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  1. So here it is everyone just post your character sheets and we'll get started soon hopefully.

    @Dramma @OlympusBlood @Mr.Scales ⚖ @Charlie Vasilyev

    The house's set up.
    The home is in a forest, the perfect place for an abusive caretaker to be abusive without anyone knowing, that has no neighbors for about a half a mile. The house has three floors, four if you include the basement. The main floor has the kitchen, dining room, living room and Mr. Wilson's bedroom. The second floor has two bedrooms but the boys are forced to share one bedroom with two queen sized beds. There is only one bathroom but it is a decent size with a toilet (stall) a shower, a bathtub and a sink. The third floor is the attic with all of Mr. Wilson's old junk and the basement is a big open area, the walls a cement and the floor is dirt. Sometimes as punishment the boys are locked in the basement for a while.

    Name: Alan
    Age: 15
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Alan is a kind hearted person and does his best to look after the very young members of what he considers his family aka the boys at the orphanage. He always tries to be the "hero" and take beatings for the other boys which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. He has a very low self-esteem which he does his best to hide. Helping protect the younger boys helps give him a purpose which in turn helps him feel better about himself like he is making a difference. Sadly though one insult can send him back to being hard on himself. He tries his best not to show it when he is down in the dumps but sometimes he doesn't do a very good job. He thinks he is worthless so he doesn't want other people to worry about him.
    Background: Alan doesn't know much about his past since he has been through from foster home to foster home almost his entire life. From what he does know (from looming at his file) he was born into a lower class family who either didn't want him or couldn't keep him. He believes they didn't want him due to his low self-esteem but in the back of his mind he hopes that one day he'll meet his parents and they will tell him they did what they had to do because they loved him.
    Other: Alan his a stuffed teddy bear that he had kept with him since he was put into the foster care system. It is the only thing he has that his parents gave him and it is his most valuable possession. He keeps it hidden under a floor board in the boys' bedroom.

    Name: Willy
    Age: 5
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Willy is a ray of sunshine, one that is much needed in the Wilson's home. Willy is always in a good mood...well almost always. He does have his bad days which tend to be really bad but 9/10 days he is a happy go lucky guy. He is also extremely affectionate and loved giving people hugs and kisses. He always tries to brighten up everyone else's day but always being in a good mood and trying to make everyone laugh. He doesn't always succeed but he tried his best.
    Background: Willy's parents were always poor and a few months ago they finally realized that they couldn't keep him. His parents told him that one day they would bring him home and that he needed to stay positive and have hope. So a few months ago he was put into the foster care system and was sent to Mr. Wilson's Home for Boys.
    Extra: he often invades other's personal space without knowing it.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Matey Georgiev Zhikov

    Age: 5

    Personality: Matey is an odd boy. He is very tough and has been through a lot, but is also extremely sensitive. He doesn't show when he's been hurt though and instead channels it into his boundless energy.
    He can seem hyper and shallow because he's discovered that the easiest way to cope with pain and things he can't understand is to pretend they bounce off him or ignore them, but in reality he is hurting pretty badly and tends to feel lonely and isolated. His English is very poor which doesn't help him socialize.
    Matey is very hyper and run around a lot. He can be very loud and talks extremely fast to hide the fact he has poor English which only makes his problem worse. He isn't the brightest kid, but if you try to get to know he can be pretty sweet and caring.

    Appearance: Matey is Romani and and Bulgarian. He has lightly tanned skin and dark brown hair that's wavy and scraggily. It is a touch long right now because he hasn't cut in a while.
    His eyes are a very dark brown, practicly black in color.
    Matey is extremely small for his age standing at just 2'11" and is rather thin.
    He normally wears pants and tank tops and is almost always dirty from rough housing and playing in the mud.

