Midnight Blossom

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  1. Run. Run. Run.

    It was the only command her body would listen to. It was the only thing she could do at this point. She ran far from that place. Even with the wounds she possessed, Ayana never once looked back. The portal opened and revealed the mirror. It was her way out. It was her only escape from this retched place she had once called home.

    Without a second to spare, she reached out, and slipped through. The darkness consumed her. It shut her away into a void where no sound could be heard other than her choking sobs. She couldn't believe it. She didn't want to believe it. How could she had made such a mistake? How could she have broken her own rules and fall for something so...idiotic?!

    Mirror after mirror began to appear, revealing various dream realms in which she could hide. Worlds where she could hunt and regain her strength before going back for revenge. Yes...revenge. It was all her heart longed for. It was all it would ever long for now. She no longer wanted to feel anything more. She no longer wanted to think of it. It was too painful...much too painful.


    A single push and another portal opened. All she could see was darkness...a pale moonlight...and blades of grass. The moist scent that hit her senses revealed enough that it was late night, or possibly early morning dew. Whichever the case, Ayana pushed herself through, landing roughly against the moist grass.

    Hands curled in around the blades, tearing a few as she forced herself to sit up. A painful gasp escaping her, reminding her of the wounds she had gained because of her own foolish views.

    Step by step, she took once she was up. They were slow, forced...shaken. She may have taken less than ten steps before coming to the bench, unable to move any more. She laid down, gazing up at the night sky, spotting few to little stars. The light posts of the park made it almost difficult to see them. Or maybe it was the city in general.

    Long strands of black laid beneath her, few managing to fall off the edges. Eyes of red staring up, lost in her own thoughts as a single hand kept her coat close. It was the only means of warmth she had...as well as the only thing she keep her blood from staining anything more. Physical wounds would heal eventually...but for now, she was at its mercy. For now, all she could ever do was lay here, and think back to what has happened. Find a way to go back and may them pay. But most of all...find a way to move on with a life she had once thought was perfect.
  2. Cold fingers brushed against her cheeks when Sanguinem chose to take a early walk. Her dreams had shattered when those flaming eyes looked down on her again. Why did her parents choose for that name.... The fingers of the wind played with her hair, for her young age it was unusually silver, or was it the moonlight shining upon it? No her hair really was silvery grey now looking almost white. The wind blew her hair around her face but gently like the hand of her mother once had done that time was long gone now. Never she used her name completely, always saying Sanguin since it was a bit less weird for those who knew the meaning of it.

    Her hands were hidden deep in the pockets of her black hoodie, her breath creating small puffs of white in the air. The moon made it easy for the girl to see on her way to the park. She liked it there, it was silent most of the time. How often did she take these walk when that damned dream popped up in her sleep...? She had lost the count years ago not really wanting to remember why she had them.

    "How come you're always out when I am....? "

    A black raven looked down at her from the fence indicating the entrance of the well known park. A soft caw was her answer and the winged creature flew towards her landing on the arm which she had extended to it. Sanguin admired the beast naming it Cruor after their first encounter, pure black feathers like black steel, small eyes with a glint of intelligence yet cold as the night itself. For some weeks now this bird had been sitting on the fence when she wanted to take a walk and she gladly accepted it being around.

    With the raven now positioned on her shoulder, playing with her shoulder length hair she continued moving. Soft noises came from her throat in response to the raven's cawing. Just whispers between human and beast but meaningful to only the two of them.

    It was then that she noticed something out of the ordinary, a figure or maybe a bag on a bench. She took a moment before walking to it and recognizing it as a girl. She kept at a few feet distance the raven tilting his head curiously when she whispered in a soft voice.

