Movies That Scared You as a Kid

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  1. Sometimes there are children's movies or just plain normal movies that scared the pants off you when you were a kid.

    If you guise are anything like me then you either haven't yet watched it at a later age.

    I was finally able to watch Matilda when I was 15 with my then 8 year old sister. What really scared me was when the Principal slung the Iittle girl with pigtails over the spikes. Or the punishment room with all the nails. But my little sister has fucking balls of steel and she loved the movie.

    I have not yet watched he movie ET cause do you see his fucking SCARY it looks?!

    I remember watching the Flubber and being scared of the green blobby thing.

    I only watched Toy Story (the first one) once because the three eyed alien dolls in the claw machine with their OOOOHHH creeped me the fuck out. Then I DEFINITELY didn't watch it after I saw the baby head on the spider leg thing. Ugh.

    Hocus Pocus the halloween movie scared me the first time when the three witches tried to eat the girl's soul! But I eventually watched it and now I LOVE the movie.

    So what about you guise? What movies scared you as a kid?
  2. Chuckie.

    My cousin had one of those buddy dolls that looked far too similar.

    He wasn't allowed to bring it over.

    Oh, and gremlins. I couldn't watch that movie until I was 17 and it was in a brightly lit room at noon. Fuck those things.
  3. The Iron Giant scared me quite a bit when I was younger. It's the scene with the train that really sticks out in my mind, if you've seen the movie you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. That had me on the edge of my seat, dreading what might happen next. It was probably the first time I ever really felt that level of fear.

    Actually, now it's gonna bug me because I totally forgot how that scene ends. >_>
  5. I once saw the My Pet Monster movie and it freaked me out.

    Also Hellraiser, but strangely not as much as the former.
  6. IT, the movie based of Stephen kings book. I don't know what age I was, but it was the first horror movie I saw and I watched it together with my parents. It scared me so much I couldn't sleep. I went to my parents bed and laid there wide awake, thinking that a killer clown would come up from beneath the bed o.O When mom came up some hours later she asked why I wasn't asleep yet xD

    Today I love horror movies, and IT is far from scary. I have no idea how it could have scared me even at that age haha

    But I don't think any kids movie has ever scared me. Courage the cowardly dog (a tv-series on cartoon network) did get a bit creepy at times, but nothing that made me freak out like when I had watched IT. I guess I just was very good at distinguish between reality and fiction when it came to cartoons. I could watch anything without being bothered or thinking it had any basis in reality. But as fast as a B live-action movie came into my life, I flipped out haha. Courage the cowardly dog is sooo much scarier than IT haha xD
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  7. When Mars Attacks

    Fuck those aliens. I used to be afraid that those Aliens would come out of my closet unless the light was left on (no idea why I thought that). Those aliens are corny but it's the WAY they move. That's why I hate spiders. It's all in the movement *shivers*
  8. Most movies terrify me yet to this day

    I remember once as a kid, getting up really early and turning on the TV to see what was on. There was this movie, and I remember it being the beginning of a scene where some guy inspects a room in a castle or something, and it's all quiet, then all of a sudden he starts sinking through a tiger carpet on the floor... It kinda freaked me out, so I changed channels. Then, for some reason I changed back, and I saw this scene where some woman was having her brain sucked out through her ears by a scary, Voldemort-looking guy with tentacles sticking out from his ears... At that point I was officially grossed out, and I almost felt like puking. I had nightmares about it for years, and I'd feel sick to my stomach if I thought about it during the day.

    Fast forward to a couple of years ago. Me being the avid ThatGuyWithTheGlasses fan that I was, sat down at my computer to check out the latest installment of Nostalgia Critic. Some of it seemed really familiar to me, like the characters and such, and then I recognized the scenes that had haunted me for all those years... Turns out I was scared shitless by the fucking Dungeons and Dragons movie!
  9. My friend was (and still is to some extent) afraid of ET. The funny thing was that her parents bought an ET figure in the size of the one in the movie which they placed in the hallway to the garage. Every time I've been with her and she had to get something in the garage or in the room on the opposite side of the garage, she always mentioned that she hated that ET doll. And I was like "but.. he's cute."

    I think they have gotten rid of it now though. I haven't seen it in a long while. It might be standing in the garage or something now.
  10. The Ring.

    I had a TV in my room as a kid so this movie fucked me up for a while.
  11. Mar's Attacks... just mentioning the movie title gives me shivers even now. My dad told me it was a funny movie so I watched it with him. I wet the bed for the next three night cause of the nightmares it gave me. The heads kissing *shivers with disgust*

    Tremors, I have no idea why but this movie terrified me as a kid. But now I watch it and I'm fine with it. I think it was the part with the old mans head that freaked me out so much as a kid.

    And James and the Giant Peach. This movie freaked my parents out when we first saw it as a family. But I LOVED that movie. I forced my parents to buy it for me and I watched that VHS until the film ribbon snapped from wear. And I did the same to the second VHS version we got of it. It was an awesome movie and I don't know why everyone else was freaked out by it. But I did become severely terrified of bugs after that movie >.>
  12. When I tell people about my childhood fear of ET, I'm always laughed at. Glad to see I'm not alone. I was WAAAAY into space as a kid so that movie opened up the possibility of alien life to me, something my 6-year old mind took to horrific levels. I always thought there were aliens outside my window at night, trying to look in.

    As a little boy however, nothing terrified me more than Pinocchio's donkey scene. Holy fuck.
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  13. Dude, ET was a fugly looking alien and it had constant rape-face syndrome.

    You are most certainly not alone.

    You don't WANT to be alone.

    Not with ET.

    Or Stromboli and the Coachman.

    They got the rapeface


    Sleep tight, @Cpt Toellner

    Sleeeeeep tiiiiight......
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  14. Why did Disney approve that fucking movie!?
  15. Poltergeist. That little girl......

    No one has probably heard of this movie, it's old and obscure, but The Pit freaked me out, still does. I don't know what freaked me out the most, the kid or the monster. I still have nightmares about that movie. I've been looking all over for the book that it's based off of, because damn if I don't love being scared out of my mind. lol

  16. "Lets get the hell out of here."

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  17. The Pit is one of my old movie loves. It scared the crap out of me and I loved it.
  18. For kids movies..The Little Vampire. I can't remember why but I don't care to watch it to this day.
    Edward Scissorhands. He is creepy.
    Watership Down. Do I really have to explain this one? Bunny deaths!
  19. Movies that scared me as a kid.

    Well simple my dad loves Ferdy Krueger so those of course. I didn't like the fact that he haunted you in your dreams and when I watched the movie at five I always fell asleep. I woke up before well he got me. Now however I can't see why it scared me so much.

    Oh and it didn't help for years being that my dad has a few pictures and owns all the movies. But eventually I was able to watch them with my younger brother when I was ten.

    All of the SAW movies I still haven't gained the courage to re-watch them because when I did I was ten and well I haven't changed that much in the few years that have passed. I'm also not a fan of blood and gore for to much of the sight of blood I can't stomach it.

    Monster House When I was eight I wasn't big with haunted houses and seeing a movie where the house came to life well that wasn't the best experience of my life. And when I had seen it the day was right before Halloween.
  20. The fourth Harry Potter movie when Voldemort shows up; mostly the end scene scared me, but the entire movie was pretty dark for little 7, 8 year old me.