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    Basic Information:

    So, where did the idea for this RP come from? - Well, I am greatly anticipating the release of "The Hobbit" later this year, and in anticipation I have started to re-read the book. Then I had this RP idea, I mean c'mon, Tolkien, whether you like his stories or not, he is THE grandfather of modern fantasy, as we know it today. Though there where certainly author's before him which used a fantasy theme in their books, it was him who brought it to mainstream attention with his succes with The Hobbit and Lord of the rings. Though many creatures found in his books are found in Myths and Folklore, he also created many himself, such as Hobbits, Orcs (Based on goblins.) Anyway, this isn't the actual RP, and I'm rambling.


    After the defeat of Sauron, and the Armies of Orcs at the battle of the black gate, by the armies of man, the hobbits which had then prevailed to destroy the ring journeyed back to the Shire, to live out the rest of their days, in peace. Indeed, peace did flourish throughout Middle Earth for many years, Mordor becoming nothing but ash and rubble, Orcs vanishing, living in the dark recesses of caves and forming their own places to live, some becoming brave enough to attack human settlement's, though most didn't cause any trouble. But now rumours are surfacing, rumours that the ring still exists, that the Hobbit's, blinded by greed, never destroyed it in the first place. This has caused unrest in Middle-Earth, warring has started to occur, between settlements who believe one or the other is hiding the power of the ring, keeping it for themselves.

    It is up to you to find a place in these times, whether that be a place to live (though please do try to interact with the other players), or if you want to help destroy a city, you can. It's completely free roam, though there are some rules.

    Firstly, no god modding - C'mon, one lone Elf is not going to be able to take down a Dragon on his own with his lvl 72 bow of Balrog summoning.

    Secondly, no controlling other people's characters.

    Last, this is strictly Tolkien, no vampires, werewolves etc, only actually Tolkien races.

    Playable races


    Men don't really need a description do they? Mostly strong and hardy, mastering the use of heavy armour and melee combat.

    Another of the well known races, the elves are practically immortal, not being able to die of age, only through disease, or combat etc. They have a natural ability as Archer's though are also proficient with swords, often wearing light armour. When Elves reach maturity the seem to cease ageing.

    The Dwarves, are beings of short stature, often friends with Hobbits and long suspicious of the Elves, they are typically blacksmiths and stoneworkers, unrivalled in their arts even by the Elves. Dwarves are mortal like men, but live much longer, often around several hundred years, the most well known Kindred of Dwarve are the Longbeards, founded by Durn, who was the first Dwarve to awaken.

    Often referred to as "Halflings" Hobbits are a small, only growing to about three or four feet at full height, race believed to be related to men, the haven't contributed much to the history of Middle Earth save during the War of the Ring.

    Orcs are footsoldiers created by evil lords, such as Sauron, renown for their ferocity in battle and large numbers. Since the defeat of the dark lord they have been scattered throughout middle earth.


    Ents are the Sheppards of the tree's, one of the most well know Ents is Treebeard, he is also one of the oldest creatures in Tolkien's world. Female Ents are known as "Entwives", the moved away from the Ents becuase whilst Ents prefer to let things take their natural course, while the Entwives liked to control and plant things, also often interacting with Men and teaching them much about Agriculture.

    Map of Middle-Earth


    Accepted Characters

    Duches_Bastet - Myrn Arsendale

    Razor blades and lemon juice -Alatariel Coamenel
    The Doctor's assistant - Arisha
    Me (Oblivionstem) - Dagnus Rugged-Shield


    Octomus Prime (Mod yay :o) - Rolo Tunnely




    A tip regarding characters: Your character should be well rounded, having both strengths and weaknesses, they can have more strengths than weaknesses, though keep your character believable, and hopefully original. Regarding the bio of your character, please write enough so anybody who encounters your character during the roleplay will know the basics of who your character are, how they act, what they look like, etc.
    Also, you can control more than one character if you wish, for example if you're travelling in a group and/or with companions, though you will have to post a sheet for all of them, also you can kill them off whenever you please.

    Character sheet skeleton:
    Positive traits
    Negative Traits

    Example Character Sheet: (Mine)

    Name: Dagnus Rugged-Shield

    Age: Seventy-Four (Dwarf years)

    Race: Dwarf

    Dagnus is a well rounded combatant, being able to proficiently use
    many types of one handed weapons (Swords, knifes Etc), though he feels most at home with his axe, which he keeps with him at all times, along with the Mithril shield passed down to him from his father. Dagnus is skilled in metalwork too, as are many dwarves, he crafted his axe himself, from Mithril he had mined from the cavern inside Lonely Mountain (Erabor), which had killed his father.