    "Excuse me miss, but are you alright? It's pretty damn cold to just be laying around at this time.... Are you hurt? "

    Icy gray eyes with a hint of blue looked at the lady on the bench, if she wasn't mistaken the scent of iron was in the air, and pretty strong as well. Her lip was between her teeth her hand looking for her cellphone in one of her pockets, she might just be one of those homeless women you see around everyday but a strange aura was around her. A tad worried she came closer the raven flying up and sitting onto the lantern.
  3. Over and over, she thought about it. The events that led up to that betrayal. The way he had planned so carefully to draw out her weakness. It was truly her mistake though. She had told herself millions of times to not fall for such things, yet she didn’t listen. She thought herself to know better, and see where this had ended up in.

    Oh how she longed to turn back the hands of time. To stop herself from making this terrible mistake. No, terrible didn’t even come close to describing it. No word in the English dictionary could come close. Try as she might, regret as she may want to, things wouldn’t change. Right now, what she had to do was accept it. Take it, learn from it, and force herself to move on. That was the only option left…right?


    A small movement and she felt another soft cry of pain build up. The pain was still there, but it seem to be healing rather quickly. The blood in her coat surely reached her senses. In fact, it made her nose cringe. The smell of dew no longer reached her. All she knew was that iron like scent that had filled her veins less than moments ago. The blood that had been shed because she decided to handle things her way rather than listen to her instincts.


    All thoughts came to end at the sound of a voice. It was from someone…who wasn’t supposed to be here. As strange as it was. Slowly, she forced herself to sit up, fighting back the desire to scream at the intense agony her body fell into. Eventually, it would all be over. She needed to look forward to that. She needed to remember that this pain was her punishment. That it would serve her as a reminder and keep her from making such mistakes ever again.

    “Needed…some air. But…I could ask…the same about you…”

    A small smirk crossed her lips as she tried her best to keep her composure despite the paling skin she possessed.
  4. The pain could be read from the face of the woman, she was strong that was clear but her body didn't obey her that well now. Either it was the moon or the skin really was white as snow. She was hurt for sure the scent was hers after all....

    "There is no point in staying in a bed when you can't find rest, my dream was torn apart by the same thing like usual. But don't try to play tough with me, you're in pain it's easy to red from your face. "

    Her hand moved out again and with a soft clack of her tongue the raven came back to her claiming his place on her shoulder. It had been some time since she encountered other people around. But her eyes... were they really red? Maybe contacts? She thought her own eyes were unusual but this red even with the little light it was clear to see. The raven hid his head in her hair and she extended her hand towards the lady.

    "I am known as Sanguin around here, please accept my help. "

    A kind look came into her cold eyes, a friendly smile but hesitatingly. She didn't know this woman at all, nor did she know how she would react to her offer, but she wouldn't let her stay on this bench much longer. It was cold and even tough she had a coat it wouldn't keep her warm for long. If she had to she would call the police or maybe a doc to get her away, or at least inside a house. The moon kept raining down her silver tears, her hair shimmering soft in the light.
  5. Julian was in the same park..... He really didn't know why. His frost white hair shined in the moonlight and his pale icy blue eyes searched for anything. After seeing death it was hard to see anything now. All he was wearing was a pure white t shirt and black jeans. He looked skinny like he hadn't eaten for a day or two. Why should he? He had nothing to live for, his father hated him, his brothers were dead expect for one.... The one that was his perfect mirror image. Jess but Jess was gone and away from him. He sighed as he began to walk to the two girls at the bench, he cleared his throat. "I can help.... I have some medical supplies" he'd been eaves dropping on the two. His skin was unusually pale, like he was sick but he didn't seem to be.
  6. Ayana sat there, looking at the offered hand before gazing up at the woman named Sanguin. Thousands...nearly millions of questions ran through her mind, asking her whether this was a bright idea. Whether this worth putting herself at risk. She had already been hurt, and last thing she needed was for another person to try and attack her. Yes...that's right. She could only trust herself...no one else...

    "Thanks..." She whispered as she reached out, taking the hand.

    ...but she couldn't deny the fact that she seemed sincere. The eyes were the windows of the soul. Something she certainly knew about more than most people. And her eyes stated that she meant her no harm. That she did not need to be concerned with being attacked.

    "...It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Sanguin..."

