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    *curtises* why hello there~ It seems as though I have perked your interest~ *grins happily* I am quite delighted that you have come to have a look at what my thread holds and I hope that you find something that shall be of interest to you~

    Okay a little about me~
    • I am a huge romance sucker so most of my plot lines will revolve around the idea of romance as a sub genre but I have a tendency to use other genres as the main.
    • The Genres that I am mainly interested in~
      • Fantasy
      • Fantasy Modern
      • Slice of Life
      • Fandoms ((I will give a list later~))
    • I will not do Horror OR Gore I do not like these types of Roleplays and it is just a general no no for me.
    • I need at least a good paragraph from a reply please, I don't mind a few grammatical mistakes but I like lengthy posts
    • Because of the fact that I like lengthy posts I don't mind if it takes you little longer to reply. I prefer to be able to get around 1 post in each day if possible but it is alright to wait a day or two for a post as well.
    • I can't be expected to do all the pulling along for the 1x1, I would like you to also help with the plot progression and other such things! So I would like to have a convo for the two of us to chat away with about the plot line and other such things~
    • When actually RPing I tend to lean towards PMs but for these I might go for a thread for these RPs unless you really want to do it in a PM. But we will need a convo PM so we can discuss that at the time~
    • With characters, I really would love it if you could play two characters. I don't really mind if it is two males or two females but two characters nonetheless. I also like it when my partner is able to create and/or play NPCs to move the story along.
    Gosh I bet I scared a heap of you just with what I was looking for ^^;; Oh well at least those that want to be here are still reading~ *winks and smiles* okay so for RP ideas~ I NEED Romance in the RP, there are some circumstances where I can let it go but I would love at least one of the characters to pair up. ((Remember that I asked that you would be able to play two characters min.)) I am okay with Libertine but of course that is only with those in the right age group and it would not take the whole RP it would only a small part of it if we did do that.


    Okay so now about these RP ideas I have at the moment~ I hope I explina them properly~ If you have any ideas that revolve around my RP ideas or maybe even something completely different please come to me and express your ideas~! I am always hapy to hear suggestions~ These are all just ideas that I have at the moment~ ^^


    Fantasy/ Fantasy Modern (MORE COMING!)

    Musetopia - Not accepting requests for this

    :: Who ::
    Our four characters would be the main characters, we can have NPCs who are they friends or peers and such. So our characters would be commoners (people who can not play music) or concert masters in training or something like that, we can change it depending on what you want~

    :: What ::
    The idea is that our characters live in a world where music is the main thriving energy for the world (this is a fictional world, not the world we live in. I will give more details if you show interest~) The world has conductors as the heads of the world and concert masters as heads of different sections of the world and soon on so forth. But something goes wrong with the system and our characters get thrown into the mix.

    This a really really rough idea of what I want to do so please give me some in put on this cause I would love to hear your ideas and also we can grow or use this as a base and change the idea completely. Not that there is much of an idea to go off from ^^;;

    :: When ::
    To be honest I don't really mind, so we can make it modern or a bit more historical~ The world will change of course depending on which one we are using~

    :: Where ::
    A fictional world called Musetopia, I will give more information if you show interest~

    Where Am I?

    :: Who ::
    OKay for this RP there will be two butlers/maids or a butler and a maid - we will be both taking one or the other, so we will both play a butler/maid - and a human who as arrived to this land from our planet Earth, there will also be a princess/prince of the land that the human has traveled to.

    :: What ::
    A typical human arrives in strange world and has to adapt to what is going around them, we can discuss the plot on PM I am totally open to anything. For the type of world I am open to furries and anthros so that option is available and I am also happy for it to be something like the underworld or something like that~

    :: When ::
    I am thinking more modern for this RP but I am open to time periods.

    :: Where ::
    Well I discussed a little before but I am open it to be somewhere in the underworld or a world for anthros and furries, even a mythological styled world is fine by me. We can discuss this through PM.

    Under the Moon - Not Accepting Requests at the moment!

