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  1. Mina carefully unwrapped the present that her mother and father presented her. It was her sixteenth birthday and she was opening some of her presents early that morning. She got a few tops, pairs of jeans and other things but this present was far by the biggest. She didn't know what it was - but she was very excited to find out. When she tore open the paper there was a big box and inside the box was a laptop. She never actually had a laptop, but she knew a lot of people at school had them and we're addicted to them like her two friends Olivia and Meg. Sometimes, she occasionally she went to the library to use the computers there but that was only to do homework. She grinned and smiled up at her family. "Thank you so much, I love it! I'm going to set it up right away" She said and started to set it up.

    Her parents went down to make breakfast, whilst her younger sister Natalie sat down on her bed and watched in amazement, she was fourteen. She'd never had her own laptop either. Her eyes sparkled excitedly. "What do you want to do first? We can sign you up for a website that all of my friends are using! It's really popular, you can send messages to people and post pictures"

    "Yeah sure" Mina said and Natalie helped her sign up for the website and create a profile, her sister knew way more about social media and computers than she did.

    "Now, all you have to do is wait for someone to friend you!" Natalie said.
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  2. Connor sat at his desk, sipping at a glass of tea, and whiled away his time at his laptop. His homework was finished, and the few chores his parents required of him were completed. All that was left now before he finally forced himself to bed was mindless internet browsing, and scrolling through his social media feed.

    There wasn't much of anything happening; just some lame drama between some of his friends from school. Being seventeen was like that, he supposed--a series of lame drama all strung together into an era called high school. Leaning back in his chair, he ran his fingers through his jet-black hair, and reached with his other hand for the laptop's screen, thinking it was finally time to call it a night. Something on his feed stopped him however.

    It was a icon, suggesting to add a girl named Natalie as a friend. His interest was piqued. Connor didn't recognize the suggested name at first, but it said on the profile that she was sixteen, and Mina sounded like a cute name after all. Without further thought, Connor clicked 'ADD FRIEND' on the screen.
  3. Mina shooed her sister out of the room she she could get read and once she left she took a shower and pulled on a sweater and a pair of jeans. She pulled a brush through her brown hair. When she was done, Natalie sat with her in her bedroom, also dressed. Mina was reading a book and her sister was cutting some pictures out of fashion magazines when they both heard a 'ping' from the laptop, like a notification. Natalie beat Mina to the computer. "You have a friend request!" She called excitedly.

    "Well.... Accept it!" Natalie exclaimed impatiently and Mina nodded. "Okay, okay" She replied and accept the friend request. The friend request was from a boy, she didn't know why he added her - since her profile didn't have a picture of herself and only had her name and age up.

    She decided to send him a message.

    Hi :)
  4. Connor leaned on his elbow, having decided to pass the time for a few minutes longer to see if his new request would be accepted. When an almost instant reply popped onto his screen, he nearly fell off his chair in surprise. Looking closer, he saw that it wasn't just an acceptance notice that had come up on his dashboard, but an actual message from this Mina.

    His eyebrows rose in pleasant curiosity. Taking another drink of his tea, he clicked open the message icon. The girl's profile didn't have a picture with it, but that didn't bother him. Meeting new people was a passion of Connor's and looks didn't much matter for passing the time with someone you'd probably never meet. His fingers moved over the keyboard as he replied.

    -Hi! Thanks for accepting my request. How are you?
  5. Mina heard the 'ping', except this time she didn't have another friend request. This time she had a message, from the boy who just sent her a friend request she was surprised that he had replied so quickly and before she knew it she was typing a reply. She was a lot slower because she didn't use computers as much as everyone else she knew.

    -Good thanks, how are you? I'm Mina, btw

    She sent the message and then waited paitiently for a reply.
  6. Connor smiled. It was a sideways grin that lifted the left side of his mouth, and caused the dimples in his cheek to show. It was an easy thrill to be talking with someone new. The ridiculous and unknown possibilities were like pleasant treat that lasted only as long as it took to get to know someone, and Connor enjoyed those moments. As his computer pinged, his smile broadened.

    -I'm doing well, just not feeling like heading to bed yet.

    -It's great to meet you Mina. I'm Connor. So what's keeping you up so late?
  7. - Nice to meet you too! It's my birthday, I just turned sixteen. I wanted to wake up early to open presents. :) How about you?

