Modern Mystery Roleplay! (Anthro Optional)

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    The hour was morning yet the sky was in a dark overcast as the people crowded around in front of the police tape, their gaze trying to peer over the detectives and crime scene investigators at the cold body that lied limp on the curb. There hadn't been confirmation, but everyone had already come to the conclusion that it was the same murderer; the ear collector. It had been the fifth murder this year, the victim this time being a young student who went missing after a late night shift at a local bar, and people at the same time feared it wont be the last. The questions were no longer 'when will he be caught' or 'what is the law doing' but rather 'who will be next?'​

    Heya guys! Furasian here throwing out another one of his crazy gigs that might make it through the skies this time! I was looking over the other Rps lately and I haven't really seen a crime drama out there... Ya know the investigating stuff like Heavy Rain. So.. I have a proposition: Is anyone down for a modern mystery roleplay? Whether you want to be a detective, cop, thug, civilian, or even that gas station clerk that works overnight, this roleplay is for you!

    People might ask why this is in the libertine section... Well I am allowing such lustful contact to occur, just make sure your partner is OOCily okay with it. The IC characters consent is another story >~>

    Anthro Optional Notice: Yes. This roleplay is Anthro Optional Meaning you can play human or whatever anthro-animal race you wish to play. On top of that in the roleplay there can be humans hating anthros and anthros hating humans. Folks have given me the idea of the genetic concept when it comes to explaining anthro characters being included with human characters. That concept is : During the recent years (Or the present 2015 years) the idea of mixing animal traits with human traits had begun to flourish, the first test subjects being either volunteer government officials or people who took the opportunity for financial gain or other reasons. There were others though who got caught up and forced into the program though, primarily convicted criminals in a state. The results were satisfactory despite the fact many cases had changed physically, but in the end people were able to get abilities that were not possible for humans to get.
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  2. Just a note: After Finals this RP will go into an ooc stage! If you are interested feel free to keep an eye out here for the OOC release announcement!
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