    :: Who ::
    For this RP there will be a human and a werewolf. Although the werewolf in this RP is not the type you find in Twilight~ They are normal sized dogs and look like dogs in almost every way. The thing that gives them away is their almost human eyes that are nearly exactly the same as their human eyes. ((we can discuss something that makes them different to others in PM)). The human will be like any other normal human. There will be other characters as well but we can choose who they are through the PM.

    :: What ::
    So basically the human will be wanting a pet and goes to the adoption to go and buy a new puppy dog. But the werewolf has somehow managed to get into the adoption centre and thus as the human goes past the werewolf they become intrigued by the creature in front of them and takes them home - adopting them if that was clear enough. And basically how the werewolf deals with the situation and what they do with the human and the events.

    :: When ::
    Modern Times

    :: Where ::
    We can discuss where it is~ I am pretty open about this~


    Slice of Life (MORE COMING!)

    Idol Haven - Not Accepting Requests at the moment!

    :: Who ::
    So I am thinking for this RP I will be playing two characters or maybe three but you are able to play just one character if you really want to~ The type of character that is most likely for you to be playing is the "normal" person whilst I will be playing a huge star/actor/actress. Of course if you want to play that role I am cool with that as well~

    :: What ::
    So basically, Character A (the idol) will bump into Character B (the "normal" character) on/at the street/ bar/ park/ etc. The two hit it off really well and A continues to meet up with B in secrecy, of course A doesn't show their face always careful not to show who they are really.

    But one day B gets curious and finds out that A is a huge idol and the secret comes out, we can just sort of let the plot fall from there. Of course please if you have a better idea please just tell me~

    :: When ::
    Set around the time that we are in at the moment

    :: Where ::
    Well this one would be on Earth - duh~ - But we can choose the continent that it is placed on. So America, Australia, Japan, Korea etc.

    The Secret - Not taking any requests for this one at this moment~

    :: Who ::
    Just a bunch of normal high school (I can go Uni but prefer high school) kids

    :: What ::
    To be honest I have got nothing but I just really want to do a High School 1x1 so yeah~ Throw your ideas at me~!!! I just came up with the name thinking that maybe Character A had a huge secret and Character B finds out about it and starts to blackmail (or whatever they decide to do with this information) A. Characters C and D would be A and Bs friends respectively and they are basically watchers of the ongoings.

    :: When ::
    Modern times please~

    :: Where ::
    Like the other Slice of Life RP I really don't mind~ We can choose the continent that it is placed on. So America, Australia, Japan, Korea etc.


    Fandoms <- Completely free!
    Okay for this one I am not going to be making plot lines but I am just going to show the sort of pairings and the sort of settings that I am happy with RPing with~ Of course just like everything else, your own personal ideas are greatly appreciated~ Also I prefer to play Female Canon Characters cause I cant seem to get most of the male Canon characters right. There are a few cases where I am able to but we can discuss that in the PM~


    Okay really I have way too many to put up here but I will give you guys my main cravings~ But too be honest it is all of the princesses and princes. I would prefer to play the female in these pairings and if possible create an OC for the princes. So instead of giving you pairings I will give you guys the movies and if you are interested just tell me~ We can do an RP based on the movie or we can do an RP with the canon characters in a different setting~ The Rps that are like this are RPs that I have an idea for~
    • Aladdin
    • The Little Mermaid
    • Beauty and the Beast - TAKEN
    • Sleeping Beauty
    • The Black Cauldron
    • Tangled
    • The Sword in the Stone
    • Aristocats
    • Oliver and Company
    • Toy Story 1/2/3
    okay these are some of the movies that I have at the moment~

    Fairy Tail

    Okay for this one I have pairings, some of them might seem a little odd but if yo are interested PM~!!! Also I am happy for more than one of these pairings to be in the RP~ I will be playing the females I have to say because I suck at playing male CCs.
    • OC x OC
    • Natsu x Lucy - TAKEN
    • Gajeel x Levy - TAKEN
    • Grey x Juvia - TAKEN
    • Jellal x Erza
    • Romeo x Wendy
    • Happy x Carla

