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MURDER TALE Murder Tale I: Limited Starkweather Edition [Non-Canon]

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Akibahara, Sep 16, 2014.

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    Whew! You groan, reclining your head back against the soft, plush cushion of your chair: Damn, work was rough today! ... Or school. You scroll your mouse down against a bright computer monitor, eyes scanning a Sign-Up Thread written by Murder Game creator, Iwakuroleplay user commonly referred to as 'Akibahara.' Not bad, not bad. You chuckle to yourself, playing as me for an RP event? Interesting scenario, I wonder if--


    You gasp, a booming crack of thunder erupted deep from the dark dark sky above. Hard rain fell upon your bedroom window, the sharp crackles of thunder and lighting piercing your ears, sending bouts of white light peering through your curtains at random intervals. A storm was settling in. Very harsh. Possibly one of the hardest to ever hit your city in 2014, especially during the Summer season.


    Idly acknowledging the torrential downpour outside, you continued typing away: Maybe writing up a quirky comment in the OOC section, maybe you utilized such profound creative intellect you're so proud of and wrote up a unique introduction for your character, or alternatively, you looked outside as rain lashed against the windows...

    Not for long.
    Get 'em!
    You don't have nearly enough time to flip around, a brown potato sack hastily muffled your pleas and cries for help. It was dark. Too dark. Your vision blurred thanks to the rough fabric covering your face, but you manage to spot this: Two ominous red goggles, burning deep against the darkness, glaring right at you.

    You feel someone heft you over their shoulder, and then... nothing.
    This is Echo 5, Mr. Starkweather wants this one alive.”

    You woke up.


    Getting knocked unconscious wasn't like the movies. You felt a very tingly sensation erupt in your head, at first, as if you hung upside down on a monkeybar for a while. You can't recall the last 3-5 seconds before whoever that was sent you into La-La Land. Was it a punch? Or were you choked out? It honestly didn't matter—you were far, far away from home—and desperately needed to escape this... well, who the fuck knows.

    Sitting up, you pressed a hand against your face, removing a dirty, grimy oxygen mask. A plastic tube hinged against it's valve hung low into an adjacent wall, coupled with a dormant mechanical pumping apparatus: An MSDS logo sporting the word 'Suprane' caught your attention. You may not be aware, but Suprane or “Desflurane” is a powerful, yet expensive general anesthetic.

    You didn't care.

    An old, black '90s TV set buzzed to life within the dim, musky room. The spontaneous 'CRAAAAAAAAAACK' of white noise was unsettling, needless to say-- until it was cut short by a green 'Play' button flashing in the upper left hand corner.

    A male, sporting a black leather jacket, gloves, and a freakish 'smiley' mask, waved into a camera:

    Hello everyone. Welcome to your first night of rebirth. For the past few months, perhaps years of your life, you've enjoyed living a fantasy. This 'roleplaying': Your illusion, your escape, your DRUG, from such a cold, cruel outside world. [A pause] There are 24 of you. Most, if not all, of you are interconnected in a way you'll soon discover. For the next seven days, you'll experience REAL roleplaying: A real Murder Game. If you win, you return home with $500,000 via anonymous electronic payment – if you lose, you go home empty handed.

    Catch the traitor.

    There is one amongst you.

    Listen to me, and your chance of survival increases: The door will open, head out into the hospital lobby. The Director has presents.


    [The screen dies out.]


    A buzz emanated from a rusty door leading outside into, as this mystery man claims, a hospital hallway, followed by a lobby.

    You slid off the table and winced as your shoes touched the cold tile floor, heading out into the unknown...

    Between now and 2 PM MST Wednesday is the prologue period. Feel free to post your character prologue. If you complete your prologue or opt not to post one, feel free to engage in character interaction! I will explain what the lobby looks like after everyone posts!

    PS: There is also a 'Mid-Prologue' update. This is the only 'mid-' we'll be having in the Murder Tale!

