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    It's early in the morning, a thick, low fog blankets the gray-blue ocean and makes the air cold and damp. Up above the mist on the high abandoned city buildings, Celeste crouched down and peered over the rooftops down, through a more transparent patch of fog, at the port where there was a boat full of new arrivals, new children to be brought up here. She frowned and stood up, heading for the fire escape to make her way to ground level, taking one last look down at the pier before jumping down.

    Celeste stealthily headed for the edge of the island so she could get a closer look. She concealed herself into a shadow, a rush of cold and hollowness filled her as she faded from view, getting as close as possible to the scene. Children, about ten of them, ages ranging from 7-12 it looked like, were being brought fourth onto the island, none seeming to give any sort of resistance. They looked completely drained of all emotion. Was this something new that the AISE had started doing? It wasn't natural that was for sure, and Celeste knew. Every time she'd watch these new arrivals the kids' faces would be full of wonder and fear, now they just stared straight ahead and dragged their feet as they walked. She narrowed her eyes at the officials, thinking of maybe a hundred things she could call them, contemplating whether or not to try and stop all this from happening, but she knew she couldn't. Her cover would be blown and everything she worked for, even faking her death, would have been put to waste if she acted this very moment. There was nothing she could do right now to help them except keep working in the Rebellion, keep finding out information about the AISE and figure out how to destroy them from in the most effective way possible.

    Celeste only stayed a few moments longer before running back towards the Rebellion HQ, slowly materializing as she went. Oh, how she despised this place, every inch of it, every nut and bolt and steel floor-tile, every vile, every needle, every pebble, every shadow. She often thought about what she would be doing if she hadn't had her abilities now, would she rather not have them? No, they're a curse, they just make her more than a freak than she already was, and she was damn sure that anything the AISE could give to them this easily, could be taken away just as quickly and effortlessly. Celeste was almost back to the underground base's entrance when she noticed a figure there, a subject to this place like her. Or wait, could it be more than one? Her eyes went wide as she immediately, instinctively, disappeared into a shadow, hoping the figure(s) hadn't noticed. How could she be so careless? She could have given away their location of the HQ and that would most definitely end in disaster......

    This is where you can decide where your character comes in. You have 3 options:
    1.) Your character is new to the AISE, having come in from the boat that Celeste had seen.
    2.) Your character is the figure that Celeste sees and does/doesn't notice her.
    3.) Your character is minding their own business, doing what they usually do, probably hanging out in the Courtyard or training in the Training Center. They can be socializing with other characters as well.
  2. Fog carpeted the ground as Kyoya slowly walked along the edge of the courtyard. He looked around the area, most people were inside the building now. He was probably supposed to go with them as they entered the facility, however, he wasn't quite ready to leave. He had heard that new arrivals were supposed to be shipped in today. This only meant more trouble for him. To show the new subjects who is in charge around the AISE facility, older subjects were often treated worse than usual.

    His ears picked up the sound of the last call, the last warning to come in before they took action. He wasn't particularly found of following their orders, but he also didn't feel like being punished at this time. Reluctantly, he began to make his way inside of the building, along with a few other stragglers.
  3. Monica sat at a table with other, younger, children. With Connor not around, Monica was forced to partake in her other hobby: swindling the other children out of things she wanted from them by playing them in a game of poker (which she always cheated in; it's not like she would get caught anyways). The younger teenagers were obviously getting a bit pissed that Monica kept beating them, but none of them ever spoke up about it. They instead made passive-aggressive comments or simply sighed in disappointment. But, one of the newer kids decided to speak.

    "That's not fair," the kid, whom Monica remembered was named Fredrick or something similar, whined. "You're definitely cheating at this game."

    Monica didn't even look up from her hand of cards when she replied, "Just because you suck at this game doesn't mean I'm cheating. Besides, if I'm cheating, prove it."

    The kid then shut up, causing Monica to smirk before realizing that he didn't shut up because of what she said. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the standing figure of Connor McKellan, possibly Monica's best (and only) friend.

    "Is there a problem?" Connor asked, causing the kids to all shake their heads. Connor grunted in approval before pulling up a chair next to Monica.

