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She stepped into the mall. She started walking around. She stopped at the video games. She stepped in and looked for an empty spot. She only saw one game. IT had three chairs. She sat int he middle. It looked like the only one working. She put in her quarters and started playing the old unwanted game. She kept checking her phone every 5 minutes. Hoping she had messaged her back. She of course didn't. She was sad she had love Zetta. Now she was thinking about going strait again. She wished she could be with her. They had so many plans. She understood her want for guys. She was simply BI teats all.

Kim went into the mall looking around curiously like a kid on a theme park for the first time. It was her first day going out since they moved there, she had been too busy unpacking everything and taking care of her sick mother, but finally she were able to go out for a bit. She got distracted almost immediately by a little place with a lot of games, she went in and tried to find an empty spot but didn't. But she fast stopped to think about that when she saw a girl sitting alone looking sadly at her phone. "ditched by your boyfriend?" she asked the girl, maybe not the best way of starting a conversation she thought right afterward.

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She gave a weak smiled that was pathetic. "Dumped by my girlfriend." She just looked at the game. "This is the only one that works if you want to use it." She said and started getting up. "I suck at it anyway." She looked at her phone again and walked started walking away. She looked back real quick and started walking away again.
Kim felt really bad when she saw how hurtend the girl became of what she had said, even though she tried to hide it with a smile. Kim hadn't thought something like that really had happend. She stopped the girl that were about to leave
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that, it was stupid of me." She paused "If you want to I can teach you the game, or we could do something else, I mean if you want to of course. I'm sorry I just talking and talking and" She took a deep breath "what I'm trying to say is that you look really down so I just thought you could need some company, and I wouldn't mind because I'm new here and don't know anyone here. And the best way of forgetting someone that dumped you is to go out trying to have fun, but I understand if you don't feel like it, when I got dumped I didn't talk with anyone for weeks." She noticed that she started to talk faster and faster again and needed to take a breath "I'm sorry, mom always says that I'm talking giberish when I get a bit nervous, I probably just bothering you, sorry I'll just leave" Kim stopped talking and turned around. She hadn't got so nervous in ages 'what the fuck happend' she asked herself, starting to walk away.
She turned around and looked at her. She gave a weak smiled but it looked better than the first one. "I would like that thank you." She was surprised the girl was going to hang out with a girl who thought she was cute. She realized that she was cute but she wasn't sure if she was ready for a relationship right now. She just needed someones shoulder to cry on. She realized that she was looking down at the floor and looked back up at her. She walked over to her so she was facing her. She wasn't sure what happened all she knew was she was hugging her. She quickly pulled away. "I am so sorry i was just happy someone cared about me." She looked down at the ground. "So if you still want to hang out that would be cool. I mean we can do anything you want to do."
Kim got surpised when the girl suddenly hugged her and then pulled back. "I am so sorry i was just happy someone cared about me." The girl said while looking into the ground. "So if you still want to hang out that would be cool. I mean we can do anything you want to do."
Kim got embarrassed and couldn't understand why 'It's just a girl hugging me, my friends used to do so all the time at home, why the heck does this make me embarrassed?" She thought to herself.
"Sure I still want to, but I don't really know where we could go, I just moved here so I don't know what there is to do here. Maybe we could go somewhere you want to and at the same time I can learn this city" Kim suggested.
"You did it again, Zee. You did it again.."
A disappointed, dry sigh slipped out from the pair of pale lips, the head to which they belonged to hanging low in despair. Standing alone in a card and gifts store buried within the mall, the young woman seemed too pessimistic for any clerk to come and ask her if she needed some kind of assistance. Giving off that 'woe is me' type of vibe to those who would pass by, capturing up her aura in their glances, the entire manner of her body language would be able to spill out novels based on her emotions. One more relationship, tattered and stung in the face, by her own words and paranoia. She had told herself she was over this, these commitment issues that steamed inside of her mind every time she felt she was becoming closer to a person. But, lo and behold, guess who went and goofed this time.

Lifting up her chin, Zetta stared out blankly at the cards in front of her. The titles flashed before her eyes, different versions, styles, colors of them all coming down to saying "I'm Sorry" in giant, pathetic letters. Never had she imagined she would come to this. Biting down on the sensitive flesh of her lower lip, a delicate hand reached up and out to one in particular: indigo background, lavender font, two pictures of all the puppies one could ever fantasize of owning. Gazing into the contents of said item with deep blue eyes, it didn't matter that a couple soft purple strands fell in front of her vision; the current viewpoint of the beholder, being sad and gloomy, could see through all. The problem right now was if she could focus long enough to tell what the card actually said.. Deciding it was right, being the puppies were quite adorable and just couldn't be put down, a free hand came to swipe away an envelope that was perfectly sized for the apologetic, sappy speciman.