    @Akibahara as Surprise Guest & Adam (NPC)
    @TheColourlessRainbow as Cody
    @Dallas as "Gage"
    @C92cool as Chris
    @Gadwall7 as Grant
    @MrDubWubs as Michael
    @Reaper Jack as Jack
    @MattieLee as Leesa
    @Xibilation as Natalie
    @La Muerte as Tyler
    @LittleMissTinkerToy as Lydia
    @Melancholy as Amber
    @Cres as Bryan Cordova
    @phantasmagoricStoner as Batrisyia
    @JextheShadow as Mark
    @Laura as Laura

    @The Gil as Gil Vieira
    @The Last Outlaw as Nathan
    @seeing the reflection as Nia
    @dunaway5 as Jake
    @Lunar-Eclipse as Alyce
    @AlekseyVN1922 as Aleksey Vasilyevich Nevzorov
    @Sandra as Salwa


    Prologue: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/murder-tale-i-limited-starkweather-edition.70195/

    Chapter One: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threa...arkweather-edition.70195/page-24#post-1514509

    Chapter Two: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threa...arkweather-edition.70195/page-35#post-1521009

    Chapter Three: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threa...arkweather-edition.70195/page-46#post-1524061
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  2. // Alright so I feel pretty awkward about this but yeah... I'll just be a good roleplayer and describe my character's exact way of thinking, even if it is... like this :l

    As I awaken, my hands immediately reach for the mask over my mouth and nose.
    Having been confronted with medical equipment many more times than I would have liked, I know what suprane is, but there's something more important that I have no idea of.
    What happened, who took me here, why did they do it, and what did they do to me?
    The fact that the culprit used an anesthetic, and not just something to put a person to sleep, might mean they did some painful things to my body...
    Luckily I find no scars aside from the ones that were already there on my body, that's sort of a relief.

    The thought of this being just a dream starts becoming more dominant in my mind.
    That man on the television there was Smiley, a fictional character from the same-titled movie that I've seen a couple times already.
    Fictional was the key word there.
    There was also the roleplaying part that made me question this reality, since I was never able to tell anyone about the fact that I had been roleplaying for years, so how could this man know?
    Naah, I've just been roleplaying too much, and I'm dreaming now. But even so, some dreams can scare the hell out of people.

    And this all feels very real...
    I begin worrying a lot more when I realize that I'm feeling actual pain in my arm as I pinch it, for lack of a better way to test if I'm dreaming or not.
    This is real. I just realized it, this is all actually happening.
    For some reason I've been kidnapped and taken into a hospital to play a real life role playing game... I thought these kinds of psychos only appeared in movies.
    Only for a moment, the thought crosses my mind that Akibahara did this to me. His ideas in those roleplays were always a little... weird...
    But no, he wouldn't actually do those things in real life, would he?

    Alright, enough thinking, time to do something. Sitting around here won't help much at all.
    I sit on the side of the bed until I regain my balance and 'clear' thinking before I get off and make my way to the door.
    Stepping into the hallway, my heart beats a little bit faster as I walk through the creepy silence of the hospital.
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  3. Well.
    Jack tried to get his head to work with whatever just happened; trying to make some sort of sense of it. Being pitted against one another like this in a real Murder Game? His first thought was to simply dismiss it as bullshit. But hey; he was here; regardless of everything else; Jack worked with the situation he found himself in; saying it wasn't true wouldn't help him now. He looked up at the ceiling and spoke softly to himself.

    "A Battle Royale to find the traitor...that can wait. Finding what I need to live comes first."

    With that he made up his mind; he would need food and water; and probably a coat or jacket too; it wouldn't exactly be warm in just his Haruhi shirt. Though he would be able to live with it; it was pretty thick for a regular shirt; and the cold didn't bother him tremendously; unless it started getting seriously cold...in any case; jackets and coats meant pockets; pockets he could carry stuff in; useful stuff. Come to think of it; if he was going to treat this as a Battle Royale situation; he'd need a weapon; he recalled the announcer on the actual Battle Royale film holding up a carving axe and almost screaming 'Lucky!' at the prospect of something so effective. That was messy though; and put him in the line of fire. Well; a gun would be better perhaps, but they had their own issues; noise being the major one along with ammo consumption. Well; he'd just see what he could find.

    It's like DayZ almost. But hopefully without zombies; that'd overcomplicate things.
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  4. I was hunched over my black laptop, illuminating my face brightly in the midnight darkness. My right arms supported my drowsy head, eyes staring blankly at the screen, watching Trump play a Hearthstone match against Kripparian.