    Mina sent a reply and then she heard her bedroom door open and Natalie poked her head inside to say that Mom and Dad needed her help with breakfast. She walked over to the computer and peeked over to see who she was talking to.

    "Who's that?" She asked, and Mina quickly switched the tab with a blush. "No one" She replied and Natalie just giggled and wiggled her eyebrows and left.

    -Brb, I'll ttyl She sent a message and then closed her computer.
  8. -Happy bday! And sweet 16? Even more important. I just turned 17 about a month's not that significant lol.

    Connor rolled his eyes, thinking to himself just how true that statement really was. 17 was just a placeholder before "official" adulthood. No perks. No privileges. He focused again on the screen, and began typing more.

    -As for what's keeping me up? Just me haha. Sleep can be more worthless than it's worth.

    He had barely finished and hit "send" when Mina's next message came back about having to chat later. Connor snorted his disappointment before shrugging.

    -No worries Mina. Message me whenever. I'll be on my phone.

    With that, Connor closed his laptop. Getting up from his desk, the smile that had stayed on his face during the short chat with Mina returned. His stomach fluttered with something very akin to butterflies as he plopped down in his bed. There really wasn't any point in going to sleep now; it was morning after all. But, it would be a comfortable place to wait and see just how long Mina took to get back to him. Making sure his phone's notification volume was up, Connor set back into his pillow, and closed his eyes.
  9. Mina didn't respond to Connor until later that day, she had to get ready to go to the mall with Meg and Olivia. When she returned, she walked upstairs to her bedroom and switched her computer on.

    -Hi Connor, sorry for not responding. I went out with my friends today and wasn't able to get into my computer.

    She hit send and then started to do some homework whilst she waited for his reply.
  10. Connor had slept for a short time before his mother had forced him out of bed. He had gotten up reluctantly, cursing himself for staying up so late, and then quickly changing his mind after he remembered Mina. That thought brightened his day.

    He spent most of his day with his father, working on an old truck that had become the two's unofficial project. It was beat up and rusty, but it provided plenty of opportunity for quality time with one another. Connor was going to miss that in college.

    Just as he came inside to wash up, Connor felt his phone buzz and ping in his pocket. Taking it out, he smiled at the message.

    His mother who was standing in the kitchen preparing dinner, caught his look. "Who's burning you up?" She said, her voice teasing.

    Connor rolled his eyes. "No one, Mom. Just a friend."

    Connor's mom gave her son a knowing look, but said nothing. Walking away from the kitchen, Connor replied back.

    -It's no problem at all. I'm happy to hear from you. I've been working with my dad all day anyway. How was being with your friends?
  11. Mina blushed as she noticed she had a new message and read it. She smiled.

    -I'm happy to hear from you too. It was fun, thanks for asking

    She hit send and then looked over at her clock, which read that it was nearly time to go to bed - she had school in the morning and needed to finish up with her homework.

    -I'm going to bed now, I have school tomorrow yuck ;( Bye!

    Then she turned off her computer and started to get ready for bed.
  12. Connor felt his face light up, and his stomach did a pleasant leap as he read Mina's reply. Just that little note about her being happy to hear from him seemed like a treasured gift. He could hardly move his fingers fast enough over his phone to reply.

    -You're welcome! Hopefully we get to talk more soon. It's been fun.
    -I have school tomorrow too, so we'll both be miserable ;)

    With the thought of Mina, this fantasy girl who had captured his attention in spite of even knowing what she looked like, Connor went about the rest of his night. He slept soundly, and rose early for football practice. He dressed quickly in his training uniform, grabbing a granola bar and banana on the way out the door. A thought crossed his mind as he slid into the driver seat of his car.

    Taking his phone from his pocket, he typed a quick message to Mina.

    -I know it's early, but hopefully this gets to you before you leave for school. Have a great day. Thinking of you.
  13. Mina heard the annoying, ear - piercing sound of her alarm clock beeping repeatedly. She gently pressed it off and then rubbed her hands over her face. She groaned, school was starting again. She pulled at a couple of locks of her brown hair, which was messy like a bird's nest and was spread out over her pillow. She got up and picked out her outfit - a simple sweater and a pair of jeans. Winter was on it's way. But she loved winter - snow, cosy sweaters, hot drinks and best of all... Christmas! Just when she finsished picking out her outfit she swithc de on her computer and her face lit up when she had a notification from Connor.

