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    ‘Just this once. No one’s paying attention, so I guess it’s alright to....’ A young woman hesitantly came to a halt in front of the pet shop. By default, her facial expression constantly consisted of dullness, but an apparent brightness lit up her jade irises as they caught sight of what was on the other side of the window. In a glance, one would not think she was the kind of girl to admire ‘cute things’, but she did--in utter secrecy, that is. And what she favored among the cuteness category was definitely limited to mainly animals and nothing much else. Through the extensive display window, numerous puppies carelessly romped around in their play pen. When they took notice of the woman’s presence through the display window, they literally climbed all over one another just to reach her. Smirking faintly, Asherra gently placed a palm against the glass. Several of the puppies leaned up against the glass on their hind legs, furiously licking at the spot in which her palm had been placed. “If I could, I would take all of your asses home, but...well, you know how most apartment policies are.”

    Sighing with almost complete inaudibility, Asherra decided that it was time to move on. “I’ll come back this weekend to spend time with you all. Right now, I’ve got some studying to do.” After technically talking to herself, for the pups didn’t know what in the world she was saying--let alone it was uncertain as to whether they would even be able to perceive her words through the thick glass, she turned and resumed her walk home. She had just completed her day at college, and in all honesty, she was looking forward to going home to study, take care of what all else she needed to do, and generally relax on the Friday afternoon. Waist-length light brown hair rested over a black book-bag that looked as if it would greatly burden her slender stature, although to her, it felt like she was carrying an empty book-bag. If she’d been shorter than her height of 5’6”, she would appear incredibly out of place with the huge book-bag. Her light hair color contrasted vastly with her entire ensemble, which included nothing but dark hues. Loose dark blue cargo pants, black boots, and a fitted black T-shirt that actually didn’t conceal her slim curves. It was one of her favorites, unveiling that she valued simplicity on occasion in her fashion sense.

    She would have probably been off to work if not for her boss kindly offering to pay for her living expenses, which truly wasn’t much for an agency so large. It was the least he could do, considering that she did essentially work for free as an ‘agent’...but Asherra had never felt that he owed her anything since he did raise her after the unexpected incident. Approximately a quarter of a mile away from home, the young female became aware of something...rather peculiar. Well, it was not necessarily odd, but something certainly stood out with scene. Up ahead, a young man that looked to be around her age was merely standing in the middle of the sidewalk, glancing around with a ‘lost’ or dazed expression on his face. ‘What’s wrong with him? Is he lost?’ she mused, raising a brow as her pace slowed. He really looked genuinely disturbed by something, and it wasn’t in Asherra to completely ignore him as most of the people around here did. She didn’t blame them though.

    Most didn’t even notice the lad, nor did the ones that notice have time for him on their busy schedules. Some most likely thought he was just another ordinary lunatic. Perhaps it was due to her various abilities, but she could sense that that wasn’t the case. If Asherra didn’t have such a conscience, she’d have probably continued on about her business as well. However, as an agent, it was kind of her job to discreetly ensure that everyone was relatively safe and alright. Eventually, she was close enough to speak to him. In spite of her strong dislike for social events in general, she spoke in her usual casual manner. “Excuse me...?” she mildly queried to get his attention. “Are you alright? ...Do you need help with something?” she added, her trademark straight expression shining through. Her notions began to swim heavily at that very instant. ‘I knew this guy wasn’t normal. I’m detecting a high energy level from him. Better keep my guard up, just in case.’ she mused, mentally frowning. Unfortunately, the ‘just in case’ part was always somehow proven to be the correct case. Hopefully, it would not be the case today.

  2. Aiden stood in one single spot looking at his surroundings, his breathing was rapid like he was hyperventilating. His pale blure eyes looked around at the people who passed him and looked at their gadgets. His hands and body hurt like hell from the battle he was previously in. Looking down at his body he realized that his shirt was cut up and he could barley call it a shirt, his loose jeans were fine except they had cuts anad dirt with a hint of blood on them.

    He sighed and ran his hands through his short hair trying to remember everything that had happened recentally. He was fighting Zion in the outer abandoned outland, he was about to win when Boom! anad then he was here, standing on the sidewalk with people walking around him like he was a street rat that they'd never bother with a day in their lives. What amazed him was the devices they were using. He had cellphones but they here think and small and didn't looked anything like the ones he was looking at now.