    "Took you long enough," Monica mumbled to Connor as the poker game resumed. Connor didn't even reply.
  4. Taking a few quick steps back, Kai avoided a punch aimed at his face with a smug grin plastered on his face. It might have not been his best idea to trip one of the most hot-headed guys around and then mock him on top of that. However, it was no use regretting it now, what was done was done. Besides, the guy really needed to learn how to take a joke. Geez, why were everyone so stuck up in that boring place. Sticking his tongue out at the bigger teen, Kai took a couple of more steps back as the other took one forward. He was no good in hand-to-hand combat so it was best for him to keep his distance. With his ability it would be easy to just leave the other male on his own in the middle of the yard but that wouldn't do him any good in the long run. He hated the tired state he always ended up in after "zapping", as he himself called it, and he might just be out of juice when he really needed to use his ability, which might end up being his death, so he kept his ability out of his shenanigans. Besides, there wouldn't really have been any fun in that.

    "Is running the only thing you're good at or are you just scared, you wuss?" Kai kept the smirk in place as the other male, whose name he had never bothered to memorize, snarled at him. Before he could respond with anything that would worsen his situation, Kai was interrupted by the last call echoing around the courtyard.

    Usually, Kai tended to just ignored it but he really wasn't up to any punishments at the moment so he just flashed a playful smile at the angry teen before him, "I guess so. Too bad you're too fat to catch me, slug."

    Kai just managed to see the other turn a deep shade of red out of anger before he turned around and bolted towards the doors with a hearty laugh rolling from his lips.
  5. Mya found herself strolling through the courtyard, staying close the the buildings. Every step she took she absorbed the vibrations made by other people who were walking nearby. The chilling air she didn't mind so much, as she was wearing black jeans and a grey jacket that kept her warm. The jacket was made of a thin material; thicker jackets she would wear when the weather was colder, but it wasn't as cold as it was usually on regular days. Mya found her way to the training center and headed to the back of the room where there was a training course that she use to practice her combat skills and to train her ear to recognize even the smallest movements of someone's fist being thrown at her. The course was a series of poles and weaponry all in a field of about 5 yards of on each side being the perimeter of the course; it had regenerative properties so if it was damaged it would fix itself after the course session was over. Mya had been using this course for most of the years she's been here, always working at it to try and memorize the attack patterns it would use.

    Before she could begin however, there was the sound of footsteps on metal, clanking and thudding outside the training center. The new test subjects that were being forced onto the island were being gathered in the courtyard. Whether it be fortunate or unfortunate, it seemed to be like the drugs had worn off and the subjects were starting to regain themselves, the older ones reacted less to the chemicals than the younger ones so they had the shocked faces first. But it seemed all at one moment, every pair of young, innocent eyes widened. They were as big as they physically could be, not only with shock but with fright, they looked terrified and nervous. The sudden realization shoved its way into their minds, that this is where they would be for now on and there was nothing they could do about it.

    Mya froze as she heard the scrambling thunder of the taps of the newcomers' feet and her heart sank. She knew this sound, only having heard it so many times before. Her hand lowered and she stepped away from the rack, clenching her fists by her sides, practiacally shaking with hatred and despair now. A sad look formed in her eyes when memories came flooding back from her past. She remembered how afraid she was when she was first brought here; remembering now only fueled her bitter thoughts toward the AISE. Mya frowned, heading towards the front of the Training Center where the vibrations and sounds would be more accurate and she leaned up against the wall, pressing her hear to the thick, solid steel and iron barrier.

    An Official stood at the front of the group of kids, not wearing any expression of any kind which didn't seem to ease any of their nerves. He suddenly spoke, in a deep, bellowing voice, yet loud and unsettlingly clearly for being so far away from where Mya was, not to mention through a two-foot think wall. The Official's voice rang out through the facility, most likely using a sort of sound/volume enhancing device. The speech was more of an overview of the restictions and expectations that the Association had of the subjects; he proceeded to call out numbers for the children. There were some small noises of crying, which wasn't surprising in the slightest, but unlike in previous "welcomings" this official didn't scold the children who were crying, he just left them to weep and continued on talking. Maybe it was the loudness of his voice that kept him from hearing, or maybe he felt sympathetic but didn't let that show, his voice still was still blunt and straightforward.

