My Friend, My Ally

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  1. Emberlynn sat on the beautiful green hill that overlooked the great city of Goldenrod. She was ecstatic to be back in her home region. Her pokemon had done a lot of battling recently so it was now time for them to rest. She let them all out.

    "Alright guys! Time to play!" throwing her pokeballs into the air, all of them appeared in front of her.

    Her Gyarados towered over her other pokemon, naturally. He was her father's so she always treated him with the utmost care. Then there was Jolteon who was already by her side. Jolteon didn't like pokeballs. He and her were attached to eachother to the hip. Then there was Weavile. She was a bit selfish and arrogant, but she came through in a pinch. Then there was her newest pokemon, Axew. He was a sweetie and always tried to help anyway he could. Then came Lucas. He was named after her deceased brother and is a proud Lucario. Houndoom soon followed, laying down in the soft grass. He was a bit laid back, but also very protective of Emberlynn.

    All of her pokemon were precious to her like they were her own children. She always treated them with the utmost care. But somehow, she felt she was neglecting them. They had no friends besides the ones they've made with each other. Since she came back to Johto, it was about time for her to make some new friends, that way her pokemon were taken care of in all aspects, but for now, she would let them run around and have some fun. Who knows? Maybe a trainer headed to Goldenrod would stop by and pay her and her pokemon a visit!
  2. "This road is too long..." complained the young girl. Krystal's goal was to explore more of the Johto region, since she was always stuck in her hometown, Azalea Town. Her parents, a scientist and a ranger, all did something memorable. Feeling that small feeling of being left out, Krystal was determined to find something she could return with, to make the town proud of make her parents acknowledge her.

    Her one and only partner, Vulpix, slept in her arms. She, too, had a carefree attitude just like her owner. Ever since Krystal's third birthday, that young Vulpix had stayed by her side no matter where they went. When she had to go to school, Vulpix would always sneak in her backpack. To the doctor's office, Vulpix was there, comforting her.

    Krystal stopped at a hill and sighed of relief, "Finally...a place to rest for awhile.." As she trudged up the steep hill she tripped on a small rock and fell backwards with a loud squeak exiting her mouth.
  3. Jolteon's ears perked up. Had he heard something. Emberlynn looked to Jolt.

    "What's wrong Boy? You hear something?"

    Lucas walked over to her to. He had the special ability to speak using his aura. He could understand pokemon and humans alike.

    "Emberlynn, there is someone or something off in the distance about 2 miles away..."

    Emberlynn's eyes widened.

    "You can hear that far away Lucas? How come you've never told me before?"

    Lucas shrugged.

    "I found it to be irrelevant at the time. Anyway, whoever it was, they let out a little squeak. I don't know if they are in trouble or what, but maybe we should go see if they need any help..."

    Emberlynn nodded.

    "Ok, let's go! Thanks for telling me Lucas! Come on everyone!" All of her pokemon followed her. She returned Gyarados to his ball and the rest followed with ease.
  4. Vulpix ran around Krystal in circles, confused on how to help her.

    "NYA....It suck's being me..."

    She tried to stand up on her two legs. They both wobbled and couldn't hold her up, therefore, Krystal fell again once more. Vulpix, worried for her partner, decided to run off and get some help. It wasn't long until she crashed into something yellow. Turns out it was a Jolteon.

    Krystal stared at the pokemon. "Huh?"
  5. Jolteon barked. Emberlynn appeared over the hill. It seems Lucas had been right. Of course, Lucas was usually right. She bent down and held out her hand to the vulpix.

    "Tell us, little one, do you have a master? If so, where is she?"

    Lucas listened to the vulpix and nodded, turning to Emberlynn.

    "The vulpix says her master is hurt and can't stand up..."

    "What are we waiting for? Let's go help her! Lead us there, little one"

    Emberlynn proceeded to follow the little vulpix until it lead them to her master. Emberlynn ran over to the girl.

    "Are you ok?"
  6. Vulpix let out a cry as they reached Krystal. She nearly leaped on her shoulders. Krystal on the other hand was staring at the trainer standing before her eyes. Her blond hair wasn't as bright as the girl's, but it didn't matter to her. A small yet slightly crooked smile formed on her face.

    "Hehe...sure...." She tried standing up again. "See? Al- OW!" This time, Krystal actually tripped over the roots of a tree. "Er...not really."

    Krystal's partner let out a small howl like noise, as if she was telling her to stop hurting herself even more.
  7. Emberlynn looked to Lucas who helped her up. Emberlynn nodded and Thanked Lucas.