    Hearing a female voice snapped him out of the trance he was in and he turned to see as girl standing infront of him. He was quite taller than her being 6'2, he had a defined muscle build and tatto's on his right arm. As Aiden looked at the girl the first things he looked at were her eyes, they were... distracting to say the least. " I were am i? im not okay i was in a battle and now im here..where is this?". He looked down at his slight brusies and cuts. " Im fine".
  3. Upon scanning the young man over, Asherra realized that....he certainly didn’t look like he was...from around here. Not at all. Physically, he appeared to be a very ‘good’ way, in Asherra’s opinion. Where had he come from in the first place? As she had waited for the male to speak, she noted his tall stature, which made her feel much more petite than she actually was since she had to glance up to him. And his defined muscularity... This guy had to be an athlete of some sort, with that kind of build. There were minor cuts and bruises scattered all over him, his shirt had nearly been torn to shreds, and blood was evident on his jeans. If she had to make an educated guess on his athletic occupation, she would say that he was a fighter. She was taken aback to hear him state that he was fine nonetheless. She would’ve been far more stunned if she hadn’t sensed his energy level beforehand. Asherra’s eyebrows immediately rose with faint surprise when the man had asked where he was. Her former straight expression was quick to convert to a look of curiosity.

    How did he not know where he was? Had he, perhaps, been knocked out during the battle only to have waken up in an unfamiliar place? Who in the world was this guy?? “You’re in a town called Tinnstead. I know. Horrible name, but does it ring any bells?” It was apparent that he was not a resident of this town, but even so, most of the people that lived in surrounding areas had at least heard of the place. So, by questioning about whether the town name sounded familiar to him, she would be able to figure out if he lived in a surrounding town or not. Alas, why did she get the feeling that he was farther from home than ever before? Perhaps it was merely her pessimistic thoughts kicking in. “You say you’re fine, but to be honest with you...well, you look pretty messed up from your...battle...” She thought it was a bit of a peculiar way to refer to a mere fight as a ‘battle’, but...maybe it truly was a fight of such a large scale...? “If you want, I can help you with your wounds. I’m headed home anyway.”

    Sure, it would be risky for anyone to invite a stranger to their home, but...she’d take her chances. Besides, she had committed acts in the past that had been riskier than this. After all, it wasn’t like she was helpless. If need be, she was perfectly capable of defending herself. However, she would just have to be a little more cautious, what with his abnormal power level. His wounded state would not bring her natural guard down. That would be naive of her to do so. Despite what the young man had said, he was still technically lesioned. Situations such as these called for somewhat ‘risky’ actions every now and then. It couldn’t be helped.

  4. As he looked at the female he felt his chest tighten and he slightly winced in pain. His wounds were minor but to other people they must have seemed to be major by the way they were looking at him. When the girl said he was in a town called Tinnstead he shook his head in disbelif knowing this was not all where he should be. " I..this is not right..what is Tinnstead? where is Gradon?". He shook his head and looked over at the cars that drove on the street, they were modern and looked nothing like the cars he saw at home.

    A small smile formed on his face. " Yeah well cuts and bruises like this dont phase me at all that much, but the battle was great if only i had defeated Zion". Leaning against the wall he nodded slowly. " Yes i would appreciate that very much, mabey you could help me with finding my way around this". He found it strange that a girl like her would stop and make conversation with him, everyone esle acted like he didn't exist but she was diffrent and it intruged him. Looking around one last time he looked at the peoples attire and then at his, he clearly didn't fit in and he was beginning to feel uncomfortable.
  5. “Tinnstead is...the town you’re in...” Asherra began with faintly dilated optics, preparing to ask him if he was absolutely positively sure that he was alright...until he questioned about where Gradon was. She sent him a momentarily blank expression, eyes widening a tad more. “Uhhh, Gradon...?? ........Never heard of it.” she replied, shaking her head. She was aware of most of the names of various towns throughout the region. It was required of her to be knowledgeable of such things as an agent, so the fact that she hadn’t even heard of Gradon unsettled her slightly. This man must indeed be extremely far from his home, as she’d hoped wasn’t the case in the first place. Ah, well--first things first. Removing him from the streets in his current condition would be the first ideal move. Afterwards, she’d attempt to figure out where....Gradon was. As he mentioned that cuts and bruises such as the current ones he possessed didn’t phase him, she smirked and folded her arms.

