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  1. It was a dark, yet still night out in the ocean. The underwater people
    were dormant and sleeping in the deep reefs that none of the humans
    knew of. Their civilization was hidden away from the human eye to
    protect those who dwell there. One of these mermaids was Kieara.

    She was a beautiful mermaid. She had long brown hair with a pearly
    colored seashell comb in it to hold her hair out of her eyes. It was
    straight looking in the water, but when she sat on the rocks it was
    curly after it dried. She had bright golden colored eyes. She had fair
    skin and a birthmark of a crescent moon on her right palm. Seashells
    covered her breasts and some of her upper stomach in a type of tube
    top like wrap, and a necklace that had a shark tooth on it hung from
    her neck. Around her wrist was a seashell bracelet.

    Her tail fin was a bright baby blue. It stood out vibrantly in the
    water. It was beautiful, and at the tip of her fin the tail was tipped
    silver. This was an unusual color for a mermaid, and was dangerous. It
    made her stand out easily, and easily hunted.

    She wasnt as happy go lucky as her peers were usually in their utopia
    though. She had been swimming about that day, and stray too far from
    her safe haven underwater. She now found herself on a secluded area of
    beach with a deep gash in her side. She was bleeding and weak. She was
    still partially in the water. She was barely concious, and couldn't
    even move.

    She was laying on an old abandoned dock. Her side bleeding. The planks
    had collapsed and were partially in the water but led up onto the
    land. There was also a cove to the left of this. Above that were the
    rocky cliffs above the sea.
  2. A Boat was drifting out at sea. It was a small vessel, a lifeboat of sorts. It was dressed in white, with red stripes, and had a small roofed area which contained a newly invented steering system, plus a small food supply, and overall shelter from the weather. On the opposite side where there were merely seats, and some rescue equipment, slept a an able looking young man with spiky dark brown hair, and fine blue eyes. He was dressed in a dark red dress shirt, sleeves folded up to the elbows, and all the buttons except the last three near the bottom undone, to show off a black t-shirt. He had a pair of dark blue jeans, held up by a brown belt and silver buckle. His shoes were simple hi top sneakers colored black with white trims.

    As he lay, he eventually climbed up, and let out a great yawn. He stretched a little, then rubbed his eyes, and looked out to the sea. He turned his head to see a beach, and was in awe that he'd finally found land.

    He hurried off to direct the little boat towards shore, when he'd spotted the injured Mermaid by the dock. As soon as he dropped the anchor, he climbed out, and went running towards her, trying to wake her up. He stared down at the tail, and had to blink several times, thinking he was in some sort of dream.


    "Miss!" He shouted. "Are you okay?!…How Do I help a mermaid?!… DX"
  3. Kieara's golden colored eyes slowly opened to be half-lidded. IT was about all she could manage. She groaned softly and then focused on him. Once she saw what he was, her eyes widened a bit more. "A-a h-human!" She squeaked hoarsely. HEr voice held a melodious tone, a soothing one, but an odd type of pleasant ring to it. She tried to move her tail fin flopping and creating a splash as she tried to escape him but didn't seem to be able to move any more than that.
  4. The fellow tried to stop the girl, repeating pleas for the mermaid to stop, as he helped her into the water.

    "Miss, I mean no harm!" He exclaimed. "That is…unless you're going to lure me to my death, like those legends?… o.o or am I thinking of those german creatures?…"

    He continued to mull over his brain's ever-expanding database of mythology, fairy tales, legends, and those sorts of things, trying to see what type of mermaid he was dealing with. Eventually, he remembered his glasses, snatching them from his boat, and putting them on, and then looking back to the mermaid: This could not have been a dream…in his dreams, he didn't need glasses.


    "I'm Johnny. Who're You?" Johnny asked calmly. "I'm only trying to help…"

    There was a kind of 'adorkable' nature about this Johnny Fellow. Now, Johnny was a fine young man, his athletic build gifted with some amount of muscle, but overly-manly, or exceedingly macho. His face was plagued with a soft expression, and thick, jet black brows...

    "Just ease up, miss…" He spoke softly. "Now, don't go nuts on me: What can I do to help you?…"
  5. Kieara watched him as he ran over to his floating thing and grabbed a pair of glasses. She didn't know what they were though. She looked at the odd new creation and her curiosity won out as she reached out to touch them. "what are these?" She asked. She then spoke. "You mean you won't hurt me?" She asked. She was terrified of humans. It had been preached back at her home underwater that humans hunted mermaids. She spoke softly. "What do you mean?" She asked. They had no type of first aid underwater, a cut like this normally meant that they'd die.
  6. "Magical lenses that help you see when your eyes aren't working well. And No, I won't: we humans also have something called 'medical science.' We use it to survive…now, your 'wound' seems like a pretty basic cut, but if we leave it as is, it could get worse, maybe even infected…I should have something in my boat, hold on."

    Johnny dashed over to his boat, and came back with a small case that had a red cross on it. He gestured for the girl to come over to the shore, so he could give her a look.
  7. Kieara looked to him. She listened as he described the magical lenses that he wore. She was amazed by this. She watched as he went to his boat and returned. She came back slowly, cautiously. She eyed the case not knowing what the red cross on it meant. She pulled herself up onto a flat rock by the coast about as close as she could manage to get.
  8. "Well, now that I'm done explaining eyeglasses, I'll just do this…"

    He took out a cloth and poured some antibiotics on it, warning the mermaid to keep still, and that it'd burn a little, before he cleaned the wound, and began to wrap it with some bandages, tying it tightly so that even underwater, she couldn't mess it up.

    "Let the antibiotics dry off on land. I'll stay here for the night: I should have the supplies to last me one night extra, if I dip into emergency resources."
  9. Kieara listened to him and nodded. She stayed on her rock. She seemed so intrigued by him. "So....what's it like living up here on land? What's that thing called?" She asked pointing to his boat. "How do humans do this?" she asked motioning to her side. She was very curious now that she saw he wasn't going to hurt her.
  10. "A Boat. It's one of the two things we use to travel on water, seeing as we don't have your cool fins and such. I'd rather fly in the skies, myself."
  11. She looked amazed. "You can fly?" She asked him and tilted her head. As the sun set more her golden eyes seemed to almost glow in the dark.
  12. "You Can Walk?!" Johnny Joked. "Nah. I wish though, even though it'd be cool. I mean, we have flying machines, but I'd rather fly by myself…but…that's impossible, y'know?"
  13. She nodded softly. She looked to the sky. "Those things can fly..." she spoke pointing to some sea gulls. "They can on their own..." She said. "You know it's kind of like swimming only you're in water." She said. She wasn't sure if he knew what she'd mean though.
  14. "I guess it sort of is…I mean, I've…flown with a machine myself. It isn't entirely the same to me, frankly…" He replied, looking upwards, and laying down in the sand, hands on the back of his head to help himself get comfortable.

    "So, what's life normally like for you, in the sea? I'm sure it's fun and exciting?"
  15. Kieara sighed. "you could say that....." She didn't seem to be telling everything. "It gets boring though. Things are kind of repetitive underwater."
  16. "If you could get legs for a day, we wouldn't have to meet at the shore alone. Then again, I could swim down and visit every now and then…"
  17. "How do I get legs?" She asked him. She wasn't aware if she stayed on dry land long enough she'd earn them.
  18. "I dunno. You tell me: you're the mythical being. I'm just a guy who knows…stuff." He replied, looking out towards town. "Some things more than others…"
  19. "What do you mean?" She asked tilting her head curiously as she lay on her rock.
  20. Johnny Just Shrugged.

    "I'm Only Human."
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