Mermaid Syndrome

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  1. Strangers will soon cross paths as they board a plane.

    Flight IWK-189, a flight that, at that very time, was ready to leave Tokyo to head for Taiwan. Many have boarded this flight. Whether it be for business, tourism, returning home or such, they have boarded it. And the course has been set.

    The plane rose, but it never did touch down. Not at its destination, at least.

    It had crashed into the seas, with many dead and many missing. A few of these missing individuals soon find themselves in an odd new place that didn't seem like home...

    tl;dr bunch of guys. You get to bring friends. Plane crash. No survivors(but you). You find yourself in an odd place, and you all will soon discover something magical...

    The roleplay starts off in the plane. Your seatbelt is tied, so no walking around! Unless you're a flight attendant or something something.

    The place you find your characters in is actually part of some sort of area where mermaids thrive. It appears to be some sort of Archipelago of small islands, presumably uncharted. Mermaids inhabit the waters surrounding these islands.

    Applications for Humans

    (Insert Anime-themed picture Here)

    Race: Human
    Occupation: What did you work as? If N/A, put N/A.
    Reason: What is your reason for boarding this plane? It can be something as simple as a vacation or a business trip.
    Appearance: Include traits not present in picture.
    Skills: What can you do?
    Personality: A paragraph and in sentences.
    History: A paragraph at least.
    Other Information: Stuff that doesn't fit up there.

    Applications for Mermaids

    (Insert Anime-themed picture Here)

    Gender: Female
    Race: Mermaid
    Appearance: Traits not present in picture.
    Animal: What aquatic animal are you capable of transforming into? I would prefer it if this was your lower half too.
    Magical Capabilities: What abilities do you possess? Try to fit it with your animal half.
    Skills: Well?
    Personality: A paragraph in sentences.
    History: A paragraph, at least.
    Other Information: Stuff that doesn't fit up there.​

    Rules and Notes

    The usual. We all have common sense and know what to and what not to do.
    I will not limit characters, but please ensure that you are capable of controlling all characters you have submitted.
    I will disallow the further addition of human characters after the prologue has ended.
    Each post must be at least a paragraph.
    Avoid creating chains of 'I'm waiting for that guy'.
    If your character is inactive for a week, you will be alerted. Two weeks and you will be eliminated.
    Have fun!
    To prove that you have read these rules, include in your 'Appearance' section of your application your height, not in feet and inches, not in lightyears, but in metres and centimetres. Refrain from saying 'I can't into metres and centimetres' or anything along those lines. If you do not follow this particular rule, your application will be rejected.


    Mermaids are monogender - female only. Do not attempt to convince me to include male merfolk because such efforts will be futile.
    Mermaids require a male human to reproduce.
    Mermaids generally are not that fond of human females.
    Mermaids don't really care about modesty. Some of them have never even heard of clothes.
    Mermaids have the ability to shift between three states - a human form with legs, the classical mermaid with an animalistic lower half and human upper body, and a full-on animal form, usually that of an aquatic creature.
    Newborn mermaids are indistinguishable from the larval stage of their animal forms. When they reach 13 human years in age, they will gain the ability to turn their upper halves into humans. 13 is their juvenile phase. Only at 15 years, and for lucky ones, 14 years, do they gain the ability to take human forms to walk on land. This is when mermaids are considered adults.
    Mermaids can live for centuries before disappearing into sea foam. The longest a mermaid has lived was a thousand years. They age very, very slowly.

    Other Races

    There will be other races. As time passes, I might consider making them playable. But for now, they will be NPCs.
    Mermaids could be friends with certain sea creatures. By default, mermaids are capable of communicating with sea creatures, even the ones they prey on. I know, sad life huh?​
  2. [​IMG]
    "I guess we've got to stick together, huh?"