    “You’re pretty tough huh? Most people would be crying and whining about so many wounds by now.” she said, partially joking. It would have been nice if that statement were a complete joke, but alas, it was not. There were a lot of wimps around here, to say the least. However, the young woman paused as he had mentioned someone named Zion--the one he had been battling. Who was Zion exactly? Well, little did she know that Zion was actually the space-bending bad guy that she had been after for quite some time. Of course, she didn’t realize that he was referring to the same enemy because she did not know his name. Perhaps she would question about that later, after taking him back to her apartment. A mild smile resurfaced when the man said he would appreciate it. “Sure, I don’t mind helping you find your way around this town afterwards.” she responded to him with a single nod of her head. Soon enough, she had turned on the heels of her feet, in the same direction she had been going prior to stopping. Instinctively, she tightened up her book-bag’s straps as she walked forward.

    “My place isn’t too far from here. Just down the street and around the corner.” she commented casually, subconsciously blowing the bangs away from her vision. On the side of her bustling mind, she continued to ponder about where in the world Gradon was, as well as who this guy actually was. He was quite an interesting fellow--she could already tell that much. And that was aside from his apparent power. Her current power level was quite low at the moment, allowing her to blend in with the others. It naturally fluctuated to lower levels when she was not directly using her power or tapping into it. Though, her true level of power was certainly much higher than the current state it was set on.

  6. The girl gave him a blank looked when he mentioned his town and he felt stupid for even saying it, the girl had no clue what he was talking about or where his town was. He frowned for a moment trying to think of how he could get back and what exactly did he have to do to get back. Aiden knew it was harder than it seemed because he had no clue how things worked where he was at. The pedestrians looked at him like he was a crazy person for having cuts like it wasnt normal. It was normal where he came from.

    " Actually yes i am pretty tough and these people here are obviously affraid of a little scuffle". He chuckled slightly before following her and repating what she said, " Just down the street and around the corner". He paused. " Miss may i ask what your name is? My name is Aiden and it is a pleasure to meet you". He bowed slightly before smiling. His body was weak but he ignored it, all the fighting and use of his powers was making him tired quicker than he thought but he ignored it and countinued walking.
  7. Asherra smirked at his remark about how the people around here appeared to be afraid of a little scuffle. “Ha. No truer words have ever been spoken.” she agreed as she trudged along, but came to a temporary halt when he had paused. He asked for her name and introduced himself, all prior to bowing slightly. It certainly wasn’t everyday one would bow towards her even slightly, or ask for her name for that matter. Though, she smiled at the polite gesture nonetheless. “It’s Asherra. And the pleasure is all mine, Aiden.” For someone that didn’t like socializing, she most certainly wasn’t horrible at it. However, it could have been because she didn’t mind speaking to him at all. On the contrary, she liked the interaction between him thus far and that wasn’t a very common feeling for her. I mean, she possessed a somewhat friendly demeanor in spite of her desire to avoid socializing, but it was definitely rare for her to want actually prolong something like that. Well, after the introductions were made, she continued her pace until they had arrived at a small apartment complex.

    Her own apartment was close to the entrance, so it didn’t take much longer to reach the ultimate destination. Asherra swiftly fished out her key to unlock the door, and to her dismay, she was met with a cluttered living room. In one corner laid a small stack of papers. In the adjacent corner, her textbooks were piled high. And at the center, in front of the television, a small array of videogames were slightly scattered about along with a ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ mat. The mess was almost a tad embarrassing, but it wasn’t everyday she had visitors so she tended not to clean up on a daily basis. Her cleaning regimen was more like on a weekly basis, and unfortunately, her cleaning day--Sunday--hadn’t come around for the week just yet. She couldn’t worry about that right now. At the moment, she needed to get her first-aid kit out. Asherra finally relieved herself of the bulky book-bag, dropping it carelessly onto the floor. Its heaviness literally threatened to form a hole where it had fallen, but she disregarded the loud and familiar thud.