    Background: Matey has lived on the streets most of his life. He was born in Bulgaria to an extremely poor family and was pretty much raised begging and stealing. When he was 4 his father managed to get them to America.(It is unknown how his father got the money to get himself and his four sons and pregnant wife to America).
    Kaloyan was born in America and Matey's mother passes away due to complications.
    After this his father gave up and abandoned all the boys. Alex tried to keep them together by hiding in an old warehouse with them and stealing food and stuff for the baby, but CPS found them pretty quickly and split them all up sending Matey too the orphan home.
    Matey has been in America for about a year and in the orphan home for about 8 months.

    Extra information:

    He loves trains
    He loves abandoned buildings/parks/anything.
    Matey likes exploring in general.
    Matey wants to run away and find his brothers.


    Father- Georgi Tsvetkov Zhikov

    Mother- Emilya Petrova Zhikova (Formerly Andreev)

    Brothers- Alexsander(9), Grigor(7), Ioan(6), Kaloyan(1)

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  3. Name: Aaron Kilman (born Aaron Andrews)
    Age: 14
    Birthday: 24th December/Christmas Eve
    Appearance: Aaron is of average height and is fairly slim. He has a pinched face, often with an equally pinched expression. His hair is blonde and reaches his neck, and is often quite messy and slightly curly. His eyes are deep brown with a mischievous look, and when he does smile, they match a malicious half-grin. His outfits are fairly simple: long sleeved t-shirt, trousers, trainers, and tend to be plain and bland colours. He generally looks like a normal kid, except from multiple bruises on his hidden arms and a scar from a deep cut upon his lower back, that he got from getting into a fight.
    Personality: Aaron is not someone you want as a friend. He's disloyal to anyone but himself, in no way heroic or caring towards other people or their feelings. His "brothers" will know him to be a snitch in order to achieve praise. He doesn't have a sense of humour and won't participate in any activities with other people, much preferring to be alone. He has passionate feelings about things he enjoys and will do anything in his power to obtain something he wants or needs, even if it means threats or abiding the law. Aaron doesn't care for jugdement and isn't quick to judge others, nor care about what people think of him. He doesn't like the idea of authority, instead preferring to have his own rules to follow. However, Aaron also has the need for attention from adults, and even if reacted to negatively, he will class it as a successful mission. He tends to earn this attention by behaving incorrectly, and deliberately does badly in school after realising he wasn't going to be rewarded for working hard. Despite this, Aaron does have above-average intelligence due to being born with a photogenic memory, and has a visible fascination with topics that he likes, to the extent he will research it till being an expert or finding another topic.
    Background: Aaron was thrown into violence practically from the day he was born. His mother was Elise Kilman, a popular local drug dealer who often handed her other two children around to anyone who'd offer to have them. His father was Lawrence Andrews, a serial killer and thief, who often brought his young son along to any attacks, and when Aaron was old enough, he would be made to parpicipate, which he would do in order to furfill his need for praise. When his father and his accomplices was caught by the police, when Aaron was ten, he went to live with his mother, who had abandoned him with Andrews. He took the name Aaron Kilman, but was quite deeply hated by his two older siblings, Hanna and Peter, due to him often grassing them for any mistakes. At the age of eleven, he was arrested by the police for his connection to his father, and placed into a juvenile correction facility, but was released just over a year later. He was shortly after placed into the "care" of Mr Wilson and has been so for almost two years now.
    Hobbies: Aaron has multiple interests. He especially has a fascination with complicated mechanisms, such as rifles or vehicles (especially car engines), and collects keys to work out how they work. In fact, Aaron has a tendency to break potentially dangerous and expensive electronics to find out how they work.
    Extra: Aaron has frequent nightmares and flashbacks from when he lived with his biological parents and often regrets his actions.