    Mizuki is about 1.6 metres tall in her human form and 1.8 metres tall in her mermaid form. In her mermaid form, her tail is golden-orange with some white stripe-like markings with black bands, much like an anemonefish. The tail resembles the main body of a anemonefish without its head. She has a curvacious and slender figure, and her bust size is about a lower C.
    Her animal form can go from a mere 10 centimetres to a whopping 50 centimetres.


    Magical Capabilities:
    She is immune to poisons, and can cause herself and allies to turn invisible.

    Despite her youth, she is capable of finding food with ease, as well as discovering the best 'hiding spots'. She uses her poison immunity to eat animals that would otherwise be toxic to humans.

    Mizuki is a friendly little one, and sometimes, she might be a little too trusting of others. This is mainly due to her lack of friends, and how she doesn't want to be lonely. Unlike most other mermaids who dislike human females and will attempt to charm a human male, Mizuki doesn't particularly like or hate humans, since she only had one human friend.

    Most of Mizuki's life will be undisclosed.
    Ever since she was a little larva, she never did have many friends. An only daughter, she did not have any siblings.
    Feeling a little cooped up, she chose to leave her origins like most mermaid do, heading to this Archipelago area, where other mermaids thrive. Unfortunately, despite friendly approaches, they do not seem that fond of her.

    Other Information:
    Mizuki is the first mermaid the humans will meet.
    Mizuki enjoys eating molluscs and shellfish. She doesn't eat much fish. Her poison immunity essentially makes jellyfish an equivalent of drugs to her, much like a turtle.
    She is accompanied by a 2 metre long male Weedy Sea Dragon named Trau. Trau cares for Mizuki's safety, much like a butler-lady relationship. He even acts kind of butler-y. As a contrast to Mizuki's more naive personality, he can be a little paranoid at times, having heard some odd things about humans and other facts, occasionally misunderstanding his readings.
    He is a great fighter, and his tail packs a punch.
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  3. [​IMG]
    "Nothing can stop me from finding my father."

    Tachibana Ryo




    High School Student

    Ryo is currently trying to find his biological father - and the first hint was Taiwan.

    Include traits not present in picture.

    What can you do?

    A paragraph and in sentences.

    A paragraph at least.

    Other Information:
    Stuff that doesn't fit up there.​

  4. \[​IMG]


    Hayato Masaki





    Race: Human


    "I am a world traveling chef in search of great cuisine!" (N/A)

    Reason: Vacation! Hayato wanted to leave Tokyo and left for Taiwan on a whim.


    Hayato is about 168cm tall, he has black hair and brown eyes.




    Hayato is quirky and whimsical. He always carries a Polaroid LandCamera 230 on his person, in case he sees something beautiful (although he usually uses it to take pictures of food.) Hayato has a horrible tendency to fall asleep, often dozing off at random intervals. Hayato is often dreamy and gets lost in his own thoughts, paired with his sleeping disorder he is certainly detached from reality. He is mellow and avoids conflict, despite the fact he often causes it with his declarative statements and constand photo taking. He is reasonably friendly, although he is sometimes too eccentric for others to befriend.


    Hayato is studying to be a chef, his family is a wealthy one so he has the finances to sponsor his wild adventures. Taiwan was only meant to be the start of his journey across the globe, but fate saw otherwise. His parents were aristocrats, so he was often left at home to play by himself, with no company but the staff. This is when he started playing in the kitchen, he often makes food when he is sad, although he found it hard to eat, since eating alone is never fun. So he made sure he didn't eat alone, he made a number of imaginary friends! He would cook for them, what ever they desired (although for the first few years it was just bread and water.)

