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Murder, She Wrote

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kimberlyn, May 22, 2016.

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  1. This roleplay is in no way affiliated with the TV show. Sorry to disappoint.
    October 22, 1905
    Dear Diary,
    Master Tate has just returned from his rather long business trip. He seems out of sorts. I cannot quite place my finger on it, but I do believe something has troubled his mind quite profoundly. He locks himself in his study, ignoring his poor wife and two children altogether. I do hope he is alright. He does not even come down for his favorite meals. I wonder what worries him so.

    November 14, 1905
    Dear Diary,
    Master Tate has fallen ill. His fever is so terribly high, and the doctors fear it may be tuberculosis. Such a wretched way to die. Mistress Tate is so nervous as it is. I can only imagine how she feels now. I do not know what she will do without him.

    December 1, 1905
    Dear Diary,
    It is a true miracle! Master Tate is well again, and we all rejoice! Mistress Tate has not had a nervous tick in a whole six days! Such a joyous occasion, indeed! The master is once again eating his favorite meals and playing with the little ones. All is well at Tate Manor.

    December 10, 1905
    Dear Diary,
    I do not know how to explain such a tragedy. At exactly 2:00 in the morning hours, Thomas found Master Tate dead in his study. It was not sickness nor mere accident that killed him. No, I fear he was far too stubborn a man for such a fate.
    I daresay...it was murder.
    And I fear it has only just begun. For with the terrible blizzard cutting off our electricity and transportation, there is no way to contact the authorities. We are all trapped here with a murderous devil. I do pray the Lord spares us more misery.

    Tate Manor
    Built in 1842, Tate Manor has been the epitome of luxury in England since it was first built. With nearly 85 bedrooms and roughly 100 bathrooms, many would dare to say it's much larger than it appears. Only the most qualified are given the honor to work for the Tate family, and it is a true honor indeed. Everyone knows how well the servants are treated. Truly, it is a servant's dream.

    Or so one would think.

    On December 10, 1905, Alexander Tate was found brutally murdered in his own study by the head butler--Thomas Williamson. With the abnormally harsh winter and most recent blizzard, electricity has long since gone out, and transportation is most certainly impossible. Mistress Tate, her two children, and the servants will have to wait for the snow and ice to melt enough for safe passage.

    Until then, they all know what has yet to be said. Among them, a man (or woman) walks freely. A man or woman guilty of murder.

    If you're interested in this concept, please let me know below! There will be specific roles for people to fill, and someone will be chosen to be the murderer. Eventually, police officers will be brought in once the snow melts. Characters will die, but you'll be allowed to create a new character after one week following your character's death. More information will be available in the OOC, but ask any questions you'd like!
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  2. This is an interesting concept. :) I'd love to join should ever there a OC thread created!
  3. This sounds super cool! I'd love to play one of the children!!
  4. Glad to see some interest! I'll have a more detailed idea of character positions and whatnot if/when the OOC goes up. :)
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  5. Ha, I'm not surprised that this caught the attention of @Boss Megu and @Mundane Monster as it did mine.
    Ring if this RP will happen. I'd like to sign up.
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  6. I'd also love to get involved!
  7. I've just finished rereading Jane Eyre and I'm craving some period drama right now. I'm definitely interested!
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  8. I apologize for my absence! Not only have I had little access to Internet, much less a computer, but I also broke my wrist early Tuesday morning trying to dismount a horse. Until I get back to the comfort of my own home (and also get a permanent cast on), I simply won"t be on here except to keep up on everything. I'll have the OOC up as soon as I can, but it could be a little while. My apologies!
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  9. Oh my! Please, a broken anything is hard enough. Take your time and relax. I've got things in RL and I can definitely wait until your well and ready. :)
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  10. Does there happen to be room for one more?
  11. Wonderful. :) We'll be sure to pop in once it's there. ^_^
  12. Aye, I apologize everyone! I got a new job, and it quickly slammed me in the face and has been holding me down for the past week or so. I'm still working on the OOC, and it will be up ASAP. :)
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  13. Congratulations @kimsim12! I'm in a similar but less busy boat. Glad this is still gonna happen!!
  14. Wonderful! :D
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