Modern Romance Roleplay

She saw her waving for her to come. She walked over there and smiled at the girl. "Hi" She muttered. "Well lets get a table." She saw a table and walked over and sat down and waited for them to come with her. She then looked around for what she wanted to eat. She saw a Chinese place and instantly knew that is what she wanted.
Kim looked at the girl who walked to a close by table, then on the new met girl.
"Come on, you don't want to see me dying on the floor because I'm starving" She laughed and went after the girl.
Pen pushed aside, tongue stuck to the tips of the seal, envelope closed and pressed flat for good measure. The card was complete. It wasn't too wordy, nor not enough so, the finished project had been satisfactory in her mind. She wasn't use to signing apology cards, especially not for something like this.. So, naturally, she had spent so long working on it, brainstorming over the right set of ideas to scribble down gently. Noticing the rumbling of her stomach, Zetta groaned out of hunger and stood up from her seat. Slipping her bag back over her shoulders, it took her a moment to remember where the food court was in this giant mall. Fighting the immediete sadness that tinged at every muscle in her body, Zetta also remembered how Scarny use to drag her around said court, showing her all the new food items that caught her eye. She was always so cute and energetic, it was easy for the sarcastic ways to kick in that the indigo haired young woman was use to. Teasing her had been so much fun, but only when she knew she was being teased. A smile hugged the girl's lips as she looked down at her mary janes, shaking her head quickly, locks of hair flying about to mess up a bit underneath her cap. Clearing her throat, and holding back watery eyes, she began to walk, holding her head higher than before to brush away any negative feelings showing through her motions.

The food court was very wide, and filled with all the different kinds of options one could ask for. The mixture of so many exotic aromas couldn't be ignored by a mortal soul in the place. It was just impossible to miss the saliva-building sensation that occured upon passing by, drawing in customers with the inaudible songs that was given off by the muse-like edibles. The hardest choice was picking out where one wanted to eat, what they wanted to gnaw on and where they wanted to park themselves. At the current moment, Zetta knew her taste buds called for italian. Heading over to the traditional, old-fashioned type italian booth, she glanced over the menu up above, picturing in her head how hungry she was, what she would eat, and how much cash was sitting in her pockets. Biting her lower lip slowly, she still held the card of pathetic apology in her grasp, left hand to be precise. Just again noticing it, she blinked a couple times before moving her bag over to just one shoulder, gaining a better range on the object from how she stood. Pulling open the zipper, her fingers swiftly slipped in the envelope, trying not to look at it, for she didn't want to cause a scene with her current raging emotions. No. Food was the main topic right now.. Food would take her away, just for a little while.
Evangeline smiled a bit what the girl just said. She walked over to join her and the other girl sitting at a table, keeping the two drinks she had left balanced on the book.
Kim put the two drinks down on the table and sat down in front of the first girl she had met, and remembered something important that she had forgott for to long. Who went around with someone without knowing their names?
"Know when I think about it, I haven't asked any of you what your names are. I'm Kim" She said
Evangeline sat down across from the other two, setting down her textbook next to her and placing the drinks on the table. "My name is Evangeline." She told them, pushing up her glasses which were falling down again.
"I'm Scarny nice to meet you guys." She said in an awkward voice it sounded really bad.
Kim noticed Scarnys voice becoming weird 'I wonder if it is because she saw her ex-girlfriend, or if she doesn't want to be with Evangeline. It maybe was stupid to just invite someone without her having a word on it. Well to late now' Kim thought to herself.

"Nice to meet you, well I don't know how it is with you but I'm starving now so what's the best food place?" Kim said smiling.
She gave her smile. "I love the Chinese place." She said looking back to see no line.
Evangeline felt awkward being here with people she just met. She sat with her hands in her lap, avoiding eye contact with the others. Occasionally she'd move to push up her falling glasses.
Kim felt an awkward atmosphere and hoped some food would make it better.
"Sure I love chinese food, my treat" she said automatically, she had always had the habit of treating people when she went out to eat. Because her parents always gave her more money than she could spend she always ended up spending more on other people than on herself.
She shrugged "Um sure i guess lets go." She stood up and got in line for the Chinese food. she started ordering and asked for the meat to be removed. She went and payed for herself forgetting that the girl was supposed to pay for her. she really didn't want to impose on her.
Evangeline wasn't all that hungry. She just sat at the table, taking a few sips of a strawberry and banana smoothie every now-and-then.
Kim started to walk towards the chinese food with Scarny noticing that Evangeline weren't with them. She ordered her food and were going to take up money for them both but before she got the chance to pay for them Scarny had already payed for herself. Kim payed for her food and looked over at the table where Evangeline sat by herself.
Scarny walked back tot eh table and sat her stuff down and started applying a ton of soy sauce to everything. She even put some in a small cup to dip her fingers into then lick it off. She absolutely loved soy sauce. "Did you want anything." She asked the girl just sitting there.