    Other Information:

    He really likes cats.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Balavon Curzon
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Student.
    Reason: Balavon was leaving to go and visit his brother, who recently moved to Taiwan with his wife.
    Appearance: Balavon tends to wear Jeans, not much. But hey, gotta make sure you know he wears jeans.
    Skills: Balavon has been taking some engineering classes.
    Personality: Well, Balavon can be mostly summed up in. "Jesus christ, that's horrifying!" While Balavon is not really a coward, he is terrified by mythical creatures that, to him, look like abominations of nature.
    History: Balavon has lived most of his life in his small village in Tokyo, up till this point he has lived an average, albeit boring life. His brother recently married a woman whom he had a long distance relationship with for the past few years and he was leaving to go visit them and see how they were doing. Till this happened atleast.
    Other Information: When Balavon gets really, really, really bored, he does nothing and continues to sit there, being bored.
  6. @RevenantLord is it safe to presume that your application is still under construction?

    @Link Loftin I would ask for a longer history and personality but I think you just need another sentence or two in personality. History's chill since I doubt many can write much for a mostly-average life.

    I reccomend more humans(male AND female humans are good), but more mermaids would be good too. If no one takes the role of that one flight attendant by the end of the prologue I'll just use that as my third character.
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  7. @Crow Okay sweet, I'll work on it now.
  8. @Crow

    Yea, I still got to mess around on it a little bit.
  9. Here's a bumpy to see who else wants to jump into this gig.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Name: Reelixa

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Race: Mermaid

    Appearance: Her fins obviously resonate with the rainbow coloration but when she is in her human form she actually can be said to have rainbow-ish colors in her hair. It is hard to see and to prove but when the sunlight catches her just right they are there. She is roughly 170.18 cm tall as a human but is a stunning 198.12 cm from head to tail tip as a mermaid.

    Animal: Jellyfish
    Magical Capabilities: She has the power to physically paralyze someone for short periods of time (up to ten minutes) and she also has stinging fronds on her fins that she can choose when to be active or not. for example, if there are enemies present her venom will activate, if not then it will remain docile.

    Skills: A very efficient swimmer due to her large fin and a rather skilled huntress due to her natural ability of paralysis with her fins. She is also quite a charmer being that she is so persuasive.

    Personality: Reelixa can be feisty at times though normally she is well rounded. Her temper can get the best of her if she is not careful although when it is needed it can be useful to fuel her defensive side. She is quite a happy mermaid and sees herself as a ray of light for the places of darkness in the ocean. Humans are her one fascination and she longs for nothing more than to study and hopefully befriend them one day.

    History: Born into the warm waters around the islands she still calls home, Reelixa was always a part of the mercommunity here. Always with her friends or exploring the waters just a little passed their "borders", her bright personality remained and mostly has stayed well rounded. She discovered and trained well and disciplined her abilities to change into human form as well as full animal form and thus they became second nature y the young age of 16. She is now 19 years old in human years and is about to celebrate her Tidal Day (The day when a mermaid reaches the second decade) which she is quite excited for.
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  11. I may have to reject this phase due to the fact that you did not follow one particular rule.

    Only after altering your application to fit into it will I look through your application once again.
  12. I apologize for the mess up, I fixed it. @Crow
  13. Yeah, it's alright. Nothing particular bad. Accepted.
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  14. Question, do you want me to further edit my bio. Or can it be accepted in its current form, I'm only asking because I am a very lazy guy. Like, the ungodly lazy kind.
  15. I kind of want a slightly longer bio, one or two sentences. Maybe add height in metres in your app.
  16. [​IMG]

    Name: Izumi Chika
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Professional Fan Girl (President of the Silver Gentlemen's fanclub)
    Reason: She got on the plane because Silver Gentlemen (a band) was going to Taiwan for their tour, and she being a dedicated and loyal fan girl, wanted to follow them.
    Appearance: Chika is a short girl, standing at only 1 meter and 70.18 centimeters. She has choppy black hair that she cuts short in the front but ties into braids at the back. She wears non prescription red glasses, and tends to wear loose fitting clothing, like sweats and sneakers. She also wears clothes that are a size too big because she doesn't like having to buy clothes again after they've shrunk in the washer.

    Skills: She can knit, crochet, bake pastries and she's pretty adept in creative writing. She's also a fast runner (from all those years of pursuing her idols!)