    Dagnus is loyal, trustworthy and hard-working, forging steel or
    helping mine Mithril whenever he can. He is very perceptive and wise beyond his age,
    he often catches people out when they are not telling the truth, he also loves
    to make others laugh.

    Negative Traits:
    Since he has travelled with others for so long, he often is quick to place
    trust in people who may not deserve it, causing pain to him or them, also he often makes
    rash decisions when someone he knows is in danger, putting his life at risk, sometimes
    even others that are with him.

    Dagnus was born in the lonely mountain, his mother, Brellyra Khazad, who died a short while
    after his birth, he was raised by his father Lomli The Brave, who had earned this name fighting of a
    small band of Orcs who had found their way into the Mountain one night when the patrols were drunk,
    celebrating the end of The war of the Ring.

    His father taught him how to smith fine weapons, armour. He also taught him how to use them successfully
    in battle, unfortunately his father died in a most horrendous accident, mining one day he slipped
    down a crack in the floor, into a cavern, cracking his head on the very Mithirl Ore Dagnus used to
    forge his Axe from.

    Now, along with several of his friends from the Mountain, he has set off on quite the
    adventure, having heard rumours that the one ring has found it's way to Minas Tirith, they are on their
    way there to retrieve it and destroy it once and for all. Knowing that it's only the dark lord Sauron who
    can wield it.
  2. I think I'll be the first to post here. This sounds interesting. Can I play an Elf? :moose:
  3. Yes! Tolkien! Oblivi, i`m loving this. Female elf.
  4. O_O OMG I LOVE TOLKIEN!!! just finished reading the Silmarilion for like the hundredth time....while i would like to play an elf...i will play human if there are too many elves ^_^
  5. Okay guys, I'll try and finish this thread sometime today and add the character sheet skeleton, sorry, been a little busy
  6. No problem! We`re all excited ;)
  7. I will also join! Not sure as what yet. Probably a human.
  8. Mind if I join as an elf, course if there are to many I can play as something else =3
  9. Thanks for the interest ^^ I added the CS template so you can post your characters now, and added some more information, fixed typo's etc.
  10. For traits do you want personality traits and weaknesses? Or like skills and inabilities?
  11. Personality, I'll add skills as it's own section.
  12. Name: Alatariel Coamenel
    Age: 2,932
    Race: Elven
    Appearance:Her hair hangs to her ankles and is the starkest of black, with almost violet looking flecks when she is under harsh sunlight. Her eyes are a pure honey golden color, with full red lips, high cheekbones, and a straight nose. Her skin is a pure white and absolutely clear of any blemish. She is usually dressed in silken robes that consist of dark greys, violets, or reds and on occasion she will be found wearing nothing but the color white. She stands at about 5'7, and is rather thin and lean giving her the advantage of flexibility and agility. She appears rather young, much like someone who would be in their late twenties, and usually has a rather rigid or superior stance when she isn't moving. When Alatariel is not within the city of Tirion, she is usually wearing a black shoulderless top made from type of animal skin, with matching pants. She carries a handmade wooden bow, and a quiver on her back, as well as a number of knives around her waist. If she is found outside of Tirion, she usually has her thick dark hair pulled up into a high ponytail, making her hair only fall to about her mid-back.

    Skills: Alateriel is skilled in knife throwing, archery, craft - jewelry, armor, etc. - language, music, lying, manipulation. (Add more to this later)

    Positive traits: Alateriel is very trustworthy and loyal. She sticks by her opinion as well as her instincts, and can be a very lethal and effective fighter and hunter. She will defend those who have gained her trust and care, and makes sure that everyone else is taken care of before attending to herself. She is skilled in playing at least several instruments, as well as song but is rather humble about it, and wont play something unless asked. She knows when to hold her tongue, as well as when to be strict. Over the years she has become rather skilled at knife throwing, and can hit a target in the heart if they are within a seven-ten foot radius. Alateriel is a very focused being, and does not delay in her tasks, no matter how hungry, weary, or weak she becomes, she will press on.

