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    Finally... Finally! The day had come. After many miles and kissing her old small town of - Who cares!- goodbye, she had finally made it to her final destination. Her gaze settled upon the college, her dream. It was just like the pictures. The signage attached to a large wrought iron gate, white against the black and reading 'Orpheus Grand College'. Brick wall wrapping across the main entrance, protecting the school and students from the outside world. Dark green vines wrapped around, layered with some age as the past vines hadn't been removed yet. A garden spread along the front of the main building, bringing a bit of color against the red brick of the main building. Others stretched around it, some newer than others as additions had been made since its creation.

    Then the students... The people that she will be learning with. They scattered across the front lawn, going in and out of the buildings, other freshman unloading their cars as their parents helped and soon waved them off. So many different kinds of people and across the spectrum. A lot more of a change from her small school that was predominantly white to begin with. Apparently small towns didn't attract much of a diversity.

    She parked her vehicle in one of the many parking spots at the school, exiting the old station wagon as she pulled back her strawberry blond curls and tied them up. She went around back, grabbing one of her bags and shoving a box on top of it before wheeling toward the direction of the dormitories. With her map in hand and her eyes glued to the information, she was a pretty reliable target for a run in.
  2. Orpheus Grand College...odd that this one had asked for me by name. Barry thought as he walked with his map in hand around the grounds to locate the buildings that housed his classes. Taking in the two-story buildings, some trees and green grass that looked like it was recently grown, he looked toward the dorms, one of which he would become a resident. Voidborne Hall was the name of the dorm that he'd stay in, and by the text in the booklet which housed the map that he carried with him, the rooms were co-ed approved. He tried not to let it confuse him too much, yet it did with very little prompting.

    What gave him a headache was trying to figure out why he was at the college at all. He had no powers. None of which had shown themselves to him since birth. He didn't seem gifted, and yet, they wanted him here. His life had been a normal one. Well, as normal as one could be. Wishing to think of it no more, he thrust it from his mind and looked again at the booklet in the housing section about the dorm. Voidborne Hall had ten rooms on each floor with two bedrooms in each room, and the building was four stories tall. It meant that there were to be eighty students in that dorm. He hoped that they all would not be in there at one time.

    He usually liked the quiet time to work on what he had to. He also liked to converse with others, but in small groups. Four people max, unless if some occasion called for more. Refocusing on the building, he hoped that his first day wouldn't be as stressful as he feared it might be.
  3. The girl continued on, squinting at the map and trying to figure out the placement of the buildings. She turned the paper over a couple times, but her sense of direction was still failing her. She was glad that her phone managed to assist her on getting her here with GPS but getting to the dorm itself was proving to be more difficult than it required to be. A few more times turning the paper in her hand- maybe it was upside down now?- she ran into someone. She assumed it was someone, anyway. Whatever the surface, she bounced off and into her bag and tripped over it in a marvelous display of grace. Well, lack there-of.

    Her box hit the ground, scattering the array of used notebooks and a tightly filled pencil case to the ground. She gasped at the mess that was made, her face turning dark as the blood rushed to it. Everyone was probably looking at her now.

    "I-I'm so so-sorry. I wasn't paying attention," she stuttered out as she went to work on picking up her things and throwing them back into the box haphazardly.
  4. Barry continued for the dorm, unaware of the fast approaching footsteps behind him until he felt someone collide with him, causing him to stumble. He heard a box and its contents spill out behind him. He turned to see a strawberry blonde behind him, looking up at him, "I-I'm so so-sorry. I wasn't paying attention."

    "It's all right. Please, Miss, let me help you." Barry called to her, kneeling down to help pick up her supplies. Taking notebooks in hand, and looking at her with a hint of worry. "Are you okay?" he asked, extending a hand to help her if she needed it. "You must be in quite the rush. In a hurry to start the day?" He asked, slightly chuckling.
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  5. The girl's gaze connected with the stranger's, her face reddening. She watched as he began to help her pick up her stuff before finishing with one last toss of a notebook and standing up with the thing, situating it carefully on her other bag again. "I... I was just trying to find my dorm. I got a little crazy with the map and lost my bearings. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," she told him, looking away shyly.

    She rolled her bag around slightly before turning her attention to the map again. "I best be going. I'll... I'll see you around campus sometime, right?" she called, taking hold of her luggage again and walking off with it. Her strawberry gold curls bouncing away with her steps.
  6. "Of course." He smiled, watching as the girl walked away quickly. He felt the wind brush against him as he continued toward his dorm. Upon feeling the cold steel of the first door handle, he walked into the building and met another set of steel doors and read the note taped to the door: Scan your ID card. Locate the scanner to the right. Looking to his right, he saw the scanner and removed his card from his wallet; holding it to the scanner, he heard a beep from the scanner and a noise from the door being unlocked. He stepped inside and met with the dorm security at the front desk.