    Personality: Chika is a dedicated and tenacious young woman. She knows what she wants in life and will pursue it with a passion. However she does tend to get a little too caught up in one thing and because of that her social life and social skills are lacking. It's not as though she hides from people or fears crowds, but she has off beat humor and often alienates herself by making weird jokes and references. Chika can be boisterous when it comes to fighting for what she wants or just debating to stress her opinion, however she doesn't intentionally insult people and if you make her aware of your hurt feelings she will apologize.

    History: Chika was born in Tokyo to a roadie for Blaze Dash! a very popular rock band. So of course, being the child of a roadie, Chika was often brought along on tours and sometimes left in places that weren't appropriate for a child because her mother was young and immature. Chika never met her father, although her mother insisted that the bass singer of Blaze Dash! was her father (despite them not looking a bit like each other). As Chika grew up, she began to adopt some of her mother's habits and traits when it came to being a fan girl, and at the age of ten, Chika was a die hard fan for...Silver Gentlemen; an up and coming band who were sort of rivals to Blaze Dash! This put her at odds with her mother who was the type of fan who fought other girls when her band was insulted, so for awhile the air between the mother and daughter was tense. When Chika turned eighteen, she left her mother and became a roadie for Silver Gentlemen.

    Other Information: She cuts her own hair.


    Name: Naomi
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Race: Mermaid
    Appearance: Naomi is a short girl standing at 1 meter and 65.1 centimeters. She has dark brown skin and pitch black hair that is short in all but one lock that she adorns with a rounded shell that she found once. She still has a bit of baby fat on her face and she has bright violet-reddish eyes. In her mermaid form, her tail is a mixture of teal and gold, and in her animal form she is an adolescent orca.
    Unlike some of her fellow merfolk, Naomi wears an off white tunic complete with a colorful gold and green collar attached to it. She also wears a puka shell necklace.

    Animal: Orca Whale
    Magical Capabilities:
    Echolocation - The ability to determine the location of objects in the environment by use of reflected sound waves.
    Sonic Scream - The ability to use ones voice for offensive and defensive purposes. Naomi can emit a high pitched noise that can be highly destructive, but only last as long as she can hold a note (which isn't very long right now).
    Skills: She is a very capable huntress (although she hates having to eat things she can hold a conversation with and she's trying to be a vegetarian at the moment). Due to her echolocation, she's also a great tracker and can pursue her prey for many miles.

    Personality: Naomi is a very meek and quiet girl, however she has a bold personality. She's the type of girl to mumble and mutter, but if she gets ignored or people talk over her, she'll start speaking very loudly. She's also very curious and will attempt to stealthily pursue the object of her interest. Naomi is kind of feisty in the sense that she'll get in your face if you do something wrong to her or someone that she cares about, but she's not much a fighter. She also can be a bit insensitive at times and might unintentionally insult someone.

    History: Naomi was born the fifth child of five siblings, although three of them are her half siblings as her father has a tendency to...Be a little polyamorous. Her father and two whole siblings are Orcas, while her three half siblings are Dolphins. Despite their varying parentage, they all lived together and Naomi was treated as the baby. She was pretty much coddled up until her thirteenth year until she got saw that her peers were busy preparing for their future. She demanded to be given some space by her family so she could improve as well, and spent the next year training to be the best mermaid possible. She was one of the lucky mermaids to develop early.

    Other Information: She's trying to be a vegetarian right now, so she eats mainly seaweed and other aquatic plants, however every once in awhile she goes into a feeding frenzy and will pig out on fish, then feel really bad about it.

    BIG WIP (I must sleep, I will finish and make pretty tomorrow!)
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  17. I wouldn't mind taking the role of the flight attendant if it's still open..
  18. I'l put an app up in a few.
  19. For a fairly antagonistic mermaid because too much goodie-good-shoes here.
  20. I would love to see your characters.

    Also, looks like we finally have a female human. Wooooo~

    Well, mermaids are more distinct from each other than humans so go ahead.