Misplaced Pride

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  1. Now this is mostly an American trait, but it's open to all walks of life. I'm talking about the strange habit many nations have of being proud of things that they just.. well shouldn't be..

    Like how America seems to be proud of this:


    That's Vietnam, so you know.

    and this piece of FUG


    Also.. Sweden are proud of these dude:


    Qvick! To Ikea!

    And courtesy of Obskeree:-
    England is for some reason proud of these.


    Mmmm delicious queues~

    So what other retarded things are people proud of? >D
  2. Penises....you know it's true...
  3. IW mythos.

    *Just couldn't help herself.*
  4. Ok so two low blows..

    Let's see how many I can accumulate before this thread dies..

    aaaaaand.. I'm not sure I can think of any right now..
  5. Both of course approved @Ringmaster , you're just moving them back home.
  6. OH MAN I HAD SO MANY GOOD ONES THE OTHER DAY! And now I can't think of them! ><

    Okay,... some people are really proud of MEGA FARTS. XD Especially dudes.
  7. Fiiiiine. *turns off troll*

    Credit scores. Seriously, they mean NOTHING.
  8. ^ I agree with tegan on credit scores, I never understood the American desire to amass as large a horde of wealth as possible, but do nothing with it.
  9. It's good. It's important to look at it as it's own thing and not draw from the book.
  10. Being able to get away with things *coughcoughhalfthegirlsinmygradecoughcough*
  11. People they have 'friended' ... really? This is your big accomplisment in life?
  12. I'm proud of mega farts... =[

    Hmmm, what dumb things are people generally proud of...

    Bedpost notches. Gross. XP Nothing wrong with multiple sex partners as long as you respect yourself and aren't foolish about it... and having lots of sex just to boast about having lots of sex is dumb.

    Gross plastic surgery. Heidi Montag being a perfect example. Meg Ryan too.
  13. I AM PROUD OF ME------oh, wait

  14. Kilts.

    Hell, at least I admit it.
  15. Prescription drug abuse. Yes, there are people who are proud of the number of vicodin or codeine they can take at once without feeling any effects.
  16. I'm assuming you're also including myspace/facebook friend counts? "Oh look I've got 120,320 friends but I only know like three of them in real life."

    Also guys that work out too much. "I'm proud of the fact that I look like a garbage bag stuffed with meat." Nothing wrong with a little definition but when you look like the powerthirst guy, you have a problem
  17. How is that something to be proud of? I would be pretty pissed off if I abused a drug for recreational purposes and then didn't feel anything.

  18. The real sluts measure success by the number of broken bedposts... Whores.
  19. XBox 360 Achievements/PS3 Trophies. ANd to prove my point, a little flash time: http://www.illwillpress.com/ACH22YT.html

    Here's some irony for you: Right after I posted this, I got Iwaku's '100 Posts' Achievement. lol
  20. People who are proud of their own retardedness...Ex. this dumbass who got kicked out of the army when I first arrived in Germany for popping hot for cocaine.