    She had been thinking about him a lot, she blushed as she read the message - he'd been thinking about her too.

    - Morning Connor, have a great day too. I've been thinking of you as well!

    She sent the message, switched off her latop and then showered and got dressed. She ate breakfast with her sister and walked to school with her.
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  14. Mina's message set Connor in a wonderful mood. He drove to his first morning practice with a stupid grin on his face that he didn't bother hiding from his friends. They ribbed him, asking what had gotten him so happy. Connor just shrugged and feigned ignorance.

    After practice, he walked along with his teammates towards the main school building. He had showered, and was now dressed in a pair of jeans and simple white t-shirt. His low-top black and white Chuck Taylors were on his feet, and that grin that had followed him since Mina's message that morning stayed with him. It was going to be a wonderful day--even if it was back to school.

    As he stepped inside, his backpack over his shoulder, Connor wondered just where Mina was, and what she was doing.
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  15. "Ugh, I have Math class. What do you guys have?" Meg groaned as they started to walk through the crowded halls.

    "I have Computer class" Mina said, which made her smile because if she finsished all of her work maybe she could log in briefly and talk to Connor.

    "Me too" Olivia said.

    "What're you so happy about, I thought you thought that Computer class was boring?" Meg said to Mina.

    "Oh... I don't mind it. It can just be boring sometimes" She said. They both said goodbye to Meg and then headed to class. When Mina finsished her work, she logged onto the website she'd been using to talk to Connor and sent him a message.

    -Hey Connor, I'm in computing class!

    Olivia glanced over at the screens and wiggled her eyebrows, Mina blushed and switched tabs. "Who's that?" Olivia asked.

    "Oh, just a friend I met online. His name's Connor"

    "Hmm.. Sounds like a familiar name. I'm pretty sure I have a Connor in my Spanish class"
  16. "Connor Mitchell! Are you on your phone in my class?" The physics teacher called out.

    The sudden outburst startled him, and Connor almost dropped his phone. "Uh, sorry Mrs. Davenport. I was just checking something. Won't happen again."

    The teacher gave him a glare before turning back to the white board, and resuming her lecture. As soon as she had turned around, Connor looked back down at his phone's screen. His silly, happy grin was back instantly. He didn't know what it was about this Mina girl, but it made him feel amazing.

    -I'm in physics right now...So, it's easy to say that you're the best part of my day so far lol. How's comp class?

    Connor managed to slip the phone back into his pocket, having just sent 'send', before Mrs. Davenport turned to glare at him once more.
  17. -It's been okay actually, how's physics?

    Just then, she heard the bell go. Class had gone really quickly. She clossed her tabs and logged off the computer she was using. The next class she had was gym, which she didn't mind even though she wasn't is he sportiest person. Last year, she even did cheerleading with Meg and Olivia.

    Mina waited with Olivia for Meg to get out of Math class, they all had gym together. Afterwards, they walked towards class and into the changing rooms. Mina put her PE clothes on and then lined up with the rest of her class.
  18. -As good as physics can be lol. Is it lunch yet?

    Truthfully, Connor loved science. But still, it was more fun to play like it was bothersome. At least, he thought so.

    The end of class came quickly enough, and the bell rang without another message from Mina. If they were both in school, wherever in the world she was, he was sure she was busy too.

    Picking up his backpack, he slid out his chair. It wasn't a long walk to the gym for PE, so he got to the locker room early. Once he was changed, he moved out onto the floor along with the rest of the class.
  19. Mina watched as their teacher called out their names, she noticed that someone named Connor was also in her class. She couldn't help but wonder if he was the one she'd been messaging, but she shook her head. Maybe he didn't even go to her school? Maybe he was in a different country entirely?

    "Mina?" She heard her name being called out.

    "Here!" She said.
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  20. [​IMG]

    Connor heard the name "Mina" being called, followed by a quick "here!"

    Looking around, he couldn't quite see the girl that had answered. His face had a look of pleasant surprise. No way, it can't be her, he thought. What would the chances be? Not that Connor could really tell if this Mina was the one he had been chatting with anyway--he had no idea what she looked like.

    Just then, the PE continued on, and Connor's name was said. "I'm here," Connor replied, before once more turning around to see who belonged to the name "Mina."
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