Missing Iwakuans

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It occurs to me:

Whatever happened to GabrielZero, Archetype, Shadowform, Anne Bonny, Homac, Dragonman, CoffeeCakeSadist, Reikei, and Sakura?

The last time I heard from Reikei, we were running an online D&D game 4 years ago, then he dropped off the map.

A year before that (maybe 6 months), Dragonman, Shadowform, Archetype, and I were all in a superhero RPG here on Iwaku, then they all vanished.

Sakura's supposed to be doing college application stuff and finishing up high school or something; I haven't chatted with her in ages.

And Gabe just disappeared. Homac, Anne Bonny, and CoffeeCake got under my radar long, long before.

So where'd they all go?
I'd like to know where Sho went myself..

All so Isabellas are next... New house so they will return to the outdoors where they came from!
Homac became one with the force, now Anne Bonny has Gabe pussy-whipped and she runs another forum full of fags with him, I mean, this one has fags too but that place is like Liberace's manor of homo.

Or maybe it's just because it's a freaking kindergarten.
I chat with Sakura regularly. Don't worry, she's doing fine, save for the massive pile of college applications. She had a bit of a time with exams, as well. @_@ It seems like every college wants Saki. XD Then again, I'm pretty sure most of Iwaku knows how smart she is, so it isn't much of a surprise.

I'll tell her you said hello the next time she gets on MSN, okay?

I'd like to know what happened to the members I recruited. >=c
I guess Gabe become some paranoid lunatic and ran off to found his own RPG site where he could be a paranoid lunatic without us calling him on it.

Homac was in like some weird limbo until, as far as I can recall, shortly before the move here. When we finally decided it was up and time to go we all essentially left him good-bye messages and a few jokes on the forum. He later contacted us and gave us his blessing.

I believe Coffee is around here...somewhere. Someone go see if we accidentally trapped him in the fold out couch again.

It appears your information on Sakura is consistent with what others are saying.

I don't remember the others.
Gaberiel goes missing on that other RP site a lot. I log in on there periodically to see what's happening.

Archetype is Arsenal.

No idea what happened to Shadowform... though I'd like to know.

Anne's doing well, I talk with her at times.

Homac can go suck a dick. After finding out a few things with Kaoru, I wanna slit his throat.

Where the fuck IS Dragonman?

Coffeecake is alive and well, he is elusive, though one can catch him on the cbox.

Reikei is missing, I couldn't find him on Gabe's other site though, believe me, I've been searching for him.

Sakura's busy with teh schoolwork.
Asmo and I killed them all and reformed them into the entity known as DIANA NOTACAT.
*wonders if Razilin is epic trolling* >__>

Gabe went nuts because of noobs and womenz.

Anne Bonney and Reikei left with him because they didn't want the coming Age of Asmo.

Archetype and Coffee are still here being all non-conformist and shit.

Dragonman got pissed about something I think...

Shadowform found a woman if I remember correctly.

Sakura changed her name to Diana and got promoted.
Shadowform pops in every now and then at that Gabe-forum, last I checked, a year ago.
Eh most of these people are accounted for already.

Chop-Sticks, what about him? Lol. Now he totally vanished without a trace as far as I can tell.
Coffeecake is actually chilling around here for now.
Eh most of these people are accounted for already.

Chop-Sticks, what about him? Lol. Now he totally vanished without a trace as far as I can tell.

D: Yeah, I wonder everyday when we'll ever see Chops again.
Asmo, everything I do is epic. Including trolling. =D

Actually, I was seriously wondering where everyone disappeared to, since I don't regularly keep in contact with people from this forum unless its on a forum post. Except Sakura. Her, I keep in contact with semi-regularly.

Oniichan loves me <3

though I wouldn't mind being! but I'm not nearly as responsible && smart xD

& YES. I'm applying to college and I'm dyingggg~~
not that I'm a genius or anything. It's just really hard to apply and feel confident Dx


Oh! And I doubt Homac would show up XD except to FIRE US ALL ;O
And Anne-chan came around a while back.
And Fee-kun can be caught in any thread that involves roleplaying&Asmo :D
*imagines himself and Simica being smeared in honey and placed in a neutral forum as bait for the Oldbies.*