    (normally I wouldn't post this much, but I'm just using a lot to sort of get the environment set with what's going on right now ^_^')
  6. Issac stood by as the other children were unloaded from the ships onto the island. This is to be their new home... I hate it. Why are we tormented? Why take them away from their families and friends? Why... His thoughts devolved into the reasons he hates this place and the AISE. Not that he could do anything to change what is happening here; alone, anyway. He always felt alone, even when others helped him and he helped others. An official began a speech after all the children were corralled into the courtyard. It was then that the children grew panicked and distraught with their situation. This tore at Issac's soul, his kind nature wanting to help and protect them. However, his mind kept him firmly standing on the edge of the group, knowing that he wasn't able to do anything for them now. Possibly later, when they are in need. Now was a time for the children to come to terms with their circumstances.

    Issac turned and walked off, heading towards Monica's poker game. Not that he ever won anything, he just enjoyed the game and company. Maybe she would do a free round? He chuckled slightly, knowing that wouldn't happen. Well, as long as other kids were willing to play, anyway.
  7. Kyoya shuffled by the door way. He paused and looked back as he heard the sound of the second gate opening and the new arrivals poured in. He narrowed his eyes a bit.

    "They're starting to get younger and younger when they are taken…"

    There was nothing he could do for them as the guard's speech began, so he contented himself with watching them, picking out the weaker ones and judging who to keep a close eye on in the future.
  8. Monica was actually quite grateful that Connor had showed up when he did, but she definitely wouldn't have admitted to that. In actuality, she actually was cheating, but it wasn't like the other kids knew that–and even if they did know, it wasn't like they could actually prove that she was. Over the course of about ten to fifteen minutes, Monica had managed to win more than she had originally planned to–not like that was a bad thing. A few of the kids who were originally playing with her had left to train or study, instantly being replaced by new kids. Some were way younger than her (some around ten or eleven years old) and some were actually around her and Connor's ages, much to her delight; older kids meant higher stakes.

    She looked up when Connor tapped her on the shoulder, gesturing (with his head) to two boys, both around her age, who were approaching the table (from different directions). She instantly recognised both of them, one as Grey la Rue and the other as Issac Zattello. She smirked in amusement, since they both had played poker with her on multiple different occasions (and lost on multiple different occasions). She opened her arms widely in greeting and smiled crookedly.

    "Boys, welcome," she said in a falsely joyful manner. "Great timing, by the way. We were just starting a new round, so you can both just join in right now if you want."
  9. Andrew was lying across one of the cafeteria tables with a bruised apple in one hand and an extremely dry granola bar in the other. The food was completely unappetizing, and yet he looked delighted. He tore into the apple like he hadn't eaten in months. His feet hung off the end by the knee and swung haphazardly, his shoes so beat up they looked about ready to fall off.
    Finished with the apple, Andrew pushed himself up on the table so that his head was hanging off instead, and he closed one eye, wondering if he could make the core into the trash can while upside-down. About ready to toss, a frustrated boy piqued his interest. A group was crowding one of the tables, and between shoulders Andrew could make out a girl holding a deck of cards with a mischievous grin stretching from ear to ear.
    "You're obviously cheating!" A young boy whined and Andrew rolled onto his stomach to get a better look. The girl dared him to prove it and he crossed his arms, stomping away.
    Andrew grinned. He had a soft spot for people who cheated to get where they wanted to be. He left his food on his table and wandered over to the much more interesting one. "Can I try?" He butted in.
  10. Connor paid little attention to the poker game going on (or that was about to go on, really). Instead, he propped his head up with his arm, his chin resting on the palm of his hand. He never played poker with Monica, due to reasons that were quite obvious, though he did sometimes silently help her during the games she played with other people, and made sure no one told the superiors that she was cheating people out of their food and belongings. While he was against her cheating, he looked at her as if she were his own sister and didn't want her to be punished more than anyone on this island had to be punished daily.