    OKay I basically have only one pairing for all of these Anime's so I decided to put them all together~ Like the Fairy Tail and basically al the fandoms here I will be wanting to play the females but there are rare cases that I will be alright with playing the male~
    • Kaichou wa Maid Sama
      • Usui x Misaki
    • Ranma 1/2
      • Ranma x Akane
    • Inuyasha
      • Inuyasha x Kagome
    • Shugo Chara
      • Ikuto x Amu
      • Nagehiko/Nadeshiko x Rima <- I really want to do this so if anyone please!?!??!
    • Chihayafuru
      • Arata x Chihaya
      • Taichi x Chihaya
      • I am sorry~!! I can't choose~!!! I haven't finished the second season yet~!!!
    • Wolf Girl and Black Prince
      • Kyouya x Erika
      • Nozumi x Ayumi
    • Kamisama Hajimemashite
      • Tomoe x Nanami - TAKEN
      • Kurama x Ami - TAKEN
      • Kotarou x Numano
    • Sakura Card Captor
      • Syaoran x Sakura
      • Touya x Yue (both forms)
    • Spirited Away
      • Haku x Chihiro (I am thinking about after the movie maybe they meet~?)
    I think I will leave it at there for now I will have more later~ I will be adding a section with Yaoi and Yuri partnering~ So if you want to see those a little faster please remind me below~ *chuckles* I can forget really easily~


    OKay I think that should be everything... Hopefully... ^^;; Well I wonder how many I have of you I have managed to scare off~ But thank you if you are still reading after all of that~ I hope the plot lines made sense and maybe you found something you liked amongst all of that~ Well now I shall wait patiently for someone to come along and fall into my trap RP with me so~ Bye bye~! But just so you remember again~ Shoot me a PM or comment below if you are interested~ Although you all should have figured that out by now ^^;;
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  2. okay I had to edit it a bit so that you could actually see what I had typed but there we go it should be fixed now~ ^^
  3. Still looking!
  4. Are you still looking, EternalMusic? You have greatly piqued my interest in the Where Am I?, Idol Haven, and The Secret plots - although note that I tend to play male characters in my projects. I'm rather new to this site, but I have been roleplaying for more than three years. So if you don't mind my preference and want to try roleplaying with me, just hit me up in the PM! ;)
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  5. Oh yeah sure~! And of course I am still looking~ Thanks for replying below~!
  6. Out of curiosity I am assuming Muestopia is based off of Eternal Sonata?
  7. *shakes head* It is based off an RP that I did with someone else but never hit off. I don't know where they got the idea though I have to be honest about that.
  8. Are you okay with rps with combat elements? If so I might be able to work something out with you?
  9. It sounds interesting and I'm able to meet your requirements, so I'll go ahead and say I'm one of those people waiting for the yaoi section. I'd go for CCS with Touya and Yue, I love those too, but it's been so long since I've watched the anime, I don't remember details of their story and would surely screw it up xD
  10. Yeah I am interested~! Shoot me a PM and we can start planning something out~
    Haha~ Well thanks for reminding me that I still need to put it up~ *smiles* well I don't really mind~ to be honest I haven't watched it in a while as well but I just loved the two of them and shipped them so hard that i haven't forgotten ^^;; But we can come up with something as well if you wanted from scratch~ Shoot me a PM~ *smiles happily*
  11. Out of curiosity are you still searching for roleplayers for this?
  12. Yeah sure~! Send me a PM~ *smiles*
  13. Are you still looking for a beauty and the beast rp partner?
  14. Yes please~!!! Send me a PM~ *jumps up and down excitedly*
  15. UPDATED!!!!!
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  16. I have an idea for the Little Mermaid. Same universe but I don't really see how we could involve main canon characters... unless we reference Ariel's many sisters.
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  17. I'm up for the 'Under The Moon' if you're still open to it. I like to think I'm fairly detailed.
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  18. Sounds interesting! Shoot me a PM~
    Haha~ Shoot me a PM~ <3
  19. I think I'm going to comment here to save a spot if one's available.

    I am interested in RPing with you, but since I'm at school, I don't have any suggestions right now. :P
    I shall suggest something after practice, possibly!
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