking place when Hoshi was but eight, the details of the event remain scarce due to a lack of witnesses. However, what is known is that while combating an unknown Villain Hoshi's mother the "Moon Goddess" was killed in action. The investigation that followed the incident abruptly drew attention as it pointed to his father the "Sun Knight" as the culprit. The condition in which her body was found had the distinct trademark scars of his previous battered enemies. Seemingly to validate this suspicion Hoshi's father soon after disappeared for several years only to resurface later as a Villain. His last words to Hoshi as he remembered them had been. "My light... My light has gone out... It's dark... so dark..." Before he left muttering he had to find his "light" once more. Hoshi has not seen him since.

Left with no parents and an orphan, his grandfather intervened and took responsibility for him. At the time working as the chief of police and dealing with the rise of Heroes and Villains. It was not an easy task for him to raise young Hoshi with a proper environment. Instead of a loving pair of parents, a mother for affection and a father for security. Hoshi instead was raised by an old man who's world view had gone cynical in the face of everyday corruption and sin. Thankfully, his grandfather's co-workers were willing to pitch in on the endeavor. Growing up surrounded by a grand cast of personalities dedicated to the preservation of law and order. Hoshi was instilled with fondness and obsession for justice and the lives of everyday citizens.

Taking his grandfather's complaints about Heroes to heart alongside his collection of old comics. Hoshi decided he would become the type of Hero that helped the police and thought before he acted. One who wouldn't abuse their quirk in the pursuit of evil, and who would uphold and promote law and order not simply Heroics. He would aim to change the Hero ideology itself and one day bestow the recognition and appreciation the police force rightfully deserved. [/fieldbox][fieldbox="Talents & Weaknesses, black, solid"]
black + Observation
+ Memory
+ Discipline
+ Deduction
+ Conversation
+ Chess
+ Harmonica

black - Lawful
- Jokes
- Tea
- Comics
- Names

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