Mirror Tales [Mass-Crossover Roleplay]: Saga of Silver Feathers

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  1. The Group Function is broken, so I'm not too sure how I'll truly organise this.

    I intend to start a series of Roleplays called 'Mirror Tales', because putting 'Multiverse' and 'Crossover' sounded too generic. Basically, it is a collection of roleplays that exist in the same multiversal canon, each with a connecting, different story.

    These roleplays are varied in nature, and not limited to fights, but also include other things. What other things? You will see. Maybe competitions of varying kinds. Who knows.

    So yes, the titles give the impression of epic quests where we kick slime ass, dragon ass and mimic booty, but don't expect that. DON'T EXPECT THAT.

    The first saga/arc is known as the 'Saga of Silver Feathers'.

    Yes, there will be a planned storyline, and the path it takes varies based on the player's decisions.
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  2. Time for a bump.
  3. I might be, but I need more details. where do they connect, the common plot, purpose, setting, etc el.
  4. Throughout different RPs in this series, characters will be seen at different parts of the Multiverse. There isn't a fixed point, per se.

    Each plot will either be 'they were warped here' or 'they actually got here through some vehicle', maybe both. It varies

    I plan to keep the common plot a surprise, but for now, what you need to know is that the main antagonists are Silver Crow from Accel World and I'm considering a second antagonist - Kamen Rider Decade. They while often appear to halt you, challenge you and all that.

    I'm thinking of involving some sort of 'Artifact' of sorts in the Saga of Silver Feathers. It is in pieces and their various pieces are found around and acquired through various means - competitions, fighting, epic quests, the list goes on.
  5. i can be the cool founders member i always wanted to be in Murder

    Sounds neato. I'll be down if you get some more people on board.
  6. Hm... I'll just wait and watch this for now, though I am interested. What would be the limits of characters you'd allow? Power-wise, I mean. I don't think you'd want Broly-level.
  7. I'm definitely down for this.
  8. I'm like emp I'll keep an eye on it for now, see how it developes.
  9. Yeah, if you enter with a ridiculously broken character like that, they will be situationally nerfed, much like how crossover fighting games work.

    If you'd like to play a broken character like that, don't hestitate.

    In certain installments, your powers might be completely removed, or at least nerfed to the point that they can only be used as appealing stage props.
  10. This sounds fun, kinda like a dragon quest thing, but without the game stuff
    Definitely grabbed my interest here :)
  11. Five huh?

    Well, this small group is good for a start. I think I'll prep up the first part of the plot.

    You'll get to claim characters and stuff once I set the Main thread up.

    A while after that, I'll conjure the first part of this saga. Still deciding on a setting. I already have a deal of verses planned for later arcs.
  12. Thought of another question, though more of a clarification, but you said it'd be like a collection of stories within the same canon. So does this mean we'll pretty much swap to different characters once an "arc" ends? Or how will that work?
  13. You can choose to stick to your character, or use a different character. Unless otherwise stated, these stories don't overlap in terms of placement on timeline.

    So far, I only have two stories planned that overlap in terms of timeline, but that's on purpose.
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  14. I'm going to create a few threads for this in a jiffy.
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  15. @Crow

    I'm sorry for this, but I feel like I won't be able to post at the pace you are hoping for, due to IRL stuff (school mostly, but also some other things)

    So I'll have to drop out (I think this is the correct term, although it hasn't really started yet, so ??)

    Best of luck to you though!
  16. Thank you. I understand that we are all busy in some way.
  17. Yeah... I have never even heard of this "Mirror Tale" game, and according to Google, neither has it. :/
  18. It's an original title I thought of while trying to avoid the inclusion of crossover-related words in the title.
  19. No, but I mean in the rules it says:

    "Before posting here, do note that you must have played at least one Mirror Tale installment before claiming."
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