    "Welcome, Mister...?"
    "Ellisworth. Barry Ellisworth." He finished, waiting to be told or shown where his room is.
    "Your room is room 137 on the second floor." He nodded a thank you but was stopped as he turned to walk up the stairs, "If you look to your right past our desk, there is an elevator that will take you to the second or third floor if you prefer to use it."
    "Thanks, but no thanks," Barry stated. He turned slowly, this time, noticing the white paint on the upper half of the walls and the gray paint that covered the lower half touching the floor which was made of white tiles with blue rhombuses in the middle of the squares. He also a plaque near the right door which named the construction crew, the chairman of the college, treasurer, vice president, and president. He also noticed picture frames lined the hall of the first floor near the rooms. They were blank.

    That seemed odd. He shook his head and focused on getting up to his room where there was carpet on the second floor. A light brown carpet covered it. In the division of the two sections of rooms to his right and left, he noticed a room with couches, chairs, tables and a decent sized fireplace. Turning to the right, he walked to his room to the right of him, room 137. Upon reaching the door, he saw a scanner to the right of the door, and a keypad on the door above the handle.

    He scanned his card and walked into the room to see the comforts of home: A small kitchenette with a sink, dishwasher, microwave, and oven. The floor was made of a fine wood flooring with a polyurethane finish. Cabinets lined the wall in the kitchenette area and beyond that was the lounging area. Two couches, one to the right, and one to the left of him with two chairs directly in front of him facing a small wooden square table with glass in the center of it, and two chairs on the opposite side of the table. He saw a large window on the far wall adjacent to the two rooms. He looked to the left and then to his instructions regarding the dorm room.

    He realized that the room on the left was assigned to him. At that, he wondered who his roommate would be. Scanning his card, he unlocked the door to his room to see a small entertainment center with a television resting on it to his left and a full-size bed to the right that rested two feet off of the ground. The room measured about 11 and a half feet by 13 feet, but along the far wall, two feet out of the 13 feet for the width, two feet was subtracted for a small bathroom with a walk in shower with plenty of elbow room.

    Sighing, he placed his bags on the floor and began to unpack.
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  7. She continued to wander around, taking a few circles around campus before finally finding her way to the dorms. With a sigh of relief, and a small comment about how large the campus was, she walked in and fumbled around with her ID card that she had been given at the main building. She received directions from the security at the desk, having him write down the information for her before she went up in the elevator.

    Her gaze fell in awe at the common area as she took in her surroundings. Excitement bubbled up, hoping to see her room soon. She followed the directions on the post-it note she was given to her room, hitting the door on the way through with her bag when it got stuck and her head when she wretched it free. She cursed, rubbing the pained area as she glanced around her knew surroundings, soaking it in. Finally... She was able to start her college experience. First was to meet her roommate, though.

    "I wonder who I'm rooming with, anyway? I know the dorm is co-ed but... That would be embarrassing," she told herself.
  8. Shuffling through his bags, he took out the necessities to make his room feel like home: a gaming console, DVD player, bathroom necessities, place to set his clothes, notebooks, his laptop, and other personal items.

    He looked around his room after setting everything where they needed to be and hooking up everything that he needed to. Taking a deep breath, he grabbed one of his bags, the one containing bowls, cups and glass plates and he headed toward his bedroom door, hearing a door open outside his room.

    Wondering who his roommate was, he opened the door leading out of his room and exited.
  9. The woman heard a door click open and closed and her eyes went up to the same person that she had bumped into in the courtyard. Her face darkened as the blood rushed to it, the ID card she had been fumbling under the scanner falling to the floor instead. She muttered a quick apology as she bent down to pick up the card, raising right up into the scanner and hitting her head off of it.

    "Son of a bitch!" she hollered, pulling away from what she was doing to rub the area of her head she just it. Her gaze went back over to the stranger- did she catch his name at all?- and she blushed again. "S-sorry. I... uhm... I guess we're roommates?"
  10. "Umm...yeah." He stood in a state of shock for a moment and sighed, not knowing what to do next. "Talk about an awkward moment. This is weird." He scratched his head, trying to think of what to do next. "Isn't there a certain method to what people are supposed to do at times like this? A certain rhythm?" He walked over and sat in one of the chairs, letting the silence prevail before he broke it, "My name is Barry Ellisworth. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to introduce myself sooner."
  11. Watching him carefully, she listened to his words as he paced across the room and to one of the plush chairs. She stayed by the door, not making any more to go in but not making any move to walk toward him either. Upon hearing his name, she smiled slightly. "Pleasure meeting you, Barry," she responded, more to test the sound of the name than for pleasantries. "I'm Cadence Harver. A lot of people call me Cady, though."