    "It's ok. You don't have to lie around me. I am very trustworthy. The name is Emberlynn and I'm a Pokemon Trainer and a bit of a Tournament Junkie...And you are?"

    Emberlynn extended her hand to the girl. She wanted her to know that she could be trusted.

    "That Vulpix you have is a beautiful pokemon...If it weren't for her, we would have never found you. You have a great partner there...A real keeper!"

    Emberlynn's pokemon all gathered around to take a look at the trainer. Emberlynn threw a glare their way.

    "Back off guys. Let the girl breath. I love you guys to death, but being up in someone's business is not the nicest way to greet someone" She looked over at the girl, the offer of her hand still extended.

    "Sorry about them. They are a little curious. The only time they meet other trainers is when they battle against their pokemon..."
  8. Krystal let out a smile and shook Emberlynn's hand.

    "Hehe thanks for saving me there..." She laughed nervously. "By the way I'm Krystal~! I just started on my journey." Krystal glanced at the five remaining in her party and her eyes widened. "Woah!! So many pokemon~ I bet you must be an experienced trainer no? Anyways, what were you doing up there? I thought trainers like you would be training."

    Vulpix nudged Krystal's feet signaling that she was getting a bit off topic and pulled at her sleeve.
  9. Emberlynn nodded, helping Krystal up.

    "Nice to meet you Krystal. And Yes, I'm an experienced trainer. But i hope to be more than just that. I want my pokemon to rise to the top of every challenge put in their way. I want to show them that they are capable of doing anything!" She put Krystal's arm around her shoulder and helped her to the spot where she had been sitting until just recently, setting Krystal down gently and bandaging up her wounds.

    "I'm mostly a fan of electric pokemon, but I train with all kinds of pokemon. They are all my best friends! And I would be training, but me and my friends just completed a tournament and are trying to rest. After all, winning 2nd place in a competition isn't easy" She pulled out Gyarados' pokeball.

    "These aren't all my friends. I have one more. He's a bit big, I'm warning you now, but he is the sweetest pokemon a trainer could ever have, not to mention a great battler. He used to be one of my dad's pokemon. Come on out Gyarados!" she tossed the ball into the sky, far from them so he didn't come out so close to them. He towered over them as Emberlynn stood up and walked over to him, patting him. He put his head down and Emberlynn patted his head.

    "What I tell you? He's a sweetie!" She walked over and ushered all of her pokemon to circle around, but not too close.

    "This is Weavile. She's a bit arrogant and proud, but very strong! Next to her is the newest addition to my family, Axew. He's the sweetest! Next to him is my pal Lucas. He's a lucario and he always is protecting me along with my pal Jolteon here! Houndoom is very loyal as well and comes through in a pinch! Sorry to overload you, I'll shut up. You must be tired and want to rest, am I right?"
  10. Krystal stared at all of the pokemon with her jaw hanging. Her eyes widened like a little kid when she got her first present.

    "Heh it's fine! They are so CUTE~ KYA~" She made a 180 turn and picked up Vulpix. "This is Vulpix~ She's my first and only pokemon at the moment. I got her for my third birthday but she didn't have a pokeball like Jolteon. I guess she didn't like it in there or something like that. She's always been by my side. I mean like ALWAYS. I remember once when my family took a vacation on a cruise ship, it didn't allow pokemon. Sad huh? Anyways, I was super depressed during the week until I found something moving in my bag. I found it pretty strange so, like any other person, I went to investigate it."

    She pet the sleeping pokemon on her lap and continued with her story. "When I opened it, Vulpix was sitting there! I'd never thought she would miss me that much." She stretched her legs across the soft grass and laid down, staring into the clouds.

    "I'm a long way from home...I wonder if my parent's miss me or not.."
  11. Emberlynn laid on the grass, her pokemon going to play with each other.

    "I'm sure they do. Mine do. They live in cianwood city. My parent's are pokemon breeders...They called me a while ago when I was in Eckruteak city and asked me how I was doing...Told them I was great! Cause I am feeling just awesome now...Although...I'd be better if my boyfriend were with me right now..." Emberlynn sighed, turning to her side and smiling softly to herself.

    "James and I were childhood friends. But when we started getting older, he started developing feelings for me. It was the same for me too. When we turned 16, we started to date and have been dating ever since....I'll be 18 next year..." She reached out her hand so Krystal's vulpix could sniff it.

