Moonlight Cabal

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  1. ah fuck my body aint ready for the notifs
  2. Man oh man is it good to be back ♡♡♡
  3. *lurks in the shadows, watching and waiting for the right moment to come forward*
  4. Or maybe it's the fact that people demand you REVOKE YOUR CITIZENSHIP for complimenting Japan and its flag (I think the Rising Sun one had something to do with it.) the day before Korea's "independence day"
  5. *whispers*

  6. **takes Inky by the hand and gently kisses it**
    Now he randomly smiles at Loveless.
  7. *pokes head in to look around*

    well at least the place is still in once piece..*prepares to leave again*
  8. **tugs Angel back in**
  9. agh my spleen!! XP....

    hmm I'm tempted to just start posting for SoL again XD...but I did post on kaze's wall so hopefully he'll let me know ASAP what his plans are O_o
  10. My smile must have missed inky and hit loveless, Hmm.....

    *Goes to smile marksmanship camp*
  11. *is lead away and wont fight it. Blinking and blushing her hand warms to the touch as a blush finds her cheek.
  12. *smiles at inky*

    There a got it right ^^
  13. Wow, will you look at that, this club is already back to normal.

    *goes to the nearest window to admire the moon*
  14. *looks around but avoids direct eye contact*
  15. *puts face inches away from inky's*

    What you looking for?
  16. Ahhhhhhhhhhh
    **blinks at Vay and Inky and scampers off to the cupboard again, tossing china at Vay**
  17. *runs for cover*

    Wot di izz do?
  18. Yeah!!!!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.