    Name: Charlie Lock
    Age: 11
    Birthday: 12th March
    Appearance: A short, slim boy, with a tanned tone and black hair. Glinted, grey eyes, excitedly dash everywhere. Small smiles. Tidy, but casual, button-up shirts, trousers and shoes. Takes pride in his appearance.
    Personality: Charlie believes that optimism is key for life. You only live once is the lesson he's learned so far. Sure, life is tough, but he knows that a smile and some kind words can help you through. He cares very much for everyone he meets, even if they aren't nice to him, and likes to make people smile with kind words and hugs. He's not very creative and doesn't believe in luck or chance. He loves the world around him and wants to experience as much as possible. He doesn't mind being in the shadows but is a very social person who loves to be around others. He enjoys playing board games rather than being outside. He is protective of his possessions to the extent of physically fighting people (and more often than not, losing said fight) to stop people from touching them. He's ambitious and works hard to achieve these ambitions. He's very good in school, getting straight As.
    Background: Orphaned son of a tragic young couple. His mother was Camilla Lopez, a woman ready to sign up for the armed forces, and had recently fallen in love with firefighter Samuel Lock. After falling pregnant, she was proposed to, and they swiftly married, before the child was born. They named him Charlie, before Camilla was sent to fight in Iraq. Samuel and his parents, known only to Charlie as Nana and Grandpa, raised the boy alone, with brief intervals when Camilla came home. He never connected to his mother, but had a strong emotional connection from any stories people told him. Sadly, this happy story was going to end. When Charlie turned six, Grandpa had a heart attack. Although he survived, he was unable to properly care for a child. Less than a year later, a roadside bomb went off in Iraq, and Camilla was killed. He remembered hardly anything about his mother except from what photographs and videos he has of her. Nana spent her time looking after Grandpa, and so, Charlie was Sam's responsibility alone. But it wasn't meant to be. While attending to a fire, Sam inhaled too many carbon dioxide fumes. He died when Charlie was eight, leaving him orphaned. Two years later, his nana also died. Charlie's mother had no close relationships with her relatives and so Charlie was left alone to social services, and he's been with Mr Wilson for a few months.
    Extra: Charlie has a fear of fire. His only possession from his home is a camera containing almost a hundred valuable photographs and videos of his family; he tends to keep this camera on him at all times.
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  4. Thanks! I'm still trying to think up my second character right now. :-)
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  7. So we're gonna go ahead and start I'm going to post the intro in about an hour and I will tag excited!!!!
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  17. Name: Claus Schwarz

    Age: 16

    Appearance: [​IMG] Standing at 5'9", Claus is usually seen wearing long sleeved clothing. He keeps his gray hoodie on at all times while his usual clothing is dark in color. He does this so he wouldn't stand out, but who knows what Mr. Wilson would do?

    Personality: Claus is a timid soul, one that likes to stay out of trouble at all times. In order to be "hidden" he does things that don't draw attention to himself, such as making himself smaller, not saying anything that would provoke a person, those kinds of things. If attention does come to him, however, he would usually speak in a quiet, stuttering manner. He fears punishment, which overrides his sympathy and kindness towards others. If he sees someone getting hurt by someone else, he quickly moves on and pretends it didn't happen. He knows he's a coward and constantly berates himself for the smallest things when it has anything to do with it. He tries to understand people and their actions, giving excuses for everything bad they do.

    Background: His life of hell began when he was four years old. That was when his father died in some accident and his mother, who was mentally unstable but was doing fairly well when his father was alive, began to beat him. His father was his mother's entire world and she couldn't bear to see her son, who looked just like him. She raised him in such a manner, with the yelling and the name calling and being beaten, which damaged his psyche and caused him to become afraid and withdrawn. The bullies at school didn't help either, but he tried his best to avoid trouble. One particular beating got so bad that the neighbors called the police and was whisked away into foster care. But that proved to be a bust, so he was sent to Mr. Wilson's Home for Boys where a new chapter of his life would begin.

    Other: His favorite pastime used to be watching tv shows. The less violent, the better.
    He loves listening to fairytales, wishing he could be a hero like them one day.
    He doesn't have any treasured possessions, as he hasn't found a place with good memories yet. If he does, he'd most likely keep that object close to him.

    I hope Claus is alright for this!
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