    Instead, the young woman turned to him and extended her arms out in an exaggerating manner. “Welcome to humble abode.” she stated in a sarcastic, but joking tone before gesturing towards the couch in front of the television. “Feel free to take a seat while I go get my kit.” And with that, she turned and headed down the hallway to the bathroom where she kept her medicinal supplies. Although Aiden had said he was fine, she still wasn’t so sure. He apparently wasn’t like ‘most people’, but any being would be somewhat tired or weakened after any battle, thus why she had gestured to a seat for him while she searched for her kit.

  8. Aiden smiled when she agreed with his comment he made about the people. He looked into her eyes when she spoke her name and then he tilted his head slightly. " i mean the name, its beautiful". He quickly looked away out of a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. His mind was wandering, he remembered waking up in Gradon, he ate and then went out to train before Zion came. It was annoying that he didn't know how to get back. He had no money, clothes, phone, or any type of way of transport.

    When they reached Asherra's apartment and looked up and examined, his pale blure eyes roaming at the structure and design of the place. " It is a nice home you have". When he followed her inside and looked around the room at all the books and papers it reminded him of his room except he had tranning gear all over the place. He smiled as Asherra extended her hand and he shook it. " Thank you for allowing me into your home". He slightly bowed again before taking a seat and watching her go to get the medical kit. Closing his eyes slowly he relaxed his tense muscles.
  9. Asherra had widened her eyes faintly when he looked into her eyes and heard him say the word ‘beautiful’. ‘Is he...talking about...?’ She began to muse, but trailed off when Aiden corrected himself, specifying that he was referring to her name. “Oh, um, thanks.” She smiled at him, but simultaneously, she was mentally sweat-dropping at herself. ‘Damn, I’m pathetic. To think that he was actually calling me that.’ she thought, shaking her head. After attempting to mentally laugh it off, she had continued on with her brisk walk home with him. Asherra glanced over to him as Aiden commented about her possessing a nice home. “Thanks.” Upon entering, making her sarcastic remark and shaking his hand, she prepared to go off and retrieve the kit, just when he had thanked her for allowing him into her home. “Oh, it’s no problem at all.” she replied prior to running off. After reaching the bathroom, she swung open the medicine cabinet’s doors and quickly grabbed the first-aid kit.

    “Is everything in here?” she queried, once again talking to herself as she peeked inside of the small case to ensure that all of the equipment was inside as it should have been. On occasion, she’d forget to put the supplies back into their rightful places after using them, so she merely wanted to make sure. Closing the kit, she picked it up by the handle and walked back out in the living room. She spotted Aiden on the couch with closed optics, and for a moment, he looked as if he were sleeping. However, she knew he probably hadn’t fallen asleep that quickly...right? Asherra lightly took a seat beside him and opened the kit, pulling out a bottle of antiseptic and couple of cotton swabs to start. “I apologize in advance if I hurt you with this. I’m usually just treating myself, so I need a bit more practice working on others...” she told him all the while dipping a cotton swab into the antiseptic.

  10. Aiden was in the state of resting. Thats what the people called it at him home, it was like a form of self calming but people confused it with meditation. When he was young he used to do it all the time before he trained or when to sleep. In this case he was doing it to calm his body and himself from the slight stings on his body. It haden't hurt before but now the pain was kicking in that his body was at its weak state.

    When he heard Asherra's voice he opened his eyes to see her with the medical kit. He smiled at the comment and then nodded. " Its okay I usually tend to my wounds too". He pulled off his tattered shirt so that she could tend to the wounds on his body. Looking at her he couldn't help but smile warmly and he didn't know why. She's beautiful. He thought to himself as he watched her dip the fluffly white ball into some atiseptic.
  11. ‘Wow...’ was her first thought upon glancing back up to him. Why? Because with the removal of what was left of his shirt, she was able to see just how well-toned his torso really was. Not only was this fellow obviously handsome, but he was rather built too. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a well-built body before. He must work out...quite a lot.’ she mused with astonishment. That could’ve explained why she was mildly staring at him, but thankfully, she had caught herself before the staring became...awkward and/or somewhat rude. It was then that she noticed his warm smile, and the genuine trait of his smile made a light smile of own form. “Ah, okay... Now where to start...?” she asked herself aloud, eventually deciding to start with the arm closest to her. Attentively, she dabbed his first cut with the damp swab. Since they weren’t too large, but plentiful, she didn’t need to oversaturate the cuts with antiseptics. In fact, a single wipe was all that was needed to properly disinfect each cut.