    Ayana remained in her place, giving her a small smile. Delicate. Fragile. Yet, it still held its danger. No matter in what state she was in, Ayana always made certain that she would not let herself look too weak. Even if it was a facade at times, she couldn't risk it. Simple as that. None the less, she did examine her. She recalled her words, and couldn't help but feel rather curious. She had a dream that was torn...by the same thing as usual. Could it be...? Was it possible...?

    The wounds were nearly shut, but the blood was still in her clothes. It was drenched in it to a point where it was beginning to make her uneasy. Make her rather sick, to be honest.

    "....Thank you for your concern, sir."

    He was eavesdropping. And yet, she had been unable to sense him. She was certainly weaker than she had thought. To be unable to sense someone...was rather...upsetting. She would have thought to be able to do it, but it was clear that it seemed to be the opposite case. Softly, her hand tucked a few strands behind her ear, letting the silver earrings dangle as she moved a bit. The cool air bringing a new breath of oxygen into her lungs.
  7. If her own hair was unusual what could this man than be? she was startled by his sudden appearance and twitched soft her head turning to him. The raven made his rasping caw, not pleased by the tension in her shoulders and her hair being removed from its head. A soft sigh came from her lips when it came to her that this man wasn't anything special like one of those crazy gang members, for what she could see at least.

    "Maybe if you would allow us, we could help you. For what I can see you are hurt and well... you might want to put some clean clothes on. "

    With a soft whisper she calmed the bird and released the hand of the woman. She smiled again, carefully choosing her words for she did not know how the hell she got hurt like this. This woman was drenched in her own blood. For what she could see some of her mother's old coats could fit this woman, her mother wasn't there anymore to put them on after all....

    Strange how a ordinary night can turn into an almost bizarre one within minutes. How long had she been in the park now... ten minutes? Shaking her head she pushed the thought from her mind with a serious look in her eyes and a matching voice she talked.

    "Miss, we need to get you out of the cold, I don't know how bad your injuries are but please let us take care of you for now... we're not going to harm you. "

    A thing she had forgotten to say, 'I mean no harm.' her shoulders went down slightly and relaxed, her body language was important to her and maybe it was easier to get this lady to trust her. This man however, was new to her. she couldn't recall seeing him around before. Her hand went back to the pocket and she put her phone away. Her gray eyes examined him, then she gave a slight satisfied nod towards him.

    "Would you mind to take a look at her wounds...? I...if you don't mind it of course Miss. "
  8. Julian's pale icy blue eyes stared, they seemed to be a hollow shell trying to act like the real thing. He gave a gentle smile that was still hollow but a sense of warmth came but only a little.

    "I'm sorry to eaves drop, and I can heal some wounds thanks to my brother's knowledge..." he sort of trailed off and winced when he said brother.

    He flashed a glance at the two girls and shook his head, he gave a slight, gentle bow. "Everyone just calls me Julian" he introduced himself. His real name was purely unknowns, he didn't even know his real name.
  9. This evening was certainly turning out to be less that peaceful. Not that she minded of course. With all that has happened, some sort of...human interaction, if she would even call it that, seemed necessary. It would somehow help tear her mind away from those events. From that pain that twisted her heart in ways she could have never imagined before. Such bliss could come from forgetting sometimes, and this time, it appeared to be most appropriate. If not, then what would be deemed appropriate?

    Her eyes looked at the two, almost...as if unsure. They knew nothing about her, just as she knew nothing of them. Strangers that happened to just somehow come together because of her injuries...and yet, despite knowing that many dangers lurked out in the dark, they would still help her? Far be it from her to deny such kindness. Even if they faked it, Ayana could find no words to deny them. Besides, she could use a bit of kindness at this moment in time.

    "...Thank you...That...would be great actually..."

    Pale hands slowly removed her coat, revealing the blouse worn underneath. Cuts and tears could be seen, exposing bruised flesh and dry patches of blood. A gash ran across her shoulder blade, but the bleeding seemed to be slowing down. Maybe it could have been because the fabric of the coat had absorbed much of it. It was nearly a miracle she had not died from that amount of loss.