Turning around on her navy blue, mary-janes, her body was forced over with her own tired will to the register, head down, sight glued to the counter. Why did she have to be dumb? She freaked out, that was it. Irrational thinking usually was the victor between the two in a classic brawl of love within her soul. The tendency she grasped was to often push that person away once she felt that she might be experiencing what she has heard called 'love'. Heartbreak terrified her to little itty bitty pieces. It looked so very painful in the movies, in the books, in the comics.. Why would someone want to get intimate enough, with the thought that it might happen to them at any moment if they slip up on accident? Zetta could not figure out how this Love thing worked, and it scared her. Looking back up to the clerk as she finished checking the girl out her card, grabbing it, she quickly adjusted the white loose hat sitting on her head, and scurried out from the store.

Nearby, in the middle of the second floor where she was positioned, Zetta found a lovely, quiet bench to park her rear upon. Pushing her small school bag aside near her feet, she slowly smoothed out her cotton skirt, creating a table for the card to be placed. The signing of it would have to be something she'd expect to spend about half and hour doing. This was not just an ordinary card, oh no no no. This was a submission, a clear realization, in writing, of her wrong doing, the result of her frantic ways. This..this was very special to her. Sifting through random items sitting within her bag, Zetta pulled out a bright purple gel pen, shaking it a little to jazz up the ink prior to pressing tip to paper. The tie on her chest raised and went out along with her deep inhaling. Holding the breath a moment longer, slowly the air was allowed out through her nostrils, closing her eyes, the black seen before her lovely, and comforting in this very moment. She would sign the card soon.. Mmhm. Soon she would start. Her fingers curled around the pen, tensed up for a second, untensed, twirled it along her fingers, opened her eyes and admired the way it was designed. Time was wasted, fifteen minutes left in her estimate of how long it'd take to sign this card of possible relationship salvation. Chewing, out of habit, on her lip once again, Zetta cleared her throat as her eyes felt a bit sore. Rubbing at them, little fists formed now, the crying ever since she called, and uttered those stupid words of 'we are over', was to blame. Why was this so damn hard? Like a child, she felt quite helpless just then, sniffling softly to only herself, as some individuals would walk by and stare, but then pull away as staring is not at all polite. Curse her squishy ways.. Curse them for bringing her to this state of life.
She kept looking at the floor hiding her eyes. She was not one to be social. She ahd barley gotten the love of her life. She started thinking about all of the happy times they had together. She couldnt stop thinking about one time though. They hadnt really told anyone about there relationship. It was because of herself. She asked Zetta not to tell. For her. They had there first argument. She asked her if she was embarrassed about her. She was so afraid to lsoe her she had jsut gotten ehr. She got donw on her knees and felt like crying. She still remember the whole argument every last detail. She hated the thought of them not being together anymore. A single tear fell from ehr eye and as seh thought of the emotinal time. She then thought about the first time that they kissed. She knew then that she turley loved her. She was so afraid to say the words first. Afraid that seh didnt want her the same way. Yhe one kiss led to another adn another. The first kiss led to there first time. It was only Scarny's first time. Not Zetta's she had expirince. She only had expirence with guys though. So they were both lost. That same night they said i love you. She got brought back to the present. She uttered the words sorry. She wiped her eyes then looked up. "Umm ya sure. Um lets go." She started heading out again. She walked a little ways and kept pointing at stuff and naming them. She stopped dead in her tracks. She wasn't sure what to do. 1) crumble to the ground crying or 2) Go over there and start yelling at the girl. She hated her right now. She also had an undying lover for her right now. She looked at the other girl. She tried to speak. She kept looking at the girl and back at her. Every time she looked it looked only like a picture. The girl just sat there pen in one ahnd card int he toher hand. A few tears started falling. It didnt change her face. He eyes where already puffy. She didnt wear mackup so seh didnt have to worry about that. She looked over at the girl she was with she hoped she would give her an answer.
Kim saw that the girl was about to cry and were unsure what to say "Umm ya sure. um lets go" the girl said and started to chow her around, trying not to chow her how sad she was. Kim thought it was better for her not to say anything and hoped she would feel a bit better in a while. All of a sudden she stopped, her eyes were set on a girl on a bench and then her eyes went towards Kim. It went between them a couple of times before tears started to fall down. Kim had no idea what to do, in her confused state she suddenly started to hug the girl and almost started to cry herself, but she were able to hold it in.
"I have no idea what happend, but if its something, anything I can do so you feel better about it I will, just don't cry" Kim said and hoped the girl would calm down, because she probably wouldn't be able to let go before she had.
She jugged her back and finely she could let the words come out. "That that's her my my ex girlfriend. The one who just broke up with me." She took a pause and he mouth just hung open a little bit. "I don't know what to do right now." She looked at the girl again then back at her. "I am so confused."
As Kim had suspected, it was her ex girlfriend. She slowly released her grip when she noticed that the girl had calmed down a bit and she gently patted her on the head. Kim thought that she couldn't help her even if she wanted to, because she didn't know any of this two girls. She had no right to butt in to something she had no idea what it was about.
"Well, I barely know you or her and I have no idea what happend between you two except that you broke up, so I don't think that I am the right person to give advice in this sort of situation" She stopped for a second but kept going soon afterwards "But I think that, if you have something you need to say to her then you should, if you don't have anything to say then it is better to just forgett, but for me it looks like you can't forgett, which for the most means that you need to tell the person something. Just like I needed to do when I had gotten dumped by my ex boyfriend." Kim took her hand to the girls cheek "whatever you want to do, if you want to be alone, go talk to that girl, stay with me, then thats okay. And if you don't know what to do I can wait untill you know"
Kim took away her hand and waited for the girl to answer.
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She looked at her and smiled. "That was the best advice i could ask for." She turned away from Zetta and started walking. "Do you want to go get something to eat?" She started heading towards the concessions.
There were a group of cheerleaders wearing their uniforms just sitting at a table in the food court and chatting with each other. However, one girl stood out from them. She had really long, light blonde hair that could be mistaken for white in some lighting, sky blue eyes, and glasses that made her look prettier than the cheerleaders she was sitting with. She was currently wearing a light tan turtleneck sweater, blue jeans that seem to have been worn a lot, and white sneakers with a light blue line pattern on the sides. She hugged a history textbook close to her as she listened to the other girls chatting away, not bothering to bring her into their conversation. They each had their own textbooks placed at their feet, and paper and pencils laying in front of them. It was clear they were originally here for homework, but strayed from that goal.