    She’d give multiple rubs if the cuts were larger, though. In the process, she kept her eyes active to ensure that she wasn’t staring too hard at any region of his torso. She also kept an eye on him for any signs of discomfort. The current situation at hand was odd and unfamiliar, but...interesting nevertheless. She had never been this close to a guy before--she rarely donated time for such relationship, let alone had she ever touched one in the areas she was required to for disinfecting purposes. Of course, it was strictly in order to clean the lesions as mentioned before, but still... “Alright, I’m all done.” she announced, sitting erect again. “At least, I think I am. Were those all of your wounds?” She had only focused on the torso area, apparently not wanting to invade his personal space on the lower half. If there were wounds there, she would have to let him take care of those on his own.

  12. He watched as she cleaned his wound. Closing his eyes he kept his breathing leveled. Her touch was something else....gentle and yet very much tempting. A female never touched his body before as in skin contact, usually he had a shirt on or jacket but never bare chest. Aiden winched slightly at the pain. When he caught her looking at his body he smiled and then allowed her to finished tending to his wounds. When Asherra said she was done and asked if that was all his wounds he nodded. " Yes thank you very much".

    Looking around the room he stared at the piles if papers and books that were visable. " Um so what do you do? Are you a writer?". He didn't want to invade her space and ask her questions but he was curious to know. He then turned his attention back tword Asherra and he looked at her, his eyes traling down her body before he abruptly looked away at the blank tv screen. " I feel odd here like i dont belong". The one thing he would need to do was get some new clothes, he'd find a job of some sort while he was here to earn some money.
  13. Peculiarly, the girl mentally sighed with a sense of relief when he stated those were all of his wounds. Though, she was indeed glad to have helped him a little. “No problem.” she replied with a petite smile after he thanked her. Then, Asherra blinked at the question he had asked. It wasn’t that she thought the question was an invasion of her privacy, but she certainly was not expecting him to become curious of her hobbies. Jade irises shifted around the room, catching glimpses of the mess that immediately reminded her of cleaning up this Sunday. She chuckled slightly for a moment; perhaps he had asked due to all of the papers and books lying about. “Haha... Well, I do like to write in my spare time, but mainly, I’m just your average college student. All of the papers and books you see lying around are all dedicated to school and nothing more.” A small grin suddenly appeared on her features. “Double-majoring like what I’m doing adds to the workload...and the potential mess...” she partially joked as she rubbed the back of her head.

    Currently, she began to pack the medicinal supplies back into the kit. Upon finishing, she glanced back up and noted his wandering eyes. She could have sworn that they were trailing down her body, but she chose to dismiss it as merely taking notice of her plain attire and the contrast between her fitted black shirt and loose cargo pants. Seeing as how he had just mentioned about how he felt like he didn’t belong here. “Hmm... If you feel that way, maybe I can help you fit in a little better. Perhaps a change of clothes would help? There is a clothing shop nearby.” she suggested thoughtfully. His wardrobe was a tad out of the norm for this town--well, with what was left of it. It merely made her ponder further about where he had come from or in other words, where Gradon, was located. Jokingly, she mused about it possibly being located in a completely alternate dimension. Of course, she had no idea that she was right on cue with her guess.

  14. The way Aherra looked made him regret asking her about what she did do for a living. He nodded when she said she was a college student and she liked to write. " Thats nice, mostly i like to read and train in my spare time". He smiled as he saw the grin on Asherra's face. He was missing his home but he wasn't home sick, he liked traveling and mostly wandered away from home for periods at a time. He was curious about the place he was in and he wanted to atleast look average while doing it.

