Mistaken Sights

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  1. They didn't know what they saw, but neither of them liked it, nor did they like the angry look on the guard's face when he caught them. They both decided to flee the country, and they both decided to meet at the train station down the block...but we are not that far yet. Not yet.

    Mya wandered farther down the hall, her long white hair pulled back. She looked at each of the doors curiously, her deep blue eyes searching for anything to occupy her time. She crossed her arms over the black visitors uniform she was wearing, the green bracelet on her wrist telling of her father's position in the lab. She didn't see many people around here, and wondered why it was so much more empty than the rest of the lab. She stopped at a reflective door, looking at herself a moment. She was 5'8'', 23 years old, with stark white hair and midnight blue eyes. Quite an unusual mix of genetics. She shrugged and continued down the hall, looking for a friendly face.
  2. Leon wiped the cold sweat from his greasy forehead with the back of his hand and put the baseball cap back on his shaven head, he wasn't sweating from the heat, he was sweating from nerves, he tried hard not to let his knees buckle underneath him from the nerves. He made shifted his shoulder under the weight of his duffle bag, the narrow unpadded straps digging into his flesh, despite the leather jacket and shirt between it and his skin. He made his way up the steps, making sure to produce his ticket quickly from his cargo pants pocket. He saw her and quickened his pace, even more, he knew he was late but he had a good reason. He was shorter and younger than her... but that didn't bother him. What he saw that day still haunted him all the time, cost him his job, maybe even his life too.

    On the day he was on duty in the pharmaceuticals company, graveyard shift. Old hallways that hadn't been used since the '80s and doors locked since then. He had been instructed to patrol the restricted areas of these long abandoned corridors, for their own safety from the hard floors, he thought.
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  3. Mya continued to walk, glancing around a little more. She seemed unaware that she was entering a restricted zone. Sliding her hands in her pockets, Mya watched ahead, walking silently, not one of her footsteps made a noise. She walked calmly, but slowed her pace slightly. Something just...felt, off. She thought. She didn't feel exactly like walking so quickly was a good idea. She tucked a stray strand of her hair behind her ear, continuing on. With a sigh, she stopped, taking her hair down. She retied it up. How could she walk if it kept falling in her face?
  4. Leon who's feet standing in this ancient hallway, well, ancient for him was now shifting his weight from one foot to another. These hard concrete floors must've been built in the Cold War, feels hard enough to take a nuke, he thought to himself. He listened for a bit, apart from the breeze kicked up by these twisting and branching corridors, he could start to hear footsteps, maybe his shift was over? He looked at his watch 2 more hours to go. Then who's coming?
  5. Mya rounded the corner and stopped dead. There, stood a human being. A really person in these halls of metal and concrete. It was an actual person.
    "Hallo! Wer sind Sie?" She said excitedly in German. Then she remembered what her father had said. "Sorry. Hi! Who are you?" She asked in a heavy German accent.
  6. When Leon heard a woman speaking German behind him, he jumped slightly and turned to see the woman who spoke, the language of yelling his dad always called it. His blue shirt and black trousers set him out as a security guard for this company, they loved the idea of their own private police force. Leon's mouth worked for a second then when she spoke again in English he finally found his tongue again.
    "Uhh, I'm Leon... I'm a Security Guard here... Do you work here?" He nervously asked. He was quite new to speaking to members of the public as someone donning a uniform, he used this job not only to fund his education, he used it as experience for being a cop, ever since he was a kid he dreamed of being a cop. Needed practice on the whole public speaking thing.
  7. Mya shook her head. "My father does." She showed him the green bracelet that symbolized his lab work position. He was the Head Chemical Engineer. "He brought me to vork today because..vell, he actually didn't tell me vhy." She said, thinking about it a moment. She broke her train of thought. "I'm Mya Varik. Nice to meet you Leon." She extended her hand with a kind smile.
  8. Okay, he thought, she's in a restricted area but... I think she's lost, Leon thought to himself. He shook her hand, as he did this he frowned slightly and spoke. "Chemical Engineering is on the third floor, Miss Varik... and this is a restricted area, I'm meant to detain you and call the cops... but I think I can let this slide since well, it's easy to get lost." He thought for a second and realized he was probably lost too. The unmarked doors and winding corridors that look identical. "I think I should escort you back to reception." He said with a forced sure tone. "Follow me." He then mentally flipped a coin as to which way to go, further down the restricted area would probably lead to a staff area and since Myra was the daughter of a pretty big cheese they'd let them through. He started to walk down the corridor his work shoes clapping sharply against the concrete and his utility belt large enough to make Batman blush faintly jangling he ventured down with his maglite on one thigh his baton on the other.
  9. Mya paused. "Umm.. Okay." She shrugged a little before catching up to him, walking along beside him. "How old are you?" She asked curiously. "You seem pretty young to be part of the security squad." She said, watching doors as they passed. "Do you know what's behind each of the doors?" She added thoughtfully, crossing her arms over the black polo.
  10. He talked as he walked, slowing slightly, to a leisurely pace. "I'm 19... Uh yeah, I'm the youngest on the squad so that's why I'm down here and not in the lobby. My dad called in a few favors with some of the guys on the squad here..." He trailed off slightly. Then looked round at the doors and shook his head. "I don't know if any of these doors have even been opened in the last 20 years." A strange thought came into his thought, one that had a kind, a mischievous thought, the sort of thought that if acted could cost a job, maybe even cause an injury... Should he find out what's behind these doors? He probably had the key to it. "Uhh... why do you ask?" He murmured trying to keep the conversation going.
  11. Mya nodded. "Cool..being the youngest can be fun." she smiled at him, then shrugged. "I was just curious..I've never seen anyone go down here before..do you think it's abandoned?" she questioned, shifting slightly as they walked, her eyes watching the walls. "It doesn't look like anyone has cleaned in..well, since it was built." she said, motioning to the concrete dust where they had sanded off the surface. "Weird...right?"
  12. "It can be fun, it also can be an ass. I've been down here since 9 o'clock." He said with a rather animated form of disgust. "Well... in certain places in the world it was required by law for workplaces... ones that could afford it, government buildings and things like that had to have a functioning fallout shelter." He looked back at her, with sad looking eyes and a frown. "Imagine being so sure that nukes were gonna fall that it was the law for the post office to have a bunker? Man..." He sighed slowly. "But after the USSR broke up most of those shelters just ended up as storage closets. I think that's better right?" His mind then wandered to the fact this company both he and Mya's father worked for probably helped make nukes... an White Phosphorous, but at least they didn't test the make up they made on animals. He shivered despite not being cold, the sheer massiveness of the Cold War and this Multinational corporation made him feel very very small... "Yeah... it is weird, how things just get forgotten..."
  13. Mya looked at him as he looked at her. She felt a pang of sympathy. "Yeah..Maybe I could clean up down here later." she thought, looking around again. "We could work together." she added. She thought she heard something and faltered a step. "Did you hear that?" She thought she had heard the quietest, faintest whimper..but maybe it was her imagination. She was a very paranoid person, after all. "Where are we going, by the way?" she didn't recall him mentioning a specific destination. They passed a white door, blood was smeared on the door and a large sign on it said 'Psycological Office. Closed.' She flinched.
  14. "Nah, no need, ain't my job. I'm a security guard not a custodian." He said in a jovial tone. Immediately after he said this he seemed to straighten up slightly and slow his pace. When Mya spoke again he murmured in response with a haunting quietness to his voice that came with focusing on something else. "Yeah... I did." He shook it off as old metal grinding or rats. "I'm gonna try and take you to the lobby and try to get your father on the line." He calmly and authoritatively stated. His stomach dropped as something in his peripheral vision made him stop dead in his tracks, he turned, cherry red hand print, bloody hand print, he could tell those smears were fingers dragging towards a door, like someone was pulled along into the room... "Get back please, Miss Varic." He tried his best to not let his void quiver, he approached the door like a predator stalking prey. "Hello?" He called, trying to make his voice carry through the metal to it's occupant. He waited for a response.
  15. Mya nodded at his response. She glanced at the blood again. It was fresh. She backed up a step, silent now, her eyes quickly scanning all around them.