    Her neck that had once been hidden by those dark strands of hair, had too been bruised. It was enough, without even glancing at the rest of her, to know that whoever had done this, certainly had a dark intention. That they were determined she feel pain until her last breath.

    Her frame was delicate, but possibly the excessive bruises and cuts made it look so. She appeared no more than just in her mid-twenties, if one were to take a guess. Young....despite how far from the truth that truly was.

    "Forgive my rudeness to you both. I'm Ayana...and sorry that we could not have met under better circumstances."

    Her smile was the same. Small. Delicate. Fragile. Every bit of it matching as to how she currently appeared.
  10. "It's quite alright and nice to meet you" Julian said carefully and slowly as he delicacy stepped closer to examine the wounds. As he did his collar bone some what jutted out, "Your very lucky. Loss of blood, pretty deep cuts..... Did you keep pressure on the wounds?" he did comment on her being lucky but then asked about the wounds as he stepped away to go get his messenger bag.

    He turned a little and headed for the shadows, their he grabbed a tan messenger bag and brought it back out. He grabbed the usual medical supplies and began to put on something that made the cuts sting, "It'll help to keep out infections" he explained as he dug through his bag more for something. His face showed no smile anymore, just seriousness as he tried to save a life.
  11. Lucky?...Was that what it was called? She would have truly thought it would have been called something else. How could she be lucky? The events seemed to prove otherwise.

    "G-Got it..."

    Her teeth came down on her bottom lip, holding back the wince that she could feel build up. That stinging sensation ran through her, hitting almost every nerve. Or so, it felt like it. Hands curled into tight fists, doing her best to deal with the pain. Demon or not, wounds still did get infected, and from the feel of things, it seemed like hers had begun to.

    Still...even that could not compare to the pain she felt deep inside...

    "I really...owe you both..."

    Her eyes watched the male, finding him to be rather odd. He didn't appear like the humans. Or maybe she was reading to much into his appearance.
  12. Julian stared at her for just a minute. He just seemed to be examining her like to see what she was hiding or maybe he was already thinking she wasn't human. "You don't have to owe me....." he said slowly and carefully. He'd become more silent and seemed to say each word so carefully like he was in fear of saying something wrong or didn't want to spill something.

    "Do you want any pain killers or sleep medicine?" he changed the subject back to the wounds. He finished digging through the bag and pulled out bandages, "May I ask how you got such wounds?" he asked gently. He really didn't care if he told her or not. "It is your bussnies..." he added slowly as he stepped closer and began to put the bandages on. His hands were ice cold against her skin and On his right hand three rings flashed, one on his pinky, third finger, and his middle finger.
  13. Sanguin noticed the woman clenching her hands into fist and gently sat down besides her taking one of her hands and allowing her to squeeze in them as hard as she wanted to. Cruor the raven looked with interest at the rings in the woman's ears. Ofcourse, shiny things.... A soft growl and the rave hoped off her shoulder and onto the lap of Ayana.

    "He seems to like you.... "

    She chuckled soft, keeping an close eye on how Julian treated her wounds, trying to learn something from it. Cruor was now on the ground picking the end of a loose bandage and hopping around their feet with it. There was something different about the both of them. Those red eyes almost like those of her dreams. And then the snowy white with icy blue. Almost... like an angel and a demon.... She let go of Ayana's hand and stood up pulling out her hoodie, her necklace with the silver winged skull being exposed now on her black shirt.

    "You could put this one on for the time of being, you must be freezing. "
  14. A silent 'thank you' came from Ayana when Sanguin reached out to take her hand. The pain was beginning to numb, but every so often, it managed to return. And so, she would squeeze her hand. The routine went on for a short while before her lips breathed out a sigh of relief as she released the woman's hand. Red eyes looking to her again, giving her that same smile before glancing at the raven with the bandage.

