MOBA Time! DotA 2 or League of Legends?

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Whish MOBA is best MOBA?

  1. DotA 2

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  2. League of Legends

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  3. Other

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  1. We all know about the two hugest (if not only) contenders in the MOBA format. If you don't, either you're outside too much or you live under a rock, and should play them. But, why do you play one over the other?

    For me, it's DotA 2. I played league up until i hit level 6 or 8 and I couldn't really get into the game. It was just too... Ugh. Yes, that's the word. It was ugh, everything was horrible. I couldn't play any of the heroes, let alone even play the game correctly. If you were new to the game, you could totally stomp me. Even the bots did. I was that bad. I went 0/11/3 one game and some guy asked me if I was baked, that's is how bad I am.

    That being said, DotA 2 > League in my opinion.
  2. DotA 2. <3

    I don't like how in LoL you have to pay for new champions. (You do buy them, right? I don't remember now.) Also, it's not a very friendly community in my experience. My first couple days of playing it, people were extremely mean and malicious towards me. :/ All because I was new. I couldn't get help of any kind. I just never want to go back.

    Additionally, I'm just an old DotA lover. I played it even when it was a WC3 mod, so I squealed like a little girl when Valve announced there would be a DotA 2.
  3. I play League a lot, and I suppose it really is a one or the other with DotA and LoL. I enjoy LoL a lot more because it is far simpler and there is far less micromanagement to do in it as opposed to DotA.
  4. @Fluffy
    Yeah, my time there was pretty much the same. League is full of jerks, most games I play on DotA are really fun and everyone just has a good time. Also the whole "buy champs" thing was dumb, whereas DotA is pay to look cool. Who do you play most often?

    Personally I think it's the complete other way around. Maybe it's just the way I think, I have no idea. The mechanics in League didn't really make sense to me at the time or at all. The whole character building thing was weird too, like ADC, AP, etc. It's really only one true build for your hero. That's why I like DotA, your hero can be played in a multitude of ways.

    And the forfeit thing League does is kinda BS too, it should always be play-to-win, not play-to-surrender halfway through the game.
  5. Trust me, some games, you really do want to surrender, especially if your team is full of mouthbreathing idiots.

    As for the differing builds, there are a number of champions that have multiple ways to build them. It's just that there are also a number of champions that have one right way to do it.
  6. Lich/Witch Doctor support player here (fuck you Carry motherfuckers and your incredible ability to cock things up, get yourselves killed and then blame me), I'm very much a Dota 2 man. Both because it's what my mates play, and also because fuck yeah Valve.

    I had a pretty similar experience to Fluffy with League Of Legends, but in fairness I've had shitty team-mates being shitty in every MOBA game I've played ever. Seems to be an issue with the genre as a whole.

    Chill the fuck out, guys, it's a video game.
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  7. As far as my "mains" go, I favor Bristleback, Warlock, Brewmaster, and Skywrath Mage. I'm actually a little of everything and try not to stick to the same character or role every time. I'm even willing to be that person who waits to pick last so I can pick what the team needs the most. XP Challenging myself is more fun than being the same thing all the time. Having fun and watching my teammates' backs is all I care about.

    Feel free to add my Steam, by the way. :) It's andisaurusrex. I play whenever I find time. Sometimes we're even able to assemble a full team of 5. We don't care how good you are, just have fun yo.
  8. DotA 2 all the way. Fluffy and I both play frequently. My mains are Axe, Chaos Knight, Disruptor, and Ogre Magi. Though I've been known to play a few others and I can play most things.

    I'm all in with @Grumpy on that. Goddamned carries.
  9. Sweet, I'll add you guys once I get home today. I usually main Drow because she's freaking sweet if you can build her correctly. I'm trying to break away from her though, sometimes I play Shadowfiend. Carries are the tits, man. Yeah we do cock everything up sometimes but aren't supports supposed to keep the carry from getting killed?

    Cory the XP Lord is my steam, hit me up.
  10. We are, yes, but there's only so much Lich can do in the face of such reckless suicidal tendencies.

    Attempting to solo a tower at Level 4? Oh Christ, this is gonna be a long game...
  11. As someone who played both at an acceptable level and for a really, really, long time. Both player bases are pretty much the same when it comes to negative players. They are both vicious, vile, unforgiving and misogynistic at their worst. The hostility from Dota increases with your skill levels, and it's just the very same when it comes to League and ranks.

    But, I have to say my hat goes off to League of Legends.

    League of Legends was easier to learn for me, while Dota has everything open for you right at the beginning, it made it a tad bit intimidating. The smooth beginning of League was rather enjoyable, easy, and not as complex as my Dota experience. Although, I find Dota much more rewarding the more you play it, while League to me is something casual that can lead to pure frustration. I personally enjoy both artistic styles, but I leaned more towards the wild colorful "fun" comics of League just as much as I liked the darker, more fairy tale-like approach of Dota.

    Not to mention the Championship series, which is really enjoyable to watch.
  12. I think MOBAs tend to draw people into the game play in a big way, to the point where it becomes serious, serious business. Hence the number of players guilty of relentless dickbaggery.

    I mean hell, I get pretty much all of my asshole player tendencies out of my system in DayZ, yet I'm still guilty of making incoherent rage sounds when someone on my team picks Sniper or Pudge.
  13. Sniper stronk, its even better when new new people try and play Meepo or something. I mean, I'm new, but it's still irritating when some kids like "omg how do i into dota 2?" and is feeding like me at league.
  14. Oh god
    DotA2 all the way and back
    I usually play as Windranger, Riki, Legion Commander, and the occasional Queen of Pain. A few of my friend wanted the producers to nuke Riki, and sweet mother of fucking God, just thinking of that is just... *shivers*
    User: Ashfurx
  15. Seeing all of these people kinda makes me want to form a steam group, in the case there isn't one.
  16. I think there is a really old-ass Steam group but it's admin'd by a dude who vanished years ago.
  17. Who wants to make the group? :o
    We could like make a brand new one
  18. I'll make it I guess, I'm mentoring a friend atm so it might be a few minutes
  19. See the magnificent fellow with the Lemongrab avatar?

    That's me.

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