    "Your Vulpix is a beautiful pokemon, not to mention sweet. Maybe she'd like my ninetails! I have way more pokemon in the pc! Albeiit that most of them are electric types, but I have mostly a variety...maybe I can show you someday! Oh wait, I forgot to ask. Where are you from?"
  12. "I'm from Azalea Town! I've bet you've been there before right? Its a great place to just sit around and relax. However, if Slowpokes aren't your kind of pokemon, then you just gotta deal with it, if you know what I mean. The place is great and all but I had that feeling to explore the whole world."

    "Got any tips on trying to catch any pokemon? I've been having rotten luck... All of them just keep getting away!" Krystal let out a sigh of exasperation. "I don't know how you guys do it so easily! Everyone makes it look so easy."
  13. Emberlynn chuckled a bit.

    "It's simple really, once you get the hang of it. But I don't think it's the pokemon that's an issue. You might want to train your vulpix a bit more. She's a beautiful pokemon, don't get me wrong, but it looks like she needs to be trained just a bit more...You want to battle me and my axew? My axew needs some training as well!"

    Emberlynn was all about helping new trainers get on their way. She had met many along the way and they all had the same problem. They hadn't trained their starter that much, therefore, catching pokemon was a bit harder than usual. Emberlynn had to learn the same lesson when she got Jolt. She ushered Axew over.

    "You up for it? Axew's just a starter too, so we'll go easy on you!"
  14. Krystal jumped up from the ground. "Really?? That'd be great!" She motioned for her Vulpix to come forth. Curious of what was going on, Vulpix tilted her head. "We're going to have our first battle!" Vulpix, who wasn't fond of the idea, cowered and stood behind Krystal's legs. "Hey, think about it this way. Our first step on our journey! Our awaited day when we finally move forward!" Liking that thought more, she immediately jumped forward.

    Krystal gave Emberlynn a thumbs up. "Ready when you are!"
  15. Emberlynn gave Krystal a Thumbs up, telling her she was good to go. Axew jumped out, ready to battle.

    "Alright Axew, let's start things off with Leer!"

    Axew leered at the small vulpix. Emberlynn didn't like these attacks, cause they lacked the certain pizazz she usually had with her pokemon battles, but throwing Jolteon against her vulpix would have been a no contest.

    "Now, let's really get this battle started with a scratch attack! GO!" Axew charged at the vulpix, doing his best to attack with all he had. Emberlynn wanted to avoid using dragon rage if at all possible. Her axew knew it, but that would be complete overkill.
  16. Vulpix fell backwards from the impact, but got up instantly with an eager attitude. Krystal remembered what her dad told her. Not all trainers win by using brute strength. You have to build a strategy. Brain beats brawn more than half of the time.

    "Vulpix, use Confuse Ray! Then a Quick Attack right after!" Vulpix lifted her head and a greenish orb formed. She successfully hit Axew and finished her attack with Quick Attack.
  17. Axew fell to the ground. He struggled to get up due to the confuse ray. Emberlynn shrugged. She couldn't do anything while he was confused, but it was worth a shot.

    "Go for it Axew! Use Scratch once more!"

    Axew stumbled across the field and confused a tree for Vulpix. Emberlynn sighed.

    "Silly dear, that's a tree, go get vulpix!" Axew shook his head, quickly getting over the confuse ray. He ran at Vulpix, using scratch once more. It had been a while since Emberlynn battled at this kind of pace. But it would be good for the always quickly moving trainer. She had to learn to slow down sometimes.
  18. Vulpix fell into a patch of grass and struggled to stand up once again. However once she did, she was mesmerized by the presense of a single puffy dandilion. Krystal shouted, "Vulpix! What are you doing?" She ran to Vulpix. Once she caught sight of her, Krystal chuckled to herself. Vulpix was rolling around the grass blowing on the small dandilion as if she was having the time of her life.
  19. Axew waddled over, a bit entranced by the dandilions himself. Emberlynn giggled.

    "You guys are so funny!" She bent over and hugged the small Axew, laughing as she played with the Axew. Once they were done, however, she got up. She looked at Krystal.

    "Your vulpix basically needs more training. Train it more and you'll catch more pokemon...Say, I know of a perfect place for you and your Vulpix! It's a little battle club for starters that is held in my hometown. That is where I trained my eevee. I'll take you there if you want to see it! It would be a perfect place for your vulpix to train!"
  20. "Yeah I know...Vulpix and I aren't the best at fighting. Hehe." spoke Krystal as she scratched her head. She sat down on the pile of grass Vulpix rolled over. "Maybe the battle club could help us..." She looked at the dominating towers of the city beside them. "Goldenrod City is your hometown? Wow! You must be a people person then!"

    Vulpix tilted her head and stared at her master. Even she knew that not all people from there had the same kind of personality.