    So when the kid accused Monica of cheating, he had to step in and make sure he kept his mouth shut. He used his height and intimidating nature to scare the kid into not snitching—the same way he did all of the people whom he had an inkling were going to tell. He wasn't really proud of it, but he did what he could. He shrugged off Monica's greeting, which was her way of thanking him.

    He looked up and saw a guy probably around his age that he hasn't really seen before. The guy looked at Monica and asked to play poker with the rest of them. Monica didn't even look up when she responded with a "Yes~!" Which was expected. Monica never turned down a sucker willing to gamble with her.

    "Pull up a chair, baby," she said with a grin as she shuffled the deck of cards in her hand. "I ain't ever seen you before, let alone played you. You know how to play poker?"
  11. (daaaaamnit i deleted my post thinking it was a double post. hopefully you've seen it already)
  12. Monica raised an eyebrow slightly and smirked. So he was that type of guy. At least he would be easy to cheat since he didn't know how to play the game. But Monica wasn't that cruel—the people she swindled knew at least the rules to the game. Swindling this kid would be way too easy for her tastes.

    "Alright, kid," she said. "I think it's best if you sit out this round. Learn the ropes by watching us play. In the meantime…" she turned to her friend, "Connor here could tell you whatever you'd like to know, pretty boy." She grinned at Connor. "Isn't that right, McKellan?"

    Connor looked down at Monica with narrowed eyes before glancing at the boy whose name he still didn't know. Honestly, he seems too loud for Connor's tastes, and he didn't want to associate with him by any means. But he still nodded in agreement, all but rolling his eyes.

    "That is, if you want to sit out this round, of course," Monica continued. "I know Connor looks intimidating," —cue Connor's sharp glare— "but he's a gentle giant in all honesty."
  13. One of Andrew's eyebrows shot up and he switched his gaze to Connor. He looked him up and down, pursing his lips in thought. Finally he stood up out of his seat and smiled at Connor. "Alright big guy." He walked around the table and leaned his elbow on Connor's shoulder. "Show me the ropes." He gestured to the cards, which Monica had started passing out. She was so fast at it that he couldn't even see what was going on. He squinted in confusion, looking unsure.
  14. Connor's eye twitched slightly at the name he was just called by the loud boy. He shook his head slightly and sighed, blinking slowly. He shrugged off the guy's shoulder and wetted his lips.

    "Alright," Connor finally said. "In most games, you gotta pay something in advance just to get dealt cards." He pointed to the pipe of jewelry and other belongings in the middle of the table. "After that, players bet into the pot in the middle. At the end of the hand, the highest hand that hasn't folded wins the pot." He glanced at the guy once he was finished. "Got all that? You'd better, since there's more."
  15. Andrew was shoved off and he put up his hands, keeping a distance this time. He could easily outrun the guy but he'd rather not, considering the girl was obviously a power here and messing with Connor would put him on her bad side. He listened to the rules carefully but his face began to sink into a frown, regretting getting involved in this. It sounded difficult and he knew he'd just embarrass himself, plus he didn't know he'd have to bet something and he had nothing to his name. He reminded himself not to get into gambling just because of a cute girl. Especially if she was the one that would kick his ass and take his things.

    "What if I have nothing to put in?" He asked, watching the other kids putting their cards down and grow increasingly frustrated with the grinning girl.

    His eyes glanced up as he listened and he spotted a head of white-blonde hair a few tables down. She was scribbling furiously, head down. Coincidentally she glanced up too, blue eyes locking with his. They shot open wide and the girl gathered her things in a flash, before dashing from the dining hall. What a freak. Andrew made a mental note to not come into contact with that one.
  16. Connor scoffed at the boy's words and rolled his eyes.

    "Why the hell would you get into a gambling game if you don't have anything to gamble?" Connor asked with narrowed eyes. He was disliking this guy more and more.

    Connor's eyes followed the boy's eyes and landed on a girl he hasn't really noticed before. She was really pretty. Shy to say the least, but pretty all the same. He was a bit curious about her, wondering why she ran away so fast. Connor looked back at the brunet and sighed.