    When she mentioned that their was a clothing store he smiled suddenly and stood up. " Thats great, i can get some clothes and-". He stopped and felt in his pockets for money only finding a small wad that he carried with him at all times. Putting it back in his pockets he nodded. " Okay i have some money for shoping. Back in his old place everyone knew him and gave him discounts on everything, especially that he sawves the place time to time. Reaching down he intertwined his hands with hers and headed to the door egar like a little kid in a candy store. " im ready, so ready". He smiled warmly and waited to leave.
  15. ‘Reads and trains in his spare time...’ Asherra repeated in her head. It had already been confirmed that he was a fighter--a strong one at that--, but the mentioning of training obliged her to recall her own training sessions. Though, she didn’t say it to him because she felt she needed to keep the fact ‘confidential’. It was the habit of an agent after all, to automatically keep something a secret when it related to the job in some sort of way. The girl watched as Aiden stood up when she suggested going to a clothing shop, optics dilating faintly when all he pulled out was a small wad and stated that he possessed enough money to go shopping with. “, well you may need a little more than that to buy a set of clothes... But I can take care of the rest of the expense.” she offered, knowing that she had a decent amount of money on her. She rarely invested in herself anyway, thus why she possessed a surplus of money now. A surprised expression crossed the young female’s feature’s as Aiden suddenly intertwined his hands with hers and led her to the door.

    She laughed softly at his eagerness, pleased to see that he was at least excited about going shopping. She didn’t care much for wardrobe shopping herself, but she didn’t mind going along with him for some reason. Perhaps when the shopping was for someone else, she didn’t mind going as much...unless of course, if it was for someone that took about a year and a half to pick out a single blouse. However, it was inevitable to avoid it forever. Her best bet would probably be to buy something quickly for herself as well. “Alrighty, then let’s go.” she replied in a content tone. Locking the door behind them, she proceeded with leading him to the store. It was nearby just as she had said, for it was right up the street from her complex. Asherra tried focusing on the walk itself, but...she couldn’t help but take notice of the fact that their hands were still in one another’s grasp. And she honestly had no idea why, but it felt...quite nice, to the point it actually made her heart flutter slightly out of pleasant surprise.

  16. Aiden looked down at small wad of cash he had and he sighed. He wish be had brought more money but in Gandon this was all you needed and you gould by seven to eight outfits with it, which made him wonder why their cost of things was more expensive than his.He wasn't the person the had time for shopping for things he liked and needed, he'd usually buy wrappings, bandages, and herbs to bring to the doctor to make a special medicine because some of his wounds werent as easy to heal like regular humans.

    As they walked down the street to the clothing store he noticed a few girls blushing and smiling at him yet he couldn't understand why. When he looked at himself he immidetally knew why, he was shirtless. Looking over at Asherra he looked down at them holding hands and he smiled, it felt comfortable with her and it was strange. Some people were walking their dogs and he watched them, others were walking and texting and then some with a thing attached to their ear talking to themselves. " Why are thoese people talking to themselves?". Stopping infront of the store he stared at the people in the window, non moving and wearing clothes, their skin was pale and they looked emotionless. Aiden pointed to them. " Why are they just standing there, and why so pale? are they hurt?".
  17. Asherra sure would have liked to someday visit his homeland, especially if they didn’t overprice everything like her own home did. “Yeah, things are...pricey here, but as they say in economics, it’s because of limited resources. Something like that.” she commented, shrugging. She figured that if he did come from a place where prices weren’t so inflated, he’d probably be wondering why the prices were high here. While walking to the store, she took a glance around her surroundings. Everything looked to be the norm. People were out walking their dogs, jogging, texting, and so on and so forth. It was then that she took note of the girls that were ogling him due to his shirtless state. She smirked and looked back to him. “Looks like someone’s appreciating your physique...” she teased lightly, acknowledging that she had most certainly appreciated it herself. Greatly at that. Eventually, Asherra heard Aiden’s question about why the person with the device set to their ears was talking to themselves.

    “Oh, they aren’t talking to themselves. They’re actually talking to someone on the other end, with the Bluetooth in their ear. People usually attach it to their cellphones.” she replied, pausing in front of the store with him. She blinked as he pointed to the mannequins and queried about them as well. “They’re just mannequins. They aren’t real or anything. Just there to model outfits and stuff...” She trailed off and stepped into the store, greeting the store owner. Then, she stared up at Aiden for a moment, reflecting. Although she hadn’t questioned him about his interesting inquiries thus far, she was now thinking, ‘Just where in the world is Gradon??’ Asherra, recalling that she was still staring at him, finally spoke up. “Aiden...? In Gradon... Well, do they have...cellphones there?” she asked curiously. She was genuinely pondering now, since it was evident that Bluetooths and mannequins were not in his homeland. She was no longer certain about what was there and what wasn’t, which obliged her to ask him that.