    A voice from inside called out. It was one of the doctors. "Go away!" he said in a deep growl.

    The whimper sounded again..but from inside. "Shh." he said.

    Mya's focused zeroed in on the door. "Something's wrong." she said. Something was pulling her towards the door, but she stayed. Further down the hall a door slammed and she jumped, turning down the hall. The end was unseen, lost in darkness. She looked up at the faint light above. Suddenly, she realized why she felt so bad. The bloody hands where traced on the light too..and every light down the hall from this one, but not where they had come from. She looked back at the door. How had such small hands gotten on the ceiling? She didn't want to know. "Let's just continue." she said quietly.
  16. Leon was definitely scared now, his mouth was dry and his heart was beating with such force he could feel it in his eardrums. "There's blood out here... Is everything alright?" He called again, his voice faintly hoarse. He turned back to Mya, eyes wide and droplets of sweat forming on his brow, he shook his head at her. He approached the door and knocked with the palm of his hand. "Open the door, security." He called as authoritatively as he could manage.
  17. The doctor inside sighed. "Just go! Everything is fine. Security, read the door." he said. "I do not have to let you in."

    Mya bit her lip, but nodded. She walked over to the wall smeared with blood, frowning slightly at the unusual texture of this wall.

    There was a yelp, from the doctor, and an ear piercing scream. Mya covered her ears, wincing slightly at the pitch. "Ouch.." she muttered, the pitch actually hurting her ears.

    The doctor's voice was worried. "Go away!" he said. "I'll call someone if I need help!" Then, silence.
  18. Leon thought briefly about doing as the unseen doctor commands. But after the scream he went to open the door by twisting the handle, locked. He stepped back and landed a kick under the handle, at where the lock should be. He was determined to get into that room.
  19. Mya glanced over as he kicked it. "Careful. These doors are reinforced to withstand a lot." she said, pointing at where the bolts where melted into the metal. She ran her hand across the wall, and it cleared. Behind it was something..clear. Not a wall, but..almost like a dirty window. "Woah.." she muttered.

    Another scream echoed from inside. The doctor spoke, his voice raspy. "Stop!" he yelled at the door.
  20. "There's blood out here! What the hell is going on?!" Leon yelled at the door. He stopped kicking at the lock. "Come on! It sounds like you're killing someone in there!"