    [​IMG] Trump

    [​IMG] Kripp

    Kripp: "The Dust Devil Dream is going second! Dust Devil, Coin, Dust Devil!"

    Trump: "Oh my gosh, GG guys. Ohhhh gosh...the dream. If anything, this is the game that should be highlighted."

    I smirked and chuckled quietly, still growing ever tired.

    Kripp: "Then on turn three, you get a totem and then you do a Rockbiter and you win the game."

    It wasn't long before I had passed out, the strike of lighting not phasing me. It was damn easy for those weirdoes to capture me, I basically did all the work for them.

    >Later on, in Carcer City<

    I groaned and rolled over, still hanging onto whatever sleep I could salvage/ But at the sound of 23 others doing the same, I swiftly slapped the face mask thingy off and sat up, my right hand slapping my cheek before rubbing it. I looked towards the TV, not much of a care in the world yet. I was too tired for this shit...nighty night. I quickly fell back down with a thud, my eyes shutting closed again. Whatever that creepy guy on the telly aid went in one ear, and out the other, blocking it out completely.
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  5. Mark little knew little of punctuality. Having spent his entire life being late tonight or day or whatever time it was would be no exception. His heavy lids rising just an inch to catch the last sentence of a crazed man. "The Directer has presents."

    GOD I hope its some Tylenol. The heavy pounding of his head did little to remind him of what happened however long ago, nor did it assist him at all as he tried to take in his surrounds and the mask on his face. He froze for a moment in fear, ripping at whatever held the thing to his face he threw it half heartily across the bare room, scooting himself back into a corner.

    This cant be real... can it?

    Unfortunately from him the headache reminded him AGAIN that this was in fact happening. He barely knew what was going on. His mind miss firing as he tried to look around the room. All he could remember was the murder games..... He shot up off the floor, the quick action only giving him a quick ticket back down. I'm going to die today....

    It was the only thing he could think about. One second he was pissed of at his sister and brother and now it was doubtful that he would ever see them again. Placing his head in his hands he berated himself over and over. SHUT UP mark. You are not going to die. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE. Now stand up and act like a man. A usual thing to give himself commands he did as he told andd stood up much slower this time. Dizzy yet still standing, he kept a hand on the nearest wall to keep himself up. The movement did him some good, the more he moved the less dizzy he became like the effect of a drug wearing off.

    He once again took stock of the room realizing for once that it was an abandoned hospital room. Making his way to the door he twisted the knob making sure it was in fact unlocked.

    Well he said there was presents. Might as well snag the best ones first. With that he pushed open the door and made his way outside the room into the silent hospital.
  6. I smirk at the guy in the TV screen "Mommy forget where the pin cushion was?", once he's gone I do what he says and head towards a hospital hallway. "Андрей...ты сука" as of now I think I am either drunk or this is something set up by my crazy friend Andrey. 'Very elaborate, but I'll find a way out soon enough you Muscovite bastard' I smirk to myself as I continue to walk.
  7. *It was a completely normal day in Minnesota... The birds were chirping, and the damn kids across the street were screaming like maniacs. It had been at least an hour since I had gotten home from work, and began typing away on the OOC thread for the new upcoming role play Akibahara was making. I skimmed through multiple posts, and also replied a bit here and there. I was alone in my room, not caring for what horrors that awaited me... As I was typing, I noticed that some storm clouds had moved in. That was quite odd, since we are practically near winter... Soon, light rain came down on my house, nothing special really...it IS Minnesota after all.*

    *About thirty minutes later, I was invited to a Steam Group chat. As always, Akibahara would spam invites, and start random events. So, I decided why the hell not, and join the chat. And...unfortunately, Aki would post random Tumblr links to...well, I don't want to say what they were. I started to put on my balaclava, my aviator sunglasses, and my chicken hat, and set up my camera so I could take another random picture of myself. I don't exactly know why I do this, but apparently it's funny to some of the people in the RP. Before I could even take a single picture, and loud crash came from my window. It sure as hell wasn't lightning. That's for sure. I jumped up from my seat, only to be greeted with a nice punch to my damn face. I groaned a bit, and I was hit once more in the same spot. My vision darkened...and so began my journey, into hell itself...*

    Several Hours Later...