    Negative Traits: Alateriel has always had distaste for the human race, seeing no point to their race. She thinks of them as greedy, stubborn strays set loose to cause trouble across Middle-Earth, though she has never voiced her opinion and will act uninterested - yet civil - when approached by a mortal. Alateriel is also a rather disdainful elf when she is dealing with other races, or just a person in general. She sees conversation and small talk as a waste of time, and whenever she gets dragged into one she becomes rather bored and easily annoyed. At a young age Alateriel had acquired the habit of thievery, and isn't above stealing from someone who has little to nothing. Lastly, she has a silver tongue, meaning she can lie easily and smoothly when she needs to, as well as manipulating someone who falls to her charms. (Not sure if that last counts as a negative trait or not).

    Specifically, Alateriel is apart of the Noldor hailing from Valinor. She was raised not by her parents, who passed away when she was young, but instead by her tutor, an uptight and outspoken, yet clever old man. He passed when she became a young adult, and she silently mourned his death, but appeared cool and untouched on the outside. She grew up with a relatively comfortable life, living in the city of Tirion, becoming a respectable young elf. She isn't well known amongst her people, but she has a high enough status quo. Her bloodline is a long and rather slippery slope, but somewhere down the line she was originally related to Finwë, the first High Kind of Valinor, though this information is unknown to Alateriel, as well as the power with the bloodline. Throughout her young life she became a rather angered and depressed elf, causing trouble and mischief wherever she went. She began to steal from the pockets of anyone stupid enough not to guard their belongings, or she persuaded others into doing her dirty work, gaining her a reputation as a clever thief. She does not make friends easily, and any friends she does have, she rarely sees, preferring to keep to herself unless she can gain a valuable asset or treasure through said person. As she got older, her reputation grew. She began to recluse further into herself, not trusting even her own people. She acquired a taste for poetry, not surpising considering Noldorin Elves are known for their desire of language and craft, amongst their lust of knowledge, and Alateriel began filling page after page with poems that were about anything and everything she could think of. Being fluent in more than four of the Elven languages - thanks to her tutor - it is difficult for others to read her poetry. Alateriel also discovered that she had Vanyarin blood in her as well, which described her strange golden eyes, so different from the usual grey of the Noldor. (I'll add more to this later)

    ((If you want me to change anything, I'd be happy to oblige, just let me know. I admit I had to do some Tolkien research to get such a good insight into the Noldor elves, and I almost made Alateriel Teleri haha....Whoa I probably sound like I know more about this stuff than I should.)

    images-1.jpg images.jpg

  13. Name: Rolo Tunnelly from The Far Downs (Just southwest of Hobbiton)

    39 in hobbit years

    Race: Hobbit

    Skills: Climbing, rope making, tracking wild game, hunting, farming, fishing, knowledge of herbs and mushrooms, cooking, basic survival skills: Making a shelter, starting fires etc.


    View attachment 10312

    Positive traits: Dependable, cunning, hospitable, life-loving, content, hardworking. Having spent the majority of his life living off the land in a simple manner, Rolo learned to appreciate the little things; having a warm bed to sleep in at night and dark beer to drink in the evening. While this true to say for most Hobbits, Rolo seems to have a deep love for the simple life, never concerned with the goings-on of others, keeping to himself, and never wanting for anymore than he has.

    Negative Traits: Overly sarcastic, Distrustful, selfish, conceded, greedy. Living alone and being self suffeceint has also earned him the title of selfish and greedy, but to Rolo he simply feels that each hobbit should work hard, and take not from others. He is known for having a sarcastic tongue (especially after a few ales), some take offense to this, but to Rolo it is all in fun. HE trusts about a quarter of the Hobbits living in the shire and not a single man. He finds Elves to be too mysterious to be trustworthy, and has little time for Dwarves and their dark cave dwellings.

    Bio: Rolo was born in the Shire and has never traveled farther east that Bree, or farther west that his own burrow. It isn’t to say he hasn’t longed for adventure from time to time, but has remained content in his simple, but satisfying, Hobbit life. He was raised by his Mother and father, who are now both deceased, and was taught from an early age to provide for himeself, one of his most distinguished and defined traits. His life has been more or less unexciting, as is true for most Hobbits living in the shire.

    He has cousins living in Hobbiton, but rarely visits and refers to them as ‘gossips and drunks’, which is incredibly odd since his love of ale and brandy wine have earned him the title of ‘ Rolo the red face’. He has no other living family to speak of.

    He enjoys life on a small piece of land where he grows all manner of crops. His closest neighbors are about a mile up the road towards Waymeet, and Rolo is just fine with that. In recent years he has become a bit of a recluse, only making trips into town on the rare occasion he gets the urge to drink at the Green Dragon pub in Bywater.

