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  1. Could also be a female that rps as a male. (I have weakness's and roleplaying FxF is one of them.) PM me if you are interested of course, i am a very open minded person so do NOT get discouraged if you have an idea in mind and wish to tell me about it. I also do not have a set in stone character, i make them up for each rp i am doing. So its unique and fits perfectly to the setting that we create. Though i am looking specifically for romance, we can add other genres to it to spice it all up. Other then action or horror. Those two are weakness.

    A little about me:

    ~Has roleplayed for about 7 years now
    ~Usually does simi para or multi para, depending on mood or partner post...or i try my best to match posts
    ~Likes having fun in a rp and prefers happy endings
    ~Can deal with almost anything. If something comes up she cant deal with then'll find out.
    ~Anything fun but i guess....i seriously prefer older men so keep that in mind.

    RP Ideas:

    ~Anything forbidden honestly
    ~Arranged marriage
    ~Fun stuff....we can think about it when we cross the bridge right, guys?

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  2. Hello there I am quite interested in fulfilling a roleplay with you! I do not mind playing a male part at all, in fact everytime I have played a male part I have always enjoyed the hell out of it! So I am completely open to anything that you are wanting to do, I have been absent off the site for awhile and trying to get back into the swing of things now that the real world isn't getting me down so badly. I was thinking something along the lines of coworkers? One is married and the other isn't? Or whatever you have in mind.
  3. Still looking for partners...just so ya'll know.
  4. Do you like violence in your RPs or strictly romance?
  5. I dont mind violence at all! As long as i dont have to fight much....i REALLY suck at it......ive rleplayed for seven years and i can honestly state i've been told plenty of times that i can stop trying....xD so dont expect much
  6. I totally understand and equally appreciate your honesty.

    Without being rude or ungrateful, i'll probably bow out in that case but please don't take it as me being dismissive or judgmental of your talents.

    Once again, thanks for the prompt and direct reply.
  7. Im not mad or nothing and thanks for understanding. I hope you find a good rp partner ^^
  8. Hello, bored ninja-chan. ^ ^ Still looking for RP?
  9. Hell yes! Always am
  10. Excellent! Shall I PM you? :3
  11. You and anyone else can feel free to PM me without warning. I accept all dah luv~
  12. Dah luv~....*sigh and pouts* give me more luvs people...
  13. Ooh, I'd be interested in a forbidden horron romance genre if you're still looking!
  14. Horror? PM and explain~ *interested*
  15. All of you that message me are so kind and nice! Thank you for givin' me happy memories! Continue to HIT ME UP XD:bananaman::heartbeat::propeller::rotfl::poke::mycookie:
  16. So....still looking if anyone me
  17. I'm looking for 1x1 partners for Overwatch RP, if you're a fan of the game.
  18. No idea what that game is im sorry....T.T
  19. Hmm...still interested in lookin for rp partners.
  20. Hmm I'm interested in doing an rp if your game
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