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  1. Hey! So, this is my first partner search, and I'm looking for MxM partners! Below I'll go over things about what I'm looking for and pairings I'd like to do!

    What I'm looking for...

    Post Length- I can post anything from one paragraph to ten or more, so I'm really up for any post length! It's not a big issue for me as long as we have something to keep the story going with.
    Grammar and Spelling- I'm not looking for you to be perfect, we all make mistakes, all I ask is that you do your best and I will too!
    Dark Themes- I'm okay with any dark themes and I usually quite enjoy having some dark element to a roleplay, it makes it a lot more interesting to me!
    Plot- I like both of us to contribute at least a little to the plot! So let's work together on this okay!

    Most of my characters end up being submissive, so I'm looking for someone to play a more dominant role or someone who switches between.

    (Bold = Role a prefer)

    Master x Slave
    Vampire x Human
    Abused x Abuser
    Demon x Human
    Shy x Flirty
    Abused x Best Friend
    Step brother x Step brother
    Younger x Older
    Bully x Victim
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Prince x Knight
    Nerd x Jock
    Bad Kid x Good Kid
    Student x Teacher

    Anything else you can come up with! I'm very open to everything and so I'd love to hear any plot ideas or pairings that you have to! Reply here or PM me if interested!
  2. Still looking
  3. I would be willing to do Demon x Human, Prince x Knight, or Bad Kid x Good Kid
  4. Oh hey! Cool! I'll PM you!
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Not open for further replies.