    She flipped out her ID, now with a bit more ease, and scanned it successfully as she popped open the door and pushed her stuff inside. "I don't know if they mix classes in the dorms but are you a freshman here, too?" she asked, closing the door behind her. She had more of her things to get from her car, after all.
  12. "A pleasure meeting you also, Cadence. I am a freshman. First year. Seems to me like the dorms just serve as the resting place and social gathering for people and the classes may be held in the other buildings. But seeing what kind of college this is, I don't think we'll be going over standard arithmetic or advanced English classes. It ought to be interesting finding out how this will work out." Yet the idea of him having any powers at all still gave him a headache. Why was he called to the school? He never exhibited anything supernatural or anything close in his life. Maybe they made a mistake...
  13. Cadence frowned at his comment about 'the kind of college this is' and tilted her head with a confused expression. I hope I didn't sign up for a party college. Everything looked so amazing here. she thought before shaking the thought from her head. Maybe he meant a college for the gifted or something, hitting the books with something harder than his examples that he listed. That should be right.

    "Right," she responded, pulling her keys out and jingling them slightly. "I have to go back out to my car for a few more things. At least I know where the building is now, so I should be able to make it back safely." Or get lost on the way to my car. Where did I park again?
  14. "Look for Voidborne Hall. There's a sign outside the dormitory. You'll find your way back." He suggested. If this is a college for gifted individuals. I am not doing costumes. I am who I am. I shouldn't have to be anyone else. Not for anyone. He thought.

    He remembered his schedule and walked back into his room to retrieve it. Looking it over, he was stunned to see that the classes he had were nothing like normal colleges would assign.

    "This is that kind of school..." He said aloud, stunned about his revelation.
  15. Cadence nodded slightly, twirling her keys on her finger a bit. "Okay, sure," she replied with mild sarcasm as she went for the door and exited. Her gaze swept around to the individuals in the court yard. She couldn't help but smile at the diversity of the campus with people, culture, race, and personality. She wondered if this would be the place she would be able to finally fit in to. Where she wouldn't be looked down on being different.

    Like thinking the common things in her small town, like hunting and always wearing camo, is stupid and dull.

    I do hope I didn't enroll in a party college. Maybe I should research the lists again. she thought as she made it out to her car, content that she found the little old wagon. It wasn't long that she had the rest of the boxes out of her car and on the little travel cart she had brought with her just for this. With a smirk of success, she made her way back, keeping in mind the name of the dorm for an easier find.

    Once inside and delivering her things back to her room, she remembered a question she had. "Where do we get our schedules at?" she asked out loud, unsure if there was someone nearby listening.
  16. "If you didn't get a schedule in the mail, in the guide to the college, it says that you can get your schedule in the Student Service Center in the College Services building. It's the middle building. All sidewalk paths lead to it." As he turned his head to look at Cadence, flashes of light and visions of Cadence's records came to light. Her records showed that she had no powers and that they were to be examined by the records office once her schedule was picked up. Barry was blinded by the vision; sweat poured from his head, his heart raced, his breathing increased.

    When the vision faded, he found himself on his hands and knees, fighting to stay conscious.
  17. "Oh," Cadence responded as he informed her about her schedule. "Then I guess I'll go over there." She head something fall behind her and a thud and spun around quickly to see Barry on the floor. She gasped and ran over toward him, falling to her knees and carefully pushing him into a sitting position against the chair beside him.

    "Are you okay? What happened? Do you have any medical issues?" She took out her phone, fumbling with the password as she hurried. "Do you need an ambulance?"
  18. "Not...not medical. Someone...someone does not want you here. Your're normal. You do not possess any...abnormalities." He regained his composure and continued, rubbing his head, "This is a school for...gifted...individuals. With you being the only one among thousands, the higher ups will be suspicious. The records office will take note, as will your advisor. Thank you for your concern. I don't know why that happened." He finished, groaning in irritation. "I hope this isn't a regular occurrence." He turned to lock eyes with Cadence. "I'm coming with you. I don't like this feeling."
  19. Cadence stared, her look of concern turning into confusion. "I wouldn't go as far as calling me normal, but... Abnormalities?" she responded, not understanding what he meant. "I knew this was a good school. All the brochures say it's for the gifted, that's why I worked my butt off to get here. Are you saying they think I'm not smart enough for this school or something?

    "Actually, how would you even know that?" She shook her head and backed away from Barry. "Am I diving too deep...?" she asked herself, trapping her head between her hands.
  20. "Abnormalities, powers, gifts. Whatever you want to call them. According to your records, you do not possess anything that would be noteworthy in their eyes. But I believe I see something they do not. You will be the only one that stands as a reminder of who we once were before these...curses afflicted us. As for your question, Cadence, before I collapsed, I was given a vision, a form of foresight that allowed my mind's eye to see your records up close. I won't breathe a word about them. It's not my place, despite knowing the information."
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