The cheerleaders' conversation soon switched to what kind of drinks they'd like. They all turned to the girl with glasses, just sitting there observing them. "Hey. Why don't you go and get us something?" One of them asked her in a tone that sounded more like a command.

"What? B-but we have homework and-"

"'But' nothing. We're thirsty here now get your lazy ass up and get us something." The same girl commanded. Each of the girls told her what they wanted and even where they wanted it from. "And don't take too long." Was the last thing the girl heard when she was walking away, trying to remember everything they wanted.

"Rose, that was pretty harsh..." A girl told the one who barked commands at the girl with glasses.

"Why should you care?" Rose answered back.

"Well for one, Evangeline is my little sister." The girl started.

"I didn't see you sticking up for four-eyes earlier. Why start now?" Rose countered. Evangeline's sister stayed silent and Rose gave a triumphant smile.

Evangeline had to use her own money for their drinks. She got two of the four drinks at the food court. The last two had to be bought at different places around the mall. Once she got all four drinks, Evangeline walked back to the cheerleaders' table on the second floor, struggling to hold all four without spilling or dropping any of them. As she got closer, she noticed they were all gone and took everything with them. All that was waiting for her was her own textbook.

Evangeline just stood there in disbelief that they all left without her, including her sister. What was she going to do with four different drinks? She certainly couldn't drink all of them by herself, and she wasn't about to throw them away either. She paid good money for them. She set down the drinks on the table, picked up her textbook, then tried carrying the four drinks on her textbook. Evangeline walked away a bit clumsily, still struggling to keep the drinks from spilling even with the support of her book. She was sort of surprised that she managed to get this far without tripping. She is usually so clumsy it isn't even funny.
Kim got happy that the girl liked her advice and went with her "Yeah that would be nice, I'm starving" she said.
When they got close to one of the food places Kim saw a girl carrying more drinks than she could handle, and she thought that it was just a matter of time before she would drop them.
"I'll be right back" Kim said to the girl.
She half ran to the other girl with the drinks and just as she got there and were about to ask her if she needed help the girl lost a bit of her grip on the drinks and Kim took a hand under the book to give it support so they didn't fell.
"It's not good to carry more things than you can handle you know, want some help?" She took a fast look towards the other girl to see if she were on the way to them or still stood over there and waited.
"It's not good to carry more things than you can handle you know, want some help?

After hearing this and seeing another hand support the book, Evangeline looked up from the drinks she was carrying and into the eyes of a girl. She only got a little look at her before her glasses slipped down to the tip of her nose, making everything blurry.
Kim noticed just in time that the glasses were about to crash into the floor, she stopped the fall with her leg and just when they were about to fall down from her leg she took the glasses with her free hand. "Here you go" she said and put the glasses on the girl who had a bit to much in her hands to be able to put them on herself. "You don't have that much luck today do you? Shouldn't you have asked someone of your friends if they could help you with the drinks if you are so many?"
"Thank you." She smiled. "And actually....they all ditched me." She said, glancing back the table they were all sitting at.
"Oh" Kim said, thinking about what she should reply to that. "Well maybe you could hang out with us" Kim said looking towards the girl she had been with and remembered that she hadn't asked her name yet. Kim took two of the drinks from the girls book so she didn't need to carry them all. "We were just searching for a place to eat" She said and then heard an embarrassing sound comming from her stomach "And that was my stomach telling me to hurry it up" she laughed and started to wave to the other girl to come over to them.