    "I'm glad...to hear that at least." Words came out in a soft laugh as she tucked a few loose strands of black behind her ear again, softly clutching the offered hoodie while the coat remained at her side.

    Inside, Ayana couldn't find the words to properly thank the pair. Despite with all that happened...these strangers went out of their way to help her. Though one would think her to have stayed away, Ayana had found it difficult to reject them. Not when they were trying their best to make her somewhat comfortable and safe.

    Safe...that was the keyword. Could she really ever be safe so long as he was out there? No, of course not. It was just an illusion for now until he come out here again. And then, and only then, would she find some sort of peace since he could not haunt her dreams and harm her in those manners again. No...in this world, he was limited, just as she was.

    "A little....but thanks again. I can't really express...how grateful I am..."
  15. "I'm always happy to help...... My brother would've done the same" Julian nodded his head gently. Julian had learned most things from his eldest brother, Chris. After their father wouldn't take care of them it was Chris who stepped up and did everything in his power to make sure they were all safe, even went out of his way to protect his friends. Now he was gone because a fire ended his life and the leadership he had held had shifted right over to Julian, putting all eyes on him..... The carriage driver. Julian smiled at his best friend's theory. His friend was berry strange but they'd stuck to each other's side for to long now.

    "Looks like I'm stopping again...." he said to no one in particular. His eyes widen then his face turned red, "Err.... My bad didn't mean to say that aloud" he apologized quickly to the to women. He sighed softly as he just plopped on the ground and watched the raven.

    "That is a cool pet" he commented as he stated at the bird with such curious eyes.
  16. She kept standing lightly rubbing her arms and smiling at the bird, he knew the comment was was towards him so Cruor spread his wings and hopped around Julian before loosing interest in the bandage and cawing loud. It made her chuckle and she held her arm out the raven flapping his wings and landing on it, moving up to her shoulder.

    "I don't really consider him as a pet for I do not own him. Thank you though. "

    She smiled again when the bird picked at her hair. He was just following her around until one day he wanted to make physical contact. She sat back down on the bench and was lost in thought for a while. It was late and well, they probably all needed their sleep. It was strange to think of it but this woman needed a place to sleep as well. She inhaled deep to get a calm and steady voice before speaking again.

    "Miss Ayana, I'm sorry if it sounds rather... strange to you but you need a place to rest. If you want you could rest at my place for a while though..." her gaze went back to Julian " if that is the case I would like you to come as well, for her wounds and stuff...."

    Her voice became softer before stopping with talking her hand playing with the silver skull on her necklace.
  17. Julian nodded his under standing, "Ahh I see" he nodded to the bird as he vegan to wrap the loose bandages and stuffed them into his bag. "Umm" he said trying to think of an excuse but he couldn't think of one so he stood up and gave a slight bow, "As you wish" he gave a gentle smile. It felt nice to help the two even though he had no clue about them or how Anaya got into this horrid situation. He wanted to ask but it was her story to tell and he hid a lot of things himself.

    He turned to Ayana, "Do you need help?" he offered gently and gave another smile.
  18. Somehow, watching the pair talk made her feel at ease. So far, from what she had observed since their appearance, meant her no harm. In fact, it somewhat made the horrible events that happened...easier. Though she doubted that she would be able to move on any time soon, maybe interacting would do her some good. At least to clear her mind.

    "Oh...umm..." Red rose to her cheeks as she lightly gripped the ends of the sleeves.

    Her mind had been spacing out that she didn't realize they spoke to her. A light nod came from her as she looked from one to the other. The other woman, Sanguin, was strange, and so was the other...but it didn't seem all that bad. A small smile returned to her lips as she tucked a strand behind her ear, letting the earring dangle again.

    "...That...would be...very kind of you, Miss Sanguin..."
  19. Relax. Walk. Calm.

    That was his mantra and that was what he was going to stick to until he got out of that city and back to...wherever he came from. That familiar vein of frustration lined the right side of his temple at the thought, coiling somewhere beneath the strands of orange hair that hung limply on his brow. The pain always came when he thought about where he came from and who he was. Well, no. He knew exactly who he was...he thought.

