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Moonlight Cabal

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Vay, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. With resprect to the original founder our own esteamed Pirogeth I reopen the Moonight Cabal so that we may once again meet in its soft glow.

    Now join me Moonlighters and once again embrace the call.
  2. Yes of course.... ^_^ And sorry if we sort of jumped the gun. The faster we get to normalcy, the better.

    Now, what was this club all about? Oh, right. Nocturnals and lovers of the night.
  3. *lurks in the shadows, watching and waiting for the right moment to come forward*
  4. The moonlight Cabal is for those who love the moonlight, it doesn't matter what you do in the moonlight.

    *Aims spotlight at Inky*

    Hello there.
  5. *skitters back away from the light holding her hand over her face to block the light* ..hey man... I was just.. I just going for a walk..
  6. *uses his powers to light the whole area in moonlight*

    You have reached your destination.

    *Smiles at loveless*
  7. Angels:
    Are beings of pure light. Ever since Micheal disappeared, almost no one has spoken to God directly. Their courts and rules are still preserved by Micheal's successor John. Angels are split into 6 houses with different flames.

    Angels NEVER lie.
    All lives are precious to God and his angels with the exception of demons.
    Always respect your fellow angels, especially superior and those stronger than you.
    Acts of procreation are sacred and not to be taken lightly or in lustful manner.

    Micheal's House
    White Flame: The most sacred of all the flames. This flame is only passed down from its' own family and one of the rarest flame to be inherited. Family with this flame are seen as sort of a royalty in Heaven. It is the strongest flame in existence.
    Moderator (open)
    Tendinicus as John
    Rapheal's House
    Red House: Lead by General Alexander, the Red House is guarded and gifted with red flames that increase their strength and might. They are the warriors of righteous and guardians of the weak. They thirst for battle, especially in the sight of injustice.
    Moderator (open)
    Tendinicus as Alexander
    Gabriel's House
    Blue House: Lead by Pashear, daughter of Gabriel, blue flames represent calm and healing. They are angels equivalent of doctors and nurses for both physical wounds and emotional wounds.
    Moderator (open)
    Character is open. Female only.
    Uriel's House
    Purple House: Open seat, the purple flames are seen both as a blessing and a curse. They see visions of the past and present, of the beauty of life but also the dark side of life. Most angels with this flame and gifts choose to remain neutral but loyal to heaven. They are the most passive house.
    Moderator (open)
    Character is open.
    Raguel's House
    Yellow House: They hold the yellow flames and also the knowledge of the universe. Angels from this house craves knowledge more than anything else.
    Moderator (open)
    Character is open.
    Sariel's House
    Green House: Wielding the green flame, they are closest to nature and animals of all kinds. These angels enjoy life on earth more than anything else, many of them even choose to become human's guardian angels, guiding them and living with them,
    Moderator (open)
    Character is open.

    Fallen Angels:
    Angels who broke their rules to protect all sacred living things of God and disregard lives of fellow angels, humans and animals will slowly taint their wings and once their wings become pure black, there is almost no turning back. When this happens, they also develop another flame. The taboo, black flames. It has a little of all 6 flames' trait but to a very small degree. Most fallen angels have no loyalty to heaven or hell but those who followed Lucifer and Kunari would live in hell.
    Moderator (open)
    Me as Kunari

    There are many species of demons in hell. The pure demons mostly don't have human forms and forced to live underground while some learn to adapt and adopt a human persona. Some demons even go so far as to be known as demi-gods with god-like powers and minor immunity to angels but they are still seen as demons.

    Demons have three ranks:
    High Level Demons: These include demi-gods and demons who earn the title of Arch Demon. Lilith, Queen of Succubus earn her arch demon title therefore belongs in this category. High level demons rarely leave hell if ever, preferring to delegate their dirty works to demons beneath them.

    Mid Level Demons: Everyday variety of demons who dwell with humans, creating havoc and fighting against angels.

    Low Level Demons: These are disposable demons and shadow demons that are usually use to collect information and do chores.

    Arch Demon 1
    Moderator: Marquies as Astorath
    Arch Demon 2
    Moderator: Me as Lilith
    Arch Demon 3
    Moderator: Character is available
    Arch Demon 4
    Moderator: Character is available
    Arch Demon 5
    Moderator: Character is available
    Arch Demon 6
    Moderator: Character is available

    Neutral Parties
    Death and his Shinigami
    : The Angel of Death might be an angel but he and his followers and beyond the war. They hold the balance between the living and the dead, not just of angels and demons but humans and every other creature.
    Moderator (open)
    Tendinicus as Death aka Arthur

    Guardian of Time and Space: Everytime someone manipulates time or reality, they invoke the power of the guardian and this guardian keeps time and realities on course and not collapsing into each other.
    Moderator (open)
    Character is available
  8. *pokes head in to look around*

    well at least the place is still in once piece..*prepares to leave again*
  9. **tugs Angel back in**
  10. agh my spleen!! XP....

    hmm I'm tempted to just start posting for SoL again XD...but I did post on kaze's wall so hopefully he'll let me know ASAP what his plans are O_o
  11. "What are you making?" Kunari reach for her usual teapot but it wasn't where she usually keep it, "Where..?"
  12. Astorath chuckled and pointed to the kettle on the other side of his cooking. "I'm making you another pot. If I showed you how, you would need me less."
  13. "That's a lot of food." Kunari mumble.
  14. "You don't want to share?"
  15. Astorath smiled and began to put her together the plates.
  16. "Because I'm lonely.. I miss them." Kunari mumble softly. She shut her journal slowly.
  17. Kunari gave him an irritated look, "Demons have been trying to cause troubles in our territory again."
  18. *runs for cover*

    Wot di izz do?
  19. *hides behind Vay clinging to his arm*
  20. The meteor shower will peak tonight, whats your plans?
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