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  1. I just had a thread moved out from the graveyard since my partner returned from hiatus.
    I've noticed however that the thread is not in the new format. It doesn't have the overview tab, the cute roleplay icon and it doesn't show up in my roleplays even though I'm the author.

    Is there a fix to that?
  2. Hm.. Could you post the link?

    If it's a one x one, it should have the tabs.. But if it's in the wrong section, that may be the issue. o_o
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  4. One on one Libertine
  5. *Facepalms self* Stupid moment. That shouldn't even have needed to be questioned when the IC was in the libertine and not non-libertine section xD
  6. Your thread has now been fixed into the new system.
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  7. Thank you!!
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