    *I awoke on a medical stretcher of some sort, I rubbed my head, and sat up. "Herrgott ... was ist passiert?" I said. There was a small TV in front of me, it looks like it has seen better days... The screen flickered to life, and a weird looking man appeared. I had no idea what he was talking about, but apparently, this is a TRUE murder game. And, there is a reward. Ah hell yeah...five hundred thousand dollars? Lets find this bastard traitor now and get this over with. I got up from my "bed," if you could call it that, and walked out the door, into a large, and empty hallway. "Here we go..." I said. Time to get rich...*

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  8. Laura was completely fear stricken over what had just occurred. A murder game--a real life murder game? Lifting a hand to her arm she pinched at the skin, hard. A pitiful attempt to see if she was in fact dreaming or not. That latter being true.
    Resting her hands on the table behind her she stood for a moment steadying her trembling body. She could barely watch a horror movie and now she was part of what essentially was one.

    Taking a few calming breaths she stood herself upright and calmed herself somewhat, for now. All she had to do was find a way out, surely there was a way out? If not she was stuck. She only has to survive seven days. Food and water would be top priority. Along with not getting killed of course.

    Five brave steps towards the door that (from the sound of the beep) had unlocked, trying not to look at her surroundings. In the dim light everything took on a more scary atmosphere. The dark not being Lauras favourite things made it hard for her to look around in fear of something being there hiding. She just needed to focus on the door and getting out of this room and she would deal with whatever comes next when she got out there.
    Although it was all she could do not to stay in the room and keep herself safe. But this was a game and she would try her best to get out of it alive. All she need do now is find out what is behind the door.
    Taking the handle of the door in her grasp she twisted the knob and let the door swing open with a sharp intake of breath, unsure of what to expect beyond in the lobby. Her heart pounding in her chest, the perspiration of fear already setting in and the game had only just begun.
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  9. I look around this unfamiliar area with a mix of thoughts all running and scrambling for attention in my head. 'So... a real murder event this time huh?, damn never thought that something like this might happen to me like this but I guess that there really is a first time for everything.' I look around at the others around me, this is the first time I had seen any of their faces in person and I wonder where we had been taken but also at the same time don't really care. It seems that I'm the youngest person here, well that just mean't that I would have to prove to the others that I was just as capable as any of them are. Then I start thinking about what that guy had said, he was right after all roleplaying was really a way of escape for me just like my manga stories and I was anyone that I wanted to be but here nobody knew me... the real me so that mean't I could try to reinvent myself. Now don't get me wrong I was definitely feeling nervous about this situation that I was all of a sudden thrown into but in a good way. I mean sure I had just bee knocked out and forced here but now that I was here that just mean't I had to make it to the end of the murder event right?

    I remember Aki saying that this event was going to involve crime and gangs and such. If so I had some experience with such things and I know how they work, if you give them what they want they will usually leave you alone. You just don't want them thinking that you are useless, they will do anything to get what they want and that's their goal. Really even the most psychotic of murderers all had some kind of motive and if you could understand them that at least gave you some sort of chance of survival. That was it, survival that was what this was all about all I had to do was survive correct? well if that is indeed the case then this shouldn't be that difficult... right? well it's not a good idea to get cocky either. Confidence was different than that, stay away from underestimating this game. Now that I was in such a situation I could feel adrenaline pumping and just imagined what my favorite fictional idols would do, Grell, Gamzee, Luka. And so many more that inspire me evey day of my life. Right now I would say I was in the Matt state. You see I usually characterize my moods based on personalities, Matt state was my usual state and nothing had really affected my behavior enough to change my mood too much. Matt: Ginger gamer with many addictions and and geeky personality traits.

    Matt State Theme:
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  10. Jack had already left his room; he found himself in an open hall; lined with doors alarmingly similar to his. Other...participants? The other Iwaku Roleplayers maybe? He was sure that it was mentioned by one of those nutjobs that he would be here with the other roleplayers.

    He sidled along the wall to the door next to his; quiet as possible; a little difficult in his boots; but he managed; all those years of creeping around the house at night and trying not to alert his Mother were paying off; though this time he wasn't after a night-time snack, and hadn't had to sneak to the kitchen for one since he was 14. He edged one hand towards the door handle cautiously; before he reached it; it opened out towards the opposite side of the doorframe; revealing who came out.