    Name? Nairotse (Nye-wrote-say) Tohona. Age? ...20? 19?

    He gave up thinking about it, not that it mattered to him anyway. He wasn't going to talk to anyone any time soon, so to know his information was just a waste of time and breath. It also saved him the rest of the night in a headache stupor. However he came to awaken up on that bus would also have to wait. He couldn't think about the past: where he came from, who he was, and what happened...if anything did happen. He had to focus on the present and the present only. At the moment, he had two hands shoved into the light khaki jeans, shielding his fingers from the rush of cold air the night brought to him. There was a light blouse, vest, and jacket wound around his torso which didn't do too much for the cold. His blanket of orange air swirled and slapped against his eyes and temples, but that didn't phase him as well. The headache already had him on edge. There was no reason for him to get mad at his hair.

    There was a bruised burning on his left cheek that he felt should be left alone. If he brushed his fingers across it, it would only spur up more unanswered questions: What happened to him? Nairotse blew out a breath of air that instantly turned into a milky white fog above his lips. Where was he? Somewhere up North or something? There it was again; the relentless pounding against his forehead. Hissing and closing his eyes while he kept walking, he threw his hand on his forehead, running his fingers through his hair as if that were going to help him complete his mantra he had been internally whispering for hours.

    Relax. Walk. Calm.

    It was only when he heard the caw of a raven and some voices did Nairotse pause while he was in the middle of the street. Suddenly, a bulldozer of lights and sounds hit the inside of his head, along with it coming visions, faces. Smiles. Tears. Blood. Eyes.

    "What are you d....She never hurt......harming innoce...lease......dont!" The voice was his own, choppy and enveloped in fear and pain. Nairotse couldn't move, his lips parting while the vision of blood splatter shot across his gaze, hearing his own growling roar two seconds afterwards.

    "....IF YOU HURT HER, I WILL KI....DON'T YOU DAR.....UCH HER!" A numbing sensation sunk in, plastering Nairotse to the asphalt below his feet, nothing but a milky dim light from a street lantern dousing him. That...and the two headlights of a car speeding towards him. The horn was a far off ringing in his ears, the vision disabling his will to move out of the way.
  20. "It's quite alright, it's not good for someone to stay out hurt on a cold night like this. "

    She smiled kind and let out a soft giggle, it was not a big deal for her it would be nice to have some people around instead of being in the house all alone. Her eye feel upon a figure moving by the street in the direction from where she had entered the park. Another person going out for a nightly stroll? Nothing unusual could she see from there but it stopped in the middle of the street. Ce stared a frown wrinkling her eyebrows and her lip between her teeth. She hear a roar, was it even human or..? It sounded more like a wild beast being attacked by whatever it could be.

    She turned completely and started to walk, accelerating until she was running, the raven flew just ahead of her, landing on the ground a couple of times. She realized it was a man, and he was... screaming? Caedis forgot about the other two completely and sprinted towards the gates when she heard the horn of a car. She let out a gasp upon realizing she wouldn't be by the road in time to stop the car herself.

    "Cruor, prohibuimus eum!"

    She shouted at the bird and he cawed loudly, flying faster and towards the street. The big black bird flew low over the ground the 4 feet long wings spreading out wide as he turned towards the car. she heard the car slamming on the brakes and saw the lights of it pass by the one lying on the ground. The driver smashing his hand on the horn a couple of times before speeding away again. The raven was still cawing when she finally reached the street letting herself drop to her knees and shaking the man by his shoulders.

    "Hey, are you alright? This is no place to sleep, wake up!"

    The scar on her left arm could be seen, but she didn't bother her necklace dangling and swaying from side to side around her neck. She made sure the raven kept at a distance of a few feet. Her hair fell over her shoulder and in her face, with an annoyed growl she brushed it away again and carefully put her hand on the forehead of the man.