  14. Name:Arisha
    Race: Elven
    Skills:Archery, music, language and medicine
    Appearance:[​IMG] Arisha Jain.jpg
    Positive traits:Hospitable, kind, trustworthy.Arisha always helps those in need by instinct and nothing else, always leaving when they are well.
    Negative Traits:Untrusting, suspicious, fearful. Her instinct is always to run away and never be found by those looking for her. She is afraid of everyone and no one knows who really is; no one has come looking for her, so she doesn't look for them.
    Bio: Arisha lost her memory when she was young- An Orc had attacked her when she was out picking herbs- and has been wandering, lost, ever since. She has tried to find her family multiple times with no avail, and has long ago given up trying. Now she lives as a Nomad, afraid she'll be found by Orcs once again.

    (Sorry, it's a bit short, I know. It should do for now. If this needs anything, tell me!)
  15. Name: Myrn Arsendale
    Age: 23

    Race: Men (woman) Rohan
    Skills: horse work, riding, training, broad sword and spears
    Appearance: shroudprev2.jpg
    Positive traits: she is great with animals and a born leader, despite being a woman. she is kind and independent and has some personality quirks
    Negative Traits: her leadership makes her bossy and the idependence can lead to not taking orders well or even sometimes makes her out to be a loner. (will add more)
    Bio: Myrn just became a Rohirrim. She was orphaned during an Orc attack on her village in the South Mark. The riders found her and she clung to them. She was nine that year. Since then, she has followed the Rohirrim riders around and learned from them. Just a year ago they let her join their ranks. The first woman to do so.

    I can add more if you need me to ^_^
  16. Okay so, all character's so far are accepted, I'll wait a couple of days to see if more people are going to join before starting the IC thread.
  17. awesome...cant wait...this is going to be EPIC
  18. Name: Argent Thorn​

    Age: 40

    Race: Man

    Skills: Extremely stealthy, knowledge of a body's circulatory/nerval system and pressure points, poisons, medicine. Skilled in the ways of a sword and throwing knives, extremely agile and has quick reflexes. Skilled in manipulating people to a certain extent.


    tumblr_lggsowqNqi1qb160go1_500.jpg yoren.jpg

    (Just imagine that the hair was shorter.)

    There is a light cuirass underneath the plague doctor cloak. There are steel armguards strapped to the both of his arms, also underneath the fabric. Within the fabric is a variety of medical scalpels, medicines mixed with poisons that he has committed to memory and other medical equipment like bandages, so as to keep up his facade as a plague doctor if he was ever forced to submit to any checks.

    Positive Traits: Family man, man of his word, practical.

    Negative Traits: Cold-hearted when it comes to anyone outside of his own family. Money-minded. Cynical.


    The House of Thorn used to be a rather prestigious noble House of Gondor. They played a constant game of politics, back-stabbing and causing 'accidents' to happen to people who wished to do their status harm. Argent was the bastard son of Valon Thorn, and so instead of receiving the high life immediately he had to work for it. He was to do the family's dirty work. Argent, from young was taught the art of killing in the most efficient manner; while his half-brothers battered each other with blunt swords and wearing heavy, metal armour Argent was taught to use minimal movement in his attacks, and dance around, never to go blade to blade with another person. Instead of literature and mathematics and science Argent studied medicine, poisons and the human body. By the age of thirteen he was already in action, using the most subtle of poisons to assassinate those who threatened the House.

    That was until they were outwitted. During the time of the Fellowship of the Ring, Argent was already with his own family consisting of a wife and three kids that wasn't allowed to live in the estate but in the city Valon was arrested for treason and killed. The exact details of the entire situation was unknown but Valon and the rest of House Thorn had been executed by the deranged Protector of the Throne over the lost of his son Boromir. Argent, as he wasn't in the estate at that time was spared and he was assumed to be within those that were already killed. He believed that his House was killed because Valon mouthed off in public about Boromir; his father had never been a big fan of the man.

    Having to provide for his family, Argent continued doing what he did best - Assassinations. Argent put up a notice in the slums of town, where the lowlifes were. For the right price, anyone could be killed. Sometimes he collected the contracts himself, disguised as a peasant or maybe a mercenary, and other times he hired a hobo from the slum to do it.

    Argent always killed them to seal their lips.

    His family is all that he lives for, and to protect them Argent is wiling to march against the remnants of the orc army alone, even.
  19. Hey is this still open? I'd LOVE to join, been looking for a Tolkien rp all year