    She was perhaps his own age; maybe a little older; he wasn't especially good at guessing the age of other people. She had red hair; he couldn't tell if it was dyed or not. Wait; he recognised her! Laura; she'd signed up to one of Aki's roleplays a few days earlier; one that sounded worryingly similar to the current situation come to think of it. No matter. He made to speak, lowering his voice so hopefully she wouldn't cry out in surprise or fear.

    "Hey; it's Laura, right? They brought you here too?"

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  11. *But, god...that rusty door. That rusty. Fucking. Door. I knew that sound well, and quickly sat up from my sleep, quickly shouting.*

    I'm awake, Andrew!

    *Wait...I'm not in my bed. This isn't my room. And who are these guys?! I turned dead silent, a bright blush forming in my cheeks from embarrassment, caused by his outburst. I saw them all heading towards the one open door and stood up off the table. I silently gazed at every one of them, a lot of them looking...somehow familiar. Not like I was going to talk to any of them for now, as I simply followed the crowd through the door.
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  12. Bryan woke up flailing his arms, as if he were trying to punch something, after he stood his head started spinning as blood rushed, he took a moment to breath and regain his balance, then he started realizing that he wasn't in his room anymore.

    He remembers pvping some bitch on Dark Souls

    He remembers reaching for his computer, about to snap the thing like a fucking twig, and then everything went dark.

    He looked at the screen as a man who looked very much like smiley- Oh shit wait, that is smiley! Well fuck. Who would have thought.

    "Que carajo...?"

    Panic didn't seem to be the first thing that settled on him, it was more a mix of slight confusion and desire to get back to playing dark souls and start ass raping nigs with his quality build.

    But then he heard about the traitor games, oh Aki how fucked up you are, Bryan thought Aki was a fucked up son of a bitch but now this guy was just straight up loony.

    Oh well, what are you gonna do.....


    He let out a very loud yell from within... whatever the fuck he was inside. He then realized there were others apparently. He might as well see if they knew what the fuck was going on.

    But before he walked out he banged his head against the wall a few times and sat down on the floor again, wondering why oh why this shit was happening. He continued swearing in spanish.

    Finally he stood up, only having a pencil in his pocket and walked outside slowly, biting down on both of his lips and shaking like a motherfucker.

    And so this 5'7-8 ish Puerto Rican whom was developing a huge hate towards Aki got up and continued his wonderful adventure! In seek of friends!
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  13. I heard a rather loud voice "Uhhh..." was all that managed to come out as I watched the dude bang his head in a wall, I tried not to be rude and laugh but I found the scene rather ironic looking sinvce it looked like me with writers block or when I was bored.

    "hey, dude just calm down" I told him not really good at talking to people I really hoped he would just ignore me like most did.

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  14. The door was pushed open with little resistance. Peeking his head out he looked up and down the hallway his room was located. He about to pull his head back into what sanctuary the room he was in was but looking again he noticed a man no older then him crouched on the ground skirting the walls. sneaking around....

    Anyone would over react in this situation right? Being taken to god knows where death potentially at any corner. It was ok to over react just a tad. Stepping out into the hallway proper he glared down the hallway cupping his hands to his mouth. " Why the FUCK are you sneaking around?"

    Well maybe not that alright. but he was scared dammit.

    @Reaper Jack
  15. Opening the door revealed as was said, a lobby. A room full of doors. Assumedly those of other people in a situation like her own. Though she didn’t get much of a good look around before a person appeared in her vision. To keep at bay a squeal she flung a hand to her mouth to clamp it shut before a noise could escape her. She could feel her heart race quicken, so much so she could feel it in her ears.

    Moving the trembling hand from her mouth she swallowed the scream that wanted to escape. Knowing full well if she made that much noise it could alert anyone and she didn’t know if she was ready for that yet.
    “Y—yeah.” She began, her voice skipping slightly as she gained control of her vocal cords. Her pitch was quite high from fright but when she spoke next she toned it down, to make herself look more calm and to keep the noise down.