    "Look, kid," he said, "if you want to play, you've gotta ante something. It doesn't matter what. Ante some food, for all I care, but you've gotta ante something." He paused. "Monica seemed to like you. Maybe she'll go easy on you." That sounded like a lie to his own ears, but maybe the kid wouldn't notice.
  17. "We could just play for fun?" He suggested jokingly and about four pairs of eyes glared at him from across the table. "Never mind then.." He mumbled, trying to think of something to give up. He didn't have a single thing on him. Travelling light made him even faster. His eyes glanced around the room for something he could 'borrow' from someone else, before landing on the table he had been laying on before. He spotted his unopened granola bar and studied it for a second, before shrugging. It'd have to do.

    He jogged over to get it (the slow jog feeling like an eternity to him) and brought it back, tossing it carelessly into the middle of the table. He then smiled at Monica and took a seat again, not entirely sure of himself, but it's not like he'd be devastated if he lost.

    Meanwhile, Emily had circled around the building and entered the door on the opposite side, carrying her pad of scratch paper and dull pencil safely in her arms. She wouldn't usually want to be around this many people but she had to admit she was interested in how the game would go. And she was even more interested in seeing the loud boy lose. She noticed Connor roll his eyes at Andrew and giggled to herself, knowing exactly how he felt.
  18. Monica heard the guy Connor was teaching say something about playing poker for fun, and she looked legitimately offended. She apparently wasn't the only one, as she saw four people glaring at the poor boy, making her snicker as she crossed her left leg over her right, ankle meeting thigh. She then slipped a King into her combat boot, replacing it with another card while being completely discreet so no one would notice.

    The boy came back to the table and put a granola bar into the pot, presumably as his ante. Monica then dealt him his hand of cards.

    "Glad you could join us," she mumbled, focusing mainly on her hand while keeping her pokerface. Her hand was pretty good, as usual, but she frowned a little before pokerfacing again so she could trick the people at the table into thinking she had a bad hand.

    "Alright," she said. "Let's do this."

    Connor rolled his eyes and rested his chin on his palm once again, watching the people place bets. There were a few unfortunate souls who raised a couple of times, and Connor shook his head at their stupidity. He also glanced at the boy who didn't know how to play. He sighed, knowing that the boy joined the game without Connor explaining how to place bets and telling him the types of hands you could get. Connor leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes instead of watching the poker game. It got boring and repetitive after a while.

    He opened his eyes again when he heard a giggle, and he turned around and saw the white-blonde haired girl from before. He hoped she wouldn't scurry off again this time.
  19. Andrew saw Monica frown before glancing at the other kids. They seemed to have noticed as well and a few smirked as if thinking they would get her this time. He still had no idea what to do but just winged it like usual. He picked up his cards and frowned slightly. He had no idea what was going on. He probably should've listened to Connor a bit more. He had always been too eager to jump into things.
    He scanned his cards. Three kings, a nine, and a one. He didn't know if he was well off or not, and glanced up at Monica. "Let's make this interesting." He spoke up. "If I win you have to kiss me, if you win, you can punch me in the face, which I know you've been wanting to do." He looked completely serious.

    Emily was watching the commotion, blue eyes wide and curious. Suddenly the tall boy turned to look at her and she gasped quietly, ducking her head. Her skin grew burning hot and she cursed herself for not being able to control her ability. If she got any more embarrassed she'd have to start stripping!
  20. When it got to Monica's turn, she called, taking off a necklace she had won not a few days before, and putting it in the pile before picking up her hand again.

    She had noticed that Connor had stood up, and she looked up at him.

    "Where are you going?" she asked, narrowing her already narrow brown eyes. He mumbled something about him not being gone long before he walked away from the table, making Monica sigh and face the table again.

    At Andrew's words, she was taken aback, but didn't let it show. Instead she raised an eyebrow and looked at the other kids at the table.

    "And what if any of them win?" she asked. The offer was quite tempting; she did enjoy punching people in the face, though it would be more entertaining if Connor was the one to do it instead of her. "Besides," she continued, "you haven't played this game before, and you're at the risk of getting punched in the face if you lose. The odds aren't really in your favor, kid."

    Meanwhile, Connor made his way over to where he had remembered to have seen the girl. She wasn't there from what he could see, but she couldn't have gotten far in such a short amount of time.
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