  18. Being away from home was so diffrent, the people, clothes and everything that they did was diffrent. The litle kids were playing on some video game. The kids back home had video games like the ones the kids played with but they were mostly outside hanging out with their friends swimming, on bikes or kid adventures enjoying themselves. It seemed like the majority of people were on their electronics which urked him. Did they know their surroundings? the beautiful landmarks and buildings that were sky high?. He watched as they were on their cellphones and he shook his head. Gandon was deffinitally diffrent from here.

    When they headed into the store he looked both left and right. One side was for the men section and the other female. The clothes were oftly nice and he knew he's enjot being in this store. He smiled at Asherra's comment about his physique. " Well im glad they appreciate it". At the mention of Gandon he looked down at her. " Yes we do have cellphones but people are rarley on it when you can communitacte with people face to face, its much better to me that way. He relased her hand hesitantly and he walked over to the men section of clothing finding a few shirts and pants of his intrest. It was a polo shirt and some cargo pants, their was rugby and some true religion. Walking around he picked up some outfits but but not alot he didn't want her to spend her money. He went and got some underwear and then went over to Asherra in the women section.
  19. Asherra nodded at his response, agreeing with him. It was definitely preferable to talk to loved ones directly rather than on cellphones, and for an instance, she felt a little guilty for speaking to her ‘boss’ face to face only when he possessed a mission for her to complete. She rarely saw him nowadays; it had been that way ever since she started college, but she knew that if she tried, she could make time to visit him instead of occasionally talking to him on the cellphone. People did it because it was simply more convenient for their busy lives, but that was still no excuse. At least not for her it wasn’t. Making time was always possible. However, the girl was still fond of her electronics, though she only used them as an occasional source of entertainment. Other times, she’d enjoy being alone in some secluded forest in the outskirts of town. She had always loved the outdoors. The girl blinked out of her thoughts when she felt Aiden release her hand in order to head to the men’s section of the store.

    She took the cue to move over to the women’s section, reluctantly. There was hardly ever anything that fit her tastes in the women’s section. She knew that it was about time for her to shop though, unfortunately. Aside from not being very fond of most of the clothes, searching for underwear that was of her size was equally tedious. It was another reason why she enjoyed avoiding the shopping trip. Oh well. It was now or never. While waiting for Aiden, she browsed all of the available tops and bottoms. She was pleased to spot a couple of items that she was actually fond of. She grabbed a top and a bottom prior to going over to the underwear section. She wasn’t planning to buy any undergarments since she wasn’t exactly shopping alone today, but something had caught her attention. The size tag to one of the brassieres--was that really...her size?? She couldn’t believe it, and if she didn’t grab it now, who knew when it would show up again? After all, her measurements were complicated and tedious to find due to the fact that her small body frame didn’t really match her cup size.

    ‘I guess I should buy it...’ she thought, trailing off in her thoughts when she finally became aware of Aiden’s presence. And all this time she had been examining the female undergarment so obviously as she rotated it in her grasp... Her optics widened with surprise as she swiftly turned to face Aiden, automatically keeping the bra concealed behind her. “Oh, are you done?” she asked in a casual manner. Why was she hiding the underwear behind her back? She wasn’t so sure why herself. It could have been a mere defense mechanism that had developed over years of being secretive about everything thanks to her ‘job’, perhaps, but who really knew for certain...?

  20. Aiden looked at Asherra as she quickly placed something behind her back. He looked around where they were standing he saw girl underwear. " Um yes im done, but was there something that you wanted to get for yourself?".He leaned forward and looked over her shoulder to see what was behind her back but he couldn't get a good view and he didn't want to look at something she didn't feel comfortable showing him. Walking over to the cash register he placed the clothes on the counted and they lady rug up the clothes one by one and presssed something on the machine.

    Looking over at Asherra he really wanted to know what was behind her. He let the lady place the clothes in a bag and then tell him the ammount it cost. 47.50. He looked at his small wad and he only came up to 34.00. It wasn't in his nature to take money and he always felt the need to repay the person if he did. Unknowingly he slipped his hand with Asherra and he took the bag ans aited until she paid the lady who was looking at him like he was some god. It kinda ade him uncomfortabe but he didn't say anything instead he looked away.