    “You’re Jack. I can’t believe this is happening. They brought us here…all of us?”
    Once her brain began to function past its default of thinking of all the worst possible outcomes of this, the pieces began to settle together. She had joined a role play just the other day along with Jack and many others.
    “This is insane.” She whispered as she pushed her own door closed behind her, keeping tight against the wall, as if it was a lifeline.

    @Reaper Jack
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  16. As I walked into the dark hallway, I heard and saw a number of other people around me.
    If what Smiley said was really true, then these people would be people that signed up for the roleplay too.
    The thought only crossed my mind for a moment, but was immediately confirmed when I got a clearer look on some faces.

    This was all so unreal.
    I knew all of these people. Well, maybe not personally, but I did know they were all supposed to join in the roleplay.
    And it looked like they were all going for the lobby as well, which means it would be crowded.
    My eyes looked at the ground as I kept walking on, holding a hand on my elbow and trying not to be noticed.

    // I swear I'm not too much of a freak
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  17. @Laura

    "Insane is the least of it. It's downright unbelievable. No use worrying about that though; it is happening."

    He collected his thoughts; at least he knew that the people here were friendly...hopefully. But hadn't that smiley weirdo mentioned a traitor? One of them was it. Laura? No...she was terrified; she was trying to hide it; but he'd seen it before; you go through enough terrorist threat situations; you learn to recognise the effects of terror on people. Who then? He'd have to figure that one out at some point. For now though; he had to keep himself alive; and the others too; he looked back at Laura and smiled.

    "We'll try and make it through this. If we stick together; we have a better chance; that sound okay to you? Want to come with me for now?"

    He tried his best to reassure her; if she was frightened, she wouldn't be much help. But being helpful wasn't the important part; sure would help; but in this situation; anyone needed someone to just be there. Going it alone would turn any normal person insane by the end.


    "Huh? Oh. Can't be too careful."

    Jumpy; that one. Jack made a mental note of that.
  18. Bryan turned and sighed

    "No jodas- I mean, yeah I really should calm down...."
  19. I woke with a gasp and sat up on some sort of bed and shook the sleep from me. I tried to look around but it was to dark too see where exactly I was. I defiantly wasn't in my dorm at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburgh,MO. I was about to stand up when a T.V. flickered to life on the far side of the room. What came up chilled me to the bone. Some freak with a a leather jacket and that awful "Smiley" mask was staring right at the camera and began speaking about my current situation.

    I once again looked around the room, my eyes now adjusted to the darkness, and I noticed I wasn't alone. There was 20 other individuals laying on separate beds in the same room. "A fight to the death,huh?" I asked the T.V., knowing I wouldn't get a response. I took off the mask and started chuckling softly. This had to be some sort of joke orchestrated by my roommate. "Very funny Bob, very freaking funny." I said to myself as stood up and walked over to a already open door. I shook my head and tried my best not to smile.

    "Alright Bob, I'll play your game." I said as I walked into the hallway and made my way to the lobby. I knew this was just some big prank, maybe Bob and the guys had locked me in a the old Walton Memorial Hospital just to mess with me,however there was a thought that crept into the darkest pars of my mind. What if it wasn't a joke?
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  20. I, Adam S., lulled my head to the left, trying to block out the dim ray of light illuminating from a hanging lamppost above. My eyes flipped open, hands removing the breathing apparatus firmly planted against my lips--I cough violently, my nostrils breathing in the dirty air, shortly before adjusting myself upward—God, where the fuck am I, I thought.
    A burly-esque half oriental/half white male, technically a “mystizo” by race, crept out of his hospital room: I decided to wear a white tanktop shirt today, enough to show moderately bulked triceps and bicep muscles, slightly bulging from my arms. My shoes, white-laced, black in color, slid silently against the dirty floor, my blue denim jeans blending in.

    The expression of fear, uncertainty, and nervousness filled my core. I was notably quivering. Never in my life did I expect to participate in a REAL Murder Game. My creation. Now that I think about it-- whose been monitoring the Murder Games? Some fuckin' snuff film director from the Manhunt series that I wrote about? Fat chance. He wasn't real.

    I spot a blonde haired female, her back pressed against me. I cock my head to the side, sliding toward